Thursday, July 11, 2013

Un-scare me?

      Have any of you all heard the tale of Lavender town?  What about Slenderman?  BEN?  Well, at first, i hadn't.  One thing i both love and hate about the internet is how it exposes you to things you'd never have thought of.  I love Pokemon theories!  LOVE THEM!!  However, one day i accidentally stumbled upon a
video about Lavender town.  I was excited because Lavender town always freaked me out as a kid, however this video was about a boy whose Blue version was "haunted."  I scare easily.  Very easily.  This legitimately gave me nightmares and i didn't even see the video all the way though.  I stopped about the time Prof. Oak looked like a zombie and creepily said "Hell."  Stories of ghosts and glitches freak me out most, seeing as I buy used games a lot and such.  Then, came the infamous Slenderman.  You'd expect that he'd scare the begeezus out of me right? Slender would be the thing that keeps me off the internet forever?  Well funny story.  One night, i had a dream.
      I was in a convention hall, surrounded by friends at some sort of seminar.  Suddenly, i turn to my side and see my friend has turned into a rotten-flesh zombie. I instantly got up and ran as the whole hoard follow me up the stairs  I get to the third floor, pinned against a window.  The outside is completely dark.  I look out to see a dark van pull up and someone with a briefcase walking out of it and up the pathway toward the center.  I hear the zombies and throw open the window as they shamble closer.  I mutter some hope that this business man might catch me.  I jump.  I know it's over.  I prepare to wake up from this overly realistic nightmare, but suddenly feel a stop.  I open my eyes to see the man has extended his arm all the way over and it his wrapped around me.  I'm drawn over as he retracts his arm, to see a blank, white face watching me.  Slenderman.  He asks rather politely what's wrong.  Just then, the hoard burst through the front door.  "Ah."  He leads me into his van and we dash off into his secret shelter, the only humans left.
     The next morning i woke up and my fear of Slendy was 100% gone.  Why?  What did my brain do?  No clue what so ever, but totally cured.  However, another story arose.  BEN.  I heard of a story called BEN relating to Majora's Mask, a game i'm very interested in.  A few problems though, 1.)  I'm terrified of what youtube might show me 2.) the creepypasta is LONG AS ALL HELL and finally, 3.) I want to know without having to..."know" ya see?  So, if anyone knows of a video that explains BEN without scaring the FRIGGIN BEGEEZUS out of me, would you please submit it?  Interested in Slender or Lavender town but have the same problem?  TheJWittz has a great video of Lavender town.  He also made the game, Lost Silver, less scary for me.  This may not be true for you, but his commentary makes it seem rather stupid rather than scary.  As of Slender, i was terrified of the game but wanted to know what made it so scary.  Caddicarus, an amazing game reviewer, made it pretty understandable.  For the sequel, check out BrutalMoose however, it did give me a jump scare or 2.         Still curious?  Want ME to cover these topics in a non scary way? +1 this post!  If it gets at least 5, i'll do a post abut these topics!  I will over them in that i will explain them hopefully in a tame way while still explaining what they are!  If this does get the +1s needed, this post will most likely been late next week after an assortment of childhood stories and such!
So, vote, comment, write in, follow, and +1 everyone!  Thank you and good afternoon!