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   I...I cant even.  I would spoil everything with a review.  I am very biased towards the Wolverine movies  I know they're bad, i know they're different, but i love them.  I will say, staying after the credits gave me more glee than the entire movie and this movie nearly had me sobbing.  It was fantastic.  I might do a review of it in a few weeks when it's not so new.
   I would actually like to talk about this in a different way!  Back when i first wrote my wolverine fan fiction, i watched Wolverine and the X-Men for inspiration.  One episode involved Logan versus the silver samurai in Japan and inspired me to write a story based on it taking place in the 15 years from Logan's memory being lost to his arrival at the X-Men according to the movies.  In the story, (spoilers i guess but of my own story?)  Warren drops Lea off in Japan for training and to keep her away from his father.  She is then taken in my a band of ninjas that train her until she is 16, at which time she is sent to kill Logan.  She attempts to, then ends up helping him defeat the Silver Samurai and follows him home.  They then part ways and when she wakes from this flash back, she finds her katana and weapons in Warren's house while he is off under the control of Sinister.  This story was ultimately scraped due to it being historically inaccurate as to how Ninja's work and all that.  You may remember this picture of her that i drew.  Based on my more recent art, you should be able to tell this story was written about 2009 or 10.  I think that's the best i've ever drawn shoulders though.  As a special gift to you all, i'll let you read the first page or less of this story.  This is literally the worst thing i've ever read.  I...I'm so sorry.  It's bad.......
"I was 10, I don’t know how but I could tell I was. I still had my memory seeing as I lost my memory at 21.  I was sitting on Warren’s bed in his room with him chatting.
            “Please brother?”
            “Lea!  Come on!  You’re only 10.  I know it’s hard right now but come on!”
            “Warren!”  We were young.  His hair was shorter and his wings were small and fluffy, I knew he was growing them back after trying to cut them off when he met me.
            “Lea!  Imagine what my father would say!  I can’t fly you to Japan!  WHY JAPAN???”
            “But brother!” I wined “I want to be strong like you!  I want to learn how to fight and stuff!  Come on…here I live in a closet!  And come on warren!”  I held up a stack of mangas he had been buying for me.  Have I ever told you how rich warren is?  He did have to have me hide in the closet, but apparently I persisted on it!  He would always buy me books, mangas, comic books, games, and movies and he even had a HUGE TV in his room, I mean HUGE!  Focusing!  I finally got him to sigh.
            “Fine, but only if my father says we can.”  Of course his dad said yes.  His father despised me.  He new I would grow into a mutant and has always shunned me for it.  He has tried to hide Warren for so long, but he can’t hide who we are.
            Back to the matter of his richness, he has a jet.  J-E-T.  It is so SNICE!!  I mean, it’s so fast and awesome!  Well, Warren helped me gather a few things like the Japanese language books I had been reading for months and my mangas.  He then offered me money but I put my hand to him.
            "No big brother, I don't need it. I need to fend for myself, and it won't do any good here...they use yen." He just laughed.  He knew I had been studying the culture and the other stuff but It still seemed to amuse him.  He hugged me (he was still taller than me, by a lot but he was a lot older so I guess its ok) and got back in the jet after giving me a run down of what to do including how to find a hotel and people who speak english.  I told him I would be home when I was ready and he just sighed like I was foolish, which of course I was. After the jet (the beautiful…wonderful….amazing jet) was gone, I walked around for a bit, and soon it was night.  I was all messed up time was from the shifting of time zones plus my young age. I was walking in a less populated part of town, looking for a house, when suddenly I was captured.  Very descriptive right?
            When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by men in black, with their faces covered in mask like things.  I had seen this attire in many of my Mangas and other books.  Ninja attire. One came up to me and in English (YA ENGLISH!  Happy dance) he began to question me.
            "Are you American?" I looked at him, scared and said yes.  He laughed and i noticed i was standing in the middle of a circle of them!  THAT MANY!  I knew what ninjas did, they killed.  But what was with these guys?  They seemed….calmer. I began backing up until i bumped into one of the guys.

            I panicked.  What else could I have done?  In a flash, I flipped the man over.  He must not have been to much older than me by his size as he lay sprawled out on the ground infront of me.  DID I REALLY DO THAT?!?  Then, clapping."

That's it.  That's all the torment i will force upon you.  This story hasn't been edited since it was written, so you can see how much i've changed!  This is how awful i was 3 years ago sooo....i hope that entertains you.  Tomorrow begins my haitus.  I might post while i'm at an airport or something, but mainly, this is probably the last post for a week.  While i'm gone, i hope everyone will +1 their favorite posts so i know what to write when i get back!  I'm thinking of a poll to put up so loo for that too.  I am so glad to see all you amazing people from all over coming back to this little blog i started at camp XD  I might have wifi one day during the break so i MIGHT post something that day so keep checking!  Share this website to your friends!  Read old posts!  Write in!  +1!  Do all that great stuff and i'll see you all in a few days or a week!!!  

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   Something doesn't make sense?  Sharknado.  Sudden nonsensical explosion?  Sharnado.  Horrible scripting and worse acting?  Sharknado.  Blatant Jaws scene stealing but with amazingly horrible graphics?  Sharknado.  "Touching" moment that makes no sense at the time?  Shark-fricking-nado.  Awkward backstory?  SHARKNADO.  Why the hell is the copter still intact? SHARKNADO!!!!!  WHERE IS ALL THIS AMMO COMING FROM?!?!?  SHARKNADO!!!


Clash of heroes (Spoilers!) UPDATED!!

   Today, i'm going to do another review.  I can't tell if you guys like these or not but i'll put up a huge poll so you can vote on your favorite post or something like that while i'm in Alaska.  Today will be over another review of an X-Box 360 Live Arcade game (XBLA) that is also on the DS, PS3, and PC called Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.  I will explain it first, then give it ratings in a similar way to the movies.  I will mark where i have spoilers pertaining to the end of the game but i will try to not to talk too much about it.  I hope even you non-gamers will read this and maybe think of giving it a chance as your first game!  It is on IOS and Android!!    

Overview:  I personally have never played any of the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise.  I won't be talking much about the rest of the series seeing as i'm unfamiliar with it, but if you'd like to read about it yourself, here is the wikipedia page.  This game is apparently different in style and function than the rest of the series.  Chronologically, it is between Heroes of Might and Magic IV and V, taking place 40 years before the events of V.  Luckily, this game is so easy to pick up without having to play any other game in the series, working as a nice stand alone with a great story that doesn't rely on any prior knowledge.  The game was first released on the DS in December 2009 for North America, then on the XBLA and PS3 in April 2011.  It was then ported to windows in September of that year and became available on IOS in January 2013 and Android just this past June.  

