Hey everyone!  I write a stick figure comic known as Me+Free following the adventure of Lea (me in a few years) and her friends through a very interesting phenomena.  Lea constantly sees boxes with FREE written on them and can't help herself!  Since this basic premise, the story has turned into a romance, adventure, and crazy comic with around 400 pages drawn only during school/summer camp hours on wide ruled paper (except the originals which were on college ruled).
    Technically, everything you read here is a spoiler because this comic will one day be up online in it's entirety.  Here though, you guys get exclusive looks at my thoughts behind the characters, concept art others wont get to see for perhaps a year or more, and various other pieces of "art" if it can even be called that, that I have drawn.  Lea's bio explains a bit more about HOW the comic was started, so please, check it out!!
Concept art:
Lea's Diary:
Random/Other characters:
Other Characters: