Friday, January 31, 2014

Being a Secret Admirer

    Having and/or being a secret admirer is like being trapped in the midst of an ocean, seeing a small object on the horizon, not being able to tell if it's a ship or just a rock.  I find myself in this sea.  Valentine's day is the worst time to be here.  It's as if there are hundreds of tiny rafts for two, floating along, mocking you as you try to swim to the horizon.  Even worse is when giant cruise liners made just for one couple spead past you, laughing. The thing you fear most is that the object is simply a rock from atop which you can watch the rafts go by.

   Ah, Valentine's day, a very strange holiday fueled on raging teenage hormones and horrible, overpriced chocolate.  I've been through many stages on that most odd of days, so let's start there:

     Elementary school is the best place to be on February 14th.  Each kid had a special goodie bag, specially decorated with your name.  Everyone had to bring Valentine's for each person in the class, no discrimination, so everyone felt appreciated and loved.  The best part was impressing people with your holographic cards or your special candies you gave in tiny, heart covered bags.  I would get two sets of valentine's, ones for the boys and I and one for the girls.  Generally I had Star Wars, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh Valentine's for Nick, John, Joey, etc. and Princess or Hello Kitty designs for Seattle and the other girls in the class because many of them were nearly appalled by my tomboy-ness.  Elementary school, specifically K-2 were the best years of Valentine's bliss.  The next few years began to lose that "everyone" factor the first few had, perhaps to save money and time.  Some classes didn't even have parties!  I do remember that 4th grade I got my first real Valentine's gift from a boy--a stuffed dog.  The truth is, that is all I remember of Valentine's 4-5 grade.
Also, whatever kid brought in Fun-Dip was a God among men. 

     Then came middle school.  Oh lord, middle school.  As you all know, it was a very hard time for me, being bullied and trying to find my identity.  By then, most people were really beginning to date.  Parties were a thing of the past since there was real work to be done.  You only gave Valentine's to your closest of friends, in my case, Joellen.  I did have a wonderful boy with me one Valentine's but for the life of me can't remember anything but the gift he gave me.  We might have gone to a movie or dinner?  I don't remember.  Sorry!

     Now, there is Hell.  High School is when Valentine's becomes a partisan holiday.  People divide into 3 groups:  Those in a relationship, those who are single with lots of friends and are happy anyway, and me--the lonely singles.  In High School, people stop giving to friends and focus on their loved ones.  I'll admit, for the first two years I was the angry cynical type, saying Valentine's was a dumb commercial holiday made solely to make me feel worse; constantly having to confront couples engulfing each other's faces and girls walking through the halls with giant bouquets and stuffed animals can do that to a girl.  The worst part of Valentine's is me.  You see, when I find someone I like, I essentially latch onto them, it becomes extremely hard for me to look at anyone else and I fall hopelessly like a girl in a romantic comedy; however, unlike a romantic comedy, I never get the guy.  Sophomore year was crippling--I fell for a guy who turned out to be a horrible person who's friends sent me threatening texts when they found out I had a crush on him.  If you couldn't guess, this turned me off dating for a while.  Instead, my parents bought me roses and a balloon to take to school just to feel better about myself.  My parents have always been my biggest fans on the heart day.
Nectar of the gods
      Instead, Junior year I gave Portal and Pokemon themed Valentine's to all my friends at my lunch table and bought cheap message hearts (a festive favorite) and played videogames by myself.  It was odd, but the idea of Z was actually able to help me since I was so focused on my comic fantasy.  I'll probably post last year's Valentine's special later!  This year though, I have to constantly listen to the mean girl in my theater class brag about having a boyfriend for 2 years, ridiculing me for never having had a first kiss, and all that other awful stuff. The worst part is, I again find myself in the sea of secret admirers.  I have found a guy I like here at my school.  Ironically, I was writing this in the same room as him this morning and kept glancing around to make sure he wasn't able to read my screen.  The worst part:  he has a girlfriend.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than swimming all the way to the horizon, only to find a rock and then see the very ship you wanted it to be sailing away.

     I know there are also a lot of you like I used to be, hating the holiday because you have to watch each friend get gifts.  This year, tying doing a date with your friends!  Go to a movie with the girls or the guys!  Have a game night for a group, no couples invited!  Give derpy internet Valentine's to everyone!  Don't let this get you down.  Valentine's really is over-inflated.  Just pop by the grocery store on the 15th and reap the discounted benefits!  Don't think this year I'll be moping about!  On Valentine's I'll post my 10 Tips to Surviving Valentine's!  This is basically a little prelude!

