Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Business

   Well, it's back to school with me, if only for a few more weeks.  I decided to be a pirate today and the Tinker complimented my boots ^^.  It's been a pretty basic day over all...I have math to do tonight and English to do the next, but I already found my grandmother her first customer!  If you liked the business card, you should check her out on Google Plus!  I'll be reporting this good news to her after school and we'll be getting straight to work!  Wish us luck!  <3

Sunday, March 30, 2014

By the way...

   You might have noticed I've been adding labels to each post.  These labels are found at the bottom of each post and when clicked, take you to other posts with the same tag.  I've been slowly going back and adding these to older posts also.  This'll help you guys find stuff around my blog a little more easily.  Of course, the best place to find all of the bigger posts organized is in the tabs above.  Just FYI!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's better than 10:00 Pizza?

  11:00 Cupcakes.  I saw a TV show with cupcakes and felt the need to bake.  I now have 18 vanilla cupcakes (or had until my mother and father at 1 and 2 respectively -_- ), a batch of chocolate ones on the way, and a classic vanilla butter cream that will be colored "mint green."  It was that kind of a day.

   I also made business cards for my grandmother's stained glass business.  I'm essentially the sales rep.  If y'all want stained glass crosses, night-lights for the holidays (Easter is the current one), Madonnas (not the singer), Holiday themed designs such as shamrocks and turkeys, football helmets, or polished stone jewlery, email The Bored Old Lady and we'll negotiate!  Oh, and the rooster pictured is one she made and gave to my mum and is currently hanging in a picture frame in the dining room.  I'd also love some feedback on this card btw!  It's standard business card size.  You like?  You no like?  Do tell!      

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Poll

   Hey guys, I have quite a bit of stuff on the way, but I want to know what you want to see most.  I put up a poll soooo:

Top 20 Gen 2 Pokemon
Assassin's Creed related post (top secret)
X and Y Pack Opening
More daily life updates
Another game review
More Lea Plays Spelunky or Clash
Another Disney Villains

  Go ahead and pick your Top 3!  This way, I can prioritize and try to get things out to you faster, rather than starting a bunch and never finishing them.  For those of you who can't see the poll on the right hand side, just comment your top 3 picks!  Now, I'm off to the pool.  Bye!  <3 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

10:00 Pizza is best pizza

   So, we're watching TV and someone is eating pizza.  Mom looks at screen.  "I want pizza."  I tentatively ask "Like...seriously?"  Now we have a pizza on the way to our house this very moment.  Life has never been so sweet.  <3

UPDATE:  It was all I wanted it to be and more.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rant Time: Trust Part 2 (and Mesa Day Vlog Part 2)

    Previously:  Rant Time Trust Part 1 and Mesa Day Vlog Part 1

   The world slowly spins into darkness.  The pain of your back paralyzes you on the floor as the Rogue walks on with your crew.  The dark cloak you wear hides the growing sea of blood.  You struggle to maintain thought, to try to rise again or make a sound.
     "Woops!"  A deep voice says behind you.  You are hoisted to your feet, an arm around each of yours.  You force your eyes open to see two knights in shining silver armor from a village not far from your own!  "You could use some armor if you're going to be falling flat on your face."  One says with a smile.  The other quickly removes his petite chest plate and offers it to you.  "Stop the bleeding, there are more important things to do" you think as they help you into the tight metal.  Your smithy looks back and blinks in surprise, running back to your side.
    "What happened?"  She asks the knights, able to see you are in no position to explain.
    "Just took a fall I guess.  We saw 'em on the ground as we came around the side." The smaller one says, gesturing to the bend they had come around.  You look at the smithy with a weak, intentional gaze, hoping she will understand.  In the distance, far to the west the sun begins to sink into the earth and so too does your pain into her mind.  She quickly puts an arm around to help you up.
    "Well thank you very much!"  She says quickly, hastening back towards the group.  Before she can get far, the knights hoist you up and carry you to a flat are of the mountain where many of your fellow adventurers had struck camp.  They escort you to the tent you scholar has established.  The Rouge is nowhere to be seen.  After the knights leave, the smithy quickly removes the armor, now glued to your side.  You make weak attempts to sound your pain to her, but nothing is of use--the world is cold.


