Friday, August 16, 2013

3 years and counting

   Hello everyone and welcome to this joyous day!  Sorry this is late, my mom left the laptop at school and i had to go back to get it.  Today however, celebrates the 3rd anniversary of my comic.  Let's start with a bit of talking about it.
    My comic all began on the second day of freshman year.  I was seated in the back beside a guy (ironically) named Nick who i'm sure was traumatized by me.  I got out a piece of paper and decided i really wanted to draw an explosion for some reason.  So i created the idea that sprung up a comic.  This inspired a few more to spring up from the same general idea until i decided i needed a villain.  The comic all started going one comic at a time, making it up as i wrote, never thinking ahead which really screwed me over for the future, but i had no idea these stick figures would win the hearts of my friends and of myself.  The comic grew and grew until i even created a cliff hanger for the first "season."  The second season was kept a mystery from my friends for a while until i was too excited NOT to show them.  Finally, the season ended with (pun alert) a bang.  The next season i began became what i actually think of as the real comic.  It all follows the same story line, but the new season patched up holes from the previous ones as well as greatly expanded on the characters.  At that point, i stopped dividing into seasons and simply into chapters instead.  Many parts of the comic including characters, personalities, and some events are based on my own life or how i picture my life to be in my head.  What started as just a thing to pass time became a serious project with a few rules:  First, a comic can never be drawn outside of a classroom setting (this includes summer camps and in the morning before school and lunch).  Second, a comic came to be done on wide ruled paper in a box 6 lines wide and from red line to red line long.  Next, comics are titled in the top left, dated in the top right, and given a page number in the bottom right.  Most importantly, each one is signed with my -Lea signature.
    And so the comic began.  To learn more abut Lea, the main character representing me, read her bio here and Pablo here but be warned, it does have spoilers.  Now, todaaaayyyyy you get the special treat of 3 of the comics i drew today.  You get a special colored comic!  I hardly ever do colored comics.  It's seriously like...out of the 350 some odd comics, i've colored (not including specials) 5 or 6.  I'll write underneath what they say because i know how bad my handwritting is.  These pictures are technically SPOILERS sooooo.....Also, the last 2 contains a curse word so....

(should be 3 not 4) Years of comic and going strong.  Happy 3 year Anniversary!

*sneak sneak*  Creeeak!  *sneak sneak*  *sneeeaaak*  CREAK!  Lea:  Shit.  Pablo: Well well well look who's hme! Someone is late!  We expected you hours ago!  Where were you lovebirds?  Z: nowhere.  Pablo:  Riiight cmon i want details!  Come ooonnnn Z:  Weeelllll

Z:  We sat together on the plane and slept.  We stayed at a great hotel with a view.  Heck I think we saw some of your relatives!  Pablo:  Haha asshole.  Z:  Got some sun  Pablo:  Good you need it.  Z:  What else hun?  Lea:  Um...I don't know...nothin much... Z: stayed in some...gamed...O ya, and a SHARKNADO!  Lea and Z:  Cool.  City:  AAAAHHHHH!!  Z:  Nothin too interesting.  *stick shrug*  Lea:  Nope 
  I hope you guys liked this!  This comic really does mean a heck of a lot to me and has helped me get through school in a weird way.   I'll have another post up in a few minutes so do make sure to check back.  Share, +1, all that good stuff!  Later everyone!!!