Plot:  The game begins with a female narrator explaining the history of the game.  This video shows the beginning cinematic up until about 2:00 in, then shows the first part of the game play and tutorial section.  The story then follows the elf, Anwen, as she attempts to avenge the death of her father and the others.  She enlists the help of her cousin, Findan, and discovers that demons are attempting to turn the elves and the Griffin empire against each other to start a war.  They then have to stop the Griffin empire from destroying the Druid tree and then she discvers Godric is still alive so she must save him from the demons.  This then allows Godric to return home and deal with his own problems.  Each character-Anwen, Godric, Fiona, Aidan, and Nadia, have an individual story line that all tie together perfectly.  You get to play as each character, experiencing a new and exciting place each time.  I wont cover each person's story here, but play it to experience them all.    9.5

A battle in multiplayer mode
Game play:  The game is technically a puzzle strategy adventure game in which you try to create forces, walls, and special forces on a 6X8 grid.  In order to create a force, you have to get 3 units of the same color in a column.  A wall is created by getting 3 or more units of the same color in a row.  A special unit is 2x1 or 2x2 and has to be "built."  In order to build a special unit, you have to put 2 units (for a 2x1 special unit such as a ghost, deer, unicorn, etc.) or 4 for a 2x2 special unit such as a dragon, phoenix  angel, wraith, etc.  You also have a magic move which is special to each character   For example, in the picture we see a match (most likely online) in which one character (the one on top) is Findan, whereas the player is Ludmilla.  You see the health bar, for both characters at 100/100, and either above or below it, a black square with a symbol.  Ludmilla's has a small sliver of blue.  This is the square representing magic.  As a player takes damage, preforms combos, or deletes units, they fill their magic bar.  Once full, they can unleash it without taking up a turn.  Ludmilla's for example is a swarm of spiders that attacks the enemy, whereas Findan's speeds up the time it takes for a unit to attack.  The game uses a simple button scheme using just the d-pad or joystick to move, A to interact to move an object, B to delete units or decline prompts, Y to use magic, X to end your turn to get extra magic, the triggers to call in more forces, and the bumpers to see the stats on the screen.The game has a great feature that also allows you to decline a battle.  If you are only a level 1 or 2, there is no way to win against an enemy that is level 5, no matter how good you are, so you can decline the battle and come back to that point later!  This game also doesn't require "grinding" in the same way other games do.  There is always some enemy your level you can defeat and you level at a nice pace.  The game also has straight up puzzle mini games that can be played to win artifacts that help you in battle which can be seen above the magic bar.  These mechanics make it easy for anyone to pick up and play almost anytime and even allows you to save anywhere outside of battle.     
Godric of the Griffin Empire
Graphics:  Do i even need to talk about these?  These graphics are perfectly adorable.  The sprites move all the time, the characters look fantastic, and the narated portions that have a slow moving cinematic really give this game a life and vibrance i love.  No matter where you are, wether it's the green and bright forests of Irrolan or the dark, green and purple lands of Heresh, the color scheme is always perfect, never too dark or splotchy.  The characters also have overworld sprites that move perfectly and look great.  My favorite thing though as to be the scenes that involve talking seeing as every single one has the full length pictures of the characters.  I mean, just look at this cutie!!  You get to see that adorable face every time you have a conversation as him or with him.  9.5
Sound:  The game's music is amazing.  Each world has a special sound to it.  There are pieces that even have singing and sound carefully orchestrated.  The music in the over world sets the tone; if you need to save the druid tree, the music is urgent and exciting, but if you just need to explore the city for a bit, it's calmer and still engaging.  The sound effects are also perfect.  Each type special unit has an individual sound and visual for it's attack that really fit the character.  Vampires have an evil cackle and a whisp like sound, while deer snort and leap over the walls of enemies.  The music isn't exactly, zelda or mario levels of memorable, but when playing it, you find yourself humming along occasionally.  8
Script and Writting:  This game is hilarious.  It's got hilarious lines like "we will stab him with our elfy-daggers" and "take these bears, we might run into trouble."  It's not the quirkiest game or the funniest, but i did really enjoy a lot of what the characters had to say, reading it every time i played through.  I also did like that the game WASN'T fully voice acted.  Most games would have a quarrel with this, but having just the narrator and then the text beeping sound let me imagine what the characters sounded like based on what they looked like and not have it ruined by maybe bad voice acting.  This game was great fun and had some amazing plot twists and a great over all story!  9
Modes:  This game not only has a great story mode, but t has a multiplayer and a quick battle mode.  Quick play mode allows you to pick any of the 5 original character, 5 unlockable characters, or 4 DLC characters (the villains like Ludmilla), to play as.  The game then randomly selects an opponent from the same list you have.  You then get to pick your line up just as you would in the story mode and your artifacts (any you have unlocked in game) and play against the other character.  This is great for when you just want to test your skills against the AI that has magic unlike most enemies in the game.  The multiplayer mode has a local and online feature.  In online mode, you can unlock more artifacts to use and level up, facing people all over the world.  However, this game has a few very loyal players who are level 100 and 50 and such, but not a lot of lower level players, so this can be kind of a problem.  The local feature allows you to either play against your friends as different or even the same character or with them as the same type (knights, necromancers, elves, etc.) in a 2 v. 2 versus the AI!  This adds a set of new mechanics to the game like only being able to move units of your color.  I play it with my sister constantly!   8.5
Replay-ability:  This game is so addictive, i'm playing it right now for my 4th run through of the game.  This game has so much charm and awesomeness, it's so easy to play over and over again.  I love this game.  There are also achievments for things like leveling up all of you units all theway which give you incentive to go back and play as other characters.  There are generally 10 or more artifacts per kingdom, 3 different minor units, and 5 special units that can allow for tons of different play styles!  The game's wit and graphics make me come crawling back often to play at least a quick game!  However, every time you restart, you have to go through the tutorial battle like in the video which you can skip the instructions, but are still mind-numbing.  9   
Boss Battles Spoilers?:  Each section has a boss battle at the end that really feels full-filling as a game.
Azexes overworld sprite with Anwen and Findan
 The baddies are really built up and you feel justified when taking them down.  The first enemy as seen in the video, is Azexes.  He plays the main villain role in both Irollan and Sheog which really builds his character as yes a bad guy, but also a pawn in a greater plot.  The same goes for Count  Carlyle and Ludmilla.  Each boss fight has a similar style, but with personal twists.  Azexes can teleport but you can see where he's going. Carlyle doesn't move but can turn your idle units into food that he will use against you.  Ludmilla...well i can't remember right now because i'm actually at that stage in my play through but she does cool stuff too!  The final boss i won't reveal, but is a challenge.  I felt like defeating the bosses was satisfying and fun!  9  
Downsides SPOILERS:  Although this game is great and i sing a lot of praise for it, there are some problems i have with it.  First of all, the load times.  Loading screens can range from short ones between areas that are about 5 to 10 seconds, to long pauses that last anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute or maybe more.  It can feel like an eternity.  Occasionally it'll give you useful tips during this screen so early in the game, they're a kind of blessing, but later, it gets repetative and annoying.  Also, when entering a new area, such as leaving Irollan for the Griffin empire, you are set back to level one with no units.  It makes sense and the game is fair, giving you all the chances you need to level up, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.  As mentioned above, you also have to redo the tutorial in the first stage every time you restart the game.  Luckily, after the one in Irollan, here are no more tutorials.  SPOILERS AHEAD!!  Finally, the final kingdom, the Silver Cities, is a bit of a let down.  The rest of the game makes you work, explore large areas, go on branching paths, collecting bounties and doing puzzles to get items, but the Silver Cities practically hand you everything.  The stage is linear with maybe only one branching path and an enemy every other step.  However, the whole thing just feels ridiculously easy in comparison to the rest of the game.  I also have a problem with the ending.  It gives you an epilogue, saying how the characters went on.  I was extremely disappointed to see that Anwen and Godric didn't get together when i felt they had a lot of chemistry.  This also applies to Aidan and Jezebeth.  I know she's a succubus and that's dangerous and all, but i felt like they should have at least stayed together as friends or companions.  I also felt Markal was sort of tossed aside and i would have liked t see what happened to him, seeing as he's another of my favorite characters.    4   
Final Verdict:  Over all, this game's flaws can be ignored.  The game play itself is smooth and fun, the writing is quirky and playful but serious when it should be, and the visuals and sound is great and fitting!  This game makes me happy every time i play it and is so easy, my sisters can both pick it up and play it with me for hours on end.  The challenge is just at the right level and the game is just so much fun!  I recommend it  to casual gamers as well as hardcore gamers who want a change of pace.  This game is by no means open ended and has a set story you are forced to follow, but you can spend time doing puzzles and collecting bounties before doing the big important things.  I don't mind the story driven attitude of the game, but if that sort of thing bothers you, this probably isn't the game for you.  However, the extra modes reward you for playing the main game, but let you play the basic 5 characters and 4 special units with a random artifact if you never play the story. The game let's you take your time and save anywhere which is really nice.  Even in battle, you can take your time (unless you're online playing with the clock) and do things i da or something.  I have a lot to say about this game and i'm sorry non-game junkies, but this game is worth telling the world about!  9 (mathematically 8.4)        

