Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coming Soon!!!

    Sooooooo I vlogged!  While on my field trip, I recorded  ton of stuff I'm going to edit soon and have up!  Sadly, I have practice every night until 9 :(  Maybe tonight I can start to edit.  Perhaps I'll put it up in 2 parts so it'll be up faster.  There's too much to say so I'll the video speak for itself!!  Look for that sometime this week.  And I did try to upload Clash of Heroes again this weekend but again, it didn't work so I may have to cut it in half.....we'll see.  Stay tuned guys!  There will also be Rant Time: Trust Part 2 sometime soon, hopefully before the video!  Also, vote on what you think will happen in the poll!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Rant Time: Trust (Part 1)

     An adventurer takes risks at every turn, each choice could make or break a hero.  The first choice: who you are.  What will you be?  A mage?  A warrior?  A scholar?  Or will you be as you've become-a true adventurer.  You have made the noble decision to take on many forms, to try many hands and crafts, and explore many worlds.  However, this choice could be your end.
    Beyond yourself, there are other choices to be made.  An adventurer is nothing without companions.  You must hand pick a select few to trust in your perhaps never ending travels.  You have had many companions come and go, but finally, you believe yourself to have a fellowship rivaled by none.  You have gathered the following:

Your smithy
     1 Scholar:  High Intelligence and Constitution focused mainly into magics and crafting.  A sweet person handy at all times and a long-time companion.  You've fought many battles at her side.
    1 Smithy:  High Charisma and Dexterity. A hardy companion who can be trusted with many
tasks and who is pure fun to be around.  Without her, there is no adventure to be had!
    1 Bard:  High Charisma and Wisdom.  Although many adventures she is absent, she is indispensable, a true must for any fun to be had.  You find yourself practically unable to be sad in her presence.
     However, at one point you made a gamble.  You took in a member with unknown stats. You took in what you thought to be a Mage with high Intelligence and perhaps Wisdom.

The Messa
     Through many adventures, you have been on one quest many times.  There lingers a large mountain, far on the other side of the kingdom known as The Messa.  Each year, a contest of scholars is held--whoever reaches the top shall be named the King of The Messa.  The mountain tests not your strength, but the knowledge you carry as it contains several mental challenges.  You must show all your skills in crafting and knowledge to pass to the top.
    Your scholar is well versed in the challenge, competing long before you began.  However, in recent years you have had your hand at The Messa.  Each year, you rise higher, but can not reach the top.  This is your last chance before you move to many more things.  You begin to prepare for the trek ahead then stumble.  You and your Smithy have been accepted into an acting troupe with a large show for the entire kingdom only weeks after the climb of Messa.  Your Scholar is also hampered by another challenge of her wits, consuming her precious time.  Your Scholar, Smithy, and Mage are all to join you in your quest up the Messa as well!  You quickly assign tasks and prepare.

    Soon, it is time.  You gaze up at the mountain ahead, like a giant you must conquer.  You begin the assent.  The first trial is that of a device built by the scholar who shows it with pride.  The device works as a perfectly crafted masterpiece.  The next challenge is a test of creativity and knowledge,  which you and the smithy take in stride.  Then you come to the final task-a pre-designed show of skill.  You tasked your mage with this many weeks previous whilest you and the others were laboring away.  As you climb toward this next task, you trail behind the scholar and smith as they discuss the final challenge.  You climb, much easier than your normal armor-slowed trek up mountains, laden with sword and weaponry.  You relish in the leisurely climb until you suddenly feel a sting from your back and your cloak grows warm and wet.  You feel speechless, a sudden clot in your throat.  You glance over your shoulder as a tensing pain fills your back.
   There she stands, your wolf in sheep's clothing.  You fall forward onto the hard ground of the rocky ledge.  The weapons that normally dangle at your side lay in a bag at the inn and you can hear your potions crash open in your small bag.  Your eye lids begin to weigh heavily and press the darkness onto you, but you see a final glimpse-her.

                                         TO BE CONTINUED.....

   What will become of our beloved adventurer?  We'll have to find out!  Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion of Rant Time: Trust!!                          

