Sunday, June 30, 2013

Picture weekend part 3, week 2 stuff

     And so i return!  This is my stuff from the second/last week of camp.  I posted quite a few pictures this week already, so those will not be re-posted.  You can go back and see other stuff from those days.  I will try to put them in order by day, but you all saw yesterdays formatting and well....eeeehhhhhh.  Originally, i was going to post it with the picture of the Pokemon i dressed as beside it, but seeing as i already posted one on each day except eevee so i'll put one up.  O look, there it is!  Sooo, turns out, there are no pictures of me on Thursday and no good ones from Tuesday, so i'm adding a recreation of the togepi outfit.  Sadly, i couldn't find the shirt i wore on Thursday so i'll put it up another day.  Also, thanks for voting you guys!  I see people actually want me to keep writing XD.  Tomorrow, i'll be going out to breakfast and a movie with one of my friends so i might have an interesting blog?  That'd be fun.  I'll try to post most days around 4 or 5 mountain time or earlier, but if there isn't a post or something, check back maybe around 7?  I don't know maybe one day i'll make a real schedule.  Anyway, keep voting, keep commenting, keep reading ^^  you have no idea how happy i am when i see all these views!!  thanks everyone!  <3
us,  a fold before my jumping idea
swayin with steph

Me, rockin the riolu with alexia
Mr. Random Pigeon we found!!  I hope all is well with you little friend  

investigating the crime scene like a boss

oooooo blood ^^

togepi outfit sorta.  bad picture but eeeehhhh

what is mira saying???  i must know!!!!!
More of me and Steve!  I just can't get enough!!

My dolphin robot, Steve!
me giving free advertising to the wonderful Kim-Chi House where we got the Korean food

A tiny Chell was inside out NXT lego box.  I brought my toy turret.  I added the ms paint writing.  that in the background is Charlotte
My keys with all keychains of pokemon i wore this week!!

My certificates of graduation and Crazy Creator!
And so it ends.  My days at YWIC over, this is my last picture from the 2 weeks i spent at the wonderful albeit frustrating camp with all these great girls.  I hope they all stay in touch or that we meet again!  Also, i cant stand or smile.  Don't judge.  Let's see if i can get everyone's names in order, left to right, top to bottom.
Irma, Alexia, Summer, Hiba, Charlotte, Rosa, Stephanie, Jenny, Analyssa, Arianna, Abbi, Kayla, Kassie, MEEEE, Belle, and Selema.  Forgive me if i got your names wrong!!!!!! 
Bonus picture!  I believe i can fllllyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Picture weekend part 2: Week 1 pictures (please read part one first)

All of us last Friday.  I hope everyone will keep in touch and i'll miss you all!!!
Writin' Somethin'
Working on my app with a kitten!

Practicing for minute to win it.  I WANT DE COOKIE!!!

Dusting for fingerprints with HibaIrma, and Alexia

Joellen helping me
Me in the midst of the human knot

    So that's it for week one!  Tomorrow i'll try to post the poke-outfits as well as other pictures from the second week of YWIC!  Don't forget to vote (the poll is now in the top right corner) and check back tomorrow!!  (If you didn't read the title, please read the post before this.  I posted twice again.  Prepare for the apocalypse.)

