Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 2: Robots!

   First of all, here is the picture i drew for you all last night for the 1000 view mark!  Prepare for a long post and a bunch of pictures!!
Thank you everyone!!!!!
    So today, i woke up in immense pain from yesterday's exercise along with other pains.  I had a really hard time finding the motivation to get up and go, but finally found my way to my car.  Today, the day began with a lesson in genetics,  however i wasn't all that interested because it was basically a review of Biology class.  I instead began to doodle.  Each "module" was an hour and a half long, so it was easy for me to zone out at times.  The next class was robotics but sadly, it's NXT, exactly what i did at YWIC.  Also, the instructer that looked like George Lukas had a voice that lulled me to sleep, so i ended up drawing again, however the other instructor gave me the idea for today's topic.  Then, after a normal lunch of a grilled cheese, i had a class on circuits and one on rockets.  I was good at both.
    So, today, i decided to do my first ever top 10 list!!  Today, thanks to the robotics class letting me zone out, i picked my 10 favorite robots, androids, and AIs.  This list does NOT include cyborgs or people like Luke Skywalker who have robotic PARTS.  There are a few not on the list who others would have put instead, such as Data from Star Trek.  I have yet to watch the Next Generation, so although i know he is a great android, i can't put him as one of my favorites.  I also can't follow the rule of "one per franchise" so don't expect that i will.  Remember, these are my opinions and ones i picked off the top of my head at camp, not through extensive research or anything. Post your favorite in the comments!!!  This area may contain spoilers!!!!!

10.)  Robot and Robbie the Robot.
   The Robot from Lost in Space and Robbie the Robot from the Forbidden Planet are the iconic symbols of "robots."  They were both designed by Robert Kinoshita and shaped the idea of a robot in and around the 50s and 60s.  The adorable "Warning!!"  from Robot and Robby's iconic design have landed them a place here not truelly as personal favorites, but as world favorites.
Robbie the Robot
9.)  Alpha 5
    As a kid, i loved watching Power Rangers.  One character in particular really stood out to me and made me laugh.  Alpha 5.  Alpha was Zordon's robot assistant who often had ridiculous weapons for the Rangers.  I still remember his "aiye-aiye-aiye!" and excited movements.  He was really a fun character and one of my favorite robots.  It also turns out he's from the planet Edenoi (located in the constellation Andromeda) so he's an alien robot!  Doubly cool!     

8.)  Dummy and Butterfingers
    In the Iron Man movie series staring Robert Downey Junior, a particular pair of robots added even more comedy and humor to the already fun movies.  Dummy and Butterfingers might actually be the same robot with inter-changeable parts, as it's never made really clear.  However, either way they are adorably hilarious and actually helped save Tony!  I was happy to see them in each movie and loved their simplicity, being not at all human shaped and very simply designed.

7.)  Bender
    Futurama is admittedly, one of my favorite shows.  It makes me super sad that this is the last season.
 Aside from Leela, Bender is my favorite character.  Sometimes, i hate him.  I think he's dumb and a jerk, and then other times, i absolutely love his bro-lationship with Fry and his other ridiculous attributes.  The episodes where he is having some advenure and then feels guilty are some of my favorites.

6.)  Turrets
     Turrets in Portal are simple.  They see you, they shoot.  However, they

also make adorable sounds and say "I don't hate you" and other such condolences when you have to kill them to get by.  In portal 2 (spoilers) there is actually a good turret you can save from being incinerated and it will tell you secrets about the game!  As you saw in another picture, i actually have a toy turret.  I also have a whole Chell cosplay and a plushie companion cube!  Turrets are supposedly disposable, however they have personalities and adorable little voices.  Perfect little enemies.      

K-9 and the 4th Doctor
5.)  K-9
    K-9 was a companion of the Doctor starting in 1977.  This charming robot first became known to me just a few years ago with the end of David Tennant's reign as Doctor.  Since then, i have come to love this adorable little guy, even buying a rubber-ducky version of him for my friend.  K-9's utter cuteness earned him a spot all the way up here!

4.) EDI (spoilers)
   At first, i was suspicious of EDI in Mass Effect 2.  I loved Joker in
EDI and Joker
the first game and would even have romanced him if he had been an option, however, i was really happy the way things turned out.  I have actually not had the courage to complete Mass Effect 3 as it's made me cry, so i don't now how it ends, but i love the parts with Joker and EDI.  EDI is both an interesting character and a useful one.  I have taken her into combat with my beloved Garrus quite a few times and she can be helpful.  EDI is, for those who don't know, an AI who is attached to your ship by Cerberus in Mass Effect 2.  She then is able to create a body for herself in Mass Effect 3 and falls in love with her once enemy, the pilot of the ship, Joker.  EDI has proven herself to me as a useful and sweet member of my crew on Mass Effect and i am glad to help her romance my good friend, Joker.

3.)  Jarvis
    Jarvis was originally Iron Man's butler, similar to Alfred in the Batman series.  In the movies however, he is an AI that controls his house and even the Iron Man suit.  Jarvis is charming, funny, and alongside Pepper, is able to keep Tony in check and save his life.  I love Jarvis and he is a wonderful helper, human or AI.  Thank you Jarvis, you don't get enough credit for all the work you do.      

2.)  R2D2/  R2 and C3PO
    R2D2 is, alongside Han Solo, my favorite character in the Star Wars franchise.  He's sooooo cute and has
so much personalty!  He never has to say a single word t make me love him.  He's even better when he is with his amazing partner, C3PO, human cyborg relations.  These two play the classic role as comedic relief as well as many other archetypes i won't bore you with.  When i hear robot, i think of these two little guys.  The nice thing is, they are drastically different designs, showing that not all robots have to be androids to be amazing.  Without these two, where would Luke Skywalker be?  Farming with his aunt and uncle as the empire takes over the galaxy.  They saved the universe.  I like to think this will be the future.  Kind robots and androids who are genuinely helpful and not the Terminator or those from I, Robot, however, we all know that the real future will lead to the one...the only.....


1.)  GLaDOS (spoilers)
    I kept this list mostly happy, nice robots who assist humanity, however we all knew this bad girl was coming.  The amazing antagonist of the Portal series, she makes the game.  As Chell doesn't speak, the only thing you hear is GLaDOS's scathing commentary, mocking you, making you want to defeat her.  She is the most amazing AI of all time according to me, and the perfect enemy.  The funny thing is, in Portal 2, you care for her.  You begin to feel like you want to watch out fr her, you want her to be your friend, you want to not die of deadly neurotoxin!  YOU WANT THAT CAKE!!!  As we took our notes today, she was the first one that came to mind and caused me to doodle a few pages in a Slender/Rat Man style that i'm actually really proud of!  I did a total of 4.  I am also including a video from youtube of the "best of GLaDOS in Portal 2 (sorry, no cake references).  I will warn you, a little adult language is used.  Not a lot.  So, here's my pictures!!  As you can see, i made a tentative list on the first one.  These were all drawn with a pen i had in my bag.

  So that's it for today everyone!  This post took a long time to write and get stuff together.  This is how posts will be this week, however i don't know if i'll do another long post.  I hope you guys liked this one!  Do all that stuff you do.  Also, in the comments, tell me who your number one robot or AI is!  Talk to you all tomorrow!!!!