Saturday, September 27, 2014


Today at 11:00 a.m. MST until around 3.  If I'm not done by then, I'll stream again later today or tomorrow depending on what the chat thinks!  I MIGHT relocate to so keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September "Galactic" Loot Crate Opening

Another month, another Loot Crate!  This month's theme is Galatic, meaning all things space!!  Also, check out the livestream this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. MST!  Ask about the comic or myself with Jaimi and Chris!  There will even be prizes!

Get a LootCrate of your own!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rant Time: Nuisance

   Rain waves over you, the cold water rushing over your armor-less arms.  Over the moons, you have moved up in rank to the university of scholars.  You have even been assigned to a hunting party for one and taken in by another.  Tonight, you are tasked with two quests.  The first with a simple group of three, asks that you obtain a Spectrom of Light, a powerful glass bottle which contains all the colors of the earth.  You set out but notice two companions lagging behind yet again.  You, however, push on with one who has a reasonable understanding of the task ahead and attempt to thwart the challenges in your way.  However, upon reaching the mountain, your tactics are questioned.  A maiden alongside you asks mockingly why you put forth such effort and why you believe yourself to be right.  You take offense at her jabs but keep your sword sheathed, however your mood hath been tainted by her distrust.
     Finally, a Spectrom of Light is found and delivered to the quest giver.  No compensation is paid--not yet at least, and you are sent on your not-so-merry way.  As you look past the door, you see the rain coating the sky in a thick, impenetrable armor of water.  Your scholarly companion has her horse nearly outside of town, so you kindly offer a ride, which she gratefully takes.  For just a moment, you feel proud of yourself for a good deed.
    The world however, does not agree that you should praise yourself so.  As you plough forward to the next endeavor, the rivers in the once navigable streets prevent easy passage.  Your journey is slow and yet, somehow calming.  You let your mind rest as you trudged through the mud and towards your goal.  You finally take shelter at a library beside the hall we gathered in.  Here, you sit and begin to compose a log of the day thus far, only to see one of your group-mates enter and make straight for you.  The Cleric, a member of a convent, comes to you with the riddles you must decipher to move forward on your quest to find the land of Pri Kahl'kuluse.  You are able to decipher most of the riddles and assist her in those in which she mistranslated a symbol, until you reach a dreaded rhyme with no reason.  You begin to look for a scholar when in strolls another member of your group: the High-Elf Wizard (or as you begin to suspect, Warlock).

     She strides up with the pompous flare you have come to expect and leans over the riddle.  With a smirk she declares you are a fool and tells you the answer to the riddle, but not the method by which she cracked it.  You ask an explanation and she simply huffs and says it again, gesturing at the scroll.  Though you know you have all your Adventurer's credit, you feel belittled and crushed under the weight of her glare as you ask again.  The Cleric gives you a stern glance as well and the Wizard strides away adjusting her bag of spell books to be just so perfect.  The Cleric goes on to preach how you are impossible to assist and follows in the Wizard's footsteps, leaving you to slowly gather your unfinished scrolls and climb the stone steps to the meeting hall.

      The others of the group have already assembled:  The temperamental dwarven Barbarian, the kind gnome Sorcerer of a southern origin, the quiet human Wizard, the silent human of an unknown class (perhaps an Assassin of some sort), and the human Fighter with a seat beside him.  You sit closest to the Cleric and Fighter, as they seem most open to your presence.  However, since the Cleric invited you to the group, you have felt a strange stirring inside your mind.  The Barbarian and Warlock give glances or glares your way when you are trapped in a sea of riddles, and the Wizard and Assassin simply ignore your presence.  You never feel at ease and can sense the tension your very presence causes, leading you to believe yourself to be more of a nuisance than a member of worth in the group, an unwelcome leech on their backs.  You try to decide if it is best to abandon the group and try to find another, but that brings the risk of finding a new crew as well as the threat of having to attempt the riddles alone, and the thought of the old groups silent whispers of displeasure and disdain.  You have to force yourself to think it best to stay in what is safe rather than take a risk in unfamiliar territory, even if it means feeling a knie in your stomach each time you enter the premises.

      Your spirit sags as you try to silently trudge on in the muck of the riddle until the Fighter leans to the Cleric and asks assistance on the same riddle.  When she denies him assistance, you lift your voice to explain what you have thus far learned.  Each time he does not understand, you attempt to tackle the beast from another side, flanking the riddle and making an effort to ease the difficulty.  After a short while, the Fighter nods and write in his scroll, thanking you for the effort.  The Cleric even makes a remark about your skill in teaching, but you feel the piercing eyes of the Warlock land directly into yours and you are forced into silence.      

