Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Go Softly Into the Summer

   Hello ladies and gents!  Just wanted to pop in and say the dreaded Finals Week is ahead of me.  I've had a ridiculous load of homework and such, including a second study date with aforementioned cute math boy and as such I have been working my tiny butt off.  I wrote an entire paper about Ghost Ranch, New Mexico and what kind of dinos it has inside of it, another speech about how to fight Bigotry in the gaming industry, taken more tests than I'd care to mention, and I have 4 more on the way, all while I am trying to find myself a job for the summer.  Soooo, that's my life, but what does that matter?
    Well, I would like to have a Pre-Finals stream to kind of chill out.  This stream will be me playing Minecraft and/or Rouge Legacy for a few hours, most likely on Saturday or Sunday, starting at 11.  The streams are a fun way for me to play some of my favorite games while being able to talk to my audience one on one which is AWESOME.  If my connection is strong enough and lag isn't too bad, I might even try to make a server for Jazmin and I and anyone who wants to join us!  Wouldn't that be awesome?! 
    So, in short, I'm very busy lately but I will try to have a livestream this week!  I will also hopefully be able to be more active during the summer sooooo I'll see you all soon!  <3

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mate's Emotions

An old version of mate (and Ara) from IMVU
      Juliana "Mate" Marie Hollow is a ridiculously complex character.  She has been through two roleplays, literally been to hell and back on multiple occasions, and is the most messed up of all my characters.  I have a certain love of Mate because I've been role-playing with her for over 5 or 6 years straight!  She has had the most time to grow, have new experiences, and expand.  The bio I wrote a year back now is really outdated, but does briefly talk about her best (or worst) features--her emotions.  Mate has a complex story involving the fact that she has 6 separate emotions which manifest in a physical way inside of her head.
        The first thing to note is that different characters call Mate by different derivatives of her name at different times in her life, depending on situation; each emotion has a name attached to it.  Also, mate's eyes change to reflect which emotion is most prevalent at that moment and is essentially trying to take control of the "wheel" for mate's body. 
         The stronger first three (Red, Gold, and Purple) are based on her left side, where she controls fire, as fire and those emotions are based on a firey passion.  The other three (Blue, Grey, and Yellow) are based on the water left side which are more easily put aside and calm.  It's complicated and I try not to think about it to hard, but in an upcoming plot, other characters will be entering Mate's mind (in an Inception sort of way) and accessing her "Mind Place" essentially.
         Each emotion will have a unique appearance based upon the "ideal" version of mate in terms of the emotion--all look mostly the same with the same features.  Then, mate has a wide assortment of powers that, to be honest, at first had no real rhyme or reason other than "she's a mutant like Lea soooo" but now that I've expanded her further, I've made it so that each emotion has reign over one of her particular abilities.  For example, Mate's mother, Marie, was able to calm nearly anyone with her soothing words.  This genetically passed to Mate.  Her control of fire from her father.  Etc. etc.  Finally, I talk about the physically place they exist in, so basically what their room of the "Mind Place" looks like!
     Sorry if that's a lot of information buuuutttt here we goooooo. ^^

Name Apperance Powers Place
Juliana "Mate" Marie Hollow Normal See here. This is the mate everyone "knows and loves" or so they think.
Age: ~29 years old.
Logic and conciousness Real world
Mate At first glance appears to be regular mate, but when approached, her animal features manifest and she looks demonic with all features turning pure black--Lioness-Like fur and ears, wolf like claws and fangs, one wing (long story), and snake-like eyes and tongue.
Age: ???
Fire A cell deep in the dungeons filled with chains to keep her at bay.
Captain or Captain Arrow More muscular with longer hair in dreads with interweaved beads and always wearing exotic clothes and makeup, as well as her captain's hat.
Age: ~22-30
Swordfighting and Language skills Her ship on a vast endless sea of adventure surrounded by piles of gold and rum.
Juliana Flawless skin with no scars or blemishes and perfect hair in such a way that she looks almost inhuman. All features are exaggerated, especially her eyes. Usually in more compromising clothes, but can also dress in almost matronly attire.
Age: ~21
Soothing A cozy house or mansion decorated with pictures of everyone she loves, warm fireplaces, and a bedroom specially made for her and Koen.
Matey Wearing the red dress she acquired to dance at the bar in Tortuga where she first met Captain James Arrow. Her hair is short in a sort of bob cut and she is never seen not smiling.
Age: ~15-21
Water The bar in Tortuga with all her family as the audience to her song and dance routines.
Juls One of the "twins" with Yellow, she looks young and vulnerable. Her hair is long and unkempt and her skin is covered in cuts as if being torn apart, however she's dressed in an expensive dress from her foster parents. She looks constantly sick and is usually curled up and unwilling to move with her grey, lifeless eyes downcast.
Age: ~10
Speed A dark asylum cell like the one Mate has been stuck in before. The names of everyone she has killed--directly or indirectly, are carved into the walls around her.
Julie Grey's "twin", she appears about the same age and similar, however her hair is cut short poorly. She usually wears rags and is almost always shaking.
Age: ~10
Speed Beside the throne of the Demon Lord in hell, surrounded by demons. Her room changes depending on who enters, reflecting a memory of when they were scared of said person.

