Thursday, December 31, 2015

Adventure with Lea #10: Winter Break and the Year in Review!

    Hello hello my lovelies!  It is almost 2016 and it's been a while since we've had a nice, long post about all the stuff I've been up to!  You see, I like to do recaps of the year, but to be honest, less really happened this year worth talking about until this break!  Last year was pretty eventful though XD  Soooo, let's talk all about my now half-completed winter break, a few other big things that happened this year, and what's to come in 2016! 

    Firstly, a quick look at some of the things that DID happen this year:

  • I turned 19
June and July-
And here we are!

     Now, the break began on the 11th, which also marks approximately one year of being single yet again!  However, being single means more time for streaming amiright?  Now, the biggest things that have happened so far have been mostly pretty good after the aforementioned depression.  I discovered Pippin and I will be moving into the famous land of Ap'rtmant very soon which has brought some conflicting feelings, but overall, I'm excited!  The best part about this is that it means I won't have roommates, a loud dorm building, etc so I can livestream a lot more or at least as frequently.

    Then of course, CHRISTMAAAASSSS!!!!  I won't go over everything I got of course, but the vast majority ws kitchen/house supplies for the apartment including a toaster, some whisks, multicolored knives and spoons, etc.  I also got a few movies and an XBone!!!!!  Yaaaayyy!  The best part about that is it also will function as my DVD/Bluray player in my new house so two in one!  Woot!  Also, my grandparents got me this silly Deathstar Jelly Bean dispenser and I love it.  I have decided all who enter my house must bring a jelly bean offering to this great being.  It's dorky and I love it!  I also got a new, much better editing software and was finally able to upload my BirdKeeperToby "Wants to Battle 2015" Tag video!  Also, you'll notice I FINALLY colored in the Lea reboot outfit for the thumbnail/my profile picture.  I did it painstakingly in MS Paint because my Photoshop trial ran out, so it looks a bit pixely, but it's better than just black and white!

   The day AFTER Christmas, we finally got snow down here!  I recorded a vlog, talking about all the things in my life, snow, and building my first really large, beefy snowman!  I had a really great time filming this video so I hope you guys enjoy a brief tour of my snowy desert backyard in NM.

      The next day, I traveled through the snow all the way to AZ to visit my Nonnie and Uncle Brad and had a pretty awesome time.  I got to try a lot of food, see their new house, and more!  On the last day, we went to the zoo and then departed for home.  One weird thing about where I live is the sheer amount of weird things to stop and see along the road.  One such side track is "The Thing."  All my life, I've driven past huge one of the 247 billboards for "The Thing" and never been, but finally, on the way home, I convinced my mother to stop and we had a quick stroll.  Now, I won't ruin the mystery of The Thing, but if you enjoy a good laugh, silly, kitchy sorts of things, and are in the area, I suggest you take a quick walk.  It's only $1 for adults and was pretty amusing.  I decided to snapchat a bit of that day (but none of the actual The Thing so it keeps the mystery), so here's my story from that day!  Pardon the length of some of the still images!

Now, to end the year off and start the next on right, I'm hosting a livestream tonight starting at about 11p.m. MST and going until about 2:00 a.m. MST!  I hope you can all be there to talk about whatever!  I'll be playing Cave Story+ and of course, talking!  You guys are free to ask anything, talk about stuff, ya know, just have fun!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and will have a great New Year <3

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays, I Come Bearing News!!

   Hello hello my lovely people!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season!  For the first time in a couple years, we haven't had snow yet down here!  Last year, my eldest sister and I built snowmen and had a mini snowball fight at our college, but this year oddly enough, we had rain more recently! 
   Anyway, a lot of stuff is changing on this side of the screen, and so there's a lot to go over!  Let's get right to it!

1.)    The first really big piece of news is that I'm moving!  Not to another country, state, or even town, but just to another house.  In fact, I'm going to live basically next door to my middle sister!  The new place will be a basically mini-apartment built for one with a single bedroom, bathroom, mini-kitchen, and a fair sized living room.  My kitty Pippin, who you've seen in a lot of my videos including the most recent one, is going to come with me!  Bilbo has actually been harassing her to the point that she is constantly scared, so having a whole house and cat thingies to herself will hopefully make her a lot happier.  Also, since I'm moving, most of my Christmas presents were house/kitchen items like spoons, knives, a toaster, etc! 
    What does this mean for you guys?  Well, I won't be moving until we're sure I have internet and all that jazz at the new place, so that's not an issue!  The coolest part about this is that, although this is a big scary experience for me, you guys will get to be there with me!  I'll hopefully be Vlogging more, including a brief tour of my house video.  The best part is that, although I have school, I will surely have at least some downtime, especially later at night.  Now, here at home I usually watch TV with my big sister and don't want to bother the family by streaming, but there I can make dinner whenever and there's no one to bother sooooo.....

