Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paintball and chicken strips

   As the days of summer wind down, the ridiculous heat just gets hotter if you ask me.  This morning i started up a half hour earlier than i intended when i forgot i set my alarm to alert me 30 minutes BEFORE my already early wake up time.  I got all dressed in 2 layers of shirts, long socks, jeans, and tennis shoes with a hat and sun glasses and drove to my sisters house having only eaten a go-gurt like a fool.  We set of earlier than ever before with everyone actually ready for once and didn't have to set the field up since it had already been set up yesterday.  I got to see a bunch of wittle bitty frogs about the size of my fingernail since it had rained like crazy last night.  I even caught one and took it away from the playing field so we didn't squish him.    Then, the battle began.  I was able to peg one person in the shoulder a time or two and in one of the last
battle, i even got one of the "master players" right in the eye!  For the first time ever, i didn't take a bad hit.  I only got hit once on the hat which only hurt for a moment and once on the hopper (or thingy where the paintballs go).  Normally, i get hit in either the foot or the butt soooo this was a good day for me, even if i had to surrender a few times due to the enemy sneaking up on me!!  One cool thing was the guy i hit in the eye had scented painballs!  He didn't fire all that many so i didn't really get to smell them but hey, if you gotta get hit, you might as well smell like bubble gum!
   After a really successful run aside from the pounding heat,we all headed back to home base (a.k.a. my sister's house) to decide on lunch.  After a quick shower, we decided on Farley's which i love.  I got my usual: chicken strips.  Then we headed to Baskin Robbins to attempt at buying an ice cream cake but ended up all getting individual scoops, mine of Pralines and cream.  After that we watched the recordings of our expedition and i finally came home.  My father bought a new router and so i hhoooopppeeeee i won't have to worry about internet issues anymore!      Today story wise isnt all that interesting, especially because i'm tired, however tomorrow will hopefully be a bit more entertaining.  I will be seeing one of my best friends, someone i even call my twin, for the last time before she moves to a far off ivy-league college.  She will be talked about in my....3rd or 4th installment of the Pokemon and me series.  I assume in total there will be....6 in total?  Maybe 7?  She was honestly another inspiration for that change i made in 8th grade, seeing as she had so much personality and charisma that i wanted to have too and she brought it out in me.  Anyway, tomorrow she and i will be going to Bite of Belgium, my obviously favorite restaurant if you couldn't tell, and the mall.  Afterwards, i'll be going to my cousin's pool party at her new house meaning another later post.  This begins the phase of late posting.  From now on, posts will be later, probably sometime after 5 if not later.  I hope you will stick with me!
    Do all that stuff i ask you to do and PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE vote on that pole before it's over!  Also, as a gift for being so awesome, have a fun fact about Pokemon!!!
I really hope the next one is either a tiger or a snake!!!  I am planning to use Fenniken as my gen 6 starter in Pokemon X!!