Picture weekend, part 1

   Hey everyone!  So as promised, i have a few pictures.  I don't however, have all of them yet.  For now, have what i have!  Today, i'll be posting pictures from last week!  Tomorrow, i will post the outfits and the pictures i have from this week.  Due to issues with formatting, i will actually have 2 posts; this one and the next which is all pictures.  
    Let's start with this - a video of my bag. Sadly, in the video you cant hear the Pokemon theme song playing, or at least i can't with my volume all the way up but that's what it does.  I got closer to try to get to hear it but, hey, if you can, awesome, if you can't, its pokemon!  Now, for the stuff on it.  Ywic is the camp i attended (Young Women in Computing) and as you should know by now, Lea is my writing name.  The art is supposed to be a Pokeball with the one ring around it and on the one ring is my name, Nestariel (Nehs-tahr-ee-ell) which apparently means orange (idk if its the color or the fruit...), written in elvish.  That thing in the middle is the Lilypad that i programmed and the dangly thing is the battery!  I never really explained how Lilypad works, so basically, you take that little Lilypad, connect it to your computer, and program each thing you want stuff to do.  After that, you test it by connecting the LEDs, buttons, and speakers to the lilypad at specific points using alligator clips.  If that works, you then put it onto your bag and replace the alligator clips with conductive thread which you have to sew to connect the things.  If a positive wire touches a negative wire, the whole thing will short circuit, so you have to be careful  This was my first ever time sewing so i'm pretty proud.
   So, last but not least, check back in a few minutes for the pictures.  Also, i'll be changing the poll to see what people would like me to talk about; 1.) my daily life which will probably just short posts, maybe even only a paragraph about what i did, 2.) interesting things i do only (like going out and being a real person), 3.) myself and my stories like i did the other day, 4.) reviews of things or games or something people want to know my thoughts about, or 5.) other.  You can vote for more than one or even all of them, but if you do put other, please either post in the comments or in the contact box what sort of things!  I didn't recieve any questions or anything last night.  Don't be shy, i don't bite....much.....ok kinda....sometimes................ANYWAY I saw MU today and it was hilarious.  I definitely recommend it. Yup.......bye bye!!   

Friday, June 28, 2013

last melon part 2, please read this is veeeery important

  WWHHHAAAAATT?  2 POSTS IN ONE DAY???  BLASPHEMY!  Well, there are a few more things i'd like to say.
       First off, i have added a contact/ask box to the right under the other buttons.  If you have a question for me you'd like to see answered on the blog or even just privately via email, you can post there.  This links to my gmail which i will probably be checking 3 or 4 times a day if not more so if i don't get to it right away, don't freak out.  Also, if you have suggestions on what you want me to write about, things you want to know about me, my characters, my comic, etc, or anything really, please put it there!  Also, put if you want a public or private answer just like this.
      "Hey Galen, how are you so awesome?  I've always wanted to know!  I LARV YOU!!!! (Public)"  And that's all it takes!  If i get a hole bunch (which i doubt), i'll pick my favorites or most frequently asked but i'll try at the very least to answer all of them at least privately.  I may answer them many times a day.  For example, if i get one tonight, you might get a 3 post night.  Golly-gee Batman, wouldn't that be interesting!
   HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART  Also, i thought you all should know, my mother, Rosilyn Skibyak is an author.  She writes with my god-mom, Connie Vermeer, and they have self published (with my help of course) via Kindle and Nook!  My mom and Nonnie have written a fantasy book called The Second Side of Chaos which takes place in the distant world of Eln.  If you like Lord of the Rings and that sort of epic fantasy, it's a great read, especially for only $5, and unlike LotR, it's an easy read for many ages.  Also, they wrote a book called A Convergence of Angels that takes place in Mesilla and is about reincarnation and past lives!  The cover art to that book was painted by my oldest sister, Tristan Likes-Wong (that is her legal name i'm not even kidding.  Maybe one day i'll explain).  This book is only $3 on both sites.  They are currently in the midst of writing a series of murder mysteries taking place in a school setting that are coming out hilarious.  So, if you like me, or books, or anything awesome, check their facebook out here, their twitter here, and most importantly, if you're interested, please buy them: Second side of Chaos for nook or here for kindle as well as A Convergence of Angels for nook or here for kindle.  If you like these books, please tell your friends and write a review for us!  Thank you for reading all this and putting up with me!  I love you all and I hope everyone continues t pop in on my blog or follow me to know when i update.  Links to my twitter and tumblr are in the Abut me section to the right, so if you want to keep up with me, try those sites too!  Goodnight everyone!!


The real last melon

  So this is it.  The last day of YWIC.  I have to say, im sad.  I met a lot of great people that i hope will continue to talk to me, whether in person or via comments, i hope everyone stays in touch.  I thank my loving fans for election me the crazy creator and for being there through the endless hours it took to make that dang video.  I will try to figure out how to upload it in its amazingness.  I ended up staying for 1.5 hours yesterday and coming in at 8 this morning to work on it. 
  So, finally, what did i wear today?  Well, an orange shirt, a green sparkly scarf around my neck, white pants, and a tail of many scarves, i was the legendary bird Ho-Oh.  Story Time!  Once upon a time, in the late 90s, there was a tiny Galen with 2 older sisters, each with a gameboy color.  One day, the Gameboys as well as the 3 games were given to Galen.  My first ever game was Pokemon Crystal, and to this day, i still love pokemon of all generations!  It all began with a little game, and has spawned a ridiculous personailty many have come to like.
  So, i hope everyone keeps up with me!  Tomorrow or sunday i will be posting pictures and videos and fun stuff and i hope that wont be the end!  By the end of the summer, i hope to start up my webcomic and will post about it here!!  So that's it....see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!  

Thursday, June 27, 2013


  Soooooo who's reading for anger?!?  My alice program was almost perfect!  We got the whole first 2 verses done or at least set up.  Steph made a great walking program and everything was fantastic.  Then we came back from lunch and poof!  Everything was too slow!!  We had it to the dot perfect and then it was suddenly glitchy and now we're ridiculously behind.  Soooo guess who gets to stay behind to work today?  Graaaahhhhh hatred.  But my robo-dolphin is nearly complete.

  Anyway, today i was a Kangaskan, the possible mother to the Cubone/Marawok line.  I wore khaki
pants and a white and brown shirt with a brown scarf around my stomach where the little kangakeychain hung and brown shoes.  Also, today was Hunger Games day.  Personally, my anxiety is much to bad to read the Hunger Games and in fact, even the movie makes me jittery.  Some of you could probably gather from my depressed posts that i am scared of death and well, that doesn't help.  

ANYWAY, no matter how mad i am at computers, they are important soooo lets discuss the prompt, why comps are important to me.  First off, they have helped me find people with similar interests to me all over the world, like all you readers!  Also, they help me get school work done much quicker and more efficiently, as well as legibly which, if you can't tell by my comic yet, is a huge issue for me. I love my computer, from games, to chatting, to tumblr and blogger, it's a huge happy place for me!  Plus it let's me watch Sherlock, Disney movies fresh outta the vault, and other assorted nostalgia without having to drive to hastings or hope it's on the telly!  Woo!!

Welp, that was my day.  As always, don't forget to vote, comment etc.  Also!  As most of you know, this is a camp blog, however my camp is ending tomorrow BUT i will not be!  This blog will continue to be for personal use for who knows how long!  It probably won't be daily, but they will hopefully be full of fun content!  See you later!!! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 8; The return of happy Galen!!

  That's right, happy Galen has returned at least mostly.  So, to start, we did a team building activity in which we had to form a circle and lift.  It was interesting at the very least.
(left to right) Rosa, Arianna, Analyssa, and Alexia
After that, we went to robotics.  First, we did robotics.  In the beginning, we created a "flipping gymnast" that looped around with momentum, then proceeded to build a dolphin.  Now, here's the big question.  Who's that Pokemon?!

Us!!!!!!!!! (Me, Steph, and Alex)


If you guessed Togepi, you're right.  Togepi is this wittle guy --->
I had on red shoes and a blue bracelet along with a long flowy skirt to replicate my little buddy.  Also, i have decided Saturday will be picture post day.  I'll post each outfit alongside the Pokemon it is as well as the promised picture of my bag, maybe some video, etc etc!  Now, after we built our dolphin friend, now named Steve, it was time for the best part of the day, lunch.  KOREAN FOOD IS THE BEEEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!  I had a huge table today and from what i can tell, i was very entertaining.  It's nice to make people laugh ^^

Alice still sucks.  Stephanie is working on the walking while i....attempt pathetically at movement.  SIIIIIGGGGHHHH.  Anyway, I am Sherlock Friggin Holmes guys.  The scenario i imagined yesterday was Linday going, working on crafts, when Myranda walked in and stabbed her in the arm. Lindsay then went to the window and crawled to her final place of death where she was assaulted again with a mug from the left.  I was right on all counts but one, the dastardly accomplice, the illusive Noor!  She was the one who landed the final blow with the mug.  A clever one she is.   Also, Myranda kicked her in the head rather than smashed.  I am afraid we were to rushed to write all the stuff so we may not be the team that won :(

Sooooo that's about it yall!!  If you have any questions, want to know anything about my day, anything, go ahead and put it in the comments!!  Don't forget to vote on my poll (you can select multiple answers) and all that good stuff!  Also, i added links to my twitter and tumblr in the about me section to the right!  Warning, my tumblr occasionally has  some adult language but it is sfw i promise.  So, that's it.  Bye!!!!!