2.)  There will be a lot more livestreams!!!  I don't want it to be set in stone, but I'd love to livestream once a week or at least twice a month, every month!  I'm hoping to make my bedroom or living room a bit like a studio and have everything always set up, so streaming is easier!  I also got some money from my grandparents and steam had a pretty awesome sale, so I was FINALLY able to get Binding of Isaac Rebirth+Afterbirth, as well as Cave Story+, which PikaJack asked me to play on stream!  Some livestreams might also just be me cooking like I've done once or twice before and we can learn how to together ^^ 

3.)  On a slightly unrelated note, I've been feeling very conflicted recently due to the giveaway and sale.  What I hoped would spark my readers, viewers, etc to interact with me resulted in the same nothingness as always.  However, unlike before, I had the amazing Bread and Jack to actually participate and show their continued devotion!  These awesome guys have been around since the November...9th?  7th? 24 hour charity stream and have been absolutely awesome!  So while I am really depressed that I'm not booming into popularity or getting the comments, questions, and views I'd love to see, I'm still glad that the people who are loyal are VERY loyal.  This isn't so much news as just something I wanted to say.
       If you are out their audience, I'd love to see you at more livestreams, on twitter, here on the blog, and on YouTube!  Just ask Jack and Bread, I try to answer all comments quickly and really get to know my amazing viewers! 

    Soooooo as far as I can tell, that's about it.  For the TL;DR,
  1. I'm moving to a new apartment for 1
  2. I'll be streaming/making videos more often
  3. I really want you guys to become an active talking community so I can get to know all my viewers and readers :D
 Tomorrow, I have to pack to go to Arizona to visit some family for a few days.  If all goes well, I should either stream sometime in the next week.  At this stream I'll tell you guys all about my Christmas :D   The stream announcements are through twitter, which is now in the handydandy side bar soo you guys can see it!  If not this week, I want to do a late night ridding into the new year stream!  This stream will probably start around 10 or 11 p.m. on Dec 31. and ride into 1 or 2 a.m. Jan 1, 2016!  I'd love to see you all there!  At this stream, I'll probably either do Cave Story or BoI! 

That's all folks!  Have a great rest of Christmas!!!! <3 

Monday, December 21, 2015

And the Winners are...

Bread and Jack!  Only two people actually entered the giveaway, so they both win!  I want to give these guys a huge shoutout.  They are an amazing inspiration for me and have been coming to all my livestreams, having out, and just plain being awesome!  Guys, pm me on twitter and I'll send you your codes today/tomorrow!  Congrats!

Everyone else, go check out these guys on YouTube!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Giveaways, Gifts, and More!

    As you all know, I have been receiving Loot Crates for the past year and opening a lot of them on my YouTube channel.  However, doing so costs money and gets me a lot of items I'm not necessarily thrilled about.  Most of the time, I just give the stuff I don't want to my co-host Jaimi, but even then, I have some left over. 
      First of all, I have a lot of digital codes (I'm not sure if any have expired though...if you know for sure any of these have expired, please tell me in the comments) that I want to hand out!  I have a few sets of digital codes that I want to hand out, however I'm scared they might have expired, so I'll be giving them away to two lucky people!  Here's how this is all going to work.

  1. Everyone who comments (not spam, hate, or random nonsense) on this blog or my YouTube channel between now and 11:59 p.m. MST 12/20/15 will be entered in a RANDOM raffle to win the following download codes:
    • Doctor Who: Legacy App (Game)
    • Defense Grid: The Awakening  (Game)
    • Halo Escalation #1-3 (comic)
    • Ninjak #1  (comic)
    • Digital Mega Man comics (comic)
    • Gauntlet exclusive in-game helm (DLC)
    • Thanatos & Jack the Reaper Skin for Smite (DLC)
  2. There will be two winners contacted at approximately 10:00 a.m. MST 12/21/15 (I'll post when the emails have been sent out here and on twitter) and asked to give a list of their preferences going from 1st to last choice. 
    • I'll try to give both winners their tops choices or at least equal rewards. 
    • If any of the codes have expired, I will provide whoever was awarded the code a custom drawing by me of you/your oc/your favorite character sent to you in the mail! 
      • (If you send me a screenshot showing it's expired)
  3. If the winners do not respond to the email by 10:00 a.m. MST 12/22/15, the raffle will be run again and new winners will be chosen.
    • If only one winner doesn't respond, only one new winner will be chosen and asked to email me a list.
    • They will have until 10:00 a.m. MST 12/23/15 to respond. 
      • Should there be no response by the 23rd, all codes will go to the original winner of the raffle, or if there are no winners who respond, the raffle will be over and the codes will be used elsewhere.
  4. The results will be posted on the blog either the afternoon of 12/22 or 12/23 (depending on #3) and the codes will be sent to the winners via email/personal message at this time.
    • Note: If you do not want your name to appear on the blog, you are welcome to give a nickname, or ask me to just refer to you as Winner 1 or Winner 2 etc. 
   Didn't win the raffle?  No worries!  There are still TONS of items I need to get rid of!  Many items from Loot Crate videos will be put either on my ebay or 99gamers accounts to buy/bid for!  All the money from these items goes towards paying off the new filming equipment and software I've purchased this year as well as Loot Crate (or other boxes?!) for next year!  I'm going to be much more diligent about uploading Loot Crate openings since we have the new format!  Finally, if you don't want any of the items but you still want to support me like an awesome person, I'll include a link to donate to me below!  <3 
    A video about exactly what items are up for sale will be uploaded to Youtube soon!  If you're not already, make sure to follow me on Twitter for updates (or check the sidebar with the new Twitter feed!)  Also, there will most likely be another art stream celebrating Star Wars sometime this week so make sure to check out the twitch link below!