I think i'm craaaazy

   Hey everyone sorry for the drought recently.  I now have practice everyday after school and tons of homework.  Hopefully, after state and once the show is over, I can get back to posting.  I will try to upload a video this Saturday or maybe start it up tonight.  For some reason, it wont upload the video if my computer is idle so....that's a problem I'm working on.  I may have to start using my old slow desktop.....I don't know.  Anyway, I'm not totally dead.  I did intend to post something on Valentine's Day but got extremely busy so maybe i'll post that next week if I have time (even if it is old).  I hope everyone has been ok without me?  You guys are welcome to leave comments and things and I will answer, even if I can't post.  Love you all and I hope to be back very very soon!  <3

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

11 Hours

   Hey everyone.  a quick recap on my horrible weekend.

Sat- Start Beauty and the Beast practice at 9.  Work entire play until 1.  get lunch with Jaimi.  Go to MESA Day practice from 2-3:30 (we are going to the state competition on Sunday).  Notice something you said should be done to the device at the rally in November has still not been done.  Hear the coordinator say the same thing should be done.  Go to Office Max and Home Depot to look at supplies for MESA project.  Take Jaimi home, go home, eat, sleep.

Sun- Try to upload Clash of Heroes part 2.  Pick up Jaimi at 12:00.  Go to buy supplies.  Get home   and begin working nonstop on work another member of our group should have done over the past 2 weeks but refused to do out of laziness.  Research, write, design, and write some more for 11 STRAIGHT HOURS with Jaimi (not the member who refused to do work who has done nothing to aid this process whatsoever).  Realize video wouldn't upload and will have to try again later.  Discover practice tomorrow will not be providing lunch like they said they would. Finally get to bed with Jaimi sleeping over.  Bilbo attacks us through the entire night.

Mon- Get up and ready in 15 minutes and go to Village Inn since we are basically out of food.  Eat french toast and some ie then swing at nearest park for 15 minutes and head to practice. Get there at 9:55.  Director with keys to the building arrives 10:10ish.  Work.  Eat tiny sack lunch mom threw together for Jaimi and I.  Work more.  Finish up at 5:30.  Wait for Jaimi's dad.  Go get gas and pick up dinner.  Finally get home.  Have breakdown.  Go straight to bed.

Tues- Going to go sing for 5th graders (while sick) from 8:30 to 1:30, get home to do some             homework, then drive all the way to my school at 4:00 to run a few scenes where I have 2             lines and then have to drive all the way home and finish homework+catch up on what I                   missed.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 10 Tips to Surviving Valentine's Day

    Here you have it!  10 tips to surviving the holiday!  These tips are not necessarily just for singles either!  There are a lot here that you can apply to your relationship as well!

10.)  Wait till the 15th to get candy.
         Valentine's day gives all stores an excuse to bump up the price of their chocolates and themed sweets.  To avoid being blown out by the ridiculous price tags, especially if you don't have a special someone demanding sugar, wait until the 15th when most stores have the leftovers extremely cheap.  Hurry though, many other people have the same idea and it may be more of a rush that the day itself!  Otherwise, make something yourself like chocolate covered strawberries or a cake!

9.)  Get Valentine's from the internet
         The internet has opened the horizons to expose hundreds of people with similar interests.  Basically, anything you can imagine has a printable valentine about it, generally with horribly fantastic puns!  Aside from the cost of ink (unless you print them at school, a friend's house, or a public use printer), they cost less than the store-bought ones and can often be much more unique and personalized.  Like last year, I had some Pokemon and some Portal ones and printed specific ones for each person, whereas a box is a grab bag.  However, printing them on normal paper does make them flimsier than the card-stock style ones from the store.  I think I might do whatever ridiculous ones I can find!

8.)  Don't forget-there are other things to do!
         Just like some people don't celebrate saint Patrick's day or Mardi Gras, why should you have to celebrate Valentine's day?  Why not just celebrate the fact it's Friday?  Just because it is labeled a special date, doesn't mean you have to do anything.  You want to lay around at home and watch some adventure movie with 23 nonsensical explosions?  All the more power to you!

7.)  Sensitive?  Have something else to distract you.
         Like I mentioned before, Valentine's day hurts me to see the people I like with their girlfriends or random couples merging there faces in what I can only assume is some sort of alien ritual.  I always plan ahead on what  to distract myself with that day, be it a story/comic I can write or even just thoughts to fill my head.  Also, picking up a book or a game is a great way too.

