Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: Part 2 Pictures!

   This year, i dressed up as the one and only Link from the Legend of Zelda!  I'm well aware that he's a guy, but Link is more fun to dress up as than Zelda.  The tunic is one of my dad's shirts and ironically says Microsoft on the back.  The gold is simple gold fabric from Hobby Lobby.  The gloves were $5 at Walmart.  The arm gauntlet is cardboard covered in a leathery material from Hobby Lobby with pipe cleaners to hold it on my arm.  I already had the tights and the boots were $15 "graveyard boots" (meaning ones people sent back) from the company my dad works at!  The hat is a headband with some green burlap held together with glue and staples.  The burlap was about $3 at Walmart and there is plenty left over for next year!  The belt is one of my mom's i borrowed.  I ended up not making the item pouches for school but if i do it as a major cosplay, i will.
    I really do like this costume, but i have to say the most memorable one for me was one year i dressed up as the Yellow Dino-thunder Power Ranger.  I had the morpher with interchangeable dinos and a store-bought outfit and oddly enough, i remember it the most!  I wore that costume randomly for weeks if not months after.
    Also, in freshman year, i dressed up as Garaa with my hair sprayed red, tons of eye make up, the same all black outfit i used for Kaiba, and a red cloak thing i found at a thrift store with a hollowed out gourd under my arm.  The year after i think i dressed up as Mate.  Last year i was Tinker Bell and my mom was Peter Pan!
    My favorite outfits i saw today were probably one of my friends as Flynn Rider, the Lugia kid, Jeremy as Snake (although many people thought he was Chuck Norris), Joellen as Katniss, Donald as Danny Phantom, the Mario bros girls, and the Taco bell spice packet girls who had dresses and earrings of the red and orange taco bell sauce packs!
    How do you guys like the spoopy background?  I moved some stuff for the polls today!  Please vote and i'd like to post the results for the sake of the spirit of Halloween!  Stay tuned for my next post about the Top 10 candies for Halloween!!  For some really awesome Disney characters dressed up for halloween, check out this link my sister sent me  and here's the ladies!!! <3