Friday, August 23, 2013

Blur and Pokemon

  First of all, Blur is an addicting game.  I've never been big on racing games but as my sister put it, it's adult mario kart soooooo.  Anyway!  Logging on to Pokemon TCG Online now!  Gonna imput some codes and then i'm game for a math!  My name is Leanasta so if you are on, feel free to personal message me or friend me and challenge me to a match!

UPDATE:  O nooooooooo i cant get it to work!  im gonna try to reinstall it.  siiigggghhhh

UPDATE:  Ok!  all better!!!  i'm on and ready to go!!!

UPDATE: (1:18) Doin HW like a good sick child!

UPDATE: (2:07) Back to Blur ^^

UPDATE: (2:47) Captain's Wafers Cream cheese&Chives crackers are a god-sent.

UPDATE:  (4:41)  I just deflected an arrow from one of those traps by whipping it.  I am a god.

UPDATE:  (9:45)  Watching my dad play Blur as his first ever X-Box game (with a controller) is frickin hilarious.