6.)  Participate in class/lunch parties
         A fun thing to do, couples or singles, is to have a party either in class or at lunch!  Bring some candy and food to share and pass out those internet valentines.  It's also a lot more fun that just sitting there, receiving them and being like "Oh ya...thanks I guess."  At my school, they sell roses and candy grams and stuffed animals, so I generally get some for my friends there.  Don't be that guy who just receives and never gives on a day of giving.  That guy is awful.

5.)   Go somewhere nice but not overly crowded
        For couples and friends, it's best to pick a place where there aren't thousands of others or going at an obscure time.  For example, if you really want to see some romantic movie, go either as soon as you can (since many go at night) or plan to go the next day together.  Restaurants all depend on the place and time, which I'm sure you, as a patron, should know by now.  The last thing you want on your night either with your date or your group of friends is to be surrounded by snogging couples.  If that suits your fancy, please direct yourself to the local "make-out-point."

4.)  Wear something comfortable
       I see so many girls walk around in things that make them walk like cowboys in the old west.  If you have a lover, they should be understanding and you should be able to be comfortable around them.  And this, by no means, says you can't wear a dress or something.  "I think dresses are comfy and easy to wear!"  If your taking a night on the town, you'll want to wear good shoes and good clothes and (if you happen to be in one of the freezing regions right now) a coat.  Yes, there's the romantic ideal that he'll put the coat around your shoulders but we all know guys.  Plus, guys, bring a coat in the first place!

3.)  Hang out with your family
      I for one, am having a Valentine's party for my family at my house after school on Friday.  In my family, we take any excuse we can get to have a party.  Sure, I might not love Valentine's day like most couples, but I love to have my family over at any occasion.

Plus, then they have to carry it around all day!

2.)  Don't over do it
       I've never understood the couples who give each other the giant bears and huge bouquets and balloons.  The holiday is about love, not gifts.  A simple rose or, even better, their favorite flowers can make a much bigger impression.  If I had a Valentine, I'd just expect them to show their love in any little way.  Whatever you do, just keep it classy.

      And what is my number 1 tip to surviving the day in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome who was imprisoned for allowing soldiers to marry and ministering Christians the Roman Empire persecuted!  Didn't know that story?  Me either!  He healed the daughter of the jailer and wrote her a simple letter saying "Your Valentine" before his execution.  Sweeeeeeet <3  My number one tip isssss:

1.)  Don't hate-'ppreciate!                
       I mentioned that I hated the holiday in middle school and early high school, but the truth is, just embrace the day rather than fight it!  The worst thing you could be doing is sitting around whining about how much you hate it because you're single or your significant other forgot to get you a gift yada yada.  The best thing to do?  Check out steps 10-2!  There are so many great things to do tomorrow, so why waste a precious day about love and happiness.  Spend the day with your family, friends, or special person and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!  <3  Tomorrow I'll post this and last year's Valentine's Day comics!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Bad, the Worse, and the Good.

    Hello everyone.  I have quite a bit to talk about.  Like in an old post of mine, i'll be dividing it up by how bad or good it is.  Let's take the bad news before the good aye?   Also, feel free to skip the Bad and Worse since they are just rants of my hard times.

      After tons of bullying and being generally upset in my theater class, I had one light-my friend Dalton.  Then came another devoted (albeit annoying) guy I could at least start to relate with and work my scenes.  Well, Monday I discovered Dalton will no long be at my school.  Seeing as that was not soul-crushing enough, today the other guy told me he has switched out of the class due to scheduling problems.  So, essentially, I'm alone and upset in the class.  A class that began the year at 13-14 is now about 5-7 on any given day.  Ya...