   As the night pulls to a close and the Cleric returns to her convent and the others to their homes, you slowly venture through the cloud of mist to your companion of transportation and sit heavily in the saddle, your cheeks loose forcing your mouth to a frown of discontent as you begin your rainy ride home.  You feel lost and disheartened, like you have just been a great weight upon the backs of others rather than a resource: like a heavy armor that in the end, offers less protection than it should as opposed to a sword that cuts down the woes of your wielder.  The worst thought, however, is that you will have to put your Bard skills to the test and attempt a facade of unchanging happiness to reach the summit of Pri Kahl'kuluse.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rain rain go away...

      Where I live, rain is a weird thing.  It happens very few times out of the year and when it does, you either get flash-flooding or just a sad sprinkle.  A lot of the time, one part of the city is getting a sad sprinkle and the other is impossible to navigate because of the inches of rain.  Also, everyone in town suddenly forgets how cars work and driving is like walking on hot coals: if you're good, you might make it, but if you're not, your feet might get burned off!

   The weather fluctuates so randomly, it's hard to tell what's going on. While I was at home today, it was sunny for a moment, then a 2 minute torrent of rain, then sunshine again.  We like to say "If it's a 10% chance of rain here, it's more like a 10% that YOU will get rained on."  There will be times when the entire center of the city is green and beautiful and alive while the part where I live, a little more in the deserty part, will be bone dry or vice versa.

   Today is one of those days.
   I have to navigate the college campus and from the classroom, we all assumed it was just cloudy out, but upon opening the door, we discovered the rain was coming down hard enough to stab you in the eye!  I gave a classmate a ride to her car, seeing as I was done a half-hour early and intended on grabbing a snack before my 6:00 p.m. class, until I saw the roads.  I instead circled the hall for my next class like a vulture, trying to find a spot for about 20 minutes, having plenty of time to spare.  I finally had to settle for the exact spot I had parked in for my previous class.  They are extremely close, just a walk through 1 building, but not ideal.  Of course, the fates declared that as soon as I found a spot, the rain died down a bit.  As you can see, I found shelter in the Math Tutoring Center and it's still stormy outside, so I assume there's more to come. 
   I love rain, it's my favorite weather condition, but lordy when it comes down like that...I think the picture aptly describes my emotions.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wicked Weekend!

   Hey there everyone!  What a weekend.  Yesterday I got to go see Wicked at the Popejoy hall!  It was a 4 hour car ride way too close to my 6 year old cousin, but we finally arrived in town!  First, we ate at Japanese Kitchen, for the first time ever!  It was delicious but the only weird thing was the couple we were sitting with.  They were eating at this fancy restaurant, but i swear at least 5 times, the girl said "next Wednesday we'll eat at McDonald's", as if it were like, a plan.  Then I found out they're regulars there, but it was so weird like, why was going to McDonald's a planned event?  I was totally confused.  
   Afterwards, at 1, we headed for the play which began at 2:00 p.m.  However, we made a horrible mistake....the fair was the same day...just up the same road.  We spent literally 30 minutes in unmoving traffic like I have never seen in my life.  We were able to take a back road (when we could even get to the turn off for it) and barely make it when the call started and got in and were able to see the whole show, and man, it was great.  I'd have to say of all the plays I've seen, it's the second best staging, second only to The Phantom of the Opera.  Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd I'm going to go again with my dad and Jaimi since I've gotten her addicted to the music!  That will be on Oct 5th!  I also have a post on the way about plays in general soooo.  
  Today, my mom and Nonnie are actually signing sample versions of their books!  This is just a packet including the covers to each book and the first chapter of both books.  How cool right?  To know more about their books, check out this old post and Accomplishment Llc on Facebook!!  That's all for todaaaaay!     

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lea Plays: Nintendo Land-Sweet Day Part 1

Jaimi and I "tackle" a new multiplayer game!  This is Animal Crossing's entry to the Nintendo Land collection and I love it!

Sorry for all the delays recently.  I'm trying to balance Vlogs and Nintendo Lands.  My verdict is that I'll try to post a Nintendo Land weekly which allows me more time to edit ahead.  Once I'm back in the swing of things, I should be able to get back into the twice a week fashion!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Video coming tonight

   Hey guys!  I have 2 different kinds of videos done!  Tonight I will post either a Lea Plays Nintendo Land or the first part of my vlog with Jaimi from when we took a random trip to Albuquerque last month when Jaimi won tickets to the zoo, aquarium, and botanical gardens!  I also sent part 1 of the relationship guide to Jaz to make sure I didn't forget anyone so that will be up soooooooon.  Finally, this weekend I will be busy BUT the weekend after I am free soooo perhaaaaaaps Livestream Sept. 7th or 28th or both i don't know but get hyped!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Barnes and Noble on Campus,

   Do not say you close at 8 online when you close at 7.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Adventures with Lea #5: My First Comic Con

   Sooo, as you all should know, this weekend was the first ever comic con in my region!  Jaimi, Chris, and I saddled up for the occasion with costumes as the Guardians of the Galaxy.  I think these videos mostly explain my adventure!