     Sorry for the HUGE dose of sappyness!  I hope you all enjoy my longer posts though.  I have a long practice tomorrow for Beauty and the Beast, but hopefully, I'll get that Clash of Heroes video up and maybe another one soon.  We'll shoot for at least 1 video every 2 weeks?  We'll see! Have a great day!  <3

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beauty and the Beast and Clash of Heroes

    Hello everyone!  I'm back from my weekend journey to see Beauty and the Beast!  It was a really great show although some of the choices they took with the Beast were...odd.  Over all I loved it and I even got shirts!  The trip itself was actually kind of stressful but fun.  In one night i had 13oz of steak (the best i've ever had), half a Creme Brulee', half a Chocolate Bombe, and half of the fantastic union strings we order (this coming from a girl who normally eats 6-8oz. of steak and some mashed potatoes and is done).  I can't remember the name of the Chophouse we went to but O lord was it delicious.  Marcello's?  Something like that. 11/10.
     On another note, Friday i decided to set up a surprise for you all!  Recently, I've seen a renewed interest in my Clash of Heroes review.  I really love the game and even at one point made a rudimentary video of me playing it and explaining the core elements.  The first video was shot on a horrible webcam and was just...awful.  Soooo on Friday, i decided to restart!  I opened up a brand new file and started playing!  Using my HD camera on a tripod, I had to make do with what I had but it looks and sounds MUCH better than the Webcam.  I recorded 2 videos: the first being about 15 minutes and showing the prologue, and the next being about 25 minutes and starting the adventure.  I also recorded a few rounds of Spelunky!  These videos still need to be edited and uploaded, but they will be very soon!  The first video is actually all ready!  I will be uploading it to Youtube (hopefully) tonight if Youtube cooperates.  You guys will have to excuse how awkward I am during these first few videos, seeing as I have never done Let's Plays.  I will need your comments about the game audio, how loud/much I speak, and how it looks.  If there is anything I can do to get a better video, I will!  Also, you guys are welcome to submit topics for me to talk about!  You can comment here on the blog, on the videos themselves, or send me a private email here.   There's also a submission box on the right hand side you can use!
     Now, Youtube is having some trouble with copyright recently, causing a lot of my favorite youtubers to flee to other sites.  If I do have something go wrong with copyright, my stuff will all be moved to Photobucket!  There are links to both my Youtube and Photobucket channels as well as individual videos here.
    That's it for me today guys.  Once I get home from costume fittings tonight, I'll start getting that video up (hopefully). I do have a lot of homework, so these videos will be spastic.  If we're lucky, I'll do a 15-20 minute video a week and get them up sometime after recording them.  I do have to edit the videos together because my camera only records about 10 minutes at a time :(.  Anyway, see you all very soon with more fun stuff!!!                

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pokemon and Me Part 3: Georgia and Seth (4-5)

Four months and much anticipation later, I present to you, Pokemon and Me Part 3!  Read parts 1 here and 2 here first though!


When I heard my school threatening to implement a uniform and disbanding the “country-school” program in which you had the same teacher all 3 years, I became sad.  Not to mention, Nick was long gone.  My family also had to move out so my sister could have our house to attend college and so we relocated.  We moved to the other side of town and I moved to a new elementary school for 4th and 5th grade.  The thing I remember most is my best of friends, Seth.  I remember when we first met, he showed me around the school and helped me figure stuff out, just like Nick had at my other school.  He directed me to the Library where I would meet the most epic of all librarians who still attends all of my plays  I instantly latched onto Seth.  It turned out he was also an avid Pokemon lover!  I remember we would play together at recess every day and we became instant friends; we would go to movies together, go to each other’s houses, and even go shopping and stuff together.  You could even say…(if you consider elementary school to count) that we dated.    Why is this important?  Because to this day, Seth is one of my very best friends and I wouldn’t be who I am without him and the best part is, we met because of Pokemon.    
    When he came over, we would often play Pokemon together either on our SPs, out loud as a little LARP, or on the Wii as we got older!    I remember we both had a certain affinity for Treeco.  Seth also introduced me to consoles with his Play Station (2 I think?), without which I never would have bought an Xbox and therefore never would have played the game that made me popular!  He broke in my Wii with me, playing Twilight Princess to near completion.  I would make the popcorn and help solve puzzles and Seth would play until we got stuck and had to use Zelda Dungeon to move on. 
Pokemon made me be social and really talk to people, which in return, made me meet one of the greatest people of all time who, even though we go to other schools and are busy, has the time to come give me a hug on Halloween.  He might not know it, but those little moments truly light up my life and make me extremely happy. Seth, if you’re reading all this sappy stuff………