       Well, you all remember that Dante's Inferno project back in the day?  Ya know how it stressed me to the limits?  Well, for that project, 1 member (who is always condescending to me if I do not do homework or play games as opposed to reading or don't understand something and is CONSTANTLY reading) didn't even read out 2 cantos and did not create the powerpoint we needed until 2 nights before, even after promising us to create it while with her family over the break.  We had to postpone our work around her, assuming the work would be done and everything would be fine, which wasn't the case.  In the end, we had to assign her things to say.  You'd think I'd lern my lesson about trusting her right?
    Wrong.  For the 4th year in a row, I'll be going to the state competition for MESA.  Joellen built our device, Jaimi helped, and when we went to the rally for our region (without the other member), we won 1st at the on-site challenge with my half drawing and making a water efficient house. and Jaimi and Joe's half on the quiz.  Not only did this member not attend the rally, but they have made me furious.  Last week, as everyone knows, was Jazz Onstage, where everyday after school, Joellen and I had practice.  Jaimi was simultanously having practice for Beauty and the Beast and came to see our show Saturday night.  I made it very clear that the 3 of us were out of commission and that we needed the 4th member to research water usage in our area for the 2nd half of our state project-a board about the statistics of water usage here.  I come to school Mon and ask her if she had done any.  No.  No excuse, no reason why, nothing.  So yesterday, as I caught up on all my work, I found twice as many sources as we need in about an hour.  So essentially, she promised us to do something and couldn't be bothered to google "water usage" for the sake of our team.  Nothing makes me more angry than that.  

     However, there is good news!  I finished my Valentine's pecial today and will be editing it on Photoshop with my tablet for fun!  Maybe it'll look good, maybe not, we'll see!  I also will be doing another 2 Lea Plays pictures-one of Pokemon and one of Portal-very soon so keep your eyes open for those!  Just so you know I'm not dead, I also have many posts in the works including: Top 20 Gen 2 Pokemon, Pokemon X review (need to finish the game, almost done), More Disney Villains, a second page like this one with more animal characters, and more Lea Plays!  I am just beyond busy, but know I have you amazing guys in mind!  Love you all, but I have homework to do!  Goodnight!  <3    

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lea Plays covers!

    Soooo, I decided to do a few things today!  First off, I renamed my Let's Plays, Lea Plays for fun ^^  Also, I made some cute little covers!  This was my first thing using Photoshop and my tablet!  I'm actually pretty proud if I do say so myself.  The clash of heroes one is a little more...eh then the Spelunky one.  I would have put myself as Anwen instead since she is my favorite, but Fiona was front and center.  I think the Spelunky one is perfect though . Thoughts anyone?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Play Spelunky: Part 1-Here we go

    After coming back from an entire, great day of singing (which maybe i'll get the video of later??) I discovered my video is up!!  Here it is!  Don't forget to subscribe for more!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Spelunky Let's Play in the works!

   Guess who finished rendering her Spelunky Let's Play?  Tonight/tomorrow, I'll start getting that video up but probably wont be home when in finally does soooo, please Subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch my videos as they come out!  Fresh out of the Movie Maker oven!  I have another one from the same day already filmed and I have the next Clash of Heroes video all edited!  It just needs to be rendered and uploaded.  Also, check out my epic friend, Dalton who has a channel of his own!  He plays games you won't see me playing like 1st person shooters and GTA 5.  Check his videos out!  I might even be doing a colab Spelunky video with him soon!
    That's it for me tonight crew: I need sleep for my 2 shows tomorrow!  Hope everyone has a wonderful night!  <3

The Big Night

    Hey hey hey!  Tonight is the big night, Magi---Jazz On Stage!  What used to be called Magic Show, our largest choir show of the year is now called "On Stage."  This year's theme is Jazz!  I actually have a solo singing "Fever" this year!  The shows are at 7 p.m. tonight and 3 and 7 p.m. tomorrow with $5 at the PAC for those of you in town!  I won't be posting tomorrow at all I think soooo :(  However, I am starting to edit the next Clash of Heroes video!  Also, I might have a co-op Spelunky video sometime soon after all things calm down.  I do have a video or two worth to edit and upload before then!  That's it for me everyone!  Have a great day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Disney Villains: Prince John (Robin Hood)

    So, after posting the update about this new series, I realized Maleficent will be getting her own stand alone movie this year!  Because of that reason, I'm going to hold off on her so we can see from her side first.  Instead, I decided to go with a movie a lot of people forget about that just recently came out of the vault: Robin Hood!  There are so many retellings of the tale of Robin Hood, but this one has always been one of my favorites up there with Men in Tights and the Russel Crowe version.  Why this movie?  Well, the villain is none other than Prince John, a real historical character that has tons of resources about him!  This will be a bit different from my other posts, seeing as he is actually a real person rather than just a fable.  Today, we'll delve past just the lion and get to the man!