    So that's it everyone!  Sorry this one was so long, i just have a lot to say about it!  This was only
Jezebeth the succubus
scratching the surface.  I might even film myself playing a round of quick play so you can see how it works.  If you guys have played this game or if you do now, please tell me what you think of it and maybe your favorite character!  My favorite character to play as is probabl Cyrus or Jezebeth, however my favorite characters in the game are Godric, Markal, and Anwen!
   Now, i will be leaving for Alaska Monday morning.  I will post something tomorrow, but i really don't know what yet.  I will not be back until the 6th, so i probably won't post again until the 7th.  I'll be putting up a poll that i expect to have lots of votes while i'm gone!  That poll will be put up tomorrow after whatever i post.  Check back later in case i record myself playing.

UPDATE (1/24/14):  Hey everyone!  Remember how I said I'd play it for you?  I did back in September!  Here's one poor quality video of when I played it.  I have a better camera now and might even do a Let's Play if you'd like!

Amazing concept art of Markal and Fiona by Tri Vuong

A cool picture of some of the units and special units
Godric concept art.  mmmmm Godric
The many emotions of Anwen

Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 5: The end!!!

    Today was great.  I got up excited and wasn't disappointed.  We started by visiting the museum which
consisted of historical documents, items from the trinity site and other big things, as well as just local stuff and army things.  They also had a range of old missiles and rockets on display where i discovered a "loki-dart."  This is a picture of i think the exact one but not taken by me.  Pretty cool huh?  I have no idea why it's called that but it made me squee with glee.  After that, we got to go to an old building that was miles out from the rest of civilization and look at lasers and even got to have a piece of burned plastic that they use to test them.  The laser facility also had a resident cat they had found wandering out all by itself, starving so we got to see that cutie too.  It was hilarious to watch a bunch of nerds go from "ooo lasers!"  to "OOOO KITTEN!!!!!"  Then, we got to have burgers and hotdogs like yesterday, and got to swim in the indoor pool!  The pool had a small slide, a rock wall, and a lot of space.  I
ended up playing "crab in the middle" (seeing as i was moving like a crab) with Myranda, Kristen, and one of the assistants, Amanda.  It was really fun and even started to rain.  We were lucky because as soon as we got out, the lightning began to hit so it wasn't like our time got cut short.  Afterwards, we went to the auditorium for a panel, asking our teachers and mentors questions about life and their jobs.  It went on for a little too long if you ask me, but wasn't as bad as i expected.  Finally, we had an award ceremony.  I won most enthusiastic of my group.  I got a little model rocket i get to build and a bunch of fun stuff!!  In the picture, i have my new rocket, 2 pencils, a pen, a camo-lanyard, my little block of laser-blasted plastic, my certificate, and a water bottle.  Today was a great day.  Here's a better picture of the laser thing.  I think today is the last day to vote on the poll so please do that!!  Comment, write in, all that good stuff and ill see you all tomorrow!!
a top view.  That's a hole burnt through it with the laser

For reference, it's about a knuckle deep 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 4: Kinect and Derpy Wolverine