Update : O yes!!  the prompt!  10 things that make me happy?  well...
1.)  BBC Sherlock
3.) Pokemon
4.) making people laugh so hard they cry/spew food/have 2 run off
5.) heating pads
6.) The internet
7.) friends :)
8.) sparkly scarves
9.) Getting something really hard done so you don't have to deal with it
10.  Being done with lists you were to tired to write


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 7: Sigh was no better if not worse.  WARNING PLEASE SKIP IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE DEPRESSED.  GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!  I feel like im just spiraling into one of my depressed states.  It's days like this when i see how mad i make people, how people look at me, that i start to think of unrelated and stupid things like why guys wont date me or how death is coming and there's nothing i can do to stop it.  I try to be funny to act like im not upset but just so people don't get more upset at me.  Have you ever felt depressed and then people are literally angry or at least you see them as angry about you being sad?  Like "stop crying, it's nothing" or "geez no reason to get upset" although when they are upset, you try your hardest not to say those things, not to cry, to cheer them up, but when you cry, how dare you.  Couple that with yesterday's anger, your short temper, and being rushed and worried, and you have me...the ticking time-bomb of the century.  I don't want to write posts about being sad!  I don't want to whine and be sad on this blog, but i am!  I am sad, i am upset, and i feel my readers should get to see the real me.

 OK YOU CAN READ NOW So....all sadness aside, my outfit today was adorable.  I dressed as a riolu ready for the Kalos region (which is the newest region and is based on France).
 I wore a blue and black checkered over shirt with a white muscle shirt as well as a black beret and my Eiffel tower earrings and my sparkly scarf.  I also put n mascara for the first time ever today and DIDNT STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE WOO!!!  I was so excited this morning for my awesome Riolu day.  I'll try to post both pictures tomorrow.  Also, on friday, should i be: Charizard, Lapras, Jirachi, Treeco, Ho-Oh or other?  Feedback in the comments!!

Let me try to point out some other good things.
1.)  I felt like Sherlock Holmes, getting to investigate blood

2.)  I have reached 100 views on this blog with many from Russia!  Thank you Russia, for lightening up my day!  :)
3.) I've programmed NXT robotics before so i shouldn't feel awful
4.)  I got my characters to turn their heads...wooooo
5.)  ...........I got a rootbeer?

Overall today was absolutely atrocious and i feel terrible, but i'll try to post something happy-ish everyday so its not all downer...thanks for reading.  Love yall.

Update:  Also, a shout-out to my new snuggle-buddy, mr. random pigeon we found.  He is a tiny wittle pigeon friend we found hobbling around and i am sincerely hoping he has a blog so he can get my shout-out properly.  Hi little buddy!!  However, i think his mother scolded him quite severely so...perhaps he's grounded.  (get it?  grounded?  cause...he was on the ground?  that was terrible im so sorry)

Monday, June 24, 2013

A blog in 3 parts

  Hey everyone, today i've had very mixed feelings.  Some angry, some happy, etc etc.  So today, to keep everyone from being bored and reading a WHOLE LOTTA STUFF, i'm dividing it into the good, the bad, and the other.  The bad will be a rant as to why i had a bad day, the good will be the redeeming qualities so you don't think i hate everything, and the other will include the prompt as well as a few other cool things i did.  So, if you want to hear happy galen, read the good and the other.  If you want to hear just angry galen, read the bad.  If you want just some interesting stuff, probably the funniest section will be the other.  If you want to read all of me, read all of me!  So here we go!  First, the bad!

The Bad:
     First off, i started the day happy, and then it was ruined.  I came to this camp to do one thing, the Alice animation.  From the beginning, i wanted to do a song by Franz Ferdinand that represents Lea and Z very closely that i could then put on my comic one day.  I had my hopes up and then they got crushed.  I overlooked one phrase and my day instantly turned worse.  Ya know when you go from really happy to really sad/upset in .72 seconds and you just want to cry for no real good reason?  Ya.  That was me.  Then your whole day is just ruined and your feel like crap and want the rest of your day to be crap?  If you don't know this feeling or you do and want to laugh really hard, read this Sneaky Hate Spiral by the amazing Allie Brosh (the ALL THE THINGS meme is from her art.  It's awesome.  Read it).  I was then disinclined to eat because a.) it was sub sandwiches which i despise and b.) i was in a bad mood (and not eating make it worse).  To make it even worse, i kept getting lost while animating because i felt rushed and got distracted with all the buttons.

