Monday, August 12, 2013

Is this goodbye? Nope.

   Today, i spent the day with my best of friends, Georgia.  Georgia and i have been friends since 4th or 5th grade, even staying friends when she was so far away as Italy.  Now, she's about to be on her way off to a far away college across the country.  She and i spent the day together.  First, we started with the standard "introduce-a-friend-to-Bite-of-Belgium" which i have decided to name B.O.B.  She and i each had a #2 with extra bacon and sodas and man that delicious stuff never gets old!!  Next, we headed to the mall.  We didn't really see any movies worth waiting until 2:00 to see, so instead we wandered through the mall.  Our first stop was of course, Gamestop.  I bought multi-color styluses (styli?) and put $5 on Pokemon X (which i do have mixed feelings about and maybe this week if i have nothing else, i'll talk about the recent news).  The salesperson, Cody, was pretty awesome at persuading people into buying things.
    Next, our travels lead to Hot Topic where i stared lustily at the $70 Wolverine hoodie and instead settled on a mjolnir key chain and the last to packs of these obscure LoZ Twilight Princess trading cards.  I
I want you all to see a this mash up of Disney, gaming, and comic books
goootttt.....Zora Armor, Ganondorf, Yeto, Malo, Zant, Clawshots, 2 monkey and malo tattoos, and shiny "Bugs for Agitha" and "Pumpkin Watering."  If you guys have any of these Zelda cards, i'm totally game to trade Malo, the tattoos, Clawshots, Yeto, and if you have something really cool i can negotiate for the others.  I would also trade these for like, Pokemon cards or any other obscure cards you may have!  I'd love to hear what weird little pack you found somewhere!  And yes, i have a collection of the old Neopet cards that you could actually play with, not the newer collectible styles.  Want to trade?  Comment or write in and we can negotiate!  Next, we popped over to Radioshack and finally, to the amazing $1 jewelry store in the mall.  They had a bunch of Disney stuff and i got a princess notebook and tiny markers.  Finally, we went to the park to sit in the shade and play new super mario bros.  We played on the swings for a little while and then i finally had to take her home.  She and i will NOT be losing touch, no matter what.  I will miss her a lot.
   After that, i went to my cousin's for a swimming party and apparently made her so tired, she fell asleep at 7.  Then, i finally came home and plopped here on the couch.  Tomorrow is as i say, "my last day of freedom" before i have to go back to my prison known as school.  This year though, i feel...somehow confident.  Maybe it's the necklace, maybe its the fact that this feels like my last chance to get a first kiss before i'm out of this hell hole, or maybe it's just something in the air, but i think for once, i'm not worried (just dreading).  I'll have another post for you all tomorrow night.  Nooooo probably not about Alaska yet.  Still working on those pictures and such.  Maybe tomorrow's will be the one on my thoughts of X and Y?  Maybe the next installment of Pokemon and me?   Yeeeessss??  I don't know but for now, goodnight everyone and see you all (or rather, you'll see me) and hopefeully