Thursday, August 8, 2013

AAANNNNDDDD downhill the day goes

  I just found out there is no way i get to have my favorite teacher with all of my friends this year because of my stupid schedule and instead have to take an online course that is below my level and i'm the only person taking it.  This day has changed from great to horrible in one phone call.  I'm going to go curl up in a ball of loneliness now.

UPDATE:  To mend my broken heart, i have acquired fast food and this wonderful box of cards.  Check back later for details on if i got anything cool inside!!
As you can see, it has a plasma Druddigon, a Deoxys figure, and a giant Deoxys EX just like my Mewtwo box i got a while back 
UPDATE 2:  (3:42ish p.m. mst) Pretty lame box actually.  Unlike the Mewtwo box or any other recent one i've purchased, it didn't come with an online code for the holo Druddigon :(  HOWEVER!  As i lost hope to get any good rares after unveiling a Ratticate and a Watchog, i unveiled a little beauty!  A holo Electrivire!
Big guy on the left, holos on top, other "rares" on bottom, and the rest to the right
My newAttack Forme Deoxys beside my Mewtwo.  Fun fact:  In the pokemon world, Mewtwo would actually be taller than Deoxys, standing at 6'07", whereas Deoxys is just a smidgeon shorter than me at 5'05"!  He would also be 269 pounds, dwarfing the 134 pound alien!