As I was saying!  Pokemon!  At the same time, Pokemon made me a better person in a different way.  5th grade brought about the wonderful Gen IV, the first slew of Pokemon games on two glorious screens.  Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released right before the summer of 5th grade on April 22nd, 2007 here in the states.  I can’t remember if I bought the DS just for it, or if I had already had one, but Diamond was amazing.  Pokemon with new features, new graphics, new Pokemon!  Gen 4 introduced 107 Pokemon, bringing the total to 493, not to mention new Pokeballs, moves, abilities, and the first Global Trade feature!  It really is one of my favorite generations behind Gen 3.  Well, since I was in either K or 1st grade, I had acted at a children’s theater troop at the University  and during this time, I was still participating.  One day, I was happily sitting with a few of my friends, when I noticed a girl with a Mewtwo dangle on her flip-phone.  I myself didn't have a cellphone until 7th grade, so this girl to me seemed like the coolest person on the planet.  Up until that very moment, I had no idea that other girls liked Pokemon like I did!  I worked up the courage and, after the class as we waited to be picked up, I said “Is that Mewtwo?”
   This girl is named Georgia.  Georgia and I have possibly the most amazing relationship ever.  She and I acted together for 1 or 2 years together until she told me she wouldn't be able to.  I asked her why and found out she had family in Italy and was moving there for a year.  Whereas this would have been the end of my relationship to any other person, my bond to Georgia actually strengthened while she was in Italy as she would still talk to me through email and stuff.  When she returned, she even bought me a little boat from Elba which I still keep on my shelf (which I'll add a picture of this afternoon!).  Before she left for her big fancy college, (good job on getting accept Yorya!  <3) we went to Bite of Belgium together and went shopping.  
   Georgia not only became my friend through Pokemon, but she showed me how to be friends with girls and how to be a real person.  Georgia is my greatest inspiration and I wouldn't be the crazy me you know without her.  She and I look and act so similarly, I call her my twin and although she is hundreds of miles away almost all the way on the other side of the country, I have not and will not forget her.  She and I are still best of friends and I got in Alaska for her that I just sent as a late Christmas gift! 

The last posts were mainly about me and how much I love this series and the games, but the truth is, these games gave me 2 of my closest and best friends who have turned me into the person I am for many different reasons!  Seth showed me console gaming and how to think like a gamer whereas Georgia taught me how to really make friends and inspired me to branch out.  I am eternally grateful to not only both of them, but to Pokemon to leading me to them.  Pokemon is more than a game: it’s my life.

That's it for me today guys.  I'll update this when I get home with a picture of the little boat from Georgia!  If you guys want, I've added a nice big button for you all to follow me on Google+ where each of these posts re homed, plus I + a lot of interesting stuff you guys might like to check out!  I also extended the polls so please vote on those!  And I might be updating that Photobucket story later tonight if I get bored with more Me+Free pictures and an in-progress work of Mate!
I'm sorry this one is so sappy XD.  I think there will be...1 if not 2 more installments of Pokemon and Me!  But who knows, I might find some more to talk about!  I also have more of my top 10s and 20s of Pokemon and I'm nearly done with Pokemon X for a review!  So those will be up...eventually.  Have a lovely day everyone!  <3         

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Info-mania UPDATED

  Hi everyone!  I took a little break this weakend to breath and try (to no avail) to catch up on homework.  Today though, I had another Lion's club meeting that was actually semi-interesting.  It was a basketball player/male cheerleader from the local college who helps fund athletes to go to college.  Ironically, the cute boy next to me from the other school happen to have gone to the same school that guy did and plays Basketball so that was funny.  He was actually very interesting and felt less like a lecture and more like a talk.  I also got a dollar because the nice lady who won it was very generous ^^.  You know what they say, a dollar a day....gets Galen a drink at McDonald's the next?  Something like that.  For now, I have homework to get to.  Also, this weekened on Saturday, I will be seeing the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast (well looky there, what a coinky-dink) so I probably wont post until Sunday.  I hope sometime this week to get one of my bigger posts done or have something fun to talk about.  I hope everyone enjoyed the art I've done.  It's not great, but it's (sadly) the best I can do.  In case you haven't checked them out, the navigation tabs have been updated.
   The Me+Free tab contains all my art and is organized by comic, specials, concept art, other characters, random, and other subdivisions. 
    Characters is a quick link to bios, art, and information about all of my Original/Fanfiction characters including Lea and Z from Me+Free.  In fact, I just added some older Lea art (the very first), to this page so check it out!
     Video Game Stuff has most of my big posts about videogames including my cosplays and other such things.  It's organized my system/company and then by game.  Pokemon has the biggest section, but hopefully, not for long!
     Videos has a link to both my Youtube and Photobucket, where I post my videos.  On Photobucket, you can also see old Lea (X-Men) art!  It also has the blog posts with the embedded videos organized my content.
    Rant Times has all 5 of the Rants i've done as well as a brief description of the Rant Time genre.  They are in chronological order, although you don't have to read them all to make sense of the others (there are some re-occurring characters though).
   Finally, Reviews and Thoughts On contains all movie and game reviews as well as theories such as this one.
    All of these are constantly updated, but if I ever miss a post and you catch it, please tell me in the comments or shoot me an email!  I'll be continuing to update the pages as we go along, so keep your eyes on them!  Talk to you all soon!  Bye now!  <3