    The sun finally shines again.  The smithy stands in the corner, cooking a glorious smelling meal that fills the camp with a sweet scent.  The scholar is hunched over your bag of broken potions, carefully recreating what she can.  You make a pathetic attempt to make your consciousness known.  The scholar whirls around and smiles, stands, and goes to report to the smithy.  Quickly, meal and drink is brought to your bedside and given to you.  The refreshing water brings a life back to your damaged body and the sweet foods awakens your sleeping senses.  With time, you finally find yourself able to sit up again, your lower abdomen bound by strips of cloth.  Slowly your smithy explains the Rouge has already traveled far ahead to "prepare" for her challenge.
    "You should stay and rest.  The mage has the final challenge all prepared.  We should have no trouble here!  However....we a catch.  The...device...the rules were all skewed....I...don't think we'll be at the top,"  your scholar informs you, her heart sinking before your eyes.  "Anyway..." she stammers, trying to shake the sadness away, "what happened?!  The knights said you fell."  What had happened?  Your mind is blank, the story of before shrouded in uncertainty.  What had you seen?  The mage...surely she had not done this!  She had been a companion for many years, a loyal one...although....  Memories flood your mind of times when the mage showed her true, dark colors hidden behind her silent demeanor--times a piercing glare shattered your helm, times when you messed up a spell or potion only to be apprehended with such venom you wouldn't expect of a viper.
     You slowly spin a tale of the treachery you faced what seemed like moments before, but had truthfully been hours ago.  The faces of your comrades grim and turn sickly pale.  They try to assure you you saw wrong, that perhaps it was an illusion, but you know what you saw was true.
     "Wait...but if she attacked you...why would she go forward with the competition?"  The smithy says, meekly.  You share a worried glance and quickly try to rise to your feet.  A scream of agony escapes your lips and the scholar is to her feet.  She brings a potion for the pain and you slowly rise and look at them.  The two stare at you with little to say.  You dress in a simple shirt and a fresh cloak and walk out, using the nearest stick for support.  "Wait!!  Where are you going!?"  The smithy shouts, following at your heels.
    "To do what I must."  You answer, resolutely.  She stares then grabs your arm.
    "Not alone you aren't!"  The two of you stride forth to the final challenge.  You look around the field and it's evident the Rouge is nowhere in sight.  You share a glance.  Quickly, you forge a plan and enter the field.  Alongside your smithy, you show a great feet of knowledge and skill, even damaged.  You finish your demonstration and slowly go to relax.  Now, you wait....
    "There's no way"  You finally decide.  Your companions have counted the numbers a thousand times, you have asked the rules, you have begged the questions.  Every calculation shows the inevitable end of your quest.  You gather your things and hold your wounded side.  Suddenly, the village leader comes over with a bright smile.  She had provided you your way here and other groups as well in a sort of brotherhood, all oblivious of the treachery in your fellowship.
   "Good news!"  You stare, hopeful of something to lighten the dark mood.  "We found your mage!  She says she's horribly sorry she's late."  The Rouge, shrouded behind a dark cloak steps out from behind her and smiles sweetly.  The very air slumps as a choice must be made--do you report the treachery or ignore it--all is lost either way.  She rejoins your ranks, staying closest to the scholar, her "friend."  You watch with suspicion and eagle like eyes.  No more blatant shows of deceit seem evident so you decide to play along, acting as if nothing has happened.  In the downtime before the results, you discover a sweet creature just up the mountain--an arctic wolf by the name of Flurry with a valiant handler!  Further you meet a messenger of news with her beloved owl on her arm.  What's more, you meet a slithering serpent who happily slithers upon your hands and even tries to slip into your cloak (much kinder than the serpent in your company).  You finally return the fork-tongued friend to his handler with a sweet pet to his smooth head and trek to the final ceremony just below the top of The Messa.  The Rouge has been silent and slacking behind your trio, however with an eye on her at all times.  Finally, you sit alongside your brethren, your fellow scholars who have traveled up the mountain beside you.
     A chill runs through your spine.  As the orator rattles off places and names, your sigh, defeated, knowing your place shall be at the base of the mountain far behind the other hundred fifty some-odd.  Number by number, you find a small group of junior scholars from your village racking up the awards and cheer for the little adventurers who may one day be in your +5 strength +7 speed +2 magic resistance boots.  As the final countdown of the top 10 groups begins, you hear the calling of a group from your village and cheer a loud hurrah.  However, it's then you know it is all over.  And so...

    W-what's this?  What's this!?  Your...your name?  In the 4th slot?!  You rush to the peak of the mountain, standing just a few notches below the highest peak.  A large prize awaits your crew.  You have reached higher than ever before and named a noble of The Messa.  It is no crown, but you know many more crowns and riches await you in the future, so nobility is no small feat and nothing to be scoffed at.  You emanate with uncontrollable excitement, the fire of victory kindled inside you--you are unable to remember the pure hatred that sparks at the thought that the Rogue is crowned a noble as well.  You feel a soreness in your back, a scar obviously forming, one that will not be healed but you allow the paintings to be done, commemorating the victory.
   Once the excitement has tamed you suddenly feel a flood filling your soul and turn to the Rouge once all eyes are turned away.  A wave of anger and disappointment flows from your eloquent lips like the sweet honey spoken by the players on a stage that engulfs the Rogue in her own web of lies and sins.  All emotion is switched to pure logic and reason, explaining in careful and precise cutting words, the frustration and pain caused by the Rouge.  Just as you expect a simple "I am sorry," she is gone.  Nothing.  No remorse in her face and none in her words. Each stab into your back, deliberate and meant to wound you.  She leaves nothing behind, no gold for your trouble or your healing, no words for your crushed heart, and nothing but a blank and careless stare.
   Now, each time you hear another or the very Rogue herself explaining "her" victory to others you feel your wound begin to burn with a fire unparalleled by that of hell.  Your heart feels a scar over it as well.  What is the moral?  What do you learn?  You can't just not trust anyone, because your smithy and scholar were by your side through thick and thin, but perhaps it endure whatever pain to achieve a goal.  4th out of over 150 or perhaps even 160 groups is no small victory and only through work and effort, you achieved where others failed.                        

   However, as the waters of the flood seep into the earth and the stars realign, the pressures of the earth lift away.  The production of you and your Smithy are finished, the Messa has been conquered, and Mt. Taskius has been kept in control.  However, in the calm, there is a new stirring in a place you'd never expect.  
   Upon your victorious return, you bask in the glory of your win and allow the Rouge to dismiss herself from your company, no words shared between the two of you.  Rather the kind knights of the village nearby have promised allegiance in future times and even see your show.  However at home, there lies a threat deeper than that of the Messa and even than that of the Rouge.  
   A while ago another adventurer had caught your eye--an artist of sorts, creating works and pieces, but what's more, creating beautiful scrolls along side you in a class.  The Tinker of sorts rode upon a horse of iron and was kind to you, forming an alliance.  But as you had learned, alliances crack under pressure.  
   In you stride to the gallant lunch hall of your stomping grounds only to see the absence of your Bard.  You look for them everywhere, but no signs in any direction.  After some time of distance, you finally desire to retrieve a meal from elsewhere with your Smithy and Scholar.  Upon your departure, you notice your Bard singing a sirens song for the Tinker.  You watch then pass it off as nothing.  However, the signs continue.  You hear your Bard singing sweet songs of secrets that entice the Tinker but let the notes slip past you as you concern yourself with other tasks.  Finally, the song is too strong.  The two are seen at every corner of every street together--an odd phenomena seeing as the Bard had never even mentioned the Tinker before you had brought them up in conversation, mentioning your desire to add them to your fellowship.  
   You observe each outing, waiting for your Bard to rejoin your group for your noontime feast as they normally do, but its not to be.  Your Bard is entirely absent from your table at the feasting hall.  Your Bard doesn't speak a word to you, and when they finally do, it is as if nothing has happened.  Then, these few words turn harsh and cruel, accusing you of ignorance and other crimes you haven't committed.  Your Scholar and Smithy consul you, and even your family Bard who has watched the youngling with the Tinker.  Finally you accept that the Bard is a Siren and two of your once 4 have been lost to a side unknown.  
   In the end, you have lost 2 companions only to earn a closer sense of camaraderie with the 2 loyal friends who stand by your side.  Throughout the scars on your heart, your back, your pride, you persevere and must move on.  You must thank the two who helped you to the top of the Messa and nurse your shallow wounds.  Trust can be easily manipulated, distorted, used and abused, but at the same time, Trust in the right people can save a life.                        