P.s. I realize I don't have any more current drawings of mate, so maybe I'll work on some soon, maybe including these other guys!  Maybe even in a livestream!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TBH Tuesday (4/14/15)

   Hey everyone!  Sorry it's been pretty quiet around here.  I had a test last week, two tests and a speech this week, another test next week, and then finals are right around the corner afterwards!  In the meantime, I've had a lot of random thoughts, but not enough time to put all of them into full-fledged reviews or posts, but that I've wanted to say.  Sooooo, I've come up with this, TBH Tuesday!  I'll sort of list off a series of things I've been thinking about, but can't write full posts on because of time!  I hope you like this and if you do, +1 it, share, comment, etc.  If any of these things sound like something you want a full post on, shoot me an email or a comment and I'd be glad to expand!  Sooo here we go!!
  1. Easter was pretty fun, but we decided next year we're taking the Easter Bunny's job and we are hiding the eggs for my parents!  Right now, my dad refuses, but I know he'll get competitive.
  2. "Home" was an OK movie, but the all Rihanna soundtrack and a few slow moments held the movie back.  I'm not really a huge fan or Rihanna's music, but I did like a few songs--the problem was that the movie felt like a giant music video since EVERY song was her.  The weirdest part was that she voiced the female lead in the story who doesn't sing, so it was like Rihanna is playing a little girl who has Rihanna on her iPod....kinda weird.  Otherwise, the visuals were cute, the story was cute, the Boov were cute, it was cute.  Nothing I'd see again or own, but it was worth seeing.  (Also, the fact that the character's name is Gratuity and they call her Tip is hilarious.  K Bye.)
  3. I really enjoy apps...Like...I'd rather play apps than full-fledged games because it's so much easier.  I have spent waaaaaay too much time on my phone.... 
  4. I would really like to make videos about some things because it's easier to just talk than to type, but I'd never get them uploaded....
  5. So far, I'm really enjoying the new Nintendo Free-To-Play Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Rumble World games for the 3DS.  I've only played a few levels, but so far the games have been pretty fun and I don't really mind the segmented gameplay.  I do wish the lives in Shuffle only went away if you failed like in Candy Crush as opposed to every time you play like in Tsum Tsum, but meh.  In the off time, you can play a full game on your DS.  I would almost like it better on a phone just because of the gameplay, but ya know.  Meh.
  6. I have a study date with a cute boy tomorrow :D
  7. I have grown to really, really like Jacksepticeye on Youtube.  His videos are for some reason extremely entertaining to watch or even just to listen to--maybe because I feel like he genuinely enjoys the games he's playing or just his style of humor, but I like him way better than PewDiePie or Markiplier........
  8. That reminds me of the Sims which makes me feel the need to mention that I never intentionally killed a Sim back when I used to play Sims...2?  The only time my characters died was everytime they tried to cook for themselves they'd catch on fire ;-;
  9. The internet has made me ridiculously sad ;-; But I got medicine for my Anxiety!
  10. I like the arc in my comic right now so much I don't want to end it and I really really want to upload the two in detail pictures I've drawn but I'm so lazy.  Here's a crappy phone picture of them.  The Jeremy one is obviously still a work in progress....

  11. I'm honestly really confused about what people want to see on this blog because I did a poll (on the right) with every single option of the things I write on my blog and asked people to mark all their favorites so I know what people like and what to priorities.  All 7 responses I got were "Other," so I am honestly really confused.  This confusion has made me even more hesitant to write on the blog because I keep thinking "well do they like ANYTHING I write?"  So that's like....another large percent of why I haven't written much
  12. I need to find a summer job..................
  13. My grandparents got a Schnauzer puppy named Rambo!  Have some pictures!!!!  I might upload a video of him later this week!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Warren Worthington III

  So, those of you who have read Lea's backstory (which I need to update) would know that I have a fondness for Warren Worthington III a.k.a. Angel from the X-Men.  Ever since I watched Wolverine and the X-Men oh so many years ago, I've adored that cutie.  I even added him in as the one who took Lea in as a child.  A few years ago, I was extremely disappointed in the X-Men first class movie that mislabeled the character "Pixie" as "Angel" and was overall just...just bad.  But then, a week or two ago, this image surfaced.  My baby is in a cage!!!  ;-; I instantly started to talk to my friends like "I....I hope they don't....they're gonna....They're gonna do the apocalypse thing aren't they ;-;".  And now....

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Stream!

  I am doing a Easter Livestream playing a little bit of MINECRAAAAAAAFT!  Come and join me as I play!  This time I have a mouse and a keyboard so it should be nice and silky smooth!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  Have a cute chick on some eggies!  :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Preview: Shovelware

  Soon, I'll be writing a brief review on some shovelware and little known apps I've come across while paying one other game.  I'll be talking a bit about tutorial segments, graphics, and some interesting trends I've seen while playing these games.  I'm still gathering information, so if there are any little known, FREE Android apps you'd like me to take a look at, please post them in the comments!