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Pokemon Conquest Review (Spoiler free!!!!)

   Hello everyone and welcome to another review!  Today I'll be doing an in depth review of Pokemon Conquest for the Nintendo DS.  Now, you all know my reliance on my favorite youtubers for their insight and their videos, however, i have never seen a review for this game!  This means you may be reading this very late as it took me a while to find videos and such worth showing to help you understand the game.  Let me just say now, this game is VERY DIFFERENT than most Pokemon games.  There is no way i could explain all the new mechanics and features, but I'll try to talk about the coolest stuff and allow you to research the rest on your own.  Please forgive formatting issues and enjoy!!  

Overview:  Pokemon Conquest, or Pokemon+Nobunaga's Ambition, is a crossover between the Pokemon and the Nobunaga's Ambition series.  The game takes place in the land of Ransei region (which is shaped like Arceus) using Pokemon from generations 1 through 5.  The game came out in Japan in March 2012 and we received it in June the same year.  The game mixed the strategy checkerboard style of Nobunaga's Ambition with the moves, concepts, and mythology of Pokemon.  I myself have never even heard of Nobunaga's Ambition before i heard about the game and was very skeptical about the style and game play.  Straight off the bat, let me say this is not your normal Pokemon game.  You're not a trainer, you don't have a quest to catch every Pokemon and become the champion, and no, your journey does not take a few days, or even weeks.  It takes years.        
Heroine and eevee
Plot:  The plot is actually extremely explained on the video here as well is the game play.  I really suggest watching that video before you read so you understand what i mean.  The basic plot is, you play as either the Hero or Heroine in a world where there are a few special people who have the ability to link with Pokemon.  There are no Pokemon trainers, pokeballs, or even rangers.  This is simply a world where friendship is how your Pokemon stays beside you.  Your loyal Pokemon is none over than the versatile eevee.  This may seem like a downer because you don't get to chose, however, eevee can be evolved multiple types and actually is amazingly fun as a starter.  (Now i know why Gary got him in Pokemon Yellow)  You become a warlord in charge of a city or kingdom and your goal is to go from kingdom to kingdom and conquer the world, or rather, stop Nobunaga from doing so.  You are assisted by a  wonderful girl named Oichi and her Jiggilypuff who helps you long your way.  As you travel from kingdom to kingdom, a few warlord will join you as well as other warriors who will assist you in you battles.  You can also link with new Pokemon however i will explain more on this later.  This plot overall, is amazing.  It shows how Pokemon really should be-close companions that help you through the battle rather than enslaved in tiny Pokeballs.  Everyone can debate the ideal Pokeball theory where inside is a perfect habit, however you still have to remember, you did take them from their real home and put them in the P.C.  I like to think they are happy there, but we can't be sure.  This world allows you to form a bond with your Pokemon and the best part is, you only have one.  Plus, as I'll discuss later, this plot is really helped by the amazing people you meet and amazing other parts of this game.  9.5         
Game play:  The game play is really well explained in the video on the main paged i linked to above.  You're Pokemon are placed on the board and you may move each one along the given spaces.  In each kingdom you can have up to 6 warriors each with up to 4 Pokemon they have befriended, however, in battle, only one from each can fight.  This keeps the 6 on 6 dynamic, but in a brand new way to the game, without the use of switching out Pokemon and catching infinitely many.   From there, your Pokemon (all 6 at a time) can attack.  This is where the game differs from most Pokemon games.  Your Pokemon has only 1 attack and can only be used a certain way.  For example, fire types with the move Ember but attack from 2 spaces away.  Some moves, such as blizzard, can attack 2 rows of 3 each ahead of you.  Getting to know each move is vital to your strategy.  As a Pokemon evolves, it's move changes and you don't have a choice on which.  Where this does seem hard, there are multiple warriors and Pokemon with different moves to pick from so it's not all that bad.  All of your Pokemon may move and attack and then it is the enemies turn to do so just like in the actual games. Also, when you're not battling, you can go to the shops or mine for gold.  This however is where i have a problem with the game.  Each game takes a sort of "round by round" approach in that the game tales place in "months."   In each kingdom you conquer, you can
The kingdoms of Ransei
enter and each warrior can do one of many things.  In every kingdom there is at least 1 place to find Pokemon and warriors to train with or recruit to your cause and generally 1 store and 1 ponigiri store (a ponigiri is a food that increases a Pokemon's energy or link to a warrior).  Each warrior can only do 1 thing per month.  You can either take that warrior to train or to the shop.  If one character shops, they can't train but they can buy supplies for everyone.  Let me try to explain the moth mechanic.  Every month, each warrior in any kingdom can do anything 1 thing.  As you conquer other kingdoms, you can tell the leader of the kingdoms you are not currently in what to do by delegating them to either train, search for allies, or gather gold and resources or you can just enter that kingdom and train as those warriors.  After every character in the kingdom you are currently in has completed their task, you are moved on to the next month (or you can move months at your leisure by pressing the Next Month button on the screen).  Every month, you are allowed to attack another kingdom as well as your 1 move which is what you'll be spending most of your time doing.  You march from a connected city and attempt to complete the task given to you whether it's simply defeat all enemies or claim all he flags.  However, if you leave a kingdom without strong warriors to defend it, enemy kingdoms may attack it and you will be forced to protect your kingdom with the few you have there.  It took me a total of over 6 YEARS to beat the came so don't worry about time.  This all may seem very confusing and in retrospect, it is, but as you play the game you really are eased into the flow of it