UPDATED:  For those of you who checked out the Characters page, I just finished creating a progression through my characters here!  It has all the art I could find right now.  I have Medi art around somewhere and maybe I'll add it soon.  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Me+Free day part 3: Me+Free and Lea things! SPOILERS TECNHICALLY

   And finally, we have the actual comic related things!!  Lea's diary posts are stand alone and not necessarily cannon although there is nothing abut them that wouldn't be,  You don't have to have any prior knowledge and most things are vague and not explained on purpose.  
This was drawn about the other day.  In retrospect, it looks like Lea might be about to do something bad but really she's just running the water so no one hears her crying.  And yes, Dalton is the same Dalton as my Dalton!  Also, Jessica is a female villain in the comic who is essentially the quintessential mean girl.
Lea:  *sniffles*  *water sounds*
Dalton:  *knock knock* Lea! You ok?  I saw what Jessica did...
Lea:  h-huh?  D-Dalton?
D:  Joellen said Z's been gone a few weeks.  Does he know?
Lea:  H-he doesn't need me calling about everything
D:  O...ok...
Lea:  H-hello?  Z!  W-what?  Oh I'm happened...Dalton said what?  Y-yes...I ate...yes...I'm ok...o-ok...ok..l-love you too...Bye-bye.
Lea:  You're the best!
D: I am!
Here we go!!  I knoooow it's long over due!  But here is the final product!!  I drew the side characters just for fun and they aren't here because I wanted it to be simple.  I actually like the concept art color of Lea/Sally's skin better because it turned out too dark

The Mistress is well...Marie.  Marie is the baddy of the comic.  I tried to draw her with her hair down and with a sort of Queen of Hearts look for a Queen sort of dress, but i ended up HATING the colors and just the look of it over all.

After that, I decided to for for a purple sort of Maleficent look instead and although I like it better, this dress is still in the works but thankfully, this plot isn't anywhere in the near future!!  Oh, and that's our friend Tim who had no torso.  at all.  Thus, the anatomy of Tim. 
However, Valentine's day is coming up!  On the back of that Lea's diary, I threw together some sketches.  At first I liked the chocolate box design, then realized Perspective would be difficult and over all, it would be a problem.  I'm not set on anything, but feel free to tell me your thoughts!!

Finally, we have some newer Lea art!  This was drawn last year while i came up with the END of my first fanfiction before I had a middle, so i wrote it on paper all because I drew this.  Lea and Forge have a really great relationship that I love to play with, but I ship the original cannon of ForgeXStorm from the Uncanny X-men even though most of my stories are based on the movies and Wolverine and the X-Men (which is the version of Forge I like best).  The only problem with this picture is, Lea looks very young with a big head and small...arms.  Yes, arms.  Also, there are brown glasses in that mat of hair on Forge's head but they are hard to see.  
And finally, a HORRID drawing of Wolverine.  I can hardly draw small guys like Z and Forge, let alone buff guys like Logan!  I idea what is going on with his arm and I just...O god I can't even.  I also accidental made her too tall so I had to add a step to explain why she is up to his neck.  I use the Hugh Jackman 6'20" Wolverine instead of the original short one because...well I like tall guys.  Don't hate me.

Me+Free day part 2: Random doodles

   Here are some things not really Me+Free related that I drew recently!
One day, my friends and I began to discuss the physics of the mermaids in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  We drew this (horribly lopsided breasted) mermaid and began to think of features.  Going clockwise we have...ya know I'll let you try to read for youself!