       Prince John (Lackland), King John I, John Plantagenet, Softsword 

                   King of England/Lion

In the film:  
                   John has an overall goofy characteristic.  He is easily tricked and superstitious as seen by the willingness he listens to Robin Hood when he is dressed as a fortune teller.  He is "a coward and a crybaby, who after his brother, King Richard is tricked into going a crusade, he assumes the crown and becomes somewhat a dictator, leaving his subjects in poverty"  (source).  In the movie, he ends up jailing an entire town's worth of people, including the local Friar, for being too poor to pay taxes as well as tries to murder the foxy Robin Hood.  He is portrayed as having a strange love towards his mother who loved Richard better, and often ends up sucking his thumb and holding his ear like a child.  Although he has a horrible temper, he is generally a rather light-hearted and funny character, spawning one of the greatest songs ever.  Some even think the Sheriff is the worse villain, seeing as he carries out the Phony Prince's orders with glee.  Over all, by no means the baddest baddy in the bunch...right?  Well...

Behind the Scenes:  
                     Prince John was a true tyrant.  Unlike the movie representation, he was ruthless and his temper was just as bad or worse and he was much smarter and more cunning than you would guess.  John fought with his on barons (which led to his death) as well as the Pope and other countries!  John had a series of failed military campaigns, earning him the title "Softsword" referring to his poor military leadership.  One of his most famous shows of his treachery was in reference to the Magna Carta, or "Great Charter."  Drawn up by his upset subjects in 1215, "the charter went beyond simply addressing specific baronial complaints, and formed a wider proposal for political reform, albeit one focusing on the rights of free men, not serfs and unfree labour.[200] It promised the protection of church rights, protection from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, new taxation only with baronial consent and limitations on scutage and other feudal payments"  (Source).  At first, he agreed to sign it, then "he secretly wrote the Pope asking him to cancel Magna Carta on the grounds that he signed it against his will" (source) although he had put his seal on it of his own choice.  It's hard to tell exactly the number of deaths and imprisonments he caused, but he definitely caused a few.  Not to mention, in the movie, his unjust reign was ended with the triumphant return of his big brother, Richard the Lionheart, when in all actuality (as seen in the Russel Crowe version), Richard was killed in battle.                      

Deaths caused:  
               None (movie)  
               ??? Unknown numbers in military attempts and due to poverty(irl)

               The town of Nottingham (movie) 
               ??? (irl)

Harm to Protagonist and company:
               In an alternate ending to Robin Hood (as seen in the Bonus Features section on the DVD), it's revealed originally he was going to have nearly killed Robin as he escaped the burning tower with an arrow and nearly kill Maid Marian in the church as she nurses him to health, but Richard returns just in time.  In the final cut of the movie, this was excluded, meaning based solely on what we can see, the worst that happens is sickness and poverty caused by taxation and jailing.   

               The real John was a bad guy all around, however, this segment takes only what can be inferred directly from what is seen in the film.  That being the case, John is by no means our worst Disney Villain.  I will be ranking these guys once I get nearly all of them done, but for now on a scale of 1 (the sweetest guy in town) to 10 (mass murderer), Robin Hood's interpretation of Prince John gets a...


        Disagree with me?  Have some numbers I missed?  Please feel free to comment what your score for this cry baby is and if you have any cool sources, shoot them my way!  Who would you like to see next?  Comment or write in!  Hope you guys enjoyed this first part of my new segment, Disney Villains!       

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crazy parody sung my Mate and the emotions

    My character, Mate, is a messed up dame.  She has 6 distinct emotions that is literally it's own person, living inside her head, each trying to gain control.  Their struggle will ultimately destroy her.  Sometimes, they talk and even have little fights.  I think the best song to describe this would be this one here: Crazy by Gnarles Barkley.  Another good one is "Nobody move, nobody gets hurt" by We are Scientists, but Crazy is more obvious ^^.
   Mate's emotions:  Red=Anger, Purple=Passion and love, Gold=Greed, Yellow=Fear, Grey=Depression, Blue=Happyness, and Green=...well..is Mate herself!  I'll be talking more about her emotions and what each one does to her later (seeing as I think I'll make a picture later), but for now, I thought I'd throw in another musical parody!  Again, no need to change words since it already fit so perfectly!  Each color shows who's singing it!  For more Mate (and all my other characters for that matter), check out this page with links to everything related to them!