all and it just seems to make sense.  I actually really like these mechanics but I'll admit there is a drastic difference from the rest of the Pokemon series so i understand why people may not agree with me.  If you are a dedicated fan of Pokemon and are willing to try this new genre of game, i definitely suggest it but if all of this seems a bit crazy to you, i suggest avoiding it.  8.5                  
Graphics:  O lord the graphics.  This game has an overworld sprite form rather than the battle form used in the normal series of the game.  There are also an abundance of cut scenes similar to those used in Clash of Heroes where a still picture and text is used.  Each character (or at least main characters) have 4 emotions where as others have 2 or 3.  There Pokemon such as your eevee have the same emotion you do and are really adorable.  The character models are AMAZING.  Most of these guys are fantastically hot or if not, adorably cute.  Plus, all characters have amazing outfits that match their Pokemon.  As you could see above in the picture of the heroine, the outfits re very feudal era Japanese but many have modern twists that are just fantastic.  The sprites for the Pokemon were amazing as well.  The attacks look cute and have real animations, you can see the Pokemon take hits, and the emotional "I'm sorry Lady Lea" from each warrior as their Pokemon faint in battle is heart breaking.  The bright colors, amazing character and Pokemon visuals, coupled with everything else really adds to the story and makes it wonderful.  9.5.   
I have a fancy for Motonari myself
Sound:  I am a horrible person.  You see, when i play most handheld games it's because i am watching something on TV or listening to something and therefor i hardly ever listen to hand-held music which i know is absolutely terrible.  However, i turned up the volume to listen to these tunes for you all and man do i love them.  The music is very Pokemon.  Many familiar tunes will be played but all of them with this...special sound.  They all sound very much like a lot of Japanese music I've heard and less like music for a videogame.  The music is beautiful and sounds amazing on the 3DS.  Also, as each Pokemon enters the field you get to hear EACH AND EVERY POKEMON'S CRY.  This just...was great for me for some reason.  It was really satisfying to see these little guys line up and make their battle cry ready to defend their kingdom.  Each move also has sound and this was just amazing.  However, the music, great as it may be, wasn't as memorable as other games.  The original Pokemon music sticks in my head a lot more than the Conquest music and sure, if i did hear it i would recognize it, but it' not something I'll be putting on my ipod.   8  
Look at this cutie!!
Script and Writing:  The thing that made this game so great for me was the amazing personalities of each character.  Every single person had a name, a face (even if it was the same as a few others), and a personality.  This was great.  There were cute lines and really added to the story.  Sure these lines weren't nearly as adorably clever as Clash, but the multitude of characters was just amazing.  Also, Oichi has a fun little back story and towards the beginning, she urges you to bring her with you.  Some may not want to, but let me tell you she is vital!  She tells you what lies ahead and also unlocks a multitude of conversations that wouldn't have occurred without her.  I definitely suggest bringing her everywhere.  9
Length:  This game took me 6 years in game to complete meaning 72 months and that MAYBE could have been lessened.  Actual game play time currently is 31:58 and with the post-game content (see below) this can go on for MUCH longer.  If i had stopped to link with every Pokemon and enlist every warrior, i would have spent a heck of a lot of time more.  I love the concept of months showing the long rule of ^^.  Over all, the game is a good length but if you're good, it can be significantly shortened.  Don't worry because there's always something else to do and the hand-held style makes it easy to just pick up and play.  8.5    
Replay-ability:  This is a strange and amazing game in that it allows you to play as the other warlords!  I just beat the main story this morning but I've begun to play the first alternate story and it's really fun.  Apparently, you play through each of the warlords lives before you ever rose to power which is really cool, however, i don't think you can go back to playing as yourself which is really depressing.  I formed such a strong bond with my Umbreon and then just sudden wasn't allowed to be with him anymore.  Maybe i can and i just don't know it yet but i am really sad about that.  However, this game has HOURS of play time to catch em all and play all the stories so it has a lot of replay value!  9    
Boss Battles:  Invading other kingdoms are essentially the boss battles of this game.  You play on their turf with their rules.  Sometimes, it's as simple as just killing all the enemies on a blank field, however most are tricky with environmental traps and mini puzzles.  Every boss felt good.  Some took months to defeat or train for and man was tit satisfying when you beat them.  However, i did (trying to avoid spoilers) find Nobunaga's battle a bit lack luster.  It only took me 2 or 3 tries and then i was done.  It was extremely helpful to have Oichi tell me type weaknesses so i didn't have to look at a chart (although there is one in the handbook for the game.)  The battles over all were really good and satisfying.  8.5    
Downsides:  However, there is a lot negative to say about this game sadly.  The game's point is to make you link with your special Pokemon, however it encourages you to link with multiple ones.  This made me feel sort of bad.  You're urged to connect with your eevee and evolve it, but it can easily be replaced and for the sake of the battle.  I also felt bad making the other characters link with Pokemon and never using their originals again.  This lead to me not having some good Pokemon on my team for the sake of friendship. This is just a personal nitpick i know.  The next problem though is the end game.  I wont reveal how it ends but i did mention after you can play as other characters but not yourself as far as i know and that's really depressing to me, to get that far and then be done.  On that note, you see in the intro how they have legendaries like Articuno, Mewtwo, and Groundon at their sides?  They don't.  Perhaps they're unlockables in the post game but from what I've played, they don't have any of those legendaries and it's really misleading.  The Pokemon they have are still great, but i wish they had had the ones advertised.  Also, if you watched the video above and saw those 3 kids in the intro, you might think they are vital to the story.  Well....the truth is maybe this is just my bad memory, but i can't really remember them helping me AT ALL.  I didn't even know what their accompanying Pokemon were until i saw a picture TODAY.  They show up repeatedly signalling to me they're supposed to be important and occasionally had funny lines, but i still have n idea who they are, why they're there, or what purpose they serve really.   I wish they had been elaborated on but this might just be my bad memory.  Finally, the month method.  Although i love the concept of laboring over time and this being a hard and tiresome battle, it frustrates me that each person can only do one thing.  Because of this, i hardly ever went shopping or crafted items.  If i had, it would have taken years longer to accomplish what i did  This also made the money i earned sort of useless.  In the post game however, it seems there are banks where you can put money into upgrading the places you find Pokemon and shops etc so that's cool.  (Also, this game, like Black and White, feels like there might be romantic possibilities but as always disappoints me.) Sadly, his really brings the score down for me.  3    
Final Verdict:  Overall, this game is amazingly fun and different.  I was so skeptical at first and ever since I've never even heard that much about it but the day i bought it was a good one.  I suggest this game to people who like this game style and Pokemon fans alike if they are willing to adjust.  I love the morals of this game and the art style is amazing.  It's really got somethings i wish the main game would consider.  I love the characters with their amazing individuality.  Sure i saw a lot of the same faces, but each new warrior brought some Pokemon to the mi (sigh...even the ones ho brought magikarp -_-).  I was a bit underwhelmed by the ending, but the potential of this post game is really exciting to me and maybe I'll come back to edit this when i have more information.  All this being said, there were a lot of downsides too and i can understand that hardcore Pokemon fans may not like the format of this game even though i think it to be fresh and fun.  With that, i give this game an whopping 9 just for the fun i had playing it.  I hope some of you will give it a try and tell me what you think!!  (Also, the fact that it has multiple save files is a god-sent!)  8.8 (mathematically 8.2)