The Good:
    However, today wasn't all bad!  In fact, there was some pretty epic stuff.  first of all, at the beginning of the day while animating, i was way ahead of the game and having a good time while my expectations were still high.  I animated an adorable little Nemo skit which i might add and was pretty happy.  Then, we did an activity in which we had a group of 9 that all had to fit on a single blanket; by fit, i mean you could either 1.) have both feet completely on 2.) have one foot on totally and stand only on that foot, or 3.) have only a portion of your foot on but stand only on that portion.  At first, it was cake!  Then...slightly harder cake.  The folded the blanket in half and we all huddled, me in the middle, to hold everyone up.  Thankfully, we got through it, but then, the folded it again.  There was no way we could fit everyone on.  We all stared at it blankly, then looked at the other team who was stacking girls on each others backs, or rather, trying to.  I prodded around until i found a perfect little loophole.  I ordered everyone to form a line, and before they could ask, i stepped on the blanket, and told everyone to jump on three
 It worked.

Update:  Also!  In the end, i changed songs to Little talk by of Monsters and Men, using a different set of characters i also like so in the's not the same, but still going to be ok.  ALSO ALICE ART IS REALLY REALLY CREEPY!!!

The Other:
    We also studied blood spatters which was....gruesomely interesting.  Stephanie made one of mine into a puffer fish.  It was cute.  Also, this morning when getting dressed, i donned the shirt u see on me (far left) and realized, i looked like eevee!  I attached a key chain eevee to my shirt and wore it all day.  All week, i will be dressing as Pokemon.  This is my challenge.  Finally, the prompt is what quality would make me famous.  Well, I'm funny!  That's what i hope to get my comic famous!!  I am talkative, ridiculous, etc!!!!  I may edit this tonight so check back around 5:00 Mountain Time!  TTFN

Update:  Sorry i had to leave so abruptly!  My job (picking up my cousin) starts at 3, as soon as camp ends.  So i have to book-it.  Anyway, as i was saying, i have decided this week, i will attempt to dress up as one of my Pokemon key chains each day, not perfectly, but in a subtle/cute way.  At the end of the week, or each day, i will try to post a picture of my outfit!  I'm having some tech problems today so I'll try to take a pic on my phone and upload it tomorrow  Also, more on the prompt, i hope my being funny and interesting will help me become famous.  I hope my ability to act and sing might make me a Broadway or movie star and that i can make some money and stuff.  Any questions?  Please leave them in the comments!!  :)   Also, check out my poll on the side  Be the first to vote!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The laaaaassstttt melon (this week) WARNING! LONG POST BUT IT HAS A COMIC SOOO READ IT!

  Well, we weren't required to do a blog today seeing as its a few girls' last day at camp, but i figured my adoring fans might want to hear from me. So hi!  How yall doing?  You look absolutely fabulous.  I love that color on you.

    Compliments aside, camp this week was over fantastic.  I'll post a picture of my bag laaaaaterrrr when i'm less lazy and sleepy.  However, my app turned out adorable and i hope 2 post it's barcode for yall later.  Next week, we get to do animation.  I'm hoping to do something Lea and Z?  perhaps a Franz Ferdinand music video to...dark of the matinee or do you want to?  Leave suggestions below!  PLEEEAAASSSEEE I LIKE COMMENTS DO THEM!!

    Now, the long part.  For those of you unaware, my name's Lea; well, that's my writing name.  When writing any sort of book, poem, song, parody, whatever, i use that name (pronounced lay-a not lee-a).  This name stems from Leanasta Worthington, my first ever fan-character for the X-Men.  Adopted sister of Warren Worthington III, best friend/wing man to Forge, and secret admirer of Logan, she's my plant-powered mutant OC.  Since then, i have created my comic, ME+FREE, which is my url!  What a coincidence!!
     The story follow another character named Lea, but rather than being a super-powered mutant, she is instead an older version of me in a way or rather, an ideal version of me.  She attends AWSM (awesome) university and lives with her flatmates, Joellen, Myranda, Paul, and Jaz (currently, not initially).  The comic has a "special feature"; it is only ever made IN CLASS.  I can only draw and write comics at school or a classroom like setting, however for special comics i can fix them up at home, like my valentine's special i perfected on GIMP.  A few of you (*cough* mira and jo *cough*) have read the comic far enough to meet the love interest, Jeremy Marlow, a.k.a. Z, who was seen in a previous post or 2.  He's sweet.  I have acquired a tablet and HOPE to start to edit my comics and upload them to a host site as a webcomic.  However, for you very special blog readers, i will put an unedited version of the very first comic, drawn on the second day of my freshman year of HS in health class which spawned a 300+ page comic with around 400 individual comics and still growing.

