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Disney Villains: Oogie Boogie

  What is more terrifying than the Boogie-Man himself?  How long it took me to do a new Disney Villains Segment, that's what!  Hello hello my lovely Halloween ghouls and ghosts!  Welcome to a long over due segment of Disney Villains!  In reference to my second favorite holiday, I decided to do one of the spookiest Disney Villains, Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I've actually done a little theory on this baddie before and last year's Christmas Special was inspired by it tooooo!  Some people argue he is not Disney, but they are very wrong.  In fact, at this time of year until around Jan,the Haunted Mansion ride gets Nightmare-ified!  I personally like it more than the normal Haunted Mansion because it's a little less spooky and I like not spooky.  Now, the boogyman has been around for centuries, so, let's start with the history this time, and THEN talk about the movie version of this baddie.

    Oogie Boogie, The Boogie Man, Mr. Oogie, "Sack Man" (Latin countries), "El Coco" (Spanish-speaking countries), "Babau" or "Bau-bau" (Eastern Mediterranean areas), "Butzemann" (Germanic countries), and SO MANY MOOORREEEE.

     "Gambler, Serial killer, Cannibal, Ruler of Bug Town (formerly), Lock, Shock, and Barrel's boss" (via Disney Wiki)

    Monster, sack creature full of various bugs.  (ew)

In Legend:
Que Viene El Coco (Here comes the boogeyman)
     From our earliest memories, we have been told about the boogie-man, whether he is lurking under your bed, in the shadows, or in the closet, we have always feared the scary thing.  In almost all cultures, there is some representation of a "boogie-man" as we know him.  In most cultures, the boogie-man steals away, kills, or eats bad children who disobey their parents, stay out late, etc.  In most cases, the boogie-man is the embodiment of terror or Satan himself.  The character himself is seen in many ways.  Sometime, just as darkness itself, sometimes as a skeletal or very old man, sometimes even as a woman or gender less.  The boogie-man was also portrayed in another kid's movie I love, The Rise of the Guardians, as Pitch Black.  People with anxiety like myself will most likely still believe there is something under your bed, and this jerk is to blame.  Each culture has their own boogie-man that does their own thing based on that culture's views and morals, which means there is sooooo much to work with on this guy.  All the fear in the world is centered on this belief in one way or another so, he's got quite the legacy!

In The Nightmare Before Christmas:
    In the movie, Boogie is the boss of the evil trick-or-treaters, Lock, Shock, and Barrel.  He is made of a white/grey sack (that I thought was green forever but it turned out to be just the lighting) filled with hundreds of bugs and stitched together which is terrified and most likely in reference to most legends telling of a person who carries bad children away in burlap or mesh sacks, like what he is made of.  This would also make sense why he has children henchmen, as if he kidnapped them and made them his slaves in essence.  Their fantastic song, "Kidnap Mister Sandy Claws", shows they are scared of him and for good reason!  He even eats bugs which he is made of sooooo a cannibal...unless he's just adding it to his body colony?  I...don't...even know really. Let's also talk about what his goal in the movie is: KILL Santa Clause.  Why?  Just cause.  No real reason.  Just cause Jack wants him.  He loves to torture and hurt people for fun, as well as gamble, even though he is horrible at it.  Boogie is a baddy, but honestly, he was not the scariest character in this story.  I always found the zombie family, the monster under the bed, and baaaassically all the rest, to be pretty terrifying.  So, let's get to the analysis.    

Deaths Caused:
    Well, we don't actually know!  There are no confirmed kills for Boogie aside from the bug...maybe?  He is trying to kill Santa and Sally however, so 2 attempted murders of the beloved figure of our favorite holiday and a heroic Sally!

    At least 2.  He captured Santa and Sally and attempted to kill them both.  Also, he is known to enjoy torturing people, so we can assume there were countless more before them.  Perhaps those skeletons all around are more of his victims.

Harm to Protagonist and Company:
    Weeeeelll read the previous....and enjoy this picture of seductive jack  being seductive.  But in all truth, he's a bad bro and caused younger me much trauma when he explodes into
Dat jack doh.  Source

      Well, the childhood trauma over the centuries has ingrained this baddy into the minds of millions.  This movie does this guy some justice, but he only gets a measly 10 minutes of screen time including his epic song.  Honestly, I don't think he was as scary as he could have been and he didn't ACTUALLY kill Santa or Sally, so from what we see in the movie, not so bad.  Aside from some childhood trauma that, like Pitch says, fades with time, it's not too bad for those of us he doesn't get a hold of of course.  However, the boogie-man as a whole receives....


