Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Great News!

   Hey everyone!  So, College is definitely going to be tough, what with the 17 hours and homework, buuuut, I have some good news!
  1. I am working on my first ever Video Game review VIDEO!  
  2. I have a new Rant Time in the works!
  3. And most excitingly, I WILL BE STREAMING AGAIN!!!!
What will be new?
     Many of you probably know that I stopped streaming due to a ridiculous wave of spammers in my chat that I had no way to stop, but I now have Nightbot as my moderator! As such, I will have some nifty Nightbot commands my users can use, a nicer chat, and a more fun experience.  I will also have more stuff going on LIIIIKE
  • Notifications when someone follows or donates!
    • These notifications will allow me to quickly thank everyone who helps out the channel and allow everyone to know that we have an awesome new person in the chat who should get all the love for their help!
  • Polls on what you guys want me to be playing!
  • Less having to moderate the chat means more focused and fun game playing!
    • Nightbot will have some built in special commands aswell so I can quickly and easily give someone links to my blog, twitter, donation link, and more!
  • If my donation goals are met, then hopefully I will get some game capture devices for consoles, meaning stuff like Splatoon, Smash Bros, Spelunky, and so much more!!!! 
  • Highlights from my streams will be uploaded to my Youtube channel, so if you miss it and something awesome happens, you still get to see it!!!
    So, big stuff is coming along!!!  Hope you guys are as excited as I am!  See you very very soon!!! <3

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day Back!

   So, it's the first day back to school for the semester ;-;  I am dreading it because I'm taking a whopping 17 hours this semester, as well as having my first ever job--teaching water aerobics to old ladies at 7:45 a.m.  BUT!  Do not despair everyone.  I am actually back from my Hiatus and working on a very long, special post that I would like to finish this weekend and have up by next week!  I hope everyone is doing well and break a leg to all you students!!  <3 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fallout Shelter


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Opening Ancient Origins, Showing My Whole Collection, and What's Up With Lea #2!

I talk a bit about what I've been up to, tell you my thoughts on the Splatoon final boss, introduce you to my new fishies, open 3 of the brand new Pokémon Ancient Origins packs, show my ENTIRE Pokémon card collection and a bit of my comic, and mooooore!!!
Any donations are appreciated here
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Splatoon Final Boss Fight

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top 10 Generation 2 Pokemon!!!

   While searching on Etsy for some cool Mew and Umbreon merchandise, I was inspired to think about what other Pokémon merch I wanted, and thus, what my favorite Pokémon are, and as such, I also decided to FINALLY do my top 10 Pokémon of the Generation that began it all for me, Generation 2-Gold, Silver, and Crystal.  To get all caught up, my Top 10 Pokemon of Generation One are here, so give those a look!  In retrospect, I'd move Rapidash up a slot.  Anyway, here we goooooooo!

       Celebi is just plain cute!  I've always adored the cute little green fairy-like Pokémon.  Celebi was especially sweet and a lot like Mew from the first generation.  I also remember watching the special movie about Celebi and omygawdsocute. However, I don't think I ever actually caught one in the Generation 2 games....but I do have one in Diamond!

   Corsola is one of many Pokémon I actually thought originated in Generation 3, because that's where I used it more, but I was surprised to find that it's older than I remember!  I've always loved Corsola's adorable pink exterior and happy face.  I also recall the one in the Anime being beyond cute!  This Pokémon is definitely on here with looks alone.  Not to mention, looking at a Corsola again after all these years just makes me feel happy!  I even found out I have a whole Corsola family in Diamond!

      Bellosome was, for one reason or another, one of my favorite pokemon growing up.  I adored the little flowers on their heads and the cute little hula-esque dance they did.  At any chance, I would have this cutie as my grass type.  I think my love of them was only increased by their short cameo in some of the shorts before the Pokémon movies.
   Following the trend of Corsola, I mainly used Magcargo in Gen 3 and onward.  I always loved their design and for some reason they just clicked with me in the perfect way.  Although I think Slugma is really cute, Magcargo has to take this slot instead.  There was something about the little flame coming from his shell that just multiplied his coolness by 10000.  I also really loved a lot of the TCG cards featuring Slugma and Macargo because they were usually super cool!!  Sadly, I'm not sure what happened to my old Magcargo ;-;
    Most of the time, I consider myself a Fire-type trainer, preferring to start with the fire starter and always lusting after Pokémon like Rapidash and Magcargo, and as a kid, my first ever Pokémon was Cyndaquill, However, when the Gen 2 remakes came around, I decided to go with the something a little different.  I chose Leaf, my Chikorita.  I always have thought Chikorita's design, while simple, is beyond cute.  There's something about that big derpy leaf and smiling face that has always made me adore it!  Even though the evolutions are cool, Chikorita will always be my favorite.
      Look deep into the eyes of Wooper, He Who Gives No Sh**s.  Look at this derp and tell me honestly that he is not just the most pathetic, adorable creature you've ever seen.  They never DON'T look like this and I mean come on!  They also evolve to be Water/Ground which is nifty, while keeping their fantastic face.  I have so many Woopers on each of my game cartridges, I may as well have a Wooper farm!   

