Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New stuff!

1.)  New poll!  This time, very simple.  One answer only!! Choose wisely.  And when i mean talk about school, i mean like i did today.  A sort of run down of things that occurred.  (Also, i know it's hard to see the number of votes and days left.  I'll mess with that later but i'm tiirrrreeedddd).
2.)  School countdown!  The countdown is in terms of Denver time (no, i'm not from Denver) and of actual days, not just school days.  Do you guys like it?  I might mess with the colors and stuff but for now this will do.  Maybe i'll switch it up for holidays.
3.)  Um....soooo...i have at least one +1 on every post EXCEPT the one about Georgia?  Did no one read that one or what?  If you didn't see the post, please do read it!  I thought it was kinda interesting........
4.)  That's it!!!