Important Links:






Happy Holidays!  <3

Monday, December 14, 2015

Real Talk About Depression

        Being depressed is the worst thing ever because it's not being "sad."  When you're sad, you can watch things you like or make active decisions to make yourself feel better, but when you're depressed, you can't.  First of all, you can't think of what to do to make you "happy" and even if you can eventually get yourself to watch a video or whatever, there's no guarantee you'll even feel better.   Nothing sounds good or feels worth doing. Then, you question every single life choice you've ever made.  No matter how many times people tell you not to do that, it's hard not to think about everything that's shitty that's going on or has happened or could happen.  This is when you start making crappy decisions and deciding drastically how to live the rest of your life.  Then everything piles on and you start to feel like total crap. 
       Then, there's the hours where everything is nothing.  You're not sad, you're not happy, you're nothing, until the random spout of crying.  Then, you start to think about how everyone else will perceive your sadness and you start to feel guilt because there are billions of people who have more reasons to be sad or depressed than you, so you feel like you shouldn't be sad and the guilt makes it worse.  You feel like you're an even worse person than you decided from all the previous gathering of reasons to hate yourself.  Then of course, everyone wants you to do something to "get out of your depression" but it seems like a personal assault on you and turns into more self loathing.  Then, you want people to know how you feel, you want to tell others, but the truth is, no one wants to hear about it.  Most people label it as a "first world problem" and walk away, or on the other side, people try to "fix" you and make it better, when really you just want people to know you're not feeling good and you don't want to feel worse. 
     I guess that's why I wrote this.  I don't want sympathy or apologies or whatever, I just want to talk about how I feel awful.     

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Undertale Fever

   Alright, I hate to admit it, but after playing Undertale for my 24 hour charity stream, I've become a bit of a fangirl!  As such, I've been uploading highlights of big fights and scenes to my yourtube page, and some fanart to my twitter page!  Here's a master post!

All the Highlights (uploading 1 a day until I'm out of them):

The full livestream: and

The art!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


     Soooo let's recap my weekend!  This weekend I preformed a 24 Hour Livestream to try to raise $300 or more for the UNM Children's Hospital, alongside millions of other gamers across the nation raising money for other hospitals in their areas.  Here's how it went:

  1. I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. Friday morning at the ER with my father for his foot
  2. I slept until 11:00 p.m. 
  3. I spent the next few hours setting up the stream
  4. I finally went "back to sleep" at 4 until 7
  5. I woke up again, stayed up till 9:30, went back to sleep till 10:45, and finished setting up
  6. I began the stream at 12:00 a.m. Saturday 11/7
  7. I played PTD alone for about 5-6 hours, then Played Undertale, then attempted Choice Chamber, and then Minecraft, and finished with an hour of Hearthstone.
  8. I Completed Undertale as Neutral, and true pacifist!
  9. I stayed up the entire 24 hours and ended the stream at exactly 12:00 a.m. Sunday 11/8
  10. I got the following amazing new followers.  Special thanks to:
    1. Crazyfangirl2324
    2. Newgate8
    4. xiiSparklez
    5. TheBreadTeam
      1. Bread even gave me my first ever donation :D
  11. I received a total of 6 donations.  Special thanks to
    1. Susan Ansara
    2. Cat!!!!
    3. Cheryl Howard
    4. The Anons!!!
  12. I raised a total of $125 for UNM!
The entire stream is of course archived on twitch( ) and a few highlights will be put up on youtube!  MOST IMPORTANTLY:  You guys can KEEP DONATING!  You can still help me reach my $300 goal if you donate before Dec 31st!  I will probably do more streams with the donation link, but please, let's help those kids :D

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Livestreaming for Charity!

I am live starting now until Sunday at 12:00 a.m. MST raising money for the Extra Life Charity!!  Join me! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tentative plan

Here's my basic outline for Saturday!!!  If you have any ideas/challenges, feel free to message me!  Don't forget to donate!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Me+Free=Charity Extra Life Part 2

Alright everyone here we go!  Here's my facebook page for the event where you can vote on games you want to see, start donating, and more!  Remember, all proceeds go to the children's hospital!  I'm going to TRY to livestream for 24 hours if I can manage it ;-;  Please join me so I'm not lonely ;-;

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Top 10 Ghost Type Pokemon & Halloween Master Post

       Let's get spoopy!  Hello everyone and welcome to Halloween time!  As many of you know, Halloween is either my favorite or second favorite Holiday!  Since the creation of my comic, Halloween has been a huge deal and here on the blog, it inspired me to do a lot of posts!  In fact, by the end of this week I want to post a master post of all the Halloween Me+Free comics!  I just read one of my Halloween posts from 2013 (Linked Below) and realized a lot has changed over the years.  Last year, my sister was married on Halloween day, but even that didn't stop me from writing about Oogie Boogie (link below) for this awesome holiday!  This year, I want some suggestions on what to do so check that out here!