  If you want more spooky stuff about this classic villain, I highly suggest checking out the versions from other cultures!  I think a few of them are actually scarier than this buggy-sack so, if you're a history buff like me, checkem out!. Now, here's this jerk getting his dues!

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Lawful Good- The Story of a Lost Dog

   I'm here today to dispel a myth: the myth that when you do a good deed, you feel good.  From the day we are able to understand, we are told that doing the good and right thing will make us feel better after we've done it.  This is why many of us Lawful Good types hand over the iPhone we find in the parking lot we find or turn in the wallets full of cash we find on the streets, rather than reaping the befits, hoping that we will feel amazing after we've done something good.  Sometimes, it feels fantastic.  You think to yourself "Wow!  I just saved someone from having to pay another $300 on an iPhone even though I totally could have take it since I have such a crappy little thing."  This was one time I did feel better about turning it in, since I had no desire to keep it.  However, it's not always this magical feeling afterward.  This is one of those times.  Let me tell you about a dog.

    A week ago, at about 5:00 p.m. my mother walked outside and a small yorkshire terrier-poodle mix trotted right up to her.  She was well groomed, obviously hadn't been out long, and was a clear indoor dog with a love of people.  Mom called me to come out and the dog instantly ran to me.  She acted like my own dog when I came home, going in little circles until I knelled down to look for a collar and pet her.  None.  I ran inside to get a leash we could use. The dog waited patiently with mother, never running off.  She ran right to me and let me wrap the nice and thin leash around her like a collar.  My father came out and we asked our neighbor if he recognized the dog from his walks with his own.  He said no.  I told the dog to lead us home.  She took off in a direction, then stopped and began to just wander aimlessly, happy to be on a walk.  We circled the neighborhood for around an hour.  No one was out looking for her.  No one was driving calling her name.  No one knew her. 

     Finally, we realized we had to take her home.  I sent a message to a lady in our neighborhood who runs a local neighborhood watch.  She sent the email promptly to her entire list of contacts.  No response.  I called the pound.  They were closed.  My father tried to gt her to sleep in a small cat crate during the night to avoid a mess.  After her whining and crying, I decided to let her out, take her outside and watch over her to make sure the coyotes (which have taken a few small dogs in our neighborhood) didn't come near her.  That night, she slept on my bed.

    The next morning, after a quick hour of shopping with mom and Nonnie, I took her to the pound with my father to check for a microchip.  None.  We left a found ad at the pound and sent in the photo above as soon as we got home.  No one called.  The next day, I put up an add of the found list on craigslist as well as looked all over the internet to see if a lost-dog ad had been posted.  None.  However, suddenly I got a call from my mother, telling me that she found a found dog add from 3 months ago of our same little pup.  I tried to get in contact with the previous finders.  They didn't have any information about the owners other than that they lived in the same general area.  No leads.  Each night, the dog had slept on my bed through the pounding rains that come only a few times a year, but that cause flash floods.  However, she did have 3 accidents in her time with us because she didn't know how to use our dog door:  all of which I had to clean. 

   Now Tuesday, I decided to look for Lost Dog posters, as the people who had found her before said the owners put up posters before calling for her.  I drove street by street slowly for about 30 minutes.  Finally, I found a post man and slowed, rolling down my window.  I politely asked if he had seen any lost dog posters in the area for a small dog.  None.  After a bit more looking, I went to class and then to the weekly trivia event with my family.  Everyone told me I should just keep her.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it here before, but my grandparent's yorkie passed away earlier this year, and we all began to think of giving the pup over to them as she was so perfect, almost like a sign or a gift from whatever God or Gods were kind enough to send her.  I looked up the adoption rules for my city when I got home.  If the dog had been collared, the owners would have had 5 days to pick her up.  She didn't.  If she had a microchip, they would have called.  She didn't.  I didn't want to get my hopes up, but 3 days without a call was making me wonder if anyone even cared abut this little pup.  Even my cats were getting used to this pup.  Everyone said to keep her.