So, that's about it.  I thought i should properly introduce myself to you all and my favorite thing.  I really like comments and such!  So if anyone has questions fr me, my characters, or want to just talk, leave a comment!  I LIKE TALKING!  so please, even if just to say hi, let me know you're out there and this isnt just floating off into space. :(  Sorry this was so long!

Here's my comic as promised!  Please remember, this was drawn almost 3 years ago, so forgive me.
      That's me!  

EDIT:  Also, i added a poll to the sidebar on the right!  Please leave your honest opinion!  I want some feedback please!  I also added a translate feature seeing as i apparently had 3 German and a Vietnamese view so...Hallo Deutschland!  And vietnam!  (sorry i don't speak anything but English, a dab of German and  a REALLY tiny dot of Japanese)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 4: Potterluck and and fear

  First of all, the Potterluck is the most amazing idea EVAR.  Butterbeer, chocolate frogs (which were a bugger to try and eat with braces), Bernie Bott's terrifyingly any flavor beans, little golden snitches, candy, and pizza!!!  DELICIOUS.  Plus, watching Chamber of Secrets while working isn't that bad.  Those of you HP fans out there who never saw these back in the day, i present to you, Acciobrain, an amazing HP page of fan-art with many hilarious images mainly of the Malfoys.  Check it out.  That's a link.  Click it.  CLLIIIICCCCCKKKK

My bag is...i'd say...70% finished and can be finished tonight woop woop ^^  however my app is.......60% and needs major tweaking (not twerking, however that would be interesting).  It miiiiggghhhhttttt be done tomorrow.....hopefully.........yup.....

Now, if i wasn't afraid I'd do what?  Well, first off, I'd ask boys out.  Apparently girls have to because boys (sorry lads) are incompetent when it comes to that these days.  I'd also walk into the comic book store alone and find a comic i want without an awkward conversation.  I'd probably also play more games like Bioshock but


So ya...i'm not brave.  Some people think i'm brave because i talk to people and try to be outstanding and interesting, but i do that because i'm scared people will hate me.  I was hated all through middle school and i know people still hate me, so i try to act like i don't care.  I try to pretend when i see people glare at me for being loud or laughing that it doesn't hurt or doesn't make me feel weird and i try to act like im embracing weirdness...but honestly I'm just trying to protect myself from a world i'm scared of.  

Sorry it got heavy there at the end.  Since it did, have a picture of a kitten 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 3,
   I seem to be somewhat alive, unsure how long that will last.  I ATE SO MUCH KOREAN FOOOOOODDDDDDDD Happy belly is happy.  Soooo i've almost finished programming my bag to play the Pokemon theme (like a baus of course) and im kinda satisfied with the art.  The Ring and my name got kinda distorted but i don't think an average person is gonna grab me and say "Hey!  You have a line above you T instead of 3 dots!  You have failed Elvish folk everywhere!"  However, if someone does, they get major props.  Also, got my+friend's app almoooost done (here's her blog ).  like dat close
|  |  <------THAT CLOSE!!  well kinda.  For now, our subject is top secret, our eyes only, very hush hush you know.  
   AAAANNNYYYWWWAAAYYYYYY what character from a book would i like to meet and what would i do with them?  Hehehehe weeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll......  As one or two of you know, my character Jeremy Marlow (Z), was based on Alexander from Vampire Kisses, so he wouldn't be a bad choice and i'll leave to your colorful imaginations what i would have in store for him.


