Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 2, Genghis

    Today i met the other teachers.  My schedule is arranged in such a way that you have 4 classes per day except on Fridays.  On Friday, you have all 8 classes.  There are days called odd days where you have the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th classes on your schedule (like yesterday) and then there are even days where i's the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th (like today).  Some classes are "blocked," meaning you have them once everyday.  Some are "double blocked" which means you have them all year every day.  My schedule consists of 6 classes that are known as "AB" or all year every other day and one double blocked class.  So, instead of starting today with Lit like yesterday, i began with European History.
     AP Euro (as we call it) is taught by that favorite teacher i tried so hard to fit into my schedule.  This is a class i was really looking forward to.  I am fascinated with the Renaissance, Middle Ages, and all that good stuff.  Also, if you remember my favorite videogames, i listed Assassin's creed.  Allow me to be specific.  My favorite game (perhaps of all time aside from Pokemon), is Assassin's creed 2 and also Brotherhood.  I LOVE that period of history and i have been absorbed by the tales of the Borgia.  Suuurrrreeeee the games are....flaaawwweeedddd but still fantastic at their portrayal and make history fun!!  However, history passed....about 1600 to around....1900 is a little fuzzy aside from knowing a few things about a few English kings, but other parts of Europe are a mystery to me that i'd love to solve!!
  Next up on the chopping block was AP Calculus (Calc) BC.  The teacher is not the same one we had last year so i'm  bit wary but he seems 'ight.  One kid accidentally said (curse warning) x ass instead of x-axis and that was fun.  Next was lunch where i got a yummy Sonic corndog.  God i love those things.  Then it was off to study hall.  Last year, my study hall actually had a few of my friends in it and was semi-populated, however this year, i only recognize 2 girls and that's because they were in my study hall last year.  It's not a huge deal since i'll be working or i can go to the AES room.  Finally, it was back to choir.  Today was slightly better but still eh.
    After school, my mom for the first time ever decided we would go to Genghis Grill right after school.  We hardly go out for dinner and never right after school.  We picked up my sister on the way and got to go eat there.  It was really good plus they had these touch screen "Presto" consoles on every table that allowed you to order, pay, check out coupons,
and for $1 play all the games they had unlimited.  It was actually really fun to play the couples games t see how much we knew about each other.  Afterwards, we came back and my sister and i started to play Clash of Heroes.  She needed mom's attention for something and yelled to the other room "Mom!"  And unlike responding like a real person, asking what, mom yelled back in a disgruntled tone "WHY?!"  We both just broke out laughing and she didn't even realize that's what she said and how she'd said it until we had thoroughly made fun of her for it.
    So anyway, that was my rather uneventful day.  Tomorrow i'll give a brief summary of my day (and i'll stop numbering the days i swear) as well as talking a bit about my comic.  It'll be 3 full years of making comics tomorrow with the total at 353 so far!  I hope you're excited because i am!  In the meantime, imma go back to Clash of Heroes and talk to you all later!  Make sure to go back and make sure you haven't missed anything!  Check the archive on the right to see if there's something you missed and all that.  Also, share, follow, vote on that new poll!  I think imma post this then go get some vanilla ice cream to slather in Nutella!  But first, the pictures of A and 3/4!!!!  Bye everyone see ya!!
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