Sunday, August 25, 2013

A portaly post

    Hiiiii there......looks like i lost track of time!  Today was pretty plain.  I just realized i forgot to do the X and Y post but i needed some rest.  I'm trying to get some homework done and i got to see my sister today so we played some Castle Crashers.  We got some excellent Cattle Baron for lunch and then i decided to replay Portal.  In case you haven't guessed, i'm a huge Portal fan.  I've played the second one twice and this is my second time playing the first.  I'm not the type to finish video games and in fact, the only games i've ever replayed all the way to the end again are Clash of Heroes, Castle Crashers, a Spongebob game for the Gameboy Advanced that i love, and Portal 2 as far as i can remember.  There might be more buuutttt not off the top of my head.  So that should give you a taste of how much i love these games.  Anyway, i'll try to put up the X and Y post at some point perhaps when i'm less busy and tired, maybe on labor day?  We'll see.  For now, check back on some of your favorite posts like the Spe----special ones to hold you over for a while.  Maybe one day soon i'll post a picture of my Chell cosplay for you guys!!  Also, to you Portal fans, in case you haven't already, you really need to read Lab Rat, the official comic about the Rat Man and the link between Portals 1 and 2.  It's art is really interesting and the story is great.  After that, definitely check out the video below to learn the Companion Cube's dark secret!!  I have no idea why this turned portal-y, but i hope you guys enjoyed it!  Vote, share, comment, all that good stuff and i'll talk to you tomorrow!  

UPDATE:  (9:08)  Uh....just realized i forgot the it is guys sorry!!!!