    So i really hope you all enjoyed this review!!  This game is really tough to explain so I'm sorry if I'm bad at it.  If you want to read my other reviews and such there is a list of them on this page as well as a post about my favorite videogame baddies here and a post about one of those famous bad-girls, GLADoS, right here.  Most importantly, here is some important news about the state of my gaming and the poll to it has been extended.  Well, that's all for me today.  I'm going to play some Spelunky, rest, and i hope this will hold you all over because tomorrow is mainly going to be homework.  I'll ATTEMPT at gathering information for the X and Y thoughts post for Monday so expect to see that sometime soon.  Vote, follow, +1 and share, and most importantly check back often!  Bye guys!  <3    

P.S.  If you guys have any suggestions on games you'd like me to review, things from this review you'd like me to elaborate on, or even if you have an idea for a good sign off for me at the end of my posts, i'd love to hear it in the comments or in my inbox so click comment or write-in on the right hand side!  TTYL!! 

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Let me explain...(100th post!!)

    Hey everyone so, i actually missed posting yesterday and man do i feel sorry, but not really because let me tell you how my day went.  I went to school at 7:30 for swing choir and spent the day pretty averagely.  I even got  83% done with Obasan and planned to finish it during the night.  I stayed until 4:30 tutoring and then took off with my mom and english teacher to go get some Roberto's and then headed straight back to school.  From about 5:20 to 6:00, i tried to do homework but my friends were there and were rather distracting so i didn't get much done.  Then, until 7:30, i sang Route 66 with the swing 3 or 4 times and then FINALLY got to go home.  Upon getting home i started to read Obasan and got pretty far until Chapter 37.  You all might not know this but as maybe you could have guessed by noticing i didn't have favorite horror movies on this list and my video game fears, i have horrible anxiety.  This anxiety (generally about death and there being nothing after) often sends me into fits and makes me feel horrible.  It used to be so bad i couldn't even watch Lord of the Rings Return of the King alone because of the ghost army.  The things that are the worst to me are ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and anything related to death.  While reading, i could tell what was going to happen but i had no idea the detail.  At one point i said to myself "just finish it, i can handle it."  I read one more sentence and suddenly went into a fit of crying and had a minor anxiety attack.
     As of today, there wasn't much to talk about.  I'm behind on homework because of last night and im tired.  However, since you all got jipped, i've decided to post a picture of a new character in the comic named Caterina.  This is another of my drawings that you can see the process of.  I'll also include all the concept art for her i drew on the back of this picture.  The dress was based on this one worn by Sofia, Ezio's wife, from Assassin's Creed Revelations along with the neck collar thing from Lucrezia Borgia and the name of Caterina Sforza, all of the same series.  Caterina will not be a long term character but i really felt like drawing her in full form so i did.  I hope that makes up for a lack of yesterday's blog.

I really have to up the contrast on these so you can actually see the picture on the other side-woops.  Here you can see the phase of making hairstyles as well as naming her.  I went through basically ever female name from Assassin's creed 2 through Brotherhoods and the mark outs show the process of elimination we went through.  Also, the giant date above is the date of the Assassin's Creed movie that is coming out!  The last one on the right is the final choice.

This is the final outfit.  Not nearly as fancy as Sofia's but you all know how crap my art is.  This time i took a lot let effort into the design and color scheme seeing as i had an idea already.  The name....i'm sure you can guess where that came from.  

    So that's it guys.  I'm almost done with Pokemon Conquest so maybe i can write a review on that.  I'll try my hardest to get the X and Y news thoughts up on labor day (monday Sept. 2nd) or sometime very soon.  Imma relax for the night, finish Conquest, play some friggin Spelunky.  Maybe i'll update again later when i beat Conquest.  For now, adieu!  <3

UPDATE:  OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!!!  In 74 days, i've posted actually over 100 posts, but some have been deleted due to irrelevance such as ones about polls.  So....omg guys.....100!!!!

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  Today...well...let's just say this video describes it all

Today was pretty boring guys sorry.  I have to go pick up some Texas Roadhouse then i have homework, but i know i needed to give yall somethin!!!  Love you guys, please vote, +1, follow me, all that great stuff!!!  <3

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Whackin' cat girls and takin' names

     Hello everyone.  I'm home from a rather boring day.  Starting today, i began "swing choir" at my school at 7:30 a.m. until the bell rung and didn't get home till just now, so i spent WAY too much time at school.  However, Myranda brought a game to lunch called  Whack-a-Catgirl that was hilariously fun.  I can't remember but i think i won.  I definitely recommend the game to people who like to laugh and are over 13 or 14.  There are some cards and humor that aren't exactly child appropriate.  Also, this game will really mostly be funny to people who read manga, watch anime, or at least know what a Neko is.  Anyway, i also had a terribly mean sub in History so that was upsetting but eh.  Life goes on.  Or does it?  Hmmmm........
      I really don't have all that much to say except i DID draw a picture yesterday i thought i could share.  You all should remember my character, Mate.  Currently, in the role-play, we are in a parallel world in which succubus (succubi?  succibuses?  succa---....succeese?  skeese?....succubi.) have essentially taken over the world and matey here is a rare blend of succubus (or rather, incubus) and siren to keep with her mastery over water AND fire.  I decided to draw a picture for the occasion and forgot to upload it yesterday.  I tried to model it mainly on Jezebeth from Clash of Heores (who can be seen here).  No arm thingies though and i MIGHT include some if i ever re-draw her.  I spent a bit of time working on the hair.  At first it was going to be up much the same way as Jez, however my friends and i agreed down but still a fire-esque look (or as much of one as i could pull off) was better.  Also, in case you didn't know, i HATE coloring my own art.  I'm always terrified i'll ruin it so here you can see the process i went through to pick colors although the colors are a bit off due to the scanner buuuutttt close enough aye?  Hope you guys like it!
Tried to go for a bit more modest than Jezebeth......what do you all think??