Pliget, my dog, the day we got her 17 years ago when I was 1.
That little purple polka-dot dress there, that's me.
   Wednesday.  Maid's day.  I am home all day until 6:00 p.m, hanging out with the dog.  She slept with her little head right on my laptop as I edited videos and did my homework.  At about 3:00, I called the pound and asked what to do.  They told me that if it were them, she would be up for adoption already and it was alright to keep her.  4:00.  I get a phone call.  A man's voice stumbles through a sentence saying he had found my poster at the pound and how it was his daughter's dog.  I asked him to describe her, a bit in shock.  He basically just said "Uh,'s my daughter's dog."  My heart stopped.  Someone's daughter's dog.  Just like how I've lost dogs before, however mine always have a tag.  In fact, once upon a time I had a dog who managed to get out near monthly, but everyone in the neighborhood would bring her home and say "she came for a visit" until we Pliget-proofed the yard.  She passed away the weekend of my birthday last year.  I decided to call my mom.  

     Every other time I had found a dog, I was able to return them home near instantly with their collars, so I had never had to prove if a dog belong to someone.  When I told them I needed to call my mother, they did it first and I waited.  I waited and looked at the little girl we had started to call Frodo to fit in with our shire themed cats, Pippin, Merry, and Bilbo.  Finally, my mother called back and informed me they were on their way over to get her.  I fell apart.  I began to get angry, feel righteous.  The dog didn't have a collar or a chip!  She was sent to us!  They obviously didn't care enough to call until 4 full days later.  The obviously didn't love her as much as we did.  They don't deserve her.  I began to think of what to say.  To at the very least be snarky and say "well, next time keep her on a collar if you really care about her. "  When the doorbell rang, I whistled to Frodo for her to follow and called back my other dog.  I opened the door to see a girl, probably not that much younger than me, standing at the door with a leash with what I presumed to be her father behind her.  He didn't make eye contact.  My mind went blank.  She simply said, ya this is my dog, put the leash and collar on, said thank you once, and walked away.  Her father never looked at me, just around at my house.  Frodo, or whatever her real name was, was no more excited to see her than she was to see anyone in my family or who strolled in my house.  She was gone.  Forever.  And I did nothing. 

    My mother came home to me crying on her bed.  Why was I crying?  She was never my dog.  She never would be.  But I cried all the same.  My mother told me I had done the right thing, no matter how my heart told me otherwise.  I wondered if I really even had.  What if that was a lying family?  What if they were going to lose her again?  What if next time no one saved her from the rain or the coyotes?  It didn't matter because she was gone.  But she was with her real family.  There was a girl out there reunited with her dog.

   What do I mean by telling you this whole story with every little detail and spending so much time on something that might seem so insignificant?  People always tell you doing a good thing will make you feel better.  I think that's a lie.  Doing a truly good thing should make you feel awful.  It means you had to sacrifice something you cared about for the happiness of another person, the greater good, even or especially if you think they don't deserve it.  You have to over come something bad to do something truly good.  

     So to all you Lawful Good types who have done a million good things that never seem to give you a good feeling, that never return the happy karma you are waiting for, that never get recognized for your good deeds, thank you.  Thank you for doing the things others wont do.  For every one found dog, there are hundreds more who don't make it home, whose owners are willing to pay without question to be reunited with their family.  If you have returned a dog or cat or anything to its proper home even through the pain, thank you.  From one pet owner to thousands of others, thank you. 

From one Lawful Good to another, thank you.        

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October "Fear" Loot Crate

Just in time for Halloween, Jaimi and I pop open this spooky Loot Crate!

Get a LootCrate of your own!

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Lea Plays Nintendo Land: Zelda Battle Quest-Part 1

Guess who's back back back back again gain gain!  Meeeee and Yams!  And we're back with a vengance and a Zelda game!!!  One of our favorites of the group, enjoy Zelda Battle Quest!

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I find this highly important (Poke-Llama Gif)

Click and Drag to Find Your Llama Pokémon
Click and drag off to the side to see which poke-llama you get!  Made by this coolio person I discovered through this XD 

Adventures with Lea #6: Craters and Comets

   Now, this is NOT the big Adventure I've been planning, but more of a tiny fun one to tide you all over!  It's an adventure in learning!  Today in astronomy class, we did a fun experiment about comets and asteroid craters!  First, we did measurements of crater sizes to see the correlation of size and velocity to the diameter of the crater.  Or in my brain, we got to drop stuff in flour and make a mess for science!  Then, we made our own comet and smashed it to pieces to see the difference between a comet and an asteroid.  The experiment was actually very fun and very easy to do!
     So, for any of you budding scientist, science or astronomy teachers, or parents who want to impress their kids with a weird experiment, here's what to do!  Quick word, the second experiment requires dry ice and ammonia so you have to be able to get some of that.  You can learn more about dry ice, dry ice safety, and where to get it here.  Ammonia can be purchased at basically any store with a cleaning isle I think so....ya!