        First of all, my anxiety is better but of course, not fixed.  I've watched hundreds of horror games FIRST TIME EVER very soon!!  I like to think I've come a long way from that girl who used to cry at the first sign of a ghost story, but of course I still hate looking in mirrors, driving in the dark, going into my own grandmother's house at night, and so forth.  Overall, my biggest fear is ghosts....
, know every theory on Five Nights and Freddy's and Until Dawn, and I'm getting ready to watch Alien and Jaws for the

Soooooooooo let's talk about my Top 10 Favorite Ghost Type Pokémon!  There are, sadly, not a lost of the illusive ghost type Pokémon, although there are definitely more than there were when I was a kid!  Just like how for Christmas in 2013 I did a list of my Top 10 Favorite Ice Types, let's get into my favorite spooky ghosts!   

Trainer made with and Background from

10.  Trevenant -
      First off is one of the newest Pokémon, Trevenant.  Although I'm not a huge fan of X&Y, I love Trevenant's design and depressing backstory.  Phantumps are the ghosts of deceased children inside stumps, meaning Trevenants are the souls of children that have been trained through battle to evolve.  Furthermore, it's Pokedex entry says "It will trap people who harm the forest, so they can never leave."  Sooooo it's a murderer!  Awesome...  I like to think of Tevenant as the scarier version of a Sudowoodo and I love it!  Of course, I haven't used them much in the games.

9.  Giratina -
      Upon release, Pokémon Platinum was one of my favorite games of the time.  Upholding the tradition of a third legendary, Giratina was a very interesting and in my opinion, under utilized Pokémon.  Although he did get his own movie, I'd love to see more of the reverse world that Giratina lived in.  I also love Giratina's unique design--so much so that I have the pre-order exclusive Giratina figurine on display in my room!  Fearsome but intriguing, I absolutely love Giratina with all it's mystery!

8.  Duskull -
      Duskull is the cutest of its evolutionary line, and a classic ghost.  As a kid, I hated the Duskull line because of how creepy they are, but recently, I've developed a love for the little guy.  Although his Alpha Sapphire Pokedex entry states "Duskull wanders lost among the deep darkness of midnight. There is an oft-told admonishment given to misbehaving children that this Pokémon will spirit away bad children who earn scoldings from their mothers."  Duskull is definitely not the only horrifying Pokemon to whisk away bad kids.  Duskinoir is basically the grim reaper of the Pokemon universe!  However, I somehow still adore this sweet little guy.  In my current Alpha Sapphire game, I have a lovely lady named Noir that I evolved into a Duskclops!  This is her!

7.  Pumkaboo -
      I have heard a lot of hate for Pumpkaboo, but I think they are absolutely adorable!  One of my favorite Pokemon of gen 6, Pumpkaboo is a cute and perfectly Halloween themed Pokemon!  It's also really weird and interesting that it has different sizes, just like picking Pumpkins from a pumpkin patch!  It's also less spooky then many other ghost types, carrying "wandering spirits to the place where they belong so they can move on."  So it's a sweet little mediator!  How cute ;-;

6.  Misdreavus -
      At first glance, Misdreavus is just a pretty and cute Pokemon.  However, this little guy "frightens people with a creepy, sobbing cry. The Pokémon apparently uses its red spheres to absorb the fearful feelings of foes and turn them into nutrition."  What the hell.  I personally really like the feminine looking Pokemon like it and Gardeviour, but apparently I should have been staying away from these ghosty jerks!  Currently, I have the lovely Ms. Dreavus and how could a face this cute be evil?!?

5.  Spiritomb -  
      Spiritomb is a really cool looking pokemon I've always really liked!  I love the simple stone at the bottom and the shiny blue version is gorgeous!  This is another Pokemon I'd love to see more exploration into.  The Pokedex states "it was bound to a fissure in an odd keystone as punishment for misdeeds 500 years ago" but I want to know what those misdeeds are!  A simple but awesome design.  Here's my sweet Sabrina!

4.  Litwick -  
      A lot of people hate the Pokemon based on objects and I have to be honest, Pokemon like Vanilluxe grind my Klinglangs, but little Litwick is just too cute.  Litwick has to be one of the most adorabley simple Pokemon out there and I absolutely adore it.  Keeping with the creepyness of all these ghosts, Litwick "absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns."  Why do the cutest Pokemon have to be so scary!?