  Did you think?  If you thought Videogames, ice cream, pizza, and snuggles, you'd be soooo very right.  Otherwise, if i was allowed to cheat all logic, i would say Jeremy himself.  HE'S IN A BOOK IT COUNTS!!  I seem shouty today...blame the Korean food.  But seriously, Z is my best friend and my closest character without even being real.  If i couldn't cheat, i'd also have to say maybe Marlow or Kurtz from Heart of Darkness so i could make him shut up about that stupid river.  I get it, it's a river, it's dark, symbolism OOOOOoooOOOOoooo.  I just realised his name is Marlow and Jeremy's last name.....yaaaaa Jeremy's named after the english poet, not that crazy guy.   There's also Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird or Georgia from the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, who are both riots and similar to me in a few ways.  I'll let you guess how. As with everyone else in the WORLD, Hogwarts would be great to visit, meet Neville and Ron and Hermione....i feel like im missing someone.....o yes!  Draco!  ^^  What would be Hogwarts without a Malfoy?  Aside from that....well i think i've covered it

O hai!  You read to the  end!  I'm so proud!!  As a gift, have a comic i drew on day 1 of me and Z ^^  For those of you wo don't know, my comic stars Lea, (me sorta) in about 6 or 7 years and Z along with an assortment of my friends. 

Lea:  Day 1, better than girl's state but still lacking in testosterone.  At least it's more techy.  Sigh I miss Z...
Z:  *whistling*  Leaaaaa I'm home!
Lea:  Z!! I'v missed you!
Z: *thought* It;s nice to be home...  *aloud*  I've missed you too!  How was camp?
Lea:  Terrible!  I like your haircut.
Z: I like yours
Lea: How was your trip?  Camp was terrible!
Z:  I can image.  How's the new one?
Lea;  Better!
Z:  Should i make waffles tomorrow?
Lea;  Is that even a question?
Z:  Haha I guess not

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A run on sentance

  Soooooo this week, i need to paint my bag, sew my bag, smile, get an app made, spell chzeck, eat food, breathe air, come to ywic as well as clean, learn Japanese, pick up my baby cousin, get paid, smile more because i have money for Pokemon cards, MAAAAAYYYYBBEEEE buy said Pokemon cards, text friends, chat with friends, rite a book, breathe again, wander around aimlessly, look in the fridge for something good even though i know there isn't anything, play Skyrim, play Spelunky, check fridge again,be disappointing, play Skyrim, sleep, get up, rinse lather and repeat. 

....Yup...that's about it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 1: When i was brave!

  I was brave once.  Not so long ao, in a living room not too far away, an adventure began.  The adventurous youth took her weapon in hand, a mystical weapon known to many as the "Control of XBOX."  With her power in hand, she ventured forth, unawares of the dangers ahead.  After endless hours of brutal fights with all enemies from bandits to trolls, she came across a small village with an open tavern.  In she ventured to sell her plundered goods as well as rest for the night ahead, but the innkeeper had a tale to tell.  The barrow lying just outside the city was haunted; a man entered a year ago, screams were heard the next night, and the man was never seen again.  The brave Breton gulped, for ghosts were the one adversary she most feared, but the reward was to be great!  She would have to venture forth with her loyal companion, Lydia, to save the villagers from the impending doom.  A silver sword, the best for fighting ghosts replaced her Skyforge sword, and she began her journey.
    After getting lost and wandering around for about an hour, she finally discovered the not-that-hard-to-find barrow and took a deep breath.  Onward she traveled to the iron door leading to the pit bellow.  Expecting a barrage of ghosts to warm her the instant of arrival, she prepared her sword and hesitantly trod down the broken wooden staircase.  The cave was silent...until she reached the lowest room.  
   "Leeeaavvvveee......get ouuuttttt...." A voice echoed through the hall and the adventurer froze, terrified of what lied again.  each step she took was tentative and slow....but to her amazement there was not a ghost in sight!  
  "Ha!" She thought.  "No enemies!  This shall be an easy loot!"  How wrong she was.  Around every corner, at every treasure chest, every door she opened, a trap was set in place.  She was even stuck with her partner for a good 10 minutes in a pool, trapped.  She escaped trap after trap after trap, looking for the specters she most feared, her heart racing.  Finally, she reached the last room.  An ghostly howl could be heard.  "Best get it over with..." and with that, she rushed in, slashing in all directions uttering a battle cry.  
   One man.  Not a single ghost she discovered in the entirety of the "haunted" barrow, only a man using a spell!  All her troubling was for naught?!?  Outraged she returned to the innkeeper, retrieved her 100 gold, and promptly stormed off to do something worth it like fight a dragon.
  O yes, i was scared once.  It was pointless!