Sunday, August 18, 2013

Horrible news (please read very important)

     Hey everyone...i've got awful news.  So you guys remember this post from last night?  Well, i booted it back up today and tried again.  It yet again did the same thing when getting the triforce of power/strength and again a bit later.  I was thinking it might be my game but when i tried Mario Party 8 just to see, and the same thing happened.  I think this means my beloved Wii is dead :(  I've had this one since Easter the first year it came out.  We searched for this baby everyday, stopping at gamestop as soon as it opened to ask i they had any only to hear a repetitive no, until Easter weekend.  I think specifically it was good Friday.  This Wii has been through a lot, being the central unit for all my sleep-overs and my first ever console.  The worst part is, the Wii U has been released.  I like the Wii U now that i see there is a chance at a it did the Wii U Pokemon game along with the new Mario games, but the console is $300 REFURBISHED!  Buying a new Wii would be a waste of money but spending so much on that new console is just awful.  I could trade in my system but look at this!
                                   New Model Wii System Hardware$35.00$35.00
                                   Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn$32.50$35.00
                                    (source: )
    I'd be getting the same amount for my Wii as i would trading in a new game.  I don't know what to do guys.  I was wondering if you all would allow me to place an ad in the sidebar?  I noticed Blogger has a function allowing bloggers to put ads on their blog and get like, a penny or less a view.  I know i'm not that popular yet but any thing would help.  I know how awful it is when a site has like, pop-ups, ads in the middle of their content, and it all feels like one big advertisement for something like low-T medicine which you are 100% not interested in.  With that in mind, i would only have one small one (if i can.  i haven't looked at sizes) off to the right under all the other buttons and content and MAYBE one at the very bottom of the page.  What do you guys think?  This is VERY IMPORTANT!  I want to know what YOU GUYS THINK.  This is the blog YOU guys read and i want this blog to be a happy, comfortable place.  If you guys say no way, i won't and i'll try to raise money another way (like a garage sale or something.  My grandmother's been dying to have one recently).  I'll be replacing the color poll with this one seeing as i find this a lot more important for right now.  This is one where i am desperately asking you all to give me your honest opinions.  I have heard of people losing readers because they added something like this and that's why i'm ASKING you first.
    Thank you guys for reading and i'll be updating that poll in just a minute so please stay with me till that's up.  Thank you all so much!  <3

UPDATE: 8/18/13 (1:12 p.m. ish)  Hey everyone the poll is up.  I added a button saying "for a short time only" meaning only until i get a little bit to help pay for the Wii or until the end of the year or something.  I don't even know.  PLEASE vote.  No matter where you're from in the world, no matter what language you speak, no matter how you came to be on this blog, PLEASE vote on this poll.  It's a one choice poll so please pick whichever you you believe, even if it's "i don't care" because that helps me!  Take just a moment to click a button.  Thank you so much everyone and keep checking back for more posts and such.  I do still have a lot of stuff planned but that Skyward Sword post will have to wait :(  Sorry guys!  I'm hoping tomorrow to talk about the new stuff in that video above and my thoughts on all the X and Y news.  See you then