3.  Banette/Mega Banette -
      It was hard to chose between Shuppet and it's evolution, Banette, but I eventually picked Banette for it's style alone.  First of all, Shuppet is just absolutely adorable, but Banette is terrifying.  As a kid, I never caught one because I hated how scary they are and the fact that they're basically voodoo dolls.  However, now I have the adorable powerhouse, Shwoop.  Also, I'm not a big fan of mega evolutions, but Mega Banette may be my absolute favorite!  I think it's a perfect extension of how cool and spooky banette already is!  They say Banettes are toys tossed aside by their owners, so I hope I have been able to provide a happy home to mine so it won't seek vengeance on me!  The Pokedex also say "A cursed energy permeated the stuffing of a discarded and forgotten plush doll, giving it new life as Banette. The Pokémon's energy would escape if it were to ever open its mouth."  Wait......wait in Pokemon Amie....OH MY GOD!!!

2.  Haunter  -
      Chances are when you think Ghost Type, you think of one of the Gastly line Pokemon.  Not only were they the first, but they have that simple, iconic ghost design.  Personally, I think Haunter is the scariest and coolest design of the set.  Haunter looks like a ghost and is just the right level of creepy.  I mean, look at the original sprite!  I kind of wish they kept the original horrifying version of Haunter!  Of course, Haunter is scary as all hell because "if licked, its victim starts shaking constantly until death eventually comes."  Lovely. 


Honorable Mention:  Marowak -
      Ok ok, Technically, Marowak is not a ghost type, but arguably the most iconic ghost in the Pokémon games other than the recent human ghosts like those in the Old Chateau, Phoebe's room, the Marvelous Bridge, and Lumiose city, is the ghost of the mother Marowak.  Back in Pokémon Red and Blue at the haunting Lavender Town Pokémon Tower, young innocent kids encountered not only annoying music, but a mysterious ghost blocking our path to the top.  That ghost was the soul of a Marowak murdered by Team Rocket and operated like a sort of mini boss.  In the Pokémon Origins anime, this ghost gets a heart retching goodbye with it's little baby Cubone before passing on.  How could I leave this iconic ghost off this list?! 


1.  Sabeleye - 
      Sabeleye is creepy.  Sabeleye is cute.  Sabeleye is one of my favorite Pokemon in general!   In my first Gen 3 playthrough, I met a gorgeous Sabeleye and it stayed on my team almost all the way through the game.  Although this go around, my sweet new Sible isn't accompanying me everywhere, she is still one of my favorites.  For some reason, Sabeleye's design just struck me as special and unique, perhaps because of their stunning gemstone eyes and that sort of curious look.  It also sort of reminds me of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, an underrated Disney movie.
      I'm not into statistics or competitive play, but I would swear up and down that Sabeleye is a beast on the battle field, or maybe that's just mine.  I also don't hate the Mega Evolution of Sabeleye, as it keeps what makes Sabeleye cool.  I think it would have been a little cooler if the gemstone it had and its eyes were green instead to nod at Emerald, but Ruby is probably more menacing.  I sort of wish Sabeleye had a real evolution, but I have no idea what they could do aesthetically to the little guy, and even the fan art doesn't seem like the right step for this little guy.  Overall, Sableyes always have a very special, spooky place in my heart!  That or it stole my spirit like it's said to do....Meh!

Still not in the Halloween spirit?  Try some of my other Halloweeny or spooky posts!  More soon to come!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

UPDATED! Super Smash Bros. Tournament!

    Hey guys, today I'm competing in a local SSB4 tournament!  I'm going to either be streaming or hosting the people streaming the match on my twitch page starting at 6 MST ish!

UPDATE 10/25/15 5:30:  Hey guys!  I absolutely lost the contest XD  but, I still made this little thumbnail!  Hope you guys like it ^^

Friday, October 23, 2015

Me+Free+Charity = Extra Life!

       Hey everyone!!  Some of you may have heard of the "Extra Life" event where gamers play games to raise money for charity!  In honor of this, my eSports team and one of the fraternities on campus are getting together to try and raise as much as we can for the UNM Children's Hospital!  I'm not 100% sure what the plans for the group are, but either way I'd like to try to do as close to a 24 Hour Livestream to raise money as I can!

The event is all day November 7th, but you can start donating now!! 
"Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids." 
You guys can find out more and start donating here:

I will either be streaming or hosting the group's stream on my page

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Me+Free Halloween

   Hey guys, obviously Halloween is well on its way!  I always try to make Halloween special for Me+Free.  This year, I've really been lacking on the comic and so I want to do a nice special!  In the real world, this year I'm dressing as a college Hufflepuff with all my clothes so I was contemplating doing that as well in the comic with Z as the Gryffindor he is, with Pippin and Pablo as their  Pa...anyway!

If you guys have any cool ideas for what they should dress as, give me some ideas in the comments!  I also like to have everyone in the house themed the same, so if you have a big ensemble idea, that works too! 