   Today was a better day.  The day started with Robots which, yet again, bored me into a stupor.  I think i
would like it better if we just got to play with them and didn't have to listen to his monotoned voice.  Then, we got to do our rockets!  We shot off our rockets then got to chase them and try to grab them.  I was able to catch mine and our group tied with another group for second in terms of catching.  Then, we had burgers and got free shirts at lunch!  Next, we did genetics. Although i do find genetics interesting, i was a bit bored so i drew something which will be posted at the end and a comic which i want to finish first.  Finally, we got to do probability and statistics.  I personally love probability and think it's easy.  We got to use the Kinect to show the point of guessing based on past events and one of the guys in our group shattered the goal record in Kinect soccer with 73 goals!
My rocket, star candies thing, POP! Thor, and my new POP! Wolverine.
    When i got home, i heard my package of the plushie Wolverine and my star candies had arrived!  This is amazing because i ordered it economy on Sunday!  So i rushed in and opened it.  The star candies taste just like banana runts (my favorite), but my Wolverine is a bit...Derpy.  There's a minor stitching error on his mask making his face look fatter and his eyes look closer together.  It's a minor issue, but it kinda damaged his over all look to me and makes me kind of sad, but i've decided to keep my derpy Logan.  I am uncontrollably excited for the movie which comes out tomorrow!
     WARNING!  THIS SECTION CONTAINS START TREK SPOILERS.  DO NOT SCROLL.  So, today in robotics, they gave us a list of websites for online classes.  One, was Khan academy.  I had heard of it before and thought this same thought before, but now was the perfect time to implement this.  I will be doing a redraw of this or creating a photoshop style ad, but this is what i could do from memory in genetics class.  Based on the latest incarnation of this character played by the handsome and talented Benedict Cumberbatch.  Sorry for the poor quality.  It's on the same yellow paper as the Portal pictures.

Khan Academy.  Genetically superior to all competitors!  It'll leave you shouting "KHAAAAAAAAAN!"  


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 3: a bit blah

  Today was interesting, but i felt very blah all day.  I blame it on the robotics guy.  He went over the same stuff i learned in 8th grade, leaving me and a few others falling asleep.  We did learn how to create a wifi-stealer in a way and tested in in a room made of 20,000 blue foam cones used 2 stop frequencies.  That was the favorite part of the day.  We also played with lasers and FM radio.  Although i had a god day and even got to sit next to a cute boy the whole time, i just felt blah.  Plus. today was sub sandwich which we all know, i hate.  I don't really have a whole lot to say today...but if i get bred i might start writing my review of Pokemon Conquest or upload those videos of my pokemon stuff.  I da know.  I'm still very blah.  Yesterday's list took a lot out of me!  I'll talk to you guys either tomorrow or later today!  Later!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Loki Fa'rbautison

  I have been lied to by Marvel.  I TRUSTED YOU MARVEL!!  Apparently, Laufey, Loki's supposed father in the comics and movie, IS LOKI'S MOM!!!!!  THIS IS A WOMAN!!

                         F├írbauti  is his real father.  

Day 2: Robots!

   First of all, here is the picture i drew for you all last night for the 1000 view mark!  Prepare for a long post and a bunch of pictures!!
Thank you everyone!!!!!
    So today, i woke up in immense pain from yesterday's exercise along with other pains.  I had a really hard time finding the motivation to get up and go, but finally found my way to my car.  Today, the day began with a lesson in genetics,  however i wasn't all that interested because it was basically a review of Biology class.  I instead began to doodle.  Each "module" was an hour and a half long, so it was easy for me to zone out at times.  The next class was robotics but sadly, it's NXT, exactly what i did at YWIC.  Also, the instructer that looked like George Lukas had a voice that lulled me to sleep, so i ended up drawing again, however the other instructor gave me the idea for today's topic.  Then, after a normal lunch of a grilled cheese, i had a class on circuits and one on rockets.  I was good at both.
    So, today, i decided to do my first ever top 10 list!!  Today, thanks to the robotics class letting me zone out, i picked my 10 favorite robots, androids, and AIs.  This list does NOT include cyborgs or people like Luke Skywalker who have robotic PARTS.  There are a few not on the list who others would have put instead, such as Data from Star Trek.  I have yet to watch the Next Generation, so although i know he is a great android, i can't put him as one of my favorites.  I also can't follow the rule of "one per franchise" so don't expect that i will.  Remember, these are my opinions and ones i picked off the top of my head at camp, not through extensive research or anything. Post your favorite in the comments!!!  This area may contain spoilers!!!!!

10.)  Robot and Robbie the Robot.
   The Robot from Lost in Space and Robbie the Robot from the Forbidden Planet are the iconic symbols of "robots."  They were both designed by Robert Kinoshita and shaped the idea of a robot in and around the 50s and 60s.  The adorable "Warning!!"  from Robot and Robby's iconic design have landed them a place here not truelly as personal favorites, but as world favorites.
Robbie the Robot
9.)  Alpha 5
    As a kid, i loved watching Power Rangers.  One character in particular really stood out to me and made me laugh.  Alpha 5.  Alpha was Zordon's robot assistant who often had ridiculous weapons for the Rangers.  I still remember his "aiye-aiye-aiye!" and excited movements.  He was really a fun character and one of my favorite robots.  It also turns out he's from the planet Edenoi (located in the constellation Andromeda) so he's an alien robot!  Doubly cool!     

8.)  Dummy and Butterfingers
    In the Iron Man movie series staring Robert Downey Junior, a particular pair of robots added even more comedy and humor to the already fun movies.  Dummy and Butterfingers might actually be the same robot with inter-changeable parts, as it's never made really clear.  However, either way they are adorably hilarious and actually helped save Tony!  I was happy to see them in each movie and loved their simplicity, being not at all human shaped and very simply designed.

7.)  Bender
    Futurama is admittedly, one of my favorite shows.  It makes me super sad that this is the last season.
 Aside from Leela, Bender is my favorite character.  Sometimes, i hate him.  I think he's dumb and a jerk, and then other times, i absolutely love his bro-lationship with Fry and his other ridiculous attributes.  The episodes where he is having some advenure and then feels guilty are some of my favorites.

6.)  Turrets
     Turrets in Portal are simple.  They see you, they shoot.  However, they

also make adorable sounds and say "I don't hate you" and other such condolences when you have to kill them to get by.  In portal 2 (spoilers) there is actually a good turret you can save from being incinerated and it will tell you secrets about the game!  As you saw in another picture, i actually have a toy turret.  I also have a whole Chell cosplay and a plushie companion cube!  Turrets are supposedly disposable, however they have personalities and adorable little voices.  Perfect little enemies.      

K-9 and the 4th Doctor
5.)  K-9
    K-9 was a companion of the Doctor starting in 1977.  This charming robot first became known to me just a few years ago with the end of David Tennant's reign as Doctor.  Since then, i have come to love this adorable little guy, even buying a rubber-ducky version of him for my friend.  K-9's utter cuteness earned him a spot all the way up here!