   That's all for today folks!  I'm going to do some homework and maybe if i finish, play some Portal.  Vote on that poll guys, please!  Also, comment, +1, share, all that fun stuff.  Ever want to see me horrible attempt at drawing something?  Comment or write in and i'll see what i can do!  Maybe if you're lucky and i have no life (o wait....i don't......) i might even record myself drawing it.  MAAAAYYYBBEEEEEEE.  Bye now!!  <3 

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Xiaolin Chronicles?

     Back in the day....oooo 2003ish....did anyone watch the  show Xiaolin Showdown?  The weird one about the artifacts and the martial arts and all that?  I'll admit, i loved that show as a kid.  I actually started thinking about that show back a few months ago!  It was when i really started watching Yu-Gi-Oh and the other 4Kids! shows.  Well, today, after coming home from a boring day, a swim, and shopping, i sat down to do my homework and turned on the TV to see this.
    After watching the 3 episode preview, i recognized the baddies, the tools, and the characters and felt overwhelming nostalgia.  Apparently, this show is back with a new season!  A few voice actors changed however, a few, including Tara Strong (one of the many voices of my childhood) who voices Omi, stayed.  There is also a cute new character and although it's cheesy, i think it's still a cute show and better than most stuff left on Disney channel.  I am having kind of a nerd-spasm over here about this dorky show.  I will say though, the 3D they are trying for the showdowns is HORRIBLE.  The rest of the art looks exactly like my memory but just.....eeehhhhhhhhhh.  

        Sooooo nerding aside!!  Hi everyone!  I'm going to tell you all my current schedule to help you understand why my posts are so late.  Mondays and Fridays i go swimming with my mom and sister until 4:30.  Tuesdays and Thursdays i tutor at the school till 4:30ish.  Wednesdays my mom goes to Nonnie's to write their books and i go along.  Also, this Thursday i might not post at all or if i do it'll be really late due to school stuff.  You also have to include homework and stuff.  So, i hope that all makes sense.  I am really exhausted and have a lot to do so i've got to end this blog tonight.  Vote, share, comment, all that good stuff!! it wrong i'm attracted to the bad guy?

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A portaly post

    Hiiiii there......looks like i lost track of time!  Today was pretty plain.  I just realized i forgot to do the X and Y post but i needed some rest.  I'm trying to get some homework done and i got to see my sister today so we played some Castle Crashers.  We got some excellent Cattle Baron for lunch and then i decided to replay Portal.  In case you haven't guessed, i'm a huge Portal fan.  I've played the second one twice and this is my second time playing the first.  I'm not the type to finish video games and in fact, the only games i've ever replayed all the way to the end again are Clash of Heroes, Castle Crashers, a Spongebob game for the Gameboy Advanced that i love, and Portal 2 as far as i can remember.  There might be more buuutttt not off the top of my head.  So that should give you a taste of how much i love these games.  Anyway, i'll try to put up the X and Y post at some point perhaps when i'm less busy and tired, maybe on labor day?  We'll see.  For now, check back on some of your favorite posts like the Spe----special ones to hold you over for a while.  Maybe one day soon i'll post a picture of my Chell cosplay for you guys!!  Also, to you Portal fans, in case you haven't already, you really need to read Lab Rat, the official comic about the Rat Man and the link between Portals 1 and 2.  It's art is really interesting and the story is great.  After that, definitely check out the video below to learn the Companion Cube's dark secret!!  I have no idea why this turned portal-y, but i hope you guys enjoyed it!  Vote, share, comment, all that good stuff and i'll talk to you tomorrow!  

UPDATE:  (9:08)  Uh....just realized i forgot the it is guys sorry!!!!

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Rant time: Thwarted plans

    Early in the morning you begin to ready for today's epic questing.  You must travel all across the kingdom to many locations to acquire each item needed by your bard.  You set out, sword in hand, along with a small box that will come in handy much later, and a small coin purse to purchase the items.  First, your quest shall lead you to the home of your kin to care for her pets while she herself is questing in a far off land.  You arrive upon you companion and complete this first part of the quest, taking a bit of time to relax-no adventurer can resist the mighty powers of a kitten-then set off.  Next your path leads you to the apothecary of Greens.
Here you search for large crystals for enchanting items at home, specifically of the size "C."  You fill your arms will the required crystals, purchase them, and head off for the next realm.  Your path finds you at the Market of Wa'l.  Here, you set off to gather many items-precious soaps for your clothes, meal and sand for your own kittens, and mystical pieces of a strange, squishy substance to place inside your battle boots to increase the comfort as you kick in orc faces.  All items acquired, you yourself are in need of a meal and travel not far to the tavern Ydnew to purchase a mug of frozen flavored milk and other small delicacies.  Here, you pull out the small box and begin to use a tactic you have many a time before.  Ye olde tactic of "avoid-the-unsavory-conversation-at-the-stop-for-games".  You say a spell to activate the power of the box that searches for the same magic from the stop of games and smile proudly, admiring your knowledge of their tricks.
      What's this?!?  No magic found?!?!  You must...venture forth....and use the magic THERE??  O dear lord
no...You sigh and finish your food reluctantly then put on your war face and walk to the stop.  In you walk, trying to seem inconspicuous.  You gently pull the box out, hiding behind a stand, and begin to connect to the magic.  At last!  The connection is formed and the prize is achieved.  A rare and beautiful one it is!!  You glance at the wares to seem as if you had more purpose than just this, but after a thorough look, you discover nothing of interest and promptly leave.  You look at your list aaanndddd.....o...o dear......what's this?  You must.....again venture to the land of Sa'm???  You companion's stomach grumbles and you sigh, accepting your fate.  You saddle up and traverse the lands, dreading what awaits ahead.  Finally, you come up to the land and discover something quite grand!!  Open space!!  You breeze into the open area and begin to gather the food when a fine young lad approaches and offers to clean your companion as a complimentary act of chivalry!!  You happily agree and go about your business.  He then inquires as to your plans for the following days and you simply reply "a bit of adventuring" to which he asks where.  You again, nonchalantly reply "the rim of the Sky" to which he laughs and retorts "i fancy thee already!  Good day."  and he is off his own way.
          Soon you find yourself safely home, all items in hand.  The bard approaches, grabs the squishy shoe somethings, and drags you to her companion and you are whisked off, this time onto an adventure you do
so impractical.
not enjoy-that of shoe shopping.  The bard assures you that they key to a long, healthy life of adventuring is all in the footwear but you ignore it in a huff and are finally dragged into the market place.  The bard happily shows you pair after pair but as you see the coin count on the tag you cringe and turn away.  You glance at a few pairs of boots-perhaps not the MOST practical but surely they add something to your charm or intimidation techniques.  The bard quickly catches on and requests them in your size but ALAS!!  You're feet are just larger than average and just smaller than the next, leaving you without the single pairs you requested.  You instead must settle upon a few on sale that do nothing stat wise.  Much walking is done from stall to stall, searching for a shoe worthy of an adventurer's foot but sigh, none are so.  You decide upon comfort and trudge out, purchasing a mix of blended fruits and returning home.  Here the warrior waits and greets you.  You smirk and challenge him to a duel, but not of the regular sort.  Instead, you challenge him to a new art you have begun to teach yourself, that of the blurring.  Many a game you win, many a game he losses, many a curse is said and many a control is thrown.
      Finally, the night begins to arrive as you head to dinner at the house of your kin and enjoy the night, feasting, laughing, and indulging in the company of others.  At last, you return home.  You log your day into your book for all to see and begin to take up the controller to again blur.  Sometimes, a rant is not always needed but let us say, the moral for the day is.....a quest is a quest, no matter what.