For example, here's the 2012 special.  In 2013, I did a video game special with Lea and Z as Link and Zelda (respectively ^^), and 2014 I did a Wicked themed one with Lea and Z as Elphaba and Fiyero!  If I get a lot of suggestions, I might do a drawing Livestream!!!!!!!!  To see some other themes I've already done (including Nightmare before Christmas), check here! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Beginner’s Guide to XSplit Broadcaster and Streaming on (Windows 10)

   Hey guys!  You've probably noticed my absence, and in large part, it's due to this project.  I'm sure the circumstances around this past few weeks will end up in a Rant Time when I've cooled down about it enough, but for now, here's my guide to streaming!  I hope to livestream this weekend if I can contact Toshiba about my headset not working.  If any of you know why my Plantronics microphone isn't working, please shoot me an email!  <3

Friday, October 9, 2015

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Mini-Review

   Hey guys, school has been crazy busy!  Plus, when I'm not doing school/working, I'm on the eSports team and playing Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer!  I've been pretty darn booked, but I still remember you guys!! I can't stream today because of my mic, but I'll see what I can do.  In the meantime... 

Mini Review!!!!!

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (3DS)

You are a new employee at Nook's Homes (a totally missed opportunity to call it Nook's Nooks or Nook's Crannies) and your job is to design the homes and facilities in your area!

All these pictures are mine ^^
Movement is done with the circle pad, the camera uses the d-pad, the shoulder buttons take pictures, and everything else is on the gamepad!  You can pick, rotate, and place furniture with the stylus!  Also, by using Play Coins (gained by walking around) you can learn to change the color of furniture, change the house's layout (including adding extra rooms), and more!  It's a nice way to spend those Play Coins I get walking on campus.  The majority of the game consists of making themed houses for different residents, but you can also work on the school, hospital, and other buildings in town! 
         The big gimmick is using "Amiibo cards" to design the houses of particular characters.  At the moment there are 100 cards, each sold in packs of 6 for $6 with one free inside your game when you buy it.  Unless you have a New 3DS, you'll need a card reader, which normally goes for $20, but can be bought in a bundle with the game for $50 total which is half price and not bad!  I was super hoping for and got Redd!!  Yaaaaay!!! 

        Also, you can upload your creations online for others to see!  Below, I'll have some of my QR codes for you guys to visit!! 
        However, this all means it's very different than the other Animal Crossing games and I was a little sad that I don't even get my own home to decorate!  If you like the "do what you want, fish, make and spend bells" aspect of the other games, this might not be for you.  However, I've found this game very therapeutic and a very nice game to play in short bursts between classes or before bed.  It also feels a lot more like the Sims in that you have a lot of items to use, but you have no budget and no people to control that will inevitably die trying to make dinner.

The music is great and classic Animal Crossing.  It has a very peppy and happy mood the whole time and is worth playing with it on!  The sound effects are a nice satisfying "plop" and everytime you type, there's that cute little voice narrating the letters.  Each character has a distinct voice and mannerism and they're just wonderful <3

It's Animal Crossing.  It looks like Animal Crossing.  This time around, you do get to pick your hair, skin color, and eyes.  You can only change your pants and accessories, not your shirt because you are always in uniform.  A lot of the furniture goes well together and you can make very cool, stylized rooms.  However, some of the furniture and stuff is a little too out there for my taste, but I try to make the rooms fit what the customer wants, not my personal preferences. 

The game is a very nice, slow paced experience.  I am a bit sad that you can't walk around randomly outside the town even though it makes sense from a technical stand point, and I wish there was a grading system.  I understand they didn't want the game to be hard or stressful, but it would be nice to get rankings or grades.  Other than that, it's a nice, simple game I like to play to relax.  I recommend it to anyone who likes designing and being crazy creative!  Have fun with it!  <3

Here are some of my homes!  If you have the game, use the QR codes!!  

Some other Home codes:  (Some might be repeats sorry)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

You Know You're A College Student When...

You order a half price pizza and cheese sticks on your laptop named Zelda to be delivered between your class and your lab while in CS class wearing a Hufflepuff sweater over a dress, drinking a vending machine coke and eating a vending machine snickers bar for breakfast/lunch.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Missed it?

  Hey guys! Missed my stream?  No worries!  The best parts are put up here in the youtube playlist!   Also, I'm beginning a Lea Plays: Pokemon Tower Defense series!  I'm doing it through streaming so anyone is welcome to join and alk to me!  I have the first two videos up HERE so givem a watch and join me this Friday to meet my new Laptop,Zelda, and continue the adventure!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fundraising Live Stream!

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'll be streaming for quite a while to try and raise a few dollars to help buy new laptop! Join me at any point in the stream! :D  I can't guarantee it'll be an uninterrupted stream or how long it will be, but here is my tentative plan!

11:00-11:30   Set-up, introductions, hellos, AMA
11:30-12:00   151 Pokemon Challenge
12:00-2:00     MineZ or Minecraft Hunger Games...
2:00-3:30       Minecraft Minigames! (Ghostcraft, Minesweeper, Smash Bros, etc.)
5:00-7:00       Hearthstone?!