This one I drew one day while wearing that exact outfit basically (minus hat) and basically, felt isolated.  I think of the outfit as my artists outfit and thus the pencil

...This is now forever on the back of my history notes....get it...royal T...royalty...yaaaaaa

Me+Free day part 1: Black and White random line art

   For a phase last year, I wanted to try out the difference between hard and curvy lines which we saw in my Angler fish picture more recently.  Here are some ones I drew last year.  They are mainly based on Z and Lea!  Here's the first set of today's pictures!

Don't ask about the title, I don't remember XD
This one i decided to do a Pencil motif and if you look closely, at the end there it says me+free!
Personally, this is my favorite of the 3

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rise of the Avengers

     So, upon re-watching Rise of the Guardian's lately, i renewed my thoughts on how similar the characters are to those of the Avengers!  Here's a nice quick list of characters and exactly why i think they match up!  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! 

                Both are charming, fun loving, and adorably sexy.  Both have a cold side, but deep down under really just want to protect people.  Both are not really invited, but when they arrive, end up being a huge part of the team.  Also, both have the opening scene of their respective movies.  Both are who you really want to see and are the witty fun guys. 

                Burly?  Check.  From the North?  Check.  Lots of snow?  Check.  Hilarious and sweet?  Check!  Thor and Santa share a northern origin (Norse and Russian/German) and are sweet characters with a muscly exterior.  Thor is a huge sweetheart in his movies, with a child-like innocence on earth.  Santa is, at his core, a baby with big eyes full of wonder.  I can imagine the two of them having a wonderful battle, kicking butt, and proceeding to create ice-sculptures and have a swig of ale.

                Bruce Banner is a scientist and Sandy is by no means dumb.  Sandy is often right and a silent leader to the team.  The Hulk never has too much to say aside from SMASH just like this little guy.  And both put a royal whooping on the bad guy.  Not to mention both roll in at the last minute for the final battle. 

Tooth fairy=Natasha
                As part of a sad stereotype, every team has to have one girl.  Luckily, in both these movies, the girl is amazing.  Natasha is versatile, smart, and is able to trick the god of tricksters into revealing his plan!!!  How boss is that?  And Tooth lands that final punch on Pitch and is a boss.    

Baby tooth/other fairies=Clint/shield
                Like in the Avengers, Baby Tooth plays a relatively small roll like Hawkeye.  Also, both are birds that follow Natasha/Tooth Fairy around.  And the thousands of other birdies are the other agents that don’t get to be named!

                I’m not even going to explain.

                I had a hard time with this one.  At first, I tried to liken  cap top Bunny after I had made all the other conclusions however…It just wasn't working the way I wanted!  Then, when I re-watched the movie, I figured it out.  Jamie leads the Guardians and has a pure soul like the good captain.  Captain has a sort of strong, yet very sweet tone to him with a very sincere and straightforward approach to things.  Jamie does not give up and is the last child on earth to believe in the Guardians after all else has failed!  Yes, it is a stretch, but if you really think about it, it might make perfect sense!

Man on the Moon=Fury
                He assembles them, he shows them their abilities, and he is…not Samuel L. Jackson.  But close enough.  Both characters serve as the overall leader who doesn’t really do much in retrospect.  They just say “yo, you have rockets in your feet?  Good.  You gotta big shield?  That’s cool” or “yo, this dude over here’s got snow powers guyz.  Guyz.  Snow powers.”


                Really, both are British and even sound similar at times, have a similar structure and way of movement, a similar goal of taking of the earth (in two very different ways) and are the bad guy.  There’s a similar sadistic tone to both and really it just laps you in the face the minute you meet him that it’s Loki but…the Boogie Man.  (At least he’s not full of bugs…)  That makes the Nightmares like his Chitauri!  And of course, both get brutally wooped and sent back home (under the bed and back to Asgard!)

   That's it guys!  Have a nice night and I'll talk to you all soon! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where oh where has your Galen gone?