    Hi!  I hope you all enjoyed that!  Rant time's do take more effort and time so they will be later but i felt like we hand't had one in a while  The others are here, here, and here in order.  I'll try to do more of these but there's not always something to be upset about sooooo......anyway, enjoy ^^  I hope you guys understand it all.  If you ever have a question post it in the comment!  Also, please vote on that poll guys.  Pleeeaaasseeee. Well, imma play blur now.  Night!!!                

Friday, August 23, 2013

Blur and Pokemon

  First of all, Blur is an addicting game.  I've never been big on racing games but as my sister put it, it's adult mario kart soooooo.  Anyway!  Logging on to Pokemon TCG Online now!  Gonna imput some codes and then i'm game for a math!  My name is Leanasta so if you are on, feel free to personal message me or friend me and challenge me to a match!

UPDATE:  O nooooooooo i cant get it to work!  im gonna try to reinstall it.  siiigggghhhh

UPDATE:  Ok!  all better!!!  i'm on and ready to go!!!

UPDATE: (1:18) Doin HW like a good sick child!

UPDATE: (2:07) Back to Blur ^^

UPDATE: (2:47) Captain's Wafers Cream cheese&Chives crackers are a god-sent.

UPDATE:  (4:41)  I just deflected an arrow from one of those traps by whipping it.  I am a god.

UPDATE:  (9:45)  Watching my dad play Blur as his first ever X-Box game (with a controller) is frickin hilarious.

Galen's day off part 1

       Ehhhhhhhhhhhh.  Hello and welcome to the first sick day blog.  I am dying.  Today, i'll be staying home to die in death pains of death.  I'll also most likely be day blogging as i do things like try to get some homework done early, play some games to relax, and sit here going "eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh."  I'll most likely also be on Pokemon TCG Online most of the day so i'll post when i get on that if any of you have
accounts and would like to challenge me.  I might do some research for the X and Y blog.  I might sleep.  Today's a grab bag of god knows what but imma go make a bowl of frosted mini-wheats and start this sick day!  To begin, we will start with a horrible song stuck in my head based upon today's date.  Enjoy or well....or i'm very sorry.  Join me in my agony.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


          A day is a day.  Today was over all really boring.  I tutored one of the students who needed help on the science portion of the state tests and all that jazz.  I don't really have much to talk about but i wrote a really long post yesterday.  Sorry it took so long, it was taking a while to find all the videos, pictures, and checking my facts and such plus doing other stuff like dinner.  Soo.....sorry that i'm boring today!  I'm thinking my X and Y thoughts maybe on Sunday or in parts so i don't die from research. that other post if you haven't already, vote, +1, comment, all that great stuff and i'll talk to you all hopefully more interestingly tomorrow!  <3   

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top 10 videogame baddies (may contain spoilers)

   Hi everyone!  Today was a pretty standard day as far as days go.  However, at lunch, our table got taken by some freshies and also, some poor girl walking by i guess got her foot caught in a door so her foot was bleeding all over the place and it was weird and i sorta had to help.  It was a fiasco.  She was bleeding, her friends were futilely searching for paper towels, and the staff was calling the nurse who offered to cart her back in a wheelchair.  I let her sit at my table while she waited for the nurse to get there though so that was an adventure.
   Anyway!  Today i want to talk about those who prevent you from achieving your goals.  That one thing in a game that halts you and adds a bit of drama to your life.  Now, this is based only on games i have played and these are all top of the head sort choices so if im missing someone you like, add in the comments.  Now, first to define a "baddy."  This list will consist not just of characters labeled "evil" but also anyone who gets in the way in some for of achieving your goal in the game and this doesn't include movie based games or games that use characters popularized in moves.  NOW let me clarify further.  I did not include things like "snow" or "lag."  These are things that are programmed to stop you and more than that, these are the TOP.  Some of these may count as spoilers as well as some cursing towards the end so do be wary.  So, let's kick it off with our buddy...