  • Lots of vendors
  • Lots of games to play in the awesome game room
    • We played Takenoko and Cash&Guns, both of which I highly recommend.  We wanted to play D&D but it was full....
  • A lot of cool people in cosplay!
  • A lot of nifty things to look at like the bat-mobile and delorean.
  • Our first ever comic con!
  • A really funny and awesome MC for the cosplay contest.
  • Items sold were pretty cheap, such as my evenstar which was only $10 and looks pretty good!
Cons: (ha, a pun)
  • Mostly artists doing requests, and I'm not one to get prints but for other people who like them, this would have been great for you XD.
  • Very small room for the games which I think should have been way bigger since everyone was into it!
    • Live and learn though.
  • I didn't get as many pictures as I'd have liked with cosplayes and we didn't win the contest ;(
    • Not the con's fault but still sad.
  • Not a lot of things I really wanted to buy.  The things I did were sadly, still expensive such as the comics being $5 each, just like at the local comic shop rather than being discounted for the con like I'd hoped.
  • The area was big enough to fit all the vendors, but I wish there were more stands, and more things to do.  The con was good and it has potential for future years
  • The contest, as well as the after hours shows, were horribly organized.
    • We were told we'd get free entry to two events with our 3-day pass, but when trying to enter the one Friday after the con, we were told it was sold out and we were supposed to get wristbands which they never mentioned.
    • For the contest, they had us (all the costume contestants) line up on the outside wall and wait for near an hour, and then proceeded to legitimately yell at all the people against the wall saying we were supposed to have entered 15 minutes before, even though no staff nor the coordinator had come to get all of us until that point and made snide comments to the audience that we were the reason it was late.
      • By yell, I mean YELL.  The person running it and one of the security guys (the guy at the door -_-) yelled so loudly, people could hear it all the way in the game room.
  • The cost
    • Gaming con, which was also expensive, was $25 for both days, but a $5 discount for students, making it only $20, so $10 each day.
      • This included free entry into any of the contests, free play of any of the games, and free entry to the costume contest.
    • Comic con was $35 (when ordered ahead of time) or $40 (on the day of) for the whole weekend, $25 for Saturday alone, and $20 for Sunday alone.  There were no 2 day passes.
      • The burlesque show and nerd rave were $10 additional for anyone without the 3 day pass
      • An autograph of up to 3 items by Jim Steranko or Ray Park was $30 and a picture with either (unless you asked nicely like i did with Jim) was an additional $10.  
        • If you wanted to get an autograph and a picture with both men, it would be $80
      • All other pictures with the batmobile, turtle truck, etc. were $10 each. 
      • Then of course, Cody bought a $4 hotdog soooo...

Lea's Tips:
  • Basically the same as Game con, but bigger!
  • Take more friends and more money
    • Honestly though, I probably liked the merch at game con better????
  • Ask at the door about any rules you're confused on, don't take things for granted, such as the "free" shows.  They are lies.  
  • Give the floor plan a look ahead of time so you know where cool stuff will be.
  • Have Fun!!!!!
Picture time!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tomorrow is Only a Day Away!

   Tomorrow a new Adventures with Lea will be posted!  It will contain 2 vlogs, lots of pictures, and the usual adventures with lea content you know and love, so like 3 posts in one!!!  I hope it makes up for my absence.  I seriously tried to upload the video 5 times yesterday before I resolved to split it in half and post them today.  I tried guys :(   Of course, those subscribed to my Youtube channel will get to see these videos before anyone else soooooooooooooooooo.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


  I'm just editing the comic con footage and would like to know what you guys would prefer:  2 15 minute long videos, or 1, 30 minute video which is what I have right now.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Comic Coooooooon!

   Hey everyone!  Today and tomorrow (and last night) I am at Las Cruces Comic Con dressed as Star-Lord with SP as Robin, Jaimi as Gamora, the Tinker as Gambit, Molly as Zatana Zatara, and others!  If you're there and you read this blog, say hi!  I'd be happy to meet fans!  I'll be wandering around and at 3:00, I'll be playing D&D there!  I'll also be vlogging!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014