Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mate bio

    Welcome back to bio week!  Today, i'll be talking about my main female character used in roleplaying.  She has been in 2 different roleplays with 2 different people, so her story is long and extremely varied.  I of course can't go over everything, seeing as she's exsisted and been through so many adventures in 3 years, but i'll try to cover most bases as quickly as possible.  Mate is my most troubled character, who although she has many powers and abilities, has a multitude of problems.  I'll be talking about her as she is today.  Also, sorry i got carried away posting yesterday XD.  The problem is, i write these bios in the morning and there is still time in the day to do things.  For example, today after i pick up my cousin, i'm going with my mom and Nonnie to see Now You See Me again because they loves heists movies and so do i.  Tonight, i might also post about my past a little bit or i'll post it tomorrow so do check back!  Anyway, onward to mate, my only character with a middle name!  This section isnt really spoilers cause you never get to read this roleplay :p

Name:  Juliana "Mate" Marie Hollow 

Gender:  Female
Hair:  Brown/Blonde, usually long, almost all the way down back, often tucked inside a hat.
The most recent picture of mate and koen
Eyes: sea Green(natural), red(anger), gold(greed), purple(passion), yellow(fear), grey(depression), light blue(perky) 
Age:  27 (however, i think i may have messed up my math at some point and she may only b 25 or 26)
Birthday:  May 15thish
Height:   5'8" ish
Classification:  Mutant (not referred to as such in roleplay, is called powerful or something else)
Fandom:  Pirates/Medieval.  Originally took place in about 1600s, now takes place in a LotR-esque setting 
Perspective:  roleplay
Origin:  Mate started out in a roleplay in 2010 or late 2009 in my second ever roleplay.  She progressed for a while then stopped around 2011 i think when her roleplay stopped.  I liked the character so much, i moved her into my most recent one which had begun abut the time hers ended.  She plays a secondary character role behind Thief and Rahzel, the two protagonists which will be talked about on Friday.  Mate's personality didn't change from roleplay to roleplay, however she is now somehow  pirate in the 13oos ish.  Yup... The current roleplay mainly follows Thief and Rahzel, however occasionally follows other odd couples such as a fairy and a vampire, a succubus turned good for her human boyfriend, and a ghost and a mediator. 
Story:  Her current story plays off the end of the previous roleplay.  She lived with her mother until, at 10, her father Will raided her town and killed the majority of the residents including her mother who was protecting her.  She was then taken in by terrible adoptive parents who tried to sell her into marriage.  On her 15th birthday, she hitched a ride on a ship to Tortuga where she was taken in by Captain James Arrow and his young apprentice, Jack, who was only 5 years older than Mate and took her as his little sister. Years later, after Arrow is poisoned by Will, she becomes the captain of his ship with Jack as her first mate.  She used to disguise herself as a boy in order to live on the ship and not make herself a target, however she has become more relaxed and now lets her hair down finally.  She is friends with Thief and through him, meets his princess lover, Rahzel.  At one point, a group of thieves capture Rahzel and Mate goes to save her by buying her back.  The leader of the thieves has a crush on Rahzel and Mate pints it out to bother him.  Later, all the couples' boys as well as her crew of pirates are captured by sirens as well as Rahzel and Mate, who must save them, however mate is turned into one of them.  In this state, she gravitates towards the thief and after she saves them, he saves her from being eaten.  Then, in her cabin, he reveals his dark past and she, unafraid, becomes close to him, giving him his first kiss.  After an event where both die and believe they will be going to separate places, never to see each other again, he proposes in purgatory.  This leads them into a so far 2 and 1/2 year relationship.    
Abilities:  Mate's basic ability is to control fire with her left hand and water with her right.  While she can use the water in the air, she has to light a fire because she can not make it herself.  The left side of her body is completely burn proof, however the right is not.  When both hands are engulfed by their element, she can heal others wounds and in extreme cases, bring them back from the brink of death.  Then, mate has "personalities."  The six colors listed above in eye color each represent a personality that has a physical manifestation in her mind.  When she is ad, grey takes over.  When she feels heightened happyness or love, blue or purple takes over.  While the last 3 are mostly passive, the first tree are extremely strong, especially rage.  When Mate is extremely upset, often after a death or someone hurting someone she loves, she lets rage/red take over.  She goes into a juggernaut state and destroys everything in her path, generally with fire.  She also can run extremely fast if she can see where she is going and her legs are not damaged.  She knows how to speak to a few types of animals including snakes, birds, dogs, and horses as well as elvish and makes potions with her "mother."  She's an extremely skilled fighter using swords, daggers, and occasionally bows.     
Weaknesses/problems:  First of all, only half o her is fireproof, causing the other half to be vulnerable.  Secondly, when she is healing someone in the way above, she loses her own energy, often causing her to get sick and faint or even get hurt while healing a different person.  If she was low enough on energy, she could even end up killing herself to do so.  The biggest problem comes in the form of her emotions.  Her emotions are technically "alive" and all want control of her.  Mate is essentially a ticking time bomb in that she knows one day, her emotions will all fight to take control of her and literally rip her apart, killing her.  She knows no cure for it and has no way to control her emotions aside from drinking rum and trying to stay level headed.  Finally, from birth, she has had a curse her Father had put n her that if the man she loved and that loved her back said her full name, Juliana, she would turn into a "darkness" or essentially a demon, to work as his pawn to take over whatever he feels like.  Wonderful parenting isn't it?    

Personality:  Mate has rapid mood swings and is hurt easily, especially with things involving abandonment.  Mate's emotions each have their own personality that makes her up over all.  In general, mate acts strong and will do anything to protect the people she loves, even if it means throwing herself in the way of the sword instead.  Being very protective, she has created a family for herself to protect her and that she protects them in return.  This means, she has a very large family, expanding to all the characters in the roleplay in on way or another.  
Family (parents):  biological:  Marie (mother, killed by her father),  Will (father turned evil right before her birth).   Surrogate:  Captain James Arrow (former captain of Mate's ship and father figure, killed by Will), Merelda (potion maker based on Tia-Dalma from Pirates of the Carribean, Arrow's lover, mother) 
Family (brothers): Jackson Anderson, her entire crew, Thief, Naron and Alric (the other 2 thieves from the thief band that she took in when she got engaged to Koen), Konrad (koen's evil brother who has a crush on her), Doc(bad guy turned good), Kekor (an observer who writes all of their adventures), and many other
Family(sister): Rahzel
Family(son):  West (the son of the group that hates Koen, was abused but mate and Koen turned him to the good side and adopted him.  12)
Best friends:  Leo and Ana, Xander and Zenna, Jezebeth and Mikey, Ellianor, Archer and Serina, etc. 
Pets:  Mark (snake), Ara (bird), and now Vein (demon)
Frenemies:  Davy Jones, Jacob,
Enemies:  The law, Will, white mages that want to kill her/Koen.
Love interest: Koen Hollow
Greatest hope:  To break her and Koen's curses, to get married, to live long enough to see everyone happy, to stop Will, to be a good captain
Greatest fears:  Death, being away from Koen and her family, being locked up and alone, the dark, thunder, watching her family and friends be hurt and not being able to stop them, being labeled a freak and hated.
Items:  Multiple weapons, mainly 2 sword on each side as well as weapons hidden all over, a ship, a compass that points to cursed things, a golden coin given to her to protect her from will (which doesn't work T_T), a necklace with a clone of Koen inside to protect her, lots of jewelry from Koen.

So thats a long one!  Sorry if it doesnt really make sense, im try to condense 3 years worth of writing into a tiny bio.    

Mate in her undershirt in her cabin

Mate in mostly male garb on the mast of her ship