Thursday, August 8, 2013


    Good afternoon everyone!  I realize i lost a lot of people with that hiatus so i hope you're all back?Maybe?  Please?  Anyway, today is another nice relaxing day.  I'm sitting here at my sister's house, (in case i haven't mentioned it, i have 2 sisters; one who now lives on the other side of the country who i got to go to Alaska with, and one who is a teacher here in my own hometown), happily enjoying Fantasia for the first time in years.  Today i decided to send the day here.  For those of you who don't know what "synesthesia" is, i'll just sum up by saying i have it and Fantasia is an amazing representation of what my brain does when it hears music.  I now know why this is my sister's favorite movie!
    Now, as you all know, i was in Alaska for a week and that reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Balto.  Balto was one of my grandmother's favorite movies too and if i remember correctly, it was one of only two or three movies she had on VHS.  I craved the movie while in Alaska, however i only had wifi one or two nights, and as you can tell from the lack of posts on those days, i didn't really have time to watch it online before i crashed asleep.
   Today, i walked into my sister' house and instantly went to her expansive movie collection right by the
This adorable bugger (the other picture was removed)
door.  What's this?  Right on top, begging for me,
was none other than the 2 DVD set of Balto and Balto II!  I popped the first one in and had a great time, feeling like an expert on sled dog racing after i had visited a kennel for sled dogs in Denali National Park!  In fact, you all are lucky i took some pictures with my phone!  I'll include some here today.  Sadly, i couldn't for the life of me find the DVD to Balto 2, but ended up finding it online to watch.
    Today is a good day.  I will now return to working on Obasan and maybe get something to eat before i die of starvation.  I am so glad to see you guys back with me and i'm excited to share more about my trip with you when i'm a little more...settled down.  For now, have some of the pictures from the sled dog kennel in Denali!  Please vote on that poll!  I might even extend the deadline till next week if i have to.  Have any questions about my trip or about the kennel?  Go ahead and ask by commenting or writing in!  Please share this page with you friends and keep checking back!

A mother and her 3 new puppies!!!  I think they said they were born in April

One pup just chillin in his little house

You can actually pet some of them and this little buddy was very friendly!!

Anther one of the many dogs saying hi.

This one kept coming up and every second i tried to snap a picture of her adorable face, she ran off and did a circle!