10.)  Haytham Kenway (Assassin's Creed 3)
      Haytham, the father of the protagonist, Connor, in Assassin's Creed 3.  He is actually the first character
you play as and i made the mistake of not playing around all i wanted to before i was shifted to Connor.  To me, Haytham seemed loveable, likeable, and most important, a true B.A.  Haytham showed his awesomeness early in the game whereas his son didn't do all that much for me.  When we discovered he was actually a Templar, it was so satisfying and had so much potential to cause conflict.  I was dissapointed how little we got to see him and i really wish it had ended differently.  He was a really fun character and has buckets more personality than his son.  I can't wait to meet his father cause let me tell you, Black Flag is lookin good.
Cons:  Not enough of him, leaves Connor's mom like a jerk

9.)  Bowser (Mario games)
       When you think Mario, what do you think?  A plumber who is slacking off by saving some princess?
 How about his neglected older brother?  No!  You think a giant dragon-turtle that can breath fire!!  King Bowser Koopa is what makes the Mario Bros. series what it is.  Without his constant kidnapping of Princess Peach (Toadstool), our dear Mario would be nothing but a plumber.  However, as the video i have someplace beside this or under it will tell you, it's all a lie.  It's simply a plot to give Peach some excitement, Bowser some money or fun, and Mario a chance t play hero.  However, at the same time we know that Peach is Bowser Jr's mther.  Ew right?  But maybe big bad Bowser just wants to love Peach?  That's why this purely classic baddy can't trump some of our bigger bad guys like our next favorite big guy...
Cons:  Overused, all a lie, generally easy to beat

8.)  Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda)
       This man (beast?) deserves a prize for persistence.  Throughout ages, universes, timelines, Ganon is still trying to have his wishes come true with the power of the Triforce.  And just look at this name!   Hylian GHylian AHylian NHylian OHylian NHylian DHylian OHylian RHylian F  Imagine writing that on every application at the castle! And imagine, this poor guy is the only male in his race.  Try dealing with a whole city of females hat like stabbing things.  He deserves a medal for that alone!  I actually have yet to beat any of the games he is in so for now, that's all i can say about this classic villain!                                               Cons:  A bit confusing timeline wise, i haven't beat him yet
7.)  Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda:  Skyward Sword)
         Ok...let's just...let's just talk about this guy.  Two Zelda's in a row you ask?  How could this noob trump the classic Ganon?  Well...well....just...just watch this video and sorry this was the only good higher quality video so forgive the weird voice...he doesn't have a voice in the game.    
Ok, now...let's talk shall we?  1.) that outfit.  What....what people, the symbol of evil.  2.)  That face....that hair those eyes.....i.....creepy.  so very creepy.  and to top the creepy off, we have that lovely cherry ontop, that 3.) HORRIFIC TONGUE!  I mean what IS THAT?!?!  What is he doing?!?!?!  Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  On top of that. he's not too easy to beat!  I took a good beating from him before my Wii died.  
Cons:  Haven't beaten the game.  HE KILLED MY WII.

6.)  Gary/Rival (Pokemon)  
         When entering the Pokemon world, you are given a choice.  Be good and name your rival "Gary" or
"Blue," "Hugh" or whatever it is, or name them (cursing warning) Dickface, asshat, or something else profane.  This choice begins your journey.  Will you be the very best like no one ever was?  It's all up to that rival.  The rival is the driving force in Pokemon.  You HAVE to beat that other guy i you want to be the champion and they will be there every step of the way to stop you.  They will be there to test you, make you a better trainer so you can, in the end, defeat them and reach your true potential.  However, they can be a bit annoying at times and, have gotten less iconic overtime.  I honestly, although i love Gen 3,  I couldn't for the life of me remember the rival.  However, i do like Hugh, the latest rival, as he isn't so much a rival as a friend searching for his sister's purrloin although he annoys the crap out of me sometimes.  However, they aren't the MOST annoying thing in the Pokemon world.............
Cons:  annoying, YOU KILLED HIS RATICATE, getting less memorable?

5.)  BATS (every game ever)
         These guys....they...the main defining factor is that which attempts to stop you from achieving you goal right?  Well let me tell you.  BATS IN EVERY VIDEO GAME DO JUST THAT!!!
Cons:  Generally 1 hit K.O, TOO MANY OF THEM!!!!!, Pretty Generic

4.) N/Team Plasma (Pokemon White/Black and White 2/Black 2)
            When playing Pokemon what are you doing?  You're cramming animals into balls then forcing them

Why are they all ginger?
to fight each other until the other faints and in the case of Gary's Ratticate, death.  No baddie makes you feel so guilty as Team Plasma who preaches the releasing of the enslaved Pokemon.  Plus, at the helm is the wondrously sexy N.  N is a great character i truly, truly love and in many ways.  N is a good guy caught up in the wrong side.  All he wants are for Pokemon to be free and just look at his adorable face!!  Plus, fun fact, the letter N is equidistant between Black and White, 6 letters on each side of it.  This makes Ns name make sense since he sees the world in Black and White and he is right there in the middle.  Cute huh?  And i gotta hand it to them, they have GREAT outfits over at team Plasma.  The problem is though, in Black and White 2, the lost there pizzazz.  I didn't really understand what was going on anymore and maybe it'll make sense as i get closer to the end.  I hope so.
Cons:  Make no sense in second game, total hypocrites

3.)  Reapers (Mass Effect)
          All this has been good and fun, but lets get serious or a second.  Reapers in Mass Effect aren't here to
kidnap a princess or free some Pokemon or even just to get in your way like a bat.  They are here to consumer humanity.  Reapers legitimately kill hundreds of thousands of people including people you come to be close to.  The first game is simple enough.  Nothing heartbreaking.  Number two, you make a single slip and you could lose someone you love.  And 3?  Every step you take is death and destruction.  I can't even play that game for fear of seeing my beloved Garrus fall victim to them.  I am actually scared of Reapers.  No jokes, no playful freedom from the real world.  Reapers embody the very essence of fear, of hopelessness, of defeat and yu are expected to stare them in the eyes (do they have eyes?) and look past the blood of your own friends and try to save the universe.
Cons:  Utterly heartbreaking

2.)  Spikes (every game ever)
        What always kills you?  What takes a single hit to end your journey?  What makes you just want to
scream on a mountain top?  Spikes.  Spikes alone account for bout 90% of my deaths in Spe---every game.  Seriously  They just sit there.  Watching.  Waiting.  Expecting that one moment where you make a single wrong flick of the pad and fly ever so slightly off path and into their sharp embrace.  Nothing stops me from achieving my goals like these damn pointy jerks just sitting there mocking me!!!!!

