Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy busy busy

   So today began sleepily and is ending the same.  1st period of school was fine, however 3rd was a bit frustrating.  I leanred basic HTML coding in 6th grade and have used it frequently for Neopets and still do sometimes to add things like those photobucket videos.  However, we're doing suuupppeeeerrrr basics.  I sat there really bored most of the class.  Lunch was normal and theater was fun, but i yet again felt excluded in choir.  Today was the auditions for the "swing" choir however, when i looked at the list of all the stuff i have to do, i'm going crazy.  I have 5 different auditions with 5 different songs in 3 months not including the ones in theater class.  I'm already felling a bit overwhelmed by it all and getting scared.  However, while others were auditioning, i started getting a list of things to talk about in X and Y, however i realized that's a LOT to talk about so that will actually be this weekend.  It will be a nice long post about all the news i know of along with my thoughts on each subject and my hopes for the games.  I'll try to have it on Saturday but we'll see what comes up.  I'll try to include lots of videos and pictures and stuff and for those of you avoiding X and Y spoilers, i'll clearly mark it as such.
   After school, my mom and i went swimming for a while so i'm pretty tired.  I do have to say guys, PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL!  If you are on a phone and cant see the poll, please post in the comments of this post or any post really.  The options are :
No way!!!
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A small one at the very bottom
I don't care
For a short time only

So that's it for me today i have homework and dinner.  Tomorrow i'll start tutoring the kids who failed the state issued tests until 4:30 so tomorrow's post will probably be around this time or later.  Love you guys and i'll talk to you all soon!!  <3

UPDATE: 8/19/13 (6:53 p.m. ish)  really?  You guys read that Spelunky post 111 times THIS WEEK?!?!!??????