This is a tentative schedule and please take the poll on the facebook page or this one here and leave comments on what you want to see! I hope to see you all there! <3 <3

(Also, as I play multiplayer games, I will always have the server name on screen for ANYONE to join)

Monday, September 14, 2015

My Laptop Is Breaking :(

     Bad news everyone, my computer is breaking!  My laptop is my only computer and the screen is about to snap off, so I can't even close it.  I'm going to have to buy a new one, so I definitely won't be buying any new streaming or filming equipment because I have to save up for a laptop ;-;
    At some point in the next few weeks, I'd like to do a fundraising stream to maybe help raise some money to get a laptop better than this one.  With luck, we can get a new laptop with better processing power so there'll be less lag on my streams, better quality footage, and better streaming and videos all around!  People who donate will be added to my list of thanks and I will love you eternally!  Also, if you guys know of any good laptops <$500 or $400, preferably windows and not a tablet/touch screen, please leave a suggestion either in the comments or in the donation comment box!  Thank you all so much for being there everyday!  I love you all!  New posts on the way, I promise!  <3

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nuka Cola Confirmed

My coke expires in 3015....I'm prepared for the apocalypse, are you?!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Great News!

   Hey everyone!  So, College is definitely going to be tough, what with the 17 hours and homework, buuuut, I have some good news!
  1. I am working on my first ever Video Game review VIDEO!  
  2. I have a new Rant Time in the works!
  3. And most excitingly, I WILL BE STREAMING AGAIN!!!!
What will be new?
     Many of you probably know that I stopped streaming due to a ridiculous wave of spammers in my chat that I had no way to stop, but I now have Nightbot as my moderator! As such, I will have some nifty Nightbot commands my users can use, a nicer chat, and a more fun experience.  I will also have more stuff going on LIIIIKE
  • Notifications when someone follows or donates!
    • These notifications will allow me to quickly thank everyone who helps out the channel and allow everyone to know that we have an awesome new person in the chat who should get all the love for their help!
  • Polls on what you guys want me to be playing!
  • Less having to moderate the chat means more focused and fun game playing!
    • Nightbot will have some built in special commands aswell so I can quickly and easily give someone links to my blog, twitter, donation link, and more!
  • If my donation goals are met, then hopefully I will get some game capture devices for consoles, meaning stuff like Splatoon, Smash Bros, Spelunky, and so much more!!!! 
  • Highlights from my streams will be uploaded to my Youtube channel, so if you miss it and something awesome happens, you still get to see it!!!
    So, big stuff is coming along!!!  Hope you guys are as excited as I am!  See you very very soon!!! <3

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day Back!

   So, it's the first day back to school for the semester ;-;  I am dreading it because I'm taking a whopping 17 hours this semester, as well as having my first ever job--teaching water aerobics to old ladies at 7:45 a.m.  BUT!  Do not despair everyone.  I am actually back from my Hiatus and working on a very long, special post that I would like to finish this weekend and have up by next week!  I hope everyone is doing well and break a leg to all you students!!  <3 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fallout Shelter


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Opening Ancient Origins, Showing My Whole Collection, and What's Up With Lea #2!

I talk a bit about what I've been up to, tell you my thoughts on the Splatoon final boss, introduce you to my new fishies, open 3 of the brand new Pokémon Ancient Origins packs, show my ENTIRE Pokémon card collection and a bit of my comic, and mooooore!!!
Any donations are appreciated here
Check out my twitter;
Splatoon Final Boss Fight

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top 10 Generation 2 Pokemon!!!

   While searching on Etsy for some cool Mew and Umbreon merchandise, I was inspired to think about what other Pokémon merch I wanted, and thus, what my favorite Pokémon are, and as such, I also decided to FINALLY do my top 10 Pokémon of the Generation that began it all for me, Generation 2-Gold, Silver, and Crystal.  To get all caught up, my Top 10 Pokemon of Generation One are here, so give those a look!  In retrospect, I'd move Rapidash up a slot.  Anyway, here we goooooooo!

       Celebi is just plain cute!  I've always adored the cute little green fairy-like Pokémon.  Celebi was especially sweet and a lot like Mew from the first generation.  I also remember watching the special movie about Celebi and omygawdsocute. However, I don't think I ever actually caught one in the Generation 2 games....but I do have one in Diamond!

   Corsola is one of many Pokémon I actually thought originated in Generation 3, because that's where I used it more, but I was surprised to find that it's older than I remember!  I've always loved Corsola's adorable pink exterior and happy face.  I also recall the one in the Anime being beyond cute!  This Pokémon is definitely on here with looks alone.  Not to mention, looking at a Corsola again after all these years just makes me feel happy!  I even found out I have a whole Corsola family in Diamond!