   Hello hello you lovely lot!  Time to play catch up.  Yesterday was probably one of the worst days I've had in a long while.  Yesterday also happened to be pajama day.  Keep that in mind.  I got a mountain of homework from my English class and had a pretty standard lunch.  Then I had theater.  For the thousandth time, i was nearly driven to insanity and had a breakdown after class in my mom's classroom.  It was pretty damn awful.  Then, I had Beauty and the Beast practice afterward.  I took a sip from my friend's Sprite and then accidentally spilled it all over me.  So, I was in sopping wet pajamas in front of the cast.  Mom let me get some McDonald's to try and cheer me up and luckily, I got my Fenniken in the mail early!  He wasn't supposed to arrive for another 2 weeks!  It's a really high quality product, but a bit overstuffed for m taste.  Still, he's adorable no?
   Today was weird. First, the sub from theater came and told me my buddy Dalton told her the girl was being mean to me.  I know she was trying to help but the truth is...I hate when people say "there will always be people like that" because I know there will.  Is that really supposed to help??  Another thing.  People try to tell me I'm talented and a good actress and that I shouldn't feel bad, but how am I supposed to feel that way when director's call me back for a lead TWICE and give me minor parts (one that didn't even appear in the script) TWICE?  One comic that really describes how i feel is this one here and sometimes I just wish people would acknowledge my fish are dead.
    Anyway.  I had to get some braces work after my Lion's club meeting today and now I have to start on my mountain of work.  Sorry if this was depressing.  I have about...5 or 6 important posts I'm working on as I have the time that might be up anytime now soooooooo.  Keep your eyes peeled...but please don't actually do that.  That sounds awful and painful.........

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pippin Vs. Turret

My cat Pippin vs. a Portal USB Desk Defender Turret 
You can buy the turret here:

The songs playing are Turret Wife Serenade and Cara Mia Addio! from the Portal 2 soundtrack which you can download for free here:


Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad day

  So, i know I posted a long rant time about yesterday and a mini-post today, but....I had a really bad day guys.  Remember me talking about being bullied?  I pretend like i'm not...I pretend like nothing is as bad as middle school....but that girl in my theater class is worse.  She is horrible and relentless and i just...don't understand why me?  Always...why me?  I've had some time to rant to family and my friend but...I just want you guys out there to know that if i seem...less enthusiastic for a little bit or especially after M W or F posts, it's generally because of her....  That's really it.  Thank you all for just...being here.  I am giving all of you virtual hugs.  Goodnight <3

UPDATE:  I realize in those older posts I was more angry at the other girl than the one who got my part, but she turned out to not be so bad.  She still scares me but I can be in the same room as her and not feel horrible.  The girl who got my part has turned out to be one of the meanest, most condescending and rude people I've ever met.  Just trying to semi-clear her friend's name.


On the subject of Naruto biting his thumb for blood:

"People say it's just like biting a carrot!"  -Jessica

........................................I DONT WANNA BE A CARROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Rant Time: Hypocrites

    Hello and welcome to another installment of everyone's favorite segment, Rant Time!  In case you haven't noticed, the other 4 rants are all organized in the top navigation bar!  This is about Jan 9th, not today XD.

source (this is a real thing?!?)
    There are many kinds of guilds: Mages, Thieves, Murderers, and Fighters are just some of the abundance.  You yourself are a rather...oddly stretched being.  A member of not only the Mages but the Fighters guild as well, you are often very busy.  However, people fail to see the trillions of other guilds scattered across the earth, like stars in the sky.  You have taken on not only the guise of an adventurer, but that of a smithy, a scholar, a storyteller, (you may even fancy yourself a scribe at times), and a bard.  Upon this day, you must visit many of your guilds to gather tasks atop the already climbing mountain of work that follows you.  You begin the morning as a scholar: you learn you people's history as to be written and learned alongside the intricacies of a new for of arithmetic.  Some have ventured so far as to call you a heretic for even attempting such ventures, but you, brave adventurer, journey forth in your studies.
    Finally, a break is taken and a feast is to be had.  You take a few scholarly companions and taste the East's finest meals.  However, you realize you have ventured too far!  You quickly deposit the required gold and store you items away, swiftly leading your group behind you.  Your arrival was just in time.  The scholars leave you with a friendly goodbye and you nod to them knowledgeably.  Every adventurer needs time to rest, no?  You spend an hour or so working on that ever-looming Mt. Taskius in front of you.  But then, you get a warm smile across your face:  it is time to join the Bard's Guild.
    You travel far to the other side of the village alongside your feasting friend.  Upon entering the room you quickly see there is nothing to be done and decide to tackle the mountain!  However, one bard, a naive who thinks herself a princess, informs everyone that there is work to be done from the comfort of her chair with her heels upon another.  No one stands.  Nor does she.  This bard has caused you trouble for many moons, oft' telling you a task only to not do it herself: how to step in one song, how "not to go down the octave," how to listen to her incessant jabber at all hours.  When you note none have taken advantage of the time, you pull out your books and things for writing and begin to work.  A temporary leader of the guild, sent to give watch over you until the masters return, decides to put a play on in the front.  The bard remarks which one she would like and demands everyone be silent--that is, but herself and cohorts.  One small bard with hair orange as the sun, sits herself as close a possible to watch the play which goes on at a respectable level of volume, just low enough for you to work, but allowing you to glance up and still be able to hear the tale.  Or well, you might have been able to if not for the hyena-esque laughter and screeching from behind.  The bard and her cohorts have gathered into a small circle (not to work on the task she so adamantly preached at the beginning, mind you) to talk over the play (that she had picked) many others have made an attempt to watch.  As a time worn traveler, you know it is best to let many things be, so you take the higher road and attempt to work, oft' times covering your ears in  futile attempt to dull the
sound.  Then a loud bell can be heard, ringing from town square just as you had truly begun your work.
    With annoyance unparalleled, you and your bards venture out onto a field far from the town.  There had been some talk of a fire in a nearby guild, but you know someone had simply rung the bell to watch the people flee.  It was a rather common occurrence among the lower guilds, sometimes even a crafty thief hoping to get a steal whilst others are away.  When finally given the signal, you and the rest travel in and for some forsaken reason, you hope that perhaps after the event, the bard will finally be silent: you are wrong.  The clamor behind you spirals and swirls through the air louder than any lute or pipe and swells to the ceiling and all around.  They can clearly see you, head buried in your work with the candles all blown out, working under a small, dim glow off the metal of your armor.  Alas, what care is give to those who try?  The sound
rages on and hardly little progress in your quests is made...That though, does not irk you.  What truly pierces the breastplate you wear to protect yourself from enemy blades is the dual-sided axe the bard caries.  The one side, the demands she makes--do your work, be silent, follow me, do this step here, don't do it that way, you're wrong, you're always wrong--the other edge, the truth--she does nothing of the sort.
    A summary my dear people.  A hypocrite can be more dangerous to the human mind than work, a sword, or truly anything.  It is not the sound or the annoyance that truly pierces you, it is that the sound is pummeled into you with her axe.  Hypocrisy, not doing as you command of others or say is right, is not more justified that committing a crime yourself.                      