Experiment #1:  Ball Bearing Asteroids and Cosmic Craters!  

  • 2 (or more!) Ball Bearings of different sizes
  • A meter stick
  • A ruler
  • Flour in a Tupperware tub
  • A wooden block or other large, solid and semi heavy block
  • A fro-pick or other comb of choice
  • A flashlight
  • A magnet
  • Something to put the flour tub on to stop it from making a mess such as a folder, newspaper, table mat, whatever you want.
  • A really tall person (or a chair to stand on if you're short like meeeee)

Step 1:  Open the tub of flour and press it nice and tightly together with the block of wood.  The amount of flour doesn't really matte, as long as there are a few inches for the bearings to go through.  Once you've pressed it nice and tight, there should be some left over floofy edges.  Use the comb to spread the floofy flour over the compressed flour to make a little cloud-like layer above the hard, compressed stuff.  Finally, smooth it out so there are no lines in the flour.

Step 2:  Place the tub on the clean-surface-thingy of choice and set it either on the table or on the floor.  My group put it on the floor because it was easier to do higher heights without having to stand on tables. 

Step 3:  Measure 50 cm from the top of the flour and drop the smallest ball bearing.  Use the magnet to suck the ball bearing out of its crater without touching it and measure the little crater with the ruler.  It might be easiest to see the full crater by shining the flashlight on it at an angle.  You can also see how deep the craters are when looking from the side rather than straight on, which is cooler.  Here's a handy dandy chart to use!  You can of course make it bigger for the number of ball bearings you use and the heights you use!

Crater Diameter
Small Ball
Crater Diameter
Large Ball
Impact velocity



Step 4: Smooth it back over and repeat the process for the larger ball bearings.  You might need to stand on a chair to do the higher heights sooooo have fun with that!

Step 5:  If you like doing math, find the Impact Velocity and make a scatter plot of your findings with the Impact Velocity as the X axis and the Diameter of the crater as the Y axis.  I suggest using different colors for each ball.  The impact velocity can be found by v = (2ay)^1/2 where a is the acceleration of gravity, 9.8 m/s^2, and y is the height from which you dropped the ball.  For example, if y = 3 meters, then v = (2 × 9.8 × 3)^1/2, or v = (58.8)^1/2 = 7.7 m/s.

Step 6:  Keep doing it for funzies and then clean up!  Yaaaaaaay.

Experiment #2: Make Your Own Comet!!!!!

  • 2 Spoonfuls of sand
  • 1 Cup of water
  • About 2 tablespoons of ammonia 
  • Potting soil 
  • 1 cup of crushed dry ice
  • A large plastic bag (like a Ziploc baggie)
  • A long wooden spoon for stirring (one you're o with getting really dirty and gross)
  • A bucket or bowl or other thingy
  • Gloves
Step 1:  Use a freezer bag to line the bottom of your bucket.  I suggest having at least 3 people so 1 can hold the bucket, 1 can stir, and one can add things and later hold the comet into shape.

Step 2:  Pour 1 cup of water in the bag.

Step 3:  Add 2 spoonfuls of sand, stirring well. Be careful not to rip the bag by stirring too hard!

Step 4:  Add a dash of ammonia.  I say about 2 tablespoons or a quick pour is fine.  It should start to smell pretty terribly so don't hold it close to your face.

Step 5:  Add a dash of organic material (potting soil). Stir until well-mixed.

Step 6:  This step is tricky so read carefully:  Place a block or chunk of dry ice inside a towel and crush the block with a mallet and add 1 cup of crushed dry ice to the bag, while stirring vigorously.  It's going to burst up in a cloud of gas, so be careful and don't like, stick your head in it.  Stir very very fast for about 15 seconds then remove the spoon and go to the next step immediately

Step 7: Lift the comet out of the bucket using the plastic liner and shape it for a few
seconds as if you were building a snowball (use gloves!).  Be careful not to squeeze it so stuff comes jutting out the top.  You just want to cup your hands around it and just hold that for about 5 minutes.  It's going to sizzle and make horrifying sounds at you like a dying monter lobster, but just ignore it and don't let go.

Step 8: Unwrap the comet once it is frozen enough to hold its shape.  You should get something like this!  Ours looks like a human heart which is a little creepy....  Shining the light on it alos makes the more crystalline parts glisten which is cool!

