Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 1 of 181

    DAY 1:  I'm still alive.  In fact, i'm more than alive.  I'm happy.  Today, i woke up fr the first time ever not totally dreading the day ahead.  I put on black pants and a snazzy coral top i got for Girls State and put my necklace on for the first time in YEARS.  I got only the very basics:  my comic, wide rule paper, and my bag of pencils and writing utensils.  I carry my comic in a black, full-metal alchemist messenger bag even though i've never watched the anime.  This is actually waaaayyyy heavier than my actual bag.  I carry it as a mark of pride.  A 4 year work in progress.  I realized school started on the 16th the first year and last year as well so THAT'S when i'll put up the 3 year anniversary picture if it's done.  Annyyywwwwaaaayyyy let us discuss the beginning of the end.
     The first thing i saw when i approached my yearly home, i saw the front had been completely annihilated.  My precious library...the teacher parking lot....the tree that had been there since the days of my sisters...even the guidance office...all gone.  I luckily found my friend Jaimi the moment i exited the car and had to walk across the street with her and a tiny freshie.  The parking lot we would normally enter from was
gone and we had to go a round-about way to get in.  The door we entered once led straight into the A wing, a.k.a. the language wing where i took German for 2 1/2 years but not today. A white brick wall stood at the entrance  I looked up to see the sign saying "A Wing 1-6" still on the wall beside it pointing at the wall.
Not A wing!!!!!!!!!!
"Maybe it's like platform 9 and 3/4!!!"  I yelled!  I slammed myself into the wall only to be disappointed.  At that very moment, my favorite science teacher of all time walked in, stared at me, then turned to the girls and said "please don't be like her" and walked off as i laughed.  I looked up again and saw someone had actually already put up a sign saying exactly what i had!!  I'll take a picture for you all tomorrow.
     Next, i saw my other friends in my mom's classroom and got excited, then headed to the class to get my schedule.  After getting the ridiculous run-down i've heard year after year, i ran to English with Myranda and we got seats together.  Some people i was really excited to see and others.......much less so.  At least the teacher is a family friend i've known my whole life.  Next, i was off to Web design with my old art teacher.  I only know one girl in the class but hey, i get to be on the internet, i don't have to be social!  Next, it was time for lunch.  I booked my way all the way across the school to find that thankfully, my friends had already acquired our table.  We have eaten at the same table since the very first day oh so many years ago.  Our group, as Myranda quotes from Blood and Chocolate, is an amoeba!  We gather people, we lose people.  In the beginning, it was Joellen, Myranda, myself, and the enemy.  She then invited friends without permission and then, war broke out.  The table i had claimed and started became a battle zone.  Soon, my boyfriend came to sit with us as well, but then, the enemy ran me out of my own home.  I expected my own boyfriend to stand up against her and invite me back or go to sit with me, but instead, he stayed to talk to her.  I was crushed.  Then however, with the small power from my necklace, i pushed back for the first time in my life and cast away the darkness that shrouded my kingdom like the fighters of Gondor and Rohan defended Middle Earth from the dark powers of Mordor.  The table was won.  Today, my kingdom stands.
     However, all is not well in the kingdom as we noticed THOUSANDS of fish (freshies) invaded the table that once belonged to Stephanie.  All of them were fish boys that were dressed horribly and were annoying.  There were at least 20 eating a single pizza.  How?  I don't know.  I am scared.  We also mourned the loss of our senior boy buddies that graduated and then went about the usual business.  Afterwards, we trudged through the overly packed halls and Jaimi and i went to theater.  You can assume how i am about my acting.  Finally, it was off to choir.
      Let's talk about choir.  I love to sing.  I LOVE TO SING.  Choir was the most important thing on my schedule this year.  I love choir and singing and all that.  However, i HATE choir people.  Ok, that's an exaggeration.  I really like choir people.  I really do.  A lot of my friends are in my choir class  What i hate is how they don't treat me like a friend.  For the past 3 years, my schedule has never allowed me to be in the highest tier of choir even though the instructor wanted me to be, plus i never had time (thanks to AP classes and MESA) to be in the show choir.  This caused my friends to form the choir cliche without me.  Even people
who were in the same choir classes seem to have stronger bonds with everyone but me through some inexplicable way.  The worst thing is the divas.  There is one girl in particular who is a good singer and what's worse, she knows it.  She always gets the lead, she always gets the part, and there i am standing in the back singing with the rest of the chorus.  For some reason, people like her however, at the same time, a lot of people hate her.  I don't understand, but what i REALLY don't understand is why no on will talk to me.  I walked into the class, still happy from theater, said hi to my fiends, gave many hugs, and then instantly realized everyone was standing in groups, talking.  I tried to enter a few and was butted out, then the next, butted out, tried another, butted out, until i just sat on the risers and waited for class to begin.  I don't understand.  I sing.  I sing as well as the rest.  It's not my fault my schedule was bad.  Heck, a few were with me in the same choir last year!  But there i am...on the i always have been.  Maybe that's good....maybe it makes me me, not being part of the cliche, but that doesn't make it hurt less.
     So that was day one!!  Sorry fr the lateness, my sister came over to play Clash of Heroes with me.  I'll try to take a picture of my lunch table and that magic portal to A wing tomorrow to show you all!!  Tomorrow i' and Friday will be a report on my first week and 4 years of successful comic writing!!  Also, sometimes, i make major spelling errors like yesterday, i put 3003 instead of 2003.  Excuse me,  I try to write fast to dish these out and it doesn't count the single letters or things like that as a problem and sometimes i re read them, but sometimes, i don't feel like it soooooo sorry ^^.  That's it for tonight everyone.   A new poll will be up maybe tonight.  See you all tomorrow!!!  <3