Friday, August 9, 2013

Late post is late

   Hello hello!!!!  I know this post is laaaatttteeeee but let me explain!  After yesterday's issues with the schedule, i convinced my mother to sacrifice one class to get 2 much more important classes and saved my  schedule so i now have my favorite teacher like everyone else!  Yaaaayyyy.  I woke up early to go get it changed to find out my awesome mom already had.  However, last night around 9:30, my motem for the internet died -_-.  This caused me to have to take a little trip to go buy a new one this morning.  When i went however, i was under the impression it opened at 9, but it didn't until 10.  In the meantime, i went to target and found that older pack of cards are not $4.19, but only $3.33!  I bought two for myself and got a mighty haul!  I know some of you have noooo interest in Pokemon blog ^^.  Anyway, after i finally finished shopping and carting food to my mum, i finally got to Best Buy.  I got the motem i needed and then went to walgreen's to buy batteries.  LIFE TIP:  Need batteries/  Save almost $10 by buying the off brand from Walgreen's rather than the Energizer brand from a big store like Best Buy.  Saves you life it does.
    When i finally got home, i started to set up the motem, but then got to a point where i had no idea what to do.  I didn't have the information to log in and i still don't have it all so i'm having to sit here on the floor beside it all hooked up.  I waited for my father to come help but he came late so i sat here watching TV and reading instead.  Sooooooo that's my excuse.  In other news, school begins next Wednesday so i have very little time left.  I knnooooowwww i don't have any pictures up yet i knoooowwwww.  I will trrryyyy to get some up soon, but for now, i have nothing.  However, this week will be eventful.  Tomorrow i will be seeing Wolverine (again ^^) with my friend.  On Sunday, i'll be playing paintball with my sister and her fiance and friends.  Monday i'll be hanging out with my friend for the last time before she moves :(  I got her some cool stuff from Alaska, however, in case she reads this, i won't post the pictures until after i send them.  Sorry world.  It's a secret to everybody.Finally, on Tuesday, i'll be relishing my last moments of freedom befor i'm hurled back into the prison of school.
    We'll see what happens tomorrow and what i decide to write about, but for now, that's all folks!  I'll be extending the poll till Wednesday and i hope to get more interesting content on here before school starts.  At the VERY least, i'll try to do a paragraph each day unless it was REALLY boring.  Would you guys like that?  No?  Only interesting stuff?  Give me some ideas!  I'll talk to you all later!  Share, +1, comment and write in, vote and check back tomorrow!!! <3
That's a Legends Awakening and Call of Legends pack with from left to right clockwise: Skarmory, Attack Forme Deoxys (ironically), Reverse Ledian, and a really cool snow-cloud forme Castform!  O, and my arm