Tuesday, August 20, 2013


   Hi everyone.  Today was another day two at school meaning history, math, study hall, and choir.  When i got home though, i had to make dinner and im just now getting to eat and sit down.  At first, i was going to talk about my 10 favorite Mario villains but then realized there's a few, but not a whole lot.  I am having one of those "man im exhausted" days.  Instead i think i'll do my top 10 favorite villains of all time tomorrow!  That'll hopefully be a nice long one to contrast these little bitty ones.  Im gonna just relax, watch some Mythbusters, maybe play a little Spel---.....X-Box.  I swear the #1 use of ballistics gel in the world is on Mythbusters.... I love that show.  Imma go now.  PLEASE vote and share and all that stuff but especially vote!!!!  Talk to you all much more interestingly tomorrow.