4.) EDI (spoilers)
   At first, i was suspicious of EDI in Mass Effect 2.  I loved Joker in
EDI and Joker
the first game and would even have romanced him if he had been an option, however, i was really happy the way things turned out.  I have actually not had the courage to complete Mass Effect 3 as it's made me cry, so i don't now how it ends, but i love the parts with Joker and EDI.  EDI is both an interesting character and a useful one.  I have taken her into combat with my beloved Garrus quite a few times and she can be helpful.  EDI is, for those who don't know, an AI who is attached to your ship by Cerberus in Mass Effect 2.  She then is able to create a body for herself in Mass Effect 3 and falls in love with her once enemy, the pilot of the ship, Joker.  EDI has proven herself to me as a useful and sweet member of my crew on Mass Effect and i am glad to help her romance my good friend, Joker.

3.)  Jarvis
    Jarvis was originally Iron Man's butler, similar to Alfred in the Batman series.  In the movies however, he is an AI that controls his house and even the Iron Man suit.  Jarvis is charming, funny, and alongside Pepper, is able to keep Tony in check and save his life.  I love Jarvis and he is a wonderful helper, human or AI.  Thank you Jarvis, you don't get enough credit for all the work you do.      

2.)  R2D2/  R2 and C3PO
    R2D2 is, alongside Han Solo, my favorite character in the Star Wars franchise.  He's sooooo cute and has
so much personalty!  He never has to say a single word t make me love him.  He's even better when he is with his amazing partner, C3PO, human cyborg relations.  These two play the classic role as comedic relief as well as many other archetypes i won't bore you with.  When i hear robot, i think of these two little guys.  The nice thing is, they are drastically different designs, showing that not all robots have to be androids to be amazing.  Without these two, where would Luke Skywalker be?  Farming with his aunt and uncle as the empire takes over the galaxy.  They saved the universe.  I like to think this will be the future.  Kind robots and androids who are genuinely helpful and not the Terminator or those from I, Robot, however, we all know that the real future will lead to the one...the only.....


1.)  GLaDOS (spoilers)
    I kept this list mostly happy, nice robots who assist humanity, however we all knew this bad girl was coming.  The amazing antagonist of the Portal series, she makes the game.  As Chell doesn't speak, the only thing you hear is GLaDOS's scathing commentary, mocking you, making you want to defeat her.  She is the most amazing AI of all time according to me, and the perfect enemy.  The funny thing is, in Portal 2, you care for her.  You begin to feel like you want to watch out fr her, you want her to be your friend, you want to not die of deadly neurotoxin!  YOU WANT THAT CAKE!!!  As we took our notes today, she was the first one that came to mind and caused me to doodle a few pages in a Slender/Rat Man style that i'm actually really proud of!  I did a total of 4.  I am also including a video from youtube of the "best of GLaDOS in Portal 2 (sorry, no cake references).  I will warn you, a little adult language is used.  Not a lot.  So, here's my pictures!!  As you can see, i made a tentative list on the first one.  These were all drawn with a pen i had in my bag.

  So that's it for today everyone!  This post took a long time to write and get stuff together.  This is how posts will be this week, however i don't know if i'll do another long post.  I hope you guys liked this one!  Do all that stuff you do.  Also, in the comments, tell me who your number one robot or AI is!  Talk to you all tomorrow!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013


   Today, at god-awful o' clock, i woke up, got ready, and hopped into my car.  I drove to the hardware store and then wandered my way to a set of vans to find my friend also preparing to embark on this journey.  Other people slowly showed up and we were directed into vans, however for some reason, we were assigned to an empty van.  My friend and one other girl and i, plus 2 adults, gt a whole van to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed it.  When we arrived, we were put in groups.  Sadly, i didn't get put with my friends, but i did get put with some cute guys.  Then, we were given an orientation.  Apparently, i had a really good application so i won a book about the base we were at!
   Then, i discovered today was "military day" in which we had to basically act like mini military all day.  Sadly, i'm an out of shape blogger, so when we began doing push up and running around, i got tired pretty fast.  I also gt to disassemble and reassemble an M-16 and was surprised i was actually pretty fast, however, i won't be buying any sort of gun anytime soon.  Then, for lunch we had the god awful REMs (ready to eat meals) or as i like to call them, rarely edible monstrosities.  Mine wasn't all that bad, but by the time i figured out how to make it, lunch was almost over.  Plus, it was pretty gross.  Then, as a group we got to do a KLE, but 2 from our group had 2 stay behind and sadly, that was me and another cute guy.  Then, we did a CQB (close quarters battle) and that was pretty fun, except one of the guys on my team decided to shoot everyone, including civilians.  Plus, as we were trying to drag the guy 2 safety, we ended up just pulling his shirt off.  (It was a dummy, no worries).
    I finally got to come home and take a nice shower then get on to see i have officially over 1000 views!!!  Thanks you guys!!!  You really perked me up!  :)  So, this week, i'll probably be as tired as i am today, and end up witting short blogs like this.  I'll also be posting around this time or later.  I might try to write one of my planned reviews, maybe of Pokemon Conquest if i'm not so tired tomorrow.  Sorry this is up so late, i decided to draw a picture for today but it wont be done for a while to you all later!  Vote!  Comment!  Write in!  +1!  Share, and most importantly, keep coming back!!   

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Turbo review (part 2)

