Friday, June 28, 2013

last melon part 2, please read this is veeeery important

  WWHHHAAAAATT?  2 POSTS IN ONE DAY???  BLASPHEMY!  Well, there are a few more things i'd like to say.
       First off, i have added a contact/ask box to the right under the other buttons.  If you have a question for me you'd like to see answered on the blog or even just privately via email, you can post there.  This links to my gmail which i will probably be checking 3 or 4 times a day if not more so if i don't get to it right away, don't freak out.  Also, if you have suggestions on what you want me to write about, things you want to know about me, my characters, my comic, etc, or anything really, please put it there!  Also, put if you want a public or private answer just like this.
      "Hey Galen, how are you so awesome?  I've always wanted to know!  I LARV YOU!!!! (Public)"  And that's all it takes!  If i get a hole bunch (which i doubt), i'll pick my favorites or most frequently asked but i'll try at the very least to answer all of them at least privately.  I may answer them many times a day.  For example, if i get one tonight, you might get a 3 post night.  Golly-gee Batman, wouldn't that be interesting!
   HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART  Also, i thought you all should know, my mother, Rosilyn Skibyak is an author.  She writes with my god-mom, Connie Vermeer, and they have self published (with my help of course) via Kindle and Nook!  My mom and Nonnie have written a fantasy book called The Second Side of Chaos which takes place in the distant world of Eln.  If you like Lord of the Rings and that sort of epic fantasy, it's a great read, especially for only $5, and unlike LotR, it's an easy read for many ages.  Also, they wrote a book called A Convergence of Angels that takes place in Mesilla and is about reincarnation and past lives!  The cover art to that book was painted by my oldest sister, Tristan Likes-Wong (that is her legal name i'm not even kidding.  Maybe one day i'll explain).  This book is only $3 on both sites.  They are currently in the midst of writing a series of murder mysteries taking place in a school setting that are coming out hilarious.  So, if you like me, or books, or anything awesome, check their facebook out here, their twitter here, and most importantly, if you're interested, please buy them: Second side of Chaos for nook or here for kindle as well as A Convergence of Angels for nook or here for kindle.  If you like these books, please tell your friends and write a review for us!  Thank you for reading all this and putting up with me!  I love you all and I hope everyone continues t pop in on my blog or follow me to know when i update.  Links to my twitter and tumblr are in the Abut me section to the right, so if you want to keep up with me, try those sites too!  Goodnight everyone!!