Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blogging in class

   HELLOOOOOOOOOO everyone i have a second here.  Tonight's post WILL be a top 10 list of my top 10 villains/antagonists of all videogames!  I hope you guys are hyped!  It'll most likely be around 6 or 7 tonight if not later but it'll have pictures, maybe videos, and lots of fun stuff.  I even made a list of pros and cons already!  By the way, last night there was a huge power outage at 9 at night and it was sooooooo hot and dark and awful :(  I thought you should know i suffered.  So i hope i whetted (is that a word?  Really?  It is?  Weird....) your appetite for tonight's post!  Read my last top 10 list about robot and AIs!!