   Hey everyone!  Today i decided to do 2 posts!  The first was the Rant Time version f my day, and this is the actual review of the movie, Turbo.  If you don't like my reviews, please just scroll down to my rant instead!  Now, if you read my rant, you'll understand i wasn't in the best humor so my review might not be as good as it would have been under different circumstances.   So here we go!
Graphics:  9.5.  Being an animated movie, the graphics section is a
tough category.  Let me start by saying this movie has adorable graphics.  It wasn't trying to be overly realistic or showy with every detail like fur fluttering in the wind, but was just simple and sweet.  The colors were nice and vibrant, the scenery was interesting and pretty, and the movie was overall very visually pleasing and colorful.    
Sound:  8.  Again, no really memorable original music, however it did use many classics like "The Eye of the Tiger" and "We Are the Champions" well.  The music again, fit the tone and wasn't bad.  Sound effects were also nice and not over powering. 
Story:  7.5   The movie as a whole was cute and fun, however the story in and of itself has been seen.  It was very similar to Ratatouille in that it was an animal wanting to do a human thing and having a dream and a chance to, along with Cars and Talledega Nights.  A french baddie, a race, and a predictable outcome.  However, still cute so it still gets a relatively high score.  
Scripting:  8.5  Nothing extremely memorable, however there were funny moments and lines i may end up quoting.  The script as a whole was well done, and Samuel L. Jackson's character was well...Samuel L. Jackson.  Need
i say more?  Over all, fitting to the story and has a few hidden gems in the mix.
Proximity to tears at points:  0  Nothing tear worthy.  This is a little kid movie, it's happy, it's fun.  Nothing even really all that touching so if you don't want to cry, g see it!
Voice Acting:  8.5  As following the script, i liked the characters.  The voices fit each individual, snail or otherwise, well.  Plus...SAMUEL.  L.  JACKSON.  End of story.
Re-watchability:  8  I'd be willing to give this movie another shot, hopefully in a much less child-infested theater.  
Length:  7  Maybe i was just hot and tired, but i found myself getting tired and just wanting to to end.  In retrospect, i really don't think it was all that long and what was in the movie needed to be in the movie.  Nothing i would really cut.
Final Verdict:  8.5   This movie needs a second chance so maybe i'll do a revisit, however even just like this, it was a good movie!  The script is key for me and i enjoyed watching the movie, however not the experience.  The movie was CUTE.  I suggest taking a friend or family so that you can laugh with someone who is laughing at the same thing and not just the slapstick.  It was a cute movie and was very like-able.  I do intend to watch it again.  Remember when you watch this that it is made for children and you will enjoy it more when it surprises you a little with something funnier than you'd expect.  This is my review as someone not too far past being a kid and who watches a Disney movie nearly daily, so take it as that and not as a professional, as i often disagree with the "critics."  (mathematically my verdict is 7.125, higher than a few professional reviews)

Rant Time: Online trickery, a thousand reasons why i don't want kids, and a cute movie.

     Welcome to Rant Time!!! Onward!
Aha!  A quest!  Simple enough.  Your task is to escort your cousin, a simple apprentice, to the Barn of Nobility to attain a free book of fairy tales and such, as well as acquire a few cards for trading on your
Your quest item
travels.  Afterwords, you are to attend a traveling show with her.  In preparation, you delve through your knowledge and book of logs to see if the Barn of Nobility was to be carrying a specific item that would make your small home more cozy.  You sighed, discovering the item will not be at the store.  You instead place an order through a catalog.  This costs the same as it would at the Barn, and the catalog has a special deal, 25% taken off a hardy purchase of 12 gold or more, however, alas, you are a single fraction short!  You search the catalog for a worthy accomplice to your purchase and discover a delightful magical pill that will do quite nicely.  What's this?  The cost is even less than it would have been with just the original item?  A merry day indeed!  You send in your purchase instantly and smile as you head to your loyal companion creature to begin your escort mission.  You arrive on time and attain a few items for your quest: some gold for an item that must be purchased, a list of tales for your cousin, and a potion to keep your spirits high.  You lead your apprentice to your companion and head for the first location.
    In your duo strides with purpose.  A rather confusing set of instructions of finding these tales is given, but with a smile.  You search and search, then ask again, only to realize you're standing right before them!  A bright shade of pink showers your cheeks.  You then take hold of the second item, and head to the back to see if, just perhaps, a similar item as the one you could not find in the books was there.  WHAT'S THIS?!?  THEY HAD ONE?!  You sigh in defeat, having to had payed for shipping...but perk up remembering the pills that are to accompany it.  Then, you purchase your cards and the quest item and set forth towards the play.  Upon arrival your mind suddenly feels a twinge of....something odd, however you ignore it and go forth.  You burst through the doors and head for the----GOOD GODS!!!!  The whole kingdom and perhaps many from the boarding lands as well have come to the same theater.  "Perhaps they come for another play" you hope, desperately.  The queue winds out the doorway and trudges slowly, inch by inch upon the smooth floor.  The young maiden and her 2 younglings utter loud comments behind you, apparently going to a tragedy, or rather, a horror.  A horror?  With one so young it can hardly utter words?  One who is whistling incesantly like a small bug in your ear?  You sigh and hold your judgment.  At last!  Tickets!  Now just to--oh...oh no....NOT THE GREAT BEAST!!!  Larger than the mightiest dragon, fiercer than the mighty beasts of distant lands, the lines to get snacks rages in front of you.  You sigh, looking at your hungry apprentice and are glad you were early enough.  No...o gods no...the same family follows you to the next line.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sustenance is finally attained and you hurry to the theater.
      All your darkest nightmares come true.  Thousands of yearlings and young ones along with their village folk have populated the small, dark theater.  You take a pair of unoccupied seats as far away from others as
possible and instantly feel hot as dragon's fire.  The bodies all wiggle to try and get comfortable for the production and you sigh, letting your mind wander to previous adventure.  Then begins Hell.  As the show begins, a chorus of wails, sounds, shouts, cries, and questions rains down upon your eardrums.  You try to focus on the players, but your head feels heavy and your skin hot, so you slip in and out of focus.  The show is rather cute, however similar to a few before it, and is not the source of any sort of anger in and of itself.  You are amused, but when everyone else is also amused, your head drums and you sigh.  A shout, a cry, all the more reasons you have pledged your love to adventure rather than the sedentary life so many lead.  Finally, the end approaches and the crowd cheers the players as they take their final bow.  You instantly go for the door and return home.  You collapse upon your couch and sigh into the pillow "i will never have children" and then go softly to sleep into the night.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pacific Rim