                                   Crazy as sung by Mate and the emotions

M: I remember when,     
     I remember, I remember when I lost my mind                                  
B: There was something so pleasant about that place                                
R: Even your emotions have an echo in so much space
M: And when you're out there without care
     Yeah, I was out of touch
     But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
     I just knew too much

     Does that make me crazy?
     Does that make me crazy?
     Does that make me crazy?                                
G: Possibly

R: And I hope that you are
    Having the time of your life
    But think twice
    That's my only advice

P: Come on now, who do you
R: Who do you,
G: who do you,
P: who do you think you are?
    Ha ha ha, bless your soul
    You really think you're in control?

    Well, I think you're crazy
R: I think you're crazy
G: I think you're crazy
P: Just like me

Y: My heroes had the heart
    To live their lives out on a limb
    And all I remember
    Is thinking, I want to be like them

    Ever since I was little
G: Ever since I was little
B: It looked like fun
M: And it's no coincidence I've come
     And I can die when I'm done

    But maybe I'm crazy
P: Maybe you're crazy
All: Maybe we're crazy
      ouh ouh crazy

      Hope everyone enjoyed this little bite to hold you over until I can get something big out, like that 1st Disney Villains!  Don't forget to +1, Share, and if you aren't already, follow my blog to keep up with all these crazy posts!  You can also follow me on Google+ to see these posts as they go up and see the other things I like!    

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Series: Disney Villains

   Hey guys!  While watching Disney movies recently, I've noticed a few trends.  1, there are more female than male villains and 2, in MOST cases, the Hero tries to do the right thing and save them before their death.  Also, nearly all Disney Villains die and often in pretty gruesome ways.  I thought I'd test out a new segment!  This Segment will be a fun little thing I can post about when I have nothing else to say and that won't take much work.
   What will I do?  I'll take a Disney Villain, recap his/her character, address the number or deaths, imprisonments, and/or attacks they have caused (directly and indirectly), and what becomes of them.  Once I have recapped them all, we'll see who's the biggest Disney baddie!  I'll try to do anywhere from 1 to 5 villains in a single post.  For now, I'll be focusing on the animated films.  That doesn't include movies like Mary Poppins that are both live action and animated.  Hopefully, this will put some of our cheery childhood tales in perspective.  Just a warning, some films I'm not as familiar with as I'd like to be so I'll have to re-watch them to get a feel for it and at least for a while, I won't be doing one's I haven't seen such as The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.  
   What do I call a villain?  This is where it gets tricky.  Most princess movies have a pretty clear main antagonist, for example Maleficent or Ursula, however movies such as Lady and the Tramp have more...subtle baddies like the Aunt, the dogcatcher, and the cats.  For a movie like that, I will do a sort of comparison with each character I see as a detriment to the Hero.  If you'd like an example of my standards, check out my Top 10 Video Game Baddies.
   How often will this be?  Well, seeing as I'm very busy with school work and some of the longer posts, these will be nice little easy ones I can slip in during my computer class like I am now!  Also, if people really like the segment, I could attempt to make it at the very least a monthly thing.
   Will this be your only thing from now on?  Have you even read my blog?  I can't keep the same train of thought going through one post, let alone all of them!  I'll still be keeping up my Pokemon and Me segments, my Clash of Heroes and Spelunky Let's Plays, Top 10s and 20s of my favorite Pokemon and other things, posts about interesting days at school and on weekends, and Rant Times!  Don't worry your little heads.  My blog is just going to be diversifying, not shrinking!
    When and what will the first segment be?   I am thinking sometime this week, maybe Wedn. or Fri and about my favorite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty!  Check back soon!  This month is going to kill me with the amount of work, so I probably won't be doing many posts in general, but hopefully March will be a Renaissance for the blog!  See you all soon!  <3        

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Let's Play Clash of Heroes: Part 1-So it begins

    Here is the first of many long awaited Let's Plays!  I can't promise a schedule, but I have some more recorded that you'll see pop up soon!  I might even do some Co-Op Spelunky soon?!  To watch on Youtube, you can go here!  Like, Subscribe to see videos when they come out, and Share!