Step 9:  Finally, you can smash it!  Pretend you are a giant inter-stellar space monster hurling a comet at a defenseless planet like a boss and crush it to pieces on the pavement outside!  This teaches people that comets are less terrifying that asteroids because rocks are more dense or something like that.  It taught me how to feel like a boss soooooooooooooo SCIENCE!!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed this little science guide to some fun experiments where you get to make a mess!  Have a nice daaaay!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hallo: A Rambling About Rant Times and Real Talk

   Hey there everyone!  Just thought I'd write a little today.  It's been crazy here with school and the like.  I'm not even really sure what to talk about honestly.  I've already had 3 different exams and I have 2 more this Thursday.  I've started to take night dancing lessons on Thursdays, play D&D every Friday, and go to trivia night on Tuesdays!  I do want to just kind of ramble shall I?

    Let's start with what everyone wants to know: what's up next?  Well, I have a new Adventure with Lea in the works right now, I'm just really lazy.  This one in particular is difficult because I don't want to sound snobbish even though the topic is...soooooo....  That leads into the question of Rant Times.  When is my next rant time?  I da know!  Rant Times are much harder for me to write for a few reasons.
  1. I have to keep it open.  I leave the whole thing in 2nd person with no specific gender roles so that a guy who prefers to be a quiet type or a loud rambunctious girl can just as easily fit in the same role.
    1. This also means trying to keep it class and role open, meaning this character is not specifically a mage, warrior, etc. or even a specific race of human or creature, so anyone roleplaying fantasies can come true through this character.  
    In D&D I'm like the top right one except with a panther and half elf instead!  Source
  2. Next up, I have to be careful with my language.  I like it to take a little bit of thinking to know what I'm talking about, but not going full stereotypical Shakespearean English so most people can understand and read it pretty easily.
  3. I have to really feel it.  I can't write Rants about just anything.  It has to be something I feel would sound really awesome in an epic voice.  I'm sure a lot of things would, but the mood just has to strike me to enhance it and tell the world, and also try to not make it so ranty that everyone thinks I'm whining.  

       Moving on!  I also have the Nintendo Land videos.  Here's the problem.  I started with quite a few views on the Metroid Blast Videos, but after that they seemed to die down.  My vlogs also have very little views as do the rest of my video content.  This is where I get pretty sad.  I see demand for the Nintendo Land videos, but only from a few people.  I hope that once I start to post the Battle Quest series of Nintendo Land, views will go up again.  Also, this is all old footage and I intend to get more new footage soooooooon once all the old stuff is done.  If you like my videos, please actually give them a like on Youtube and think of subscribing and commenting!  This helps me know what I'm doing isn’t just disappearing into the void.  For those of you who like pack openings, I have a lot of exciting ones on the way!!!

        I'm too lazy to keep writting this post buuuutttt that at least gives you an idea of what's to come!  Also, I think i'm going to start playing Pokemon TCG online again, so if you see "Leanasta" online, friend me and I'd love to do a match!  Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Awkward Silence

       Hey everyone, sorry for the drought after those videos.  I've been pretty busy, what with going to see Wicked with Jaimi and my dad, school, and other stuff.  I do have a new Adventures with Lea on the way, but I've noticed myself slip into a state of depression again, so it's hard for me to find motivation to write or do basically anything.  I just need a little time to get back on rack so please bare (bear?  ber?  i never know how to spell this word ;-; ) with me guys.  I love you all dear readers <3

    Saturday, October 4, 2014

    Lea and Jaimi's BioPark Adventure Part 3: The Aquarium (Finale!) + Bonus Video!

    The last segment in the epic saga through the ABQ Biopark!  The epic finale of the trilogy!  You can find more pictures and content on my blog!  Link in this description.

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    The full 5 minutes of the shark tank!  

    Friday, October 3, 2014

    Lea and Jaimi's BioPark Adventure Part 2: The Zooooooo

    Onward goes the adventure through the ABQ Biopark!  The second segment of the trilogy!  You can find more pictures and content on my blog!  Link in this description.