    Hey guys, i just got back from a fantastic movie i'd like to talk about.  I'm going to implement a 1-10 scale and rate the movie on multiple subjects.  Remeber, this is my personal opinion.  You don't have to agree but it's a thought!  Anyway, let's get right to it!
      Pacific Rim is a movie about giant aliens called Kaijus that invade Earth from underneath the ocean using a portal-ish thing.  To defend against them, the world joins together and creates Jaegers, giant mech suits that need 2, linked people to control it.  In doing so, they enter each others minds and become unified.  The government then shuts down the program and opts to build a wall instead, which fails.  Only 4 Jaegers remain and must stop the Kaiju before they "colonize" the world.  I won't tell anything else, but that's the basic premise.
Graphics:  9.5.  The graphics of this movie are honestly, the best i've ever seen.  Although a lot of action is
occurring on screen, this doesn't take away the detail.  One fault i always find in 3D action movies is when a lot is happening, detail is sacrificed for action, however i was pleased this wasn't the case!  You could clearly see each feature of the Kaiju and man, were they sweeeeet!  Also, this was the most amazing use of 3D i've seen.  It actually felt immersible rather than just things popping out at you occasionally.  It was raining on you, it was flinging debris at you, but nothing was taking away from the actual movie.  
Sound:  9.  I counted a total of 42 (the meaning of life, the universe, and everything) speakers in the room.  They had completely decked out the theater for this single film and i instantly worried that the movie would be drowned in loud explosions, eruptions, the cracking of armor and skulls, and the like, however yet again i was surprised.  The sounds were just right and didn't cover the talking and such, however some accents were too thick to understand.  The music wasn't memorable, but fit the mood and worked with the movie.
Story:  8   The story wasn't very original, but still twisted the normal "alien invasion movie" into a nice shape.  I liked the story, i liked the movie, it was great.  The movie was mostly just plain satisfying.  It's a punching aliens adventure and was better than expected.
Scripting:  7.5:  This is where my beef is with most action movies.  Most have little to no scripting.  This movie was GOOD.  Don't get me wrong, i LIKED the movie, but the scripting wasn't great.  My mother said to me "best monster movie ever!" however, i don't quite agree.  The movie was great, but in comparison to the genius that was Jurassic Park, which i can still quote today, i only think it was good.
Proximity to tears at points:  8.5   Sure, this is no Les Miz which is a 1,000 on this scale, it's not even some of those movies that are so touching you burst into tears, or even the movies where the dog dies, but
there were moments i could feel my lip start to quiver and i knew i was close, but i never actually got around to crying.  There were touching moments, there were sad moments, it was good.
Acting:  8.5  The only voice i recognized was that of the amazing Ellen McLain a.k.a. GLaDOS, but every time i heard her, i felt fulfilled in some way.  The actors weren't big names i recognized, however they were still very good!  A few characters had hard to understand accents, but overall, they were likeable, understandable, and very good for an action movie.  I especially loved that guy and his friend.  They were my favorite part of the entire movie.
Re-watchability:  7.5  This is a definite must see to any nerd who loves this sort of cheesy monster movie, however, for me, there weren't enough memorable lines and such that would make me really want to come back and re-watch it constantly like Jurassic Park or Lord of the Rings.
Length:  5  It was a good movie, but there were parts that just dragged on.  It could have afforded to be shorter.
Final Verdict:  9.  Although i have a lot of negative criticism, this is  MUST SEE.  I did LOVE this movie.  It was a great homage to monster movies as well as even kung-fu movies in a way!  It's a great movie for everyone and i was happy to see that it didn't focus on the U.S.  I love the U.S., really, but so many movies and things act like we're the only ones being affected, however a lot of this movie takes place in Hong Kong with characters from all over the world, including a female supporting protagonist who kicks butt.  See this movie.  Seeeeee iiiiitttttt!  I went expecting a cheesy, horrible move, but was extremely happily surprised!  Check this movie out and tell me what you think!  (mathematically my verdict is 7.94 so....still good!)

The video

Here's the JWittz Video talking about the app.  He talks about it briefly at abut 5:00.  Also, i recorded a video today, so on a day where i don't really have time to blog, you might get treated to that instead XD

Pokemon Yellow

   As i said in my last Pokemon related post, Pokemon Yellow was released in America in October 1999 as the 3rd game in the 1st generation.  It was designed to follow the Anime because of it's popularity.  As i talked about last time, Crystal was my first game although this could have been.  So why didn't i start in Gen 1?  Well, i was very young so it's understandable i guess.  However, i found out about Pokemon Yellow after hearing about the fake Pokemon Yellow app on the IOS.  If you're curious, i'll add a JWittz video that briefly discusses it to the end of this posts.  I found a copy pretty cheap on Ebay between the release of Platinum and the 5th generation, and forced my father to buy it.  When i started the game, i was in love and although i don't play it as much as i wish i did, i still have it and i might play some today!  
   I will admit, i came up with this theory before i researched the beginning of the game.  I remembered there being 3 Pokeballs on the table like in any other game.  After watching a playthrough, i discovered there was only one on the table, which sort of throws off my theory slightly.  However, i'm still going to bring it up because i feel like it.  To the right is another person's playthrough of the beginning so you can see what i'm talking about.  Now, if you've watched the anime, you'd remember Ash being late and only getting his unruly Pikachu because it was the hidden 4th ball Oak had for some reason and felt totally safe giving a 10 year old a crazy Pokemon.  But hey, I could go on for hours about how weird the Pokemon world is.  The game starts with Oak catching a Pikachu and then escorting you to his lab where his grandson, your rival, is waiting for a Pokemon of his own.  Like in the Anime, Oak is unprepared and only has 1 Pokeball left, however inside that ball is a very rare Pokemon rather than a starter.  Your rival gets Eevee and you get
There can only be one
Pikachu.  There is no choice.  However, this raises the question, what was in the other 2 Pokeballs that were missing?  My original theory was just for one.  
     Originally, Pikachu was NOT going to be Ash's starter in the anime!  Between Red and Blue and the anime, there was a manga released in Japan that featured a Clefairy as Ash's companion as you can read about here.  I was unable to find the source i originally learned this from, but i heard the change was made to make his companion more like-able to men AND women.  Pikachu was chosen instead and became the mascot of the series, continuing with Ash even today.  Gary got an Eevee, however we don't see this transaction and such.  According to the game, only eevee was on the table, meaning Ash would have gotten eevee if Gary wasn't a jerk.  So what could have beem in the other 2 Pokeballs?  I like to think it was Clefairy and, as of the other Pokemon, perhaps it was another rare pokemon like eevee such as Ditto.  Have a theory of your own?  I'd love to hear it!  
     Also, why is Oak so under prepared?  He knew Ash was going to go get a Pokemon that day, so why didn't he have enough Pokeballs in the anime and the game?  Where does he catch these Pokemon seeing as
they can't be caught in tall grass in the region?  Most importantly, it's been shown that he has a vault of Pokemon,so why didn't he just go get a Pokemon for Ash that wouldn't shock him to death?  I don't know.
    Ok everyone sorry that was not as exciting as i wanted it to be i really just wanted this to be thrown out there as an idea.  I think i might record me playing some Yellow and posting it yes?  +1 if you would like to see me play some or show you what i have!  Check out the new poll on the right, comment, write-in, follow, and all that good stuff!  Tomorrow i think i'm seeing Turbo with my cousin so since i don't really have a plan for tomorrow, maybe i'll do a review.  If you have any suggestions on things you'd like me t write about, please submit them!  Love yall and i'll see you in a bit!               