      Bellosome was, for one reason or another, one of my favorite pokemon growing up.  I adored the little flowers on their heads and the cute little hula-esque dance they did.  At any chance, I would have this cutie as my grass type.  I think my love of them was only increased by their short cameo in some of the shorts before the Pokémon movies.
   Following the trend of Corsola, I mainly used Magcargo in Gen 3 and onward.  I always loved their design and for some reason they just clicked with me in the perfect way.  Although I think Slugma is really cute, Magcargo has to take this slot instead.  There was something about the little flame coming from his shell that just multiplied his coolness by 10000.  I also really loved a lot of the TCG cards featuring Slugma and Macargo because they were usually super cool!!  Sadly, I'm not sure what happened to my old Magcargo ;-;
    Most of the time, I consider myself a Fire-type trainer, preferring to start with the fire starter and always lusting after Pokémon like Rapidash and Magcargo, and as a kid, my first ever Pokémon was Cyndaquill, However, when the Gen 2 remakes came around, I decided to go with the something a little different.  I chose Leaf, my Chikorita.  I always have thought Chikorita's design, while simple, is beyond cute.  There's something about that big derpy leaf and smiling face that has always made me adore it!  Even though the evolutions are cool, Chikorita will always be my favorite.
      Look deep into the eyes of Wooper, He Who Gives No Sh**s.  Look at this derp and tell me honestly that he is not just the most pathetic, adorable creature you've ever seen.  They never DON'T look like this and I mean come on!  They also evolve to be Water/Ground which is nifty, while keeping their fantastic face.  I have so many Woopers on each of my game cartridges, I may as well have a Wooper farm!   

        While I do love Chikoritas as previously mentioned, I have to give this slot to my first ever Pokémon, Cyndaquill.  I picked Cyndaquill based on many things--that cute sleepy look, the fire typing and design, and the cute little name.  When I first got Crystal, I didn't have the internet to just Google what its evolutions would look like, in fact I didn't even know what an Evolution was.  I picked Cyndaquill on gut instinct and he showed me the way into a world I never, ever want to leave.  This post is in the memory of all my Pokemon on Crystal that were deleted by the death of the internal battery, but Cynadquill will always live on in my heart <3
       Now, we've reached the top three and boy was it hard to pick who got the third and second slot.  However, I think number 3 will have to go to........
    Suicune was the first Pokémon I ever saw, gracing the cover of Pokémon Crystal.  The majestic beauty soon became not only my favorite of the legendary dog trio, but one of my favorite Pokémon ever.  Suicune's gorgeous design has always been on of my favorites, feeling unique and perfectly fitting its typing.  I have always wanted to meet this majestic beauty, so call me Eusine II!

     As I said before, I love Fire types.  Houndoom was a natural favorite.  Actually, if you had asked me to make this list 10 years ago, Houndoom would be for sure at the top.  As I played at recess with Nick and the boys, I would pretend to have a pet Houndoom that followed me like Ash's Pikachu.  I don't even think I caught one, but I did circle it in my old book!  At the time, Houndoom was the edgiest, coolest looking Pokémon around!  I absolutely love it's necklace like neck piece, devilish tail and horns, and overall badassery.  Sadly, I think I sort of forgot about this beauty for a few years, and so a new Pokémon took over my number one spot!!
        You all should have known this was coming!!!  I don't know when or how, but I fell in love with UMBREON.  The reason I love Umbreon these days is more because I have begun to associate it with the character Z from my comics.  But apparently, in the aforementioned book, I even liked it back then because it reminded me of my dog, Pliget.  Since then, Umbreon has just sort of magically taken over my idea of Pokémon.  I already bought an Umbreon plush that's always on my bed, and I've been looking to buy something like this if I ever got money ;-;  Umbreon, for one reason or another, always makes me feel happy inside.  I also love the mechanic used for Umbreon and Espeon (which I also love but left off this list) of having to increase their friendship with you, meaning I felt emotionally invested in them too!  In every game since at least Gen 4, I've had an Umbreon on my team as long as possible!!  Recently, they've all been named Z or Zumbreon!  I know they're not the best fighters, and usually he just sits back and hangs out in my party, but he's always right by my side!
       So, that's my story, but what about you?!  What's your favorite Generation two Pokémon?  And, off to the right, there's a poll about your favorite Type!  Mine's probably still fire to be honest!
Honorable Mentions to all he Pokémon I circled as a kid that didn't make this list!
  1. Politoed
  2. Jumpluff
  3. Aipom (which I hate these days)
  4. Sunflora
  5. Slowking
  6. Girafarig
  7. Forretress
  8. Dunsp---.....seriously younger me?!?  DUNSPARCE?!?!
  9. Gligar
  10. Steelix
  11. Qwilfish
  12. Scizor (which almost made the list)
  13. Shuckle
  14. Sneasle
  15. Octillery.....
  16. Deli....Deibird.....
  18. Kingdra (which apparently, all 3 of us wanted)
  19. Porygon2
  20. Smeargle
  21. Hitmontop
  22. Miltank
  23. Blissey
  24. Tyranitar (which barely missed this list)
  25. Lugia
  26. Ho-Oh