        While I do love Chikoritas as previously mentioned, I have to give this slot to my first ever Pokémon, Cyndaquill.  I picked Cyndaquill based on many things--that cute sleepy look, the fire typing and design, and the cute little name.  When I first got Crystal, I didn't have the internet to just Google what its evolutions would look like, in fact I didn't even know what an Evolution was.  I picked Cyndaquill on gut instinct and he showed me the way into a world I never, ever want to leave.  This post is in the memory of all my Pokemon on Crystal that were deleted by the death of the internal battery, but Cynadquill will always live on in my heart <3
       Now, we've reached the top three and boy was it hard to pick who got the third and second slot.  However, I think number 3 will have to go to........
    Suicune was the first Pokémon I ever saw, gracing the cover of Pokémon Crystal.  The majestic beauty soon became not only my favorite of the legendary dog trio, but one of my favorite Pokémon ever.  Suicune's gorgeous design has always been on of my favorites, feeling unique and perfectly fitting its typing.  I have always wanted to meet this majestic beauty, so call me Eusine II!

     As I said before, I love Fire types.  Houndoom was a natural favorite.  Actually, if you had asked me to make this list 10 years ago, Houndoom would be for sure at the top.  As I played at recess with Nick and the boys, I would pretend to have a pet Houndoom that followed me like Ash's Pikachu.  I don't even think I caught one, but I did circle it in my old book!  At the time, Houndoom was the edgiest, coolest looking Pokémon around!  I absolutely love it's necklace like neck piece, devilish tail and horns, and overall badassery.  Sadly, I think I sort of forgot about this beauty for a few years, and so a new Pokémon took over my number one spot!!
        You all should have known this was coming!!!  I don't know when or how, but I fell in love with UMBREON.  The reason I love Umbreon these days is more because I have begun to associate it with the character Z from my comics.  But apparently, in the aforementioned book, I even liked it back then because it reminded me of my dog, Pliget.  Since then, Umbreon has just sort of magically taken over my idea of Pokémon.  I already bought an Umbreon plush that's always on my bed, and I've been looking to buy something like this if I ever got money ;-;  Umbreon, for one reason or another, always makes me feel happy inside.  I also love the mechanic used for Umbreon and Espeon (which I also love but left off this list) of having to increase their friendship with you, meaning I felt emotionally invested in them too!  In every game since at least Gen 4, I've had an Umbreon on my team as long as possible!!  Recently, they've all been named Z or Zumbreon!  I know they're not the best fighters, and usually he just sits back and hangs out in my party, but he's always right by my side!
       So, that's my story, but what about you?!  What's your favorite Generation two Pokémon?  And, off to the right, there's a poll about your favorite Type!  Mine's probably still fire to be honest!
Honorable Mentions to all he Pokémon I circled as a kid that didn't make this list!
  1. Politoed
  2. Jumpluff
  3. Aipom (which I hate these days)
  4. Sunflora
  5. Slowking
  6. Girafarig
  7. Forretress
  8. Dunsp---.....seriously younger me?!?  DUNSPARCE?!?!
  9. Gligar
  10. Steelix
  11. Qwilfish
  12. Scizor (which almost made the list)
  13. Shuckle
  14. Sneasle
  15. Octillery.....
  16. Deli....Deibird.....
  18. Kingdra (which apparently, all 3 of us wanted)
  19. Porygon2
  20. Smeargle
  21. Hitmontop
  22. Miltank
  23. Blissey
  24. Tyranitar (which barely missed this list)
  25. Lugia
  26. Ho-Oh