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   Hey guys!  Time to do the pet characters!  I was helping my mom set up her classroom and then had lunch  after that.  Then, i was stuck in traffic and then my mother decided we needed to buy a coloring book and some crayons so we sat here, coloring Disney princess coloring books while watching Gladiator, thus the lateness.  I'm going to just talk a little about my minor pet characters!  I don't have art for them, however i have pictures of the real animals they were based on!!  None of these images belong to me except the pictures of pippin.  I'll add Pablo's picture later.  This is a long post when it comes to Brego, but as always, look at the end for closing comments and such!  

Species:  Dragon
Color:  Black
World:  X-Men
Description:  A short lived character that was Lea's dragon who assisted her in a plot revolving around dragon riding.  He was able to speak and was based on Toothless from How to Train your Dragon.  Nelo was a character i thought f keeping in a separate plot, however he was so different to the rest of the stories, he was scrapped.  He was really a great character and would inspire a much more expanded one later!

Species: Cat....or maybe demon
Color: Tortuous Shell calico
World: Real and comic
Description:  Pippin is actually my cat in the real world!  She is notoriously bad, always getting into things, scratching me, and causing general havoc.  In the comic, she might be some sort of demon and it is noted she knows the devil cause i swear she does.  She eats souls.  However, all and all, she's a sweety to me and is actually a scaredy cat.  In fact, she's asleep on me right now.

Species:  Bird?
Color:  Grey?
World:  Comic
Description:  Pablo is a strange bird who is able to talk and has become Z's Wingman (literally).  Pablo hits on all the girls in the apartment constantly, but when things go bad, he can be relied on to help save the day.  Pablo was based on Hank Green once saying "my hair is a bird" in a video.  Based on Z's hairstyle, i used the joke in the comic and Pablo was originally going to just a one time character bu turned into a room mate and a fun character to explore.  

Species:  Western Brown Snake+Boa
Color:  yellowish green
World:  Amariel
Description:  Mate's pet snake, Mark is a fun character.  At 16, when Mate visited her surrogate mother Merelda, they discovered a small, lone egg around a few broken shells.  They brought the egg in and mate warmed it with her powers.  When everyone else fell asleep, she kept the egg close, warming it and it hatched into the loveable little snake we know today.  He sees Merelda as his mother and Mate as his sister and is used as a messenger seeing as he was enchanted by Merelda to be able to swim.  Mark has the ability to look into someone's eyes and see what emotion they feel, then his eyes change a color like Mate to show them what they feel.

Species:  Scarlett Macaw 
Color:  Red with green, yellow, and blue
World:  Amariel
Description:  A bird discovered as an egg by Captain James Arrow, he was raised to deliver messages between Arrow and Merelda.  He even delivered the letter to Mate telling her that informed her of Arrow's last moments.  He now lives with her and Jack.  A close friend to Mark, the often get in trouble together and driving Mate crazy.  Mate cares for both of them and they even sleep in her bed with her and Koen occasionally.   He is able to speak basic english, such as names and "sister", which he and Mark call Mate.

Species:  Horse God
Color:  Sable
World:  Amariel
Description:  Brego was built off the base Neloko left; he was very polite, sweet, but powerful.  He was strongly based on Brego from the Lord of the Rings.  In my story, he is the god of wild horses, self-control, will, wisdom, and power, he became Thief's closest friend after nearly trampling him to death when he tried 2 mount him.  Thief then was able to speak to him in elvish and this surprised and please him.  Thief then deemed him Brego and discovered he possessed telepathic communication.  This also allows Thief to speak to any animal, especially near Brego.  As Thef fell in love with Rahzel, Brego fell in love with her horse, Snow.  After Thief and Rahzel's marriage, they had a demi-god colt named Aralt.  The lore of the horse gods is as follows in my world:  

Brego and Snow
Legend:  "It all began with my mother and father….Epona and Tamdrin.  There were the first horses and possessed magical powers.  They watched over all the horses everywhere along with a few other creatures, but as the population increased and times changed, they realized they could not control it all on their own.  First, they created sister Lulizar from the clouds.  The god of conquest and travel, she would protect horses, making them majestic creatures of transport.  Next, from the water, they created the twins, Aonbarr and Ceffyl Dwr, the gods of the water.  Aonbarr helped the horses to live and be blessed with life giving rain, along with her kind heart to guide them.  Her brother on the otherhand, controlled the harsh winters and never ending rains that drowned our kind and also the lack of it.  Next, brother Cheiron was born from the ground.  Half human, half our breed, he taught us the ways of both.  While others of his kind were harsh, ruthless creatures, Cheiron was wise and noble.  He is prayed to for the feast and for skills and assistance in a fight.   

         One morning, as my mother looked upon earth, she saw a Griffon and a horse together.  She leant the horse her aid to live a fight against such a creature but instead, the horse used Epona’s power to mate with the Griffon, bringing us brother Aristo.  He was the most improbable of us and the luckiest of all.  Without him, our connection to other animals, including humans wouldn’t exist.  But, the times of all happiness could not last.  Out of a dark, sickly corner of the world, Hrimfaxi rose from the muck, a creature of suffering, famine, plagues and sadness.  Of course, he could not help who he was, but he brought suffering to many of our kind.  Sickness and pain swelled over our breed until, the first child was born.  Kirin.  Epona was hesitant to send her baby to defend the world from sickness but Kirin, being herself, insisted that she go.  Father helped her sneak away in the night to heal the sick.  Kirin and Hrimfaxi were then interlocked by fate to endlessly fight each other.  Or well, in her case, nuzzle each other.  The balance was set again and for the moment, horses were immune to all earthly causes, immortal creatures of near perfection…But Diomedes came.  The pale horse of death he brought suffering and endless pain to our race.  Each horse became mortal with the exception of the blessed, the elven horse, which kirin spared from a short life.  The suffering did not end there.   

        The world entered a dark phase for humans and horses.  From the blood of dead warriors and war horses on the battlefields of the first great wars rose Nazgul…the nightmare.  Nazgul brought nothing but tortures pains to all our kind.  He showed no mercy and some say he was to bring the apocalypse upon the world.  The earth was torn by the endless war and even my brothers and sisters combined could not stop him...  This is…where Gullfax came from.  A creature of hope and will, he was the only one whose power matched his.  They fought alone for months…years.  The fighting never stopped.  As the war came to an end and men began to have hope again Gullfax grew more powerful than him and smite him with the last of his power.  His brethren and Gullfax sealed him in a red stone which was broken into 8 pieces.  One for each of them and each hid the stone in their own time and place."   
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