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lea Plays Clash of Heroes Part 2-Anwen's Adventure

New video!  The vlog will be up sometime this week but here's the long awaited Lea Plays to tide you over.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Woot woot! Relaxing ^^

   So, this week has been lazy week.  I haven't gone to school 2 out of 5 days and when I have, it's been basically derping around.  Yesterday for example, I had study hall and choir, but all the show choir people (most of the choir) was gone and we didn't have a sub.  In the "emergency sub plans" which had never been touched and had a thick layer of dust, we found a VHS of the making of Michael Jackson's Thriller and popped that right in.  I voted we learn the dance but we were all lazy ^^.  Then today, I'm getting to watch Thor 2 in web design!!  Yay!!  I love this movie ^^.  In terms of quality, I really think the Marvel Studios movies are much better than Fox.  As much as I love my X-Men and Wolverine, the Avengers films (namely the Thor and Captain America films) seem better lately.  Of course, there are horrible films in both categories and good ones in both, but I have cloudy judgment due to character preference.  I've never read Guardians of the Galaxy and honestly only know what I've picked up around the internet, but seeing as it is Marvel studio and will (hopefully from what I can infer) be tying into the Avengers, I hope it's good!
     Anyway, I also think in 7th/8th (Choir) we all brought in movies and will watch something in there too!  Then, next week is spring break!  I'm hoping to upload the second vlog and Clash of Heroes Lea Play over that  
Not sure who's who?  Check out this cool graphic!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Catching up on Zzzzz

   Hey guys  This week, they do the state testing for sophmores and juniors meaning seniors essentially get the morning off.  I've been thoroughly enjoying myself with some home time.  Turns out I have strep  On the news front, my "friend" has created a lot of drama about the boy thing however...something interesting may come up very soon.  My next project at the moment is getting the second vlog done.  Then, I have a pack opening and my top 20 Gen  Pokemon on the way as well so whie things start to wind down, hopefully I can catch up.  I'm really happy to see so many of you coming back.  Love you all!  <3

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mesa Day Vlog 2/22-23/14

  Here's my vlog from my first day at Mesa!  Check Youtube for the song links!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi day and....White Day?

    Today was an interesting day.  Just for starters, for some reason today was hat day because next week is state testing so it is "put on your thinking cap day" which is admittedly dumb.  However, I wore a cute little white and navy hat and a sailor-like outfit to match!
    First off, I found of my Crime and Punishment project did better than the group that had my "mage" and was one of the highest in the class.  I also had a sub in 2nd period so I didn't have to turn in a study guide I forgot to do.  However the sub was...semi-sexist and made his....many political views very well know to the class which was.............interesting.
   Third period (web design) went alright.  My site's looking pretty good at this point!  Then, 4th period, seeing as today is Pi day, the amazing Melody made coconut cream pie--one of my favorites!  It was superb and the teacher let us spend half the class just enjoying our pi day pie.  However, then there was lunch.
   Jaimi and her bf always go off campus for lunch.  Today, Joellen and I decided to join them and all eat together.  Normally, another friend joins us only on Fridays.  However, as we were walking out, my heart sank.

     I have shared to this friend my feelings for that particular boy (who is supposedly single now) many times.  She has told me about him since they are friends.  But lately, something's been off.  One day after she came to eat with us, she was in my mom's room while the guy was being her T.A. and mom put it..."obscenely" flirting and playing cards with him, making him not do his work and all that.  Last Friday, they had gone to get Chinese food together.  I assumed it was because she saw Joellen and I had gone to get food with our bags and she assumed we weren't there.  Today though, we stopped at the same table we've eaten at for 4 years and finally left the cafeteria after much debating about where to eat.  Lo and behold, across the street, there they are walking to go get lunch together.  Maybe I'm just jealous, maybe I'm crazy, but it hurts that she has repeatedly let me talk about him and never once brought up if she had feeling for him or was dating him or anything.  I feel like I've been betrayed now by two friends in a matter of a month.  My other friends all agree it's odd and that she and I need to talk, but with only two people left at my table with me, I feel sick.  I lost my appetite and only ate later.
(Ok, back to good things now) 

  So, after all that, in 5th (my off period since I dropped theater) I spent in my mom's classroom playing on her iPhone.  Ironically, it was Jaimi's class sooo there were a lot of in jokes that she and I laughed way to hard at.  And now, 6th period as I write you my story.  I realized I never posted my Valentine's picture from this year so here it is!  Today is White Day in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China in which guys return the gift girls gave them on Valentine's Day and give girls chocolate instead!  Sooooo pretend it's still Valentine's day!!  This is of course the unfinished, uncolored project.  In the end, Lea's side will be white, she'll have a red orb, and her dress will be pink.  Z will be on a pale pink background with a red coat, white shirt, black pants, and a white orb in his hands.  Also....ignore his derpy thumb...I hate hands.        