Cons:  Don't move (in most cases), can be jumped over (sometimes)

But what you ask could possibly be worse than Reapers?  Spikes?  BATS?!?  Who could possibly stand in your way more than your very own Pokemon rival?  To find them, stand up.  Now, walk to your bathroom.  Look into the mirror.  The number one thing stopping you from beating the game is...

1.)  Yourself.
        The only one standing in your way is yourself.  The moment you rage quit, the moment you put the
controller down, the moment you decide to do your homework like a good student rather than play, you are a villain worse than Bowser, Ganondorf, or N.  You are the hindrance that stops you from achieving your gals both in games and in life!  Unless you grab your controller and buckle down, you are that force.  Tat enemy which says to the hero "You shall not pass!"  What can you do to defeat this baddie?  No, you can't just jump over or hit a switch, you can't throw out a Pokemon or smack it away with your whip.  You can't slash at it with a sword or blast with a gun.  You have to try.  The thing that moves you forward each day in a game is the motivation to beat yourself.  Yes, i got to level 3-2.  But that's not good enough.  I need to get to 3-3.  3-4.  Olmec!  Not only that, there's your friends!  Highscores!  That mental state you're in saying "I must be better than ___."  That is the greatest motivation any villain could give.
Cons:  work, life, school

So that's it!  Sorry this one is so late it took a LOT of effort and geez i'm tired.  I hope your guys forgive my choppy writing and rapid thought along with my cheesiness.  It's so late.  I really hope you all enjoyed this post and i hope it'll hold you over until this weekend!  Vote, share, all that good stuff!!  <3          

Blogging in class

   HELLOOOOOOOOOO everyone i have a second here.  Tonight's post WILL be a top 10 list of my top 10 villains/antagonists of all videogames!  I hope you guys are hyped!  It'll most likely be around 6 or 7 tonight if not later but it'll have pictures, maybe videos, and lots of fun stuff.  I even made a list of pros and cons already!  By the way, last night there was a huge power outage at 9 at night and it was sooooooo hot and dark and awful :(  I thought you should know i suffered.  So i hope i whetted (is that a word?  Really?  It is?  Weird....) your appetite for tonight's post!  Read my last top 10 list about robot and AIs!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


   Hi everyone.  Today was another day two at school meaning history, math, study hall, and choir.  When i got home though, i had to make dinner and im just now getting to eat and sit down.  At first, i was going to talk about my 10 favorite Mario villains but then realized there's a few, but not a whole lot.  I am having one of those "man im exhausted" days.  Instead i think i'll do my top 10 favorite villains of all time tomorrow!  That'll hopefully be a nice long one to contrast these little bitty ones.  Im gonna just relax, watch some Mythbusters, maybe play a little Spel---.....X-Box.  I swear the #1 use of ballistics gel in the world is on Mythbusters.... I love that show.  Imma go now.  PLEASE vote and share and all that stuff but especially vote!!!!  Talk to you all much more interestingly tomorrow.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy busy busy

   So today began sleepily and is ending the same.  1st period of school was fine, however 3rd was a bit frustrating.  I leanred basic HTML coding in 6th grade and have used it frequently for Neopets and still do sometimes to add things like those photobucket videos.  However, we're doing suuupppeeeerrrr basics.  I sat there really bored most of the class.  Lunch was normal and theater was fun, but i yet again felt excluded in choir.  Today was the auditions for the "swing" choir however, when i looked at the list of all the stuff i have to do, i'm going crazy.  I have 5 different auditions with 5 different songs in 3 months not including the ones in theater class.  I'm already felling a bit overwhelmed by it all and getting scared.  However, while others were auditioning, i started getting a list of things to talk about in X and Y, however i realized that's a LOT to talk about so that will actually be this weekend.  It will be a nice long post about all the news i know of along with my thoughts on each subject and my hopes for the games.  I'll try to have it on Saturday but we'll see what comes up.  I'll try to include lots of videos and pictures and stuff and for those of you avoiding X and Y spoilers, i'll clearly mark it as such.
   After school, my mom and i went swimming for a while so i'm pretty tired.  I do have to say guys, PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL!  If you are on a phone and cant see the poll, please post in the comments of this post or any post really.  The options are :
No way!!!
A small one on the right
A small one at the very bottom
I don't care
For a short time only

So that's it for me today i have homework and dinner.  Tomorrow i'll start tutoring the kids who failed the state issued tests until 4:30 so tomorrow's post will probably be around this time or later.  Love you guys and i'll talk to you all soon!!  <3

UPDATE: 8/19/13 (6:53 p.m. ish)  really?  You guys read that Spelunky post 111 times THIS WEEK?!?!!??????

Sunday, August 18, 2013


   My dishwasher sounds like the TARDIS

Horrible news (please read very important)

     Hey everyone...i've got awful news.  So you guys remember this post from last night?  Well, i booted it back up today and tried again.  It yet again did the same thing when getting the triforce of power/strength and again a bit later.  I was thinking it might be my game but when i tried Mario Party 8 just to see, and the same thing happened.  I think this means my beloved Wii is dead :(  I've had this one since Easter the first year it came out.  We searched for this baby everyday, stopping at gamestop as soon as it opened to ask i they had any only to hear a repetitive no, until Easter weekend.  I think specifically it was good Friday.  This Wii has been through a lot, being the central unit for all my sleep-overs and my first ever console.  The worst part is, the Wii U has been released.  I like the Wii U now that i see there is a chance at a it did the Wii U Pokemon game along with the new Mario games, but the console is $300 REFURBISHED!  Buying a new Wii would be a waste of money but spending so much on that new console is just awful.  I could trade in my system but look at this!
                                   New Model Wii System Hardware$35.00$35.00
                                   Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn$32.50$35.00
                                    (source: )
    I'd be getting the same amount for my Wii as i would trading in a new game.  I don't know what to do guys.  I was wondering if you all would allow me to place an ad in the sidebar?  I noticed Blogger has a function allowing bloggers to put ads on their blog and get like, a penny or less a view.  I know i'm not that popular yet but any thing would help.  I know how awful it is when a site has like, pop-ups, ads in the middle of their content, and it all feels like one big advertisement for something like low-T medicine which you are 100% not interested in.  With that in mind, i would only have one small one (if i can.  i haven't looked at sizes) off to the right under all the other buttons and content and MAYBE one at the very bottom of the page.  What do you guys think?  This is VERY IMPORTANT!  I want to know what YOU GUYS THINK.  This is the blog YOU guys read and i want this blog to be a happy, comfortable place.  If you guys say no way, i won't and i'll try to raise money another way (like a garage sale or something.  My grandmother's been dying to have one recently).  I'll be replacing the color poll with this one seeing as i find this a lot more important for right now.  This is one where i am desperately asking you all to give me your honest opinions.  I have heard of people losing readers because they added something like this and that's why i'm ASKING you first.
    Thank you guys for reading and i'll be updating that poll in just a minute so please stay with me till that's up.  Thank you all so much!  <3