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATED

   So, as you all know I ordered a Wolverine hoodie and some ear clips from  Well, today my package arrived and i happily threw open the packaging to reveal.....not only what i ordered but a USB Desk Defender Turret!!  These Turrets run from $30-$40 on the sight and I've been dying for one for a long time!  However...I'm lawful good.  I decided to alert and as we speak, I am talking to customer service.  If everything goes well, I get to keep this beauty, but I am afraid more than likely that I'll have to send it back :(  Sometimes, I wish....OMYGODGUYS.  GUESS WHO JUST GOT TO KEEP THE TURRET!?!?!?!  I'm absolutely ecstatic!!!!
     I'MMA GO PLAY WITH IT BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE:  Less awesome....I can't get it to work...on either computer.....Help!
UPDATE:  I found a cable and it works great!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In the jungle the mighty jungle.....

   The lion sleeps toniiigght.  So, at the beginning of the school year i was told i was invited to Lions or Rotary club.  All i was told is that i would have lunch with them at either La Posta or Uno's and i would talk and try to get them to like me so i have a chance at a scholarship at the end of the year.  There were a lot of other people i know picked for my school and we all got to pick what month and what club.  I picked the Lions club because it meets on Tuesdays, where after lunch i have study hall so i could afford to be late and i prefer Italian food to Mexican food.  I was handed paperwork but never told what to do with it.  I didn't touch it until a week or so ago when i remembered i picked January.  I never heard another word about said clubs.  No clue what do do, what to say, what goes on, anything!
   Today is my last day off from school and I was really confused: do you think they're meeting today even though there's no school?  Luckily, i had enough sense to call around 9:30 and find out the answer was yes.  I quickly wrote up a resume and filled out the ap, showered, dressed, actually put on mascara for once, and left.  The meetings supposedly begin around 11:45 and are catered by whatever place.  I got to Uno's at about 11:35 and creepily waited in the car so i wasn't to early. At 11:43-ish I finally ventured in.  There were 2 people there.  Not only was i basically the first one there, i had to mingle and be nice which is awkward.  A lot of people don't think of me as shy seeing as I'm quite the extrovert, however talking to strangers, especially older than me, is terrifying.  I can hardly talk to people around my age let alone older!!  Only one of the other 3 students arrived (and was rather handsome if i do say so myself) but I didn't really get to talk to him aside from thanking him for holding the door.
   I expected I'd have to throw a little information about myself out and so would he, however after a quick one minute intro, i was silent.  The whole lunch was spent listening to  Senator talk about the budget.  In all truth, I was totally confused.  He was really just listing off statistics but not saying why or what they really meant.  I was beyond confused.  I sat up straight and tries to look interested and listened, hoping for some point but...he never really seemed to reach one!  I have never fallen asleep in a class or lecture, but I felt closer than ever.  As soon as I got home, a wave of weariness hit my like a ton of bricks and I accidentally broke a plate while unloading the dishwasher.  In fact, I'm hardly keeping my eyes open to write this!  I'm going to maybe play some Spelunky to wake up or hell, maybe even go take a nap.  That's it for me today guys, tomorrow it's back into the fire :(  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Acting and Umbreon