   Thank you all for tuning in and see you all soon!!!  It's great to be back!  <3

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lea and Zumbreon

    Hello hello everyone!  Thank you all for joining me again!  If you haven't already, check out my other post from today.  On a different note, I've decided to share one of the things I did manage to draw recently.  At one point in my comic, I did a little "parallel world" in which I was a Pokemon trainer and each guy I've dated or had a crush on (or had a crush on me) appeared as Pokemon.  It's a really awkward little side story, but was really fun to draw and was only 3 or 4 comics long.  In the end, I picked Jeremeevee (Jeremy) who then evolved into Zumbreon.  Here's a more detailed picture of the two.  I'm sorry, I'm awful at profiles.  And drawing in general.  And coloring.
Lea and Zumbreon

   If you'd like to see the full Pokeboys segment, comment below and I'll post them this weekend!  Thank you guys so much for sticking around <3.  I have a lot in store and I hope everyone will stay tuned!!  

Sonic Dash Review (Sonic Dash vs. Temple Run 2) (IOS)

    I've never had a smartphone, but I've always had friends who did.  I constantly steal their iPods and Androids so I can flap some bird or crush some candy.  However, my oldest sister happened to upgrade hers and send my mother her old iPhone 4 (er whatever it is.)  I automatically took hold of it and have added on a few popular aps I've heard about (sadly just a day, a literal DAY too late for the original flappy bird).  One game in particular caught my eye--Sonic Dash.  I am by no means a Sonic die-hard or even that much of a Sonic fan.  I watched the show as a kid and played two or three games for the GameBoy Advance (including a little mini-episode thing).  I really enjoyed Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic Battle or whatever I have, and I've played the original Sonic on the Genesis once or twice, but that's about it.  Well, I decided to have a look at Sonic Dash as the everyday consumer and this is what I've decided.

      Sonic Dash is an app released March 7, 2013 (2 months after Temple Run 2) for the iPhone and Nov 26th, 2013 for Android developed by Hardlight.  The game is a free download with micro transactions to quicken progress in the game and purchase characters.  The game takes place after/during Lost World, using one of the bosses from the game, Zazz.  The game takes a 3D style, following Sonic from behind like in more recent games.

     As far as I can tell, there isn't one.  The game is an infinite runner.  On occasion, you'll come across Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik or Zazz in miniature boss fights.  I haven't unlocked any alternate characters so I'm not sure if they affect this at all, but there is no story.  I am a very story driven person, but none of the aps I've played seem to have a real story to them, so I'll just have to assume this medium of game doesn't really deserve a score here, especially when grouped with the hardly literate Candy Crush game.  Overall, Sonic is running because that's what Sonic does.
Overall:  N/A

     The game looks gorgeous.  The games have the same bright color scheme as Sonic Lost World and everything looks very clean and nice.  Sonic looks just as he should with the perfect shade of blue and the enemies are all easy to see and the path is clear.  The game takes the same behind the back view of sonic and only changes when going around loops.  
   The game doesn't seem to have any frame rate issues, but there is one thing that caught my eye:  when Sonic does a jump off a red button, I think it is secretly a loading screen.  The game slows slightly and Sonic stays in the air for a while before you can see the next area and land.  This can slow the pace of the game a bit and sort of bothers me, but is a very clever way to hide loading time.  Also, sometimes it's hard to tell what kind of obstacle is ahead and some feel like they come out of nowhere.  However, when you do come down from those giant jumps, you can see the first few obstacles of the next area, which is nice.  The obstacles in the game are much easier to see than in Temple Run 2 (the game I'll mainly be comparing it to) since they are so bright and colorful.  Avoiding them is another thing.
Overall: 8.5

     The music is nothing special.  In a sonic game, people expect a rockin' sound track that gets you pumped up and excited.  The music of the game does fit the fast pace, but is not memorable, but not bad.  It does just enough to keep you engaged, and I will admit, I do like the boss fight music.  Zazz and Robotnik both say a line or two and both sound alright.  Robotnik sounds almost perfect and says a bit more than Zazz does.  Zazz sounds...well like Zazz.  The sound effects are also nice.  Sonic's spin attack sounds like it does in other games with a satisfying "whoosh!" and his jumps have a nice spring sound.  One huge problem though is the swipe sound.  Instead of tilting the iPhone, you swipe to either side and the sound for this action is AWFUL.  I wish it was more solid but really, it's horrible.  However, I normally play with the sound off since I play it in public.
    I will say, I enjoy listening to it more than Temple Run 2's rather limited soundtrack.  If it wasn't for the awful swipe sound, I'd play with the sound on.  Overall, nothing special, but by no means ear breaking.
Overall:  7.5