UPDATE: 8/18/13 (1:12 p.m. ish)  Hey everyone the poll is up.  I added a button saying "for a short time only" meaning only until i get a little bit to help pay for the Wii or until the end of the year or something.  I don't even know.  PLEASE vote.  No matter where you're from in the world, no matter what language you speak, no matter how you came to be on this blog, PLEASE vote on this poll.  It's a one choice poll so please pick whichever you you believe, even if it's "i don't care" because that helps me!  Take just a moment to click a button.  Thank you so much everyone and keep checking back for more posts and such.  I do still have a lot of stuff planned but that Skyward Sword post will have to wait :(  Sorry guys!  I'm hoping tomorrow to talk about the new stuff in that video above and my thoughts on all the X and Y news.  See you then

Saturday, August 17, 2013

O no..

   ...I guess i over Zelda-ed because my Wii suddenly spazzed out.  I was in the middle of doing (spoilers?) the Thunder Dragon's "re-fight a boss" thing and was fighting the imprisoned for the first time, and suddenly, right before winning, my game froze, the screen shifted to the lower-half of the TV, and the sound just made one repeated sound.  It kinda felt like in those old movies when the film would stop working...Good thing i saved before i started....I checked the cabinet where it is and it didn't seem all that hot............... :(

UPDATE: 8/17/13 (9:03ish)  I forgot to mention!  We are officially 2 months into this blog!!!  Yaaaaayyyyy!!!




These are why i will not beat the game.  Theeeesssseeeeeee.

Musings on Skyward Sword

    Although i love the Legend of Zelda, in all actuality, the only games i've played to completion are Minish Cap for the Gameboy Advanced and Phantpm Hourglass for the DS.  I love the Zelda music, story, and i'm totally thrilled by our handsome protagonist and princess.  In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, i almost always play as Princess Zelda because she has one of my favorite skill sets.  In reality, i have Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time 3D, i had Phantom Hourglass until i traded it back in due to lack of end game content (which i now regret deeply), and Skyward Sword.  I never had a SNES or N64 as a kid or if i did, i was too young to play or enjoy it, so i missed out on a lot of the fun, plus i never had a Gamecube until i got the Wii.  In another post soon i'll talk about my adventures through Twilight Princess (my favorite of the games) with my friend, Seth.  For now, i want to talk just briefly about Skyward Sword and may do a full review later.
     Upon first getting the Wii, i played practically daily all my games including the sports and fitness games until i got better ones.  It's still my favorite system for when friends come over to hang out or anything like that, however the days of the Wii were numbered.  After going online and watching Tobuscus/Toby Games play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, i asked for an X-box 360 for Christmas and got it (with much urging from my sister who also really wanted it).  The X-Box introduced me to games with amazing graphics and more depth and i forgot about my beloved Wii.  I think the last game i bought for the Wii was in fact Skyward Sword.  I played it without having beaten Twilight Princess and trucked along pretty well.  However, at some point, i got stuck.  The game was placed back into it's case and not seen again for a long time.
     Then, suddenly, just a while back i had a link related dream  that gave me a sudden urge to look at the game.  I popped open the case and popped the game in and made some progress for the first time in a year or more.  If you notice, the very next post was about the music.  I HAD NEVER LISTENED TO THE CD.  I had purchased the special addition knowing it was in there, knowing it was going to be good, but for some reason, never took it out.  However, that Golden Wii remote became the only one i used and it's right beside me right now.  After this sudden exposure back to the game as well as having purchased OoT (only to be stuck in the water temple lord help me), i began a new era.  I watched hundreds of youtube videos about the lore, the reviews, the theories, and became re-obssessed.   Heck, i even requested a Zelda theme necklace as my perk from this kickstarter.  Now, here i am, in the final stretches of this game.  So far, the game has efectively made me cry almost as much as Mass Effect 3 (which i cant finish...i just...i cant) and has really gotten me thinking about what Zelda has meant to me.
   No, i'm not a hardcore fan.  No, i haven't played all the games.  No, i haven't even finished my two favorites in the series.  But here i am.  It doesn't matter if you're hardcore, casual, new, or old.  Zelda is there when you think to yourself "what should i play today?"  That's what i asked myself and for some reason, i said Skyward Sword.  I was thinking of doing a review but that's not fair until i beat the game.  So this weekend, my goal is to beat the game and sometime soon get you guys a nice, quality review of the game.  You d have to remember, some things are vague to me seeing as i haven't played in a while, but this game is so ice to be sucked back into, it's not a major loss.
    So everyone, check back soon!  I'm off to try and beat this bugger.   Like my reviews?  I'll put a list of ones you can read below!  Send me your prayers that i will beat this amazing game and that i will have the time to write a quality review for you all.  Share, +1, vote, and comment!       

Reviews/gamey things to read:
Pacific Rim (movie)
Turbo (movie)
Pokemon Yellow (not really a review, but a theory)
Super Mario Bros Glitch Video
Pokemon and me parts 1 and 2
Clash of Heroes
and there's one other one.......huh...can't think of it.......o ya -_-  this bugger