Rant Times & Adventures

Rant Time is a segment where I epicly retell some event. They are in the 2nd person present tense and take place in a sort of medieval fantasy world. It's a fun segment to write but i don't have a ton to rant about!
  1. Chivalry is Dead
  2. On Hobbits and Bards
  3. Online Trickery, A Thousand Reasons I Do Not Want Kids, and A Cute Movie 
  4. Thwarted Plans
  5. Rivalries
  6. Hypocrites
  7. Trust Part 1
  8. Trust Part 2
  9. Trust Part 3
  10. The Battle of Ap'rtmant
  11. Nuisance 
  12. Snow
  13. The Battle of Ap'rtmant Part 2: The War of Landri and Bat'ha Rome
Adventures with Lea is where I explain a new experience with MS Paint art or pictures from the day and a careful dissection of what goes on to make things less intimidating for those ho have yet to experience them.  These generally include experiences most people will go through at some point.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment or email them to me.
  1. First Cavity
  2. First Chiropractor Appointment *UPDATED*
  3. First Day of College 
  4. First Gaming Convention
  5. First Comic Convention (small town)
  6. Adventure in Learning: Craters and Comets Experiment!
  7. First Broken Bone
  8. Happiness
  9. E3 2015
    1. 6/14/15
    2. 6/15/15
    3. 6/16/15
  10. Winter Break and the Year in Review