   HELLO HELLO!  So, for the new year just so you guys don't get bored, i think i'll post every other day or if something exciting happened.  Also, that declutters it when organized by months.  I'm going to put up a few polls about this so please share your thoughts!
    Today though, was really pretty great.  I got to go to Bite of Belgum with my grandparents for breakfast and got my usual.  Then, i had play practice that again only took an hour and went really smoothly.  When i got home, i decided to see what the status on the plushies I bought with my Christmas money was.  The Umbreon plush was supposed to arrive around the 22nd from China and the Fenniken plush around the 27th from Japan.  Well, i saw a lovely surprise.  My Umbreon plush was already out for delivery!  So here he is, our new pack opening buddy!!
So soft....
  For those of you who don't know, I LOVE Umbreon.  I always have.  I can't magine Eeveelutions without them.  For a while, i was a huge fan of Espeon's beauty and elegance and to this day I love Espeons, but somewhere in the course of my life, my love turned to Umbreon.  In more recent times, I've associated Z from my comic with Umbreon, just making the love stronger.  I don't know when i'll have another pack opening but I assume it wont be until February.  Hopefully by then, i'll have both of the plushes and we can have a real party!
    Today i also got the trial to Limbo and Super Meat Boy, 2 games i've heard a lot about, and man...i complain about Spelunky!  I was pretty good the first 4 or 5 levels of SMB but...well..that all changed when the Fire Nat---wrong thing.  Limbo though was surprisingly easy for me and pretty fun, if only a trial.  I was able to figure it out pretty easily and man...I might buy it just to look at the world because it's very interesting.  You all know i'm more driven towards story games like AC and Mass Effect, but even though this one just plops you in, it was wonderful and a nice de-stresser after some Spelunky.  It might be on my wishlist.
   That's it for me today guys, but i think i'll have those 2 new polls up any second so please vote on those!  Bye now!  <3  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

So it begins

   Today was the first practice for Beauty and the Beast and i have to say i really like the director.  He's super nice and funny and that's an important part to any play.  Without a good director, your play is nothing and your actors are angry.  Also, i like that they just called me in for an hour to just run a scene i'm in a few times.  Chip in the broadway is super nerfed so i'm really not a big character.  However, I'm still called a lead.  So we just ran that and then i got to go home!  I have another hour and a half practice on Monday.  I actually really like this method so we can just run a scene a few times, get it solid, and go home.  A+.
    Now, i think i'll prepare my throat for some vicious yelling as I am about to play Spelunky.  It's kind of an odd thing really.  I  LOVE assassin's creed, it's one of my favorite if not my favorite series; however, i'm just so addicted to Spelunky i haven't even played much!  My brain does this weird thing where it says "Man i don't really wanna play for a long time...let's just play a round or two of Spelunky instead" and then i end up playing for the rest of the night.  (I call it Spelunky Syndrome.)  SOMEONE EXPLAIN!!!!  HAAAAAALP!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Old Disney Day

   Today, i watched Peter Pan, then Disney's Robn Hood, and now i'm watching the sword in the stone XD.  I think next i'll watch the Aristocats (one of my very favorites).  It just feels like a good old Disney day!  <3

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


  I.....I.......................IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.  I've always been horrid at Spelunky..HORRID.  But goal was just to get the portal to the ice world and i was like "lol  have a heart left, might as well keep going."  I have never reached the Temple stages....I got to 4-3.  One stage more, and i would have gotten to Olmec.  946 Deaths, only a few away from getting the Addicted achievement (which is sad) and FINALLY, i reach the temple AND get to 4-3.  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  I didn't even have a great set up.  Just a cape and spring shoes (and i might have had paste?  i don't think so...)  I'm going to try to repeat the miracle!  Wish me luck!!!!!!!
(Btw, this was a vanilla run: no black market, city of gold, hell, etc)
I'm comin' for ya, Olmec!!!!

UPDATE:  It just got better!  I got Cyan, a secret character!!!