Gameplay and Controls:
     Aps have a very special feel of their own in videogames.  In console and PC games, they have many buttons, each for different actions, combos, and whatever else the game requires.  IPhones are small and have only a touch screen.  Some people argue aps are best played on tablet devices and while yes, it can make some easier, who wants to walk around playing, essentially, on a piece of paper?  The games on an iPhone have to be played simply with just a few easy controls done with your finger.  Sonic Dash has those controls.
     The game play is essentially a re-skinned Temple Run, but with a few differences.  First of all, there is only a single path so no need to swipe left and right to turn corners--instead, swiping to one side makes sonic step to that side to get rings, avoid obstacles etc. instead of having to tilt the iPhone.  I actually prefer this because I like to move around a lot when playing and in Temple Run, that could kill me in a flash.  You'd think this would make the game easier, but I actually feel like it is faster, and therefore much more reliant of quick reflexes to get rings and power-ups like magnets and shields. Swiping down makes sonic do a spin dash to go under obstacles or plow through enemies.  Jumping does, well, a jump.  On occasion, you'll have to do a jump-tap to kill a fish enemy over a large gap or tap the screen to attack Zazz and Eggman.  One commonly used tactic in the game is either jumping and immediatly going into a ball or vice-versa to avoid spikes or get rings.  This feels soooo smooth.  I tried this tactic in Temple Run 2 and it just doesn't feel the same or work nearly as well (nor is it needed as much).
     The control is smooth like butter.  There's an occasional  problem I have where I accidentally touch up rather than a side, but in general, it's pretty precise.  Sonic feels fast and smooth and it's great!
Overall:  9

Boss Battles:  
       On the subject of the bosses, they are too easy.  Both are exactly the same, except their design.  The first wave comes from behind and shoots a missile or star at you that you must swipe to the side to avoid, then goes in front of you and blatantly show you where they are setting down mines or stars you need to avoid.  That's not to say I haven't taken some stupid damage on them, but over all nothing to write home about.  I wish that they had a little more difference between them because essentially, Zazz is just a re-skin of Eggman.  Yes it is an ap, but there could have been more than just running to the sides on a plain, straight path.  Even some puzzles would add a little pizzazz the game needs.
Overall: 6.5 

Length and Replay-ability: 
    The game can go on forever, since it doesn't have any "end."  This is both good and bad.  The good part is, it's so easy to pick up and play a few times without feeling like you are doing the same thing over and over in the same pattern.  On the other hand, you don't really feel like you've made progress.  Boss Battles seem random and don't give a real prize (aside from points) for defeating them.  The only way to get to areas other than the Seaside Hill like area is defeating a boss or going through the red button "portals" so to speak.  However, these are a choice.  Each time you approach a set of 3 buttons, each does a different thing.  One can bank rings, one can take you to a loop, one is a random ?, one takes you to get a puzzle piece, and some can take you to different areas etc.  This is nice, but you have to decide quickly--do you risk your rings to see a new area?  This can entice you to play again though, to risk it next time and see the dock or other areas.
    Also, a hit from an enemy only takes rings away, but missing a jump or dash and hitting something will instantly kill you with only 2 ways to revive yourself: watch a video to get 1 free continue per game, or use a revive coin.  You can earn revive coins by playing, or purchase them with micro transactions which I'll discuss more later.
    For an Ap, the length is pretty good to just pick up and play over and over again, so
Overall: 8

     As great as the game is, it has major downsides.  First of all, the rings and hits.  Standard golden rings are only used to buy powerups, upgrades, and the like.  As I mentioned, you have to go through a certain gate to cash your rings though, and if you get hit right before you enter, you'll lose all your rings and have wasted your time.  Unlike Temple Run 2, which has a variety of characters for increasing increments of the hundreds of gold and red gems you collect in the levels, Sonic Dash uses Red Rings to unlock other characters.  This doesn't seem like a problem at first, but one HUGE problem: Red Rings hardly ever appear.  In the total of my time playing it (which is around six hours) I've only found three or four MAXIMUM while actually playing the game.  For comparison, I've seen and received more green revival gems (about 20 including a random 14 I got) in about three or four hours of Temple Run 2.  Then, you can get two or so by completing all three challenges.  Guess how much characters are?  Tails, the cheapest of the characters, is FORTY-FIVE RED RINGS!!!  There are seven unlock-able characters: Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Blaze, Shadow, Silver, and Rouge in order of cost.  If you don't want to earn the stars to buy every