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    Thursday, October 2, 2014

    An Amariel Relationship Guide Part 1: The Avalon Castle

        Amariel is a land full of hundreds of kinds of creatures, creations, and confused relationships.  In my posts, I reference many characters, but trying to give all of them a full bio would take years.  Instead, here's a quick guide to many of our characters and their relationships.  This is the bare minimum and is really more focused on a trait or two rather than every adventure they've had.  This is also only up to date right now.  The rp is ongoing, so things are changing everyday (meaning I need to fix Thief's original bio).    I'll put either a (G) or a (J) to indicate if they are my character or my partner, Jazmin's.
    Male Female Relationship
    Daramier Blake-(G)
    Nuala Blake-(J)
    1/2 Elf, 1/2 Human
    The parents of Rahzel and King and Queen of Avalon.   Nuala was raised in the same elvish kingdom as Thief and Archer,and was their childhood friend until she married. Daramier, whom she struck in the shoulder with an arrow and fell in love with.  When Rahzel was 8, Nuala was murdered.  She has since returned as a ghost.  Similarly to Archer, she has returned to life with the use of potions on occasion.       
    Rahzel Blake-(J)
    1/4 Elf, 3/4 Human Mediator
    Married with two children.  The main characters of the rp.  Thief possesses the ability to morph into a wolf or werewolf and Rahzel can see, feel, and communicate with ghosts.  She will join the Council of the Dead when she dies.  
    Cornelius Blake-(J)
    1/2 Dunedain, 1/8 elf, 3/8 human

    The new son of Rahzel and Thief.  Currently less than a year old.  He will be king after Ailis' rule according to Thief's new laws.  
    West Hollow-(J)
    White Mage
    Ailis Blake-(G)
    The adopted children of Mate and Koen and Thief and Rahzel respectively, they have fallen in love and wish to be betrothed when they are older.  West was saved by Mate and Koen from an abusive family and Ailis was adopted from an orphanage near the elvish kingdom. West is the pirate/mage prince and Ailis the future queen by thief's law.  
    Stephen McStephin-(G)
    Talia Engen McStephin-(J)
    Rahzel's butler and maid who have fallen in love and married.  Stephen came to the castle as an escaped servant of a cruel man and his daughter, and is treated like family, as is Talia.  Talia's father, Seamus , is a royal blacksmith.  They are currently expecting a baby girl who will be named Bidella.  They've had crazy adventures, including Talia nearly being married off to Loki, the God of Mischief, who instead marries Lady Sif of Asgard.
    Serina Isberg-(J)
    Human Mediator
    Archer is the Dunedaine cousin of Thief, sent to the orphanage with him to protect him when they grew older from the orcs.  The two instead decided to be called brothers as they were unaware of their history.  Archer was engaged to an elf named Anawen, a childhood friend.  Near 50 years old, Archer is was killed in a fight which he never talks about.  His ghost haunted his brother and Rahzel, until Thief was able to see him.  Serina, a nurse at the castle with the ability to sense ghosts, soon became a perfect person to bother.  With help from Serina's aunt and uncle, Archer was revived.  The two are now parents of a son and work together at the castle infirmary.  
    Nostalion Jr.-(J)
    1/2 Dunedain, 1/2 Human

    The son of Archer and Serina, he is named after the elf that raised Archer and Thief as children in the elvish kingdom.  He is about a year older than Cornelius.
    Kekor Solbrar-(G)
    Duchess Eleanor Belane-(J)
    Kekor met Mate as Koen's guard when he was forced to preform in gladiator duels.  Kekor watched Mate and Koen interact without a peep, as if the audience in a play and has since joined the group to do just that.  He is able to see into parallel worlds his brother opens up and writes books about them.  He joined the castle's royal guard to protect Rahzel.  He met Ellie when she came to the castle, terminally ill, awaiting her next husband and was assigned as her guard.  He had an affair with her and she was sent home, only to be later reported dead.  Months later, Mate and Kekor discover Ellie is alive and Mate is able to heal her illness.  The two are now engaged and observe the others from afar.   
    Ro'Kek Solbrar-(G)

    Kekor's older brother, Ro'Kek can travel between worlds by opening rifts, through which Kekor can see the other worlds.  Mischievous, he loves to send the characters' consciousness to the other worlds to see their reactions.  He is mostly harmless and has proved to be a good guy, even though an initial villain.  Ro'Kek has a horrible crush on Ellie and often enjoys putting her in fake danger to let his brother feel like a hero saving her. 
    Korek Solbrar-(G)

    The uncle of Ro'kek and Kekor, he randomly pops in.  Not much is known, other than the fact that he loves his nephews and is the brother of their powerless father, Dave, and that he shares the same powers as Ro'Kek.  

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014

    BioPark Adventure Part 1: The Botanical Gardens

    Jaimi and I go on a grand adventure to the ABQ Biopark!  The first segment of the trilogy!  You can find more pictures and content on my blog!

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    Here are some bonus pictures!  Especially of the Butterfly Sanctuary where I didn't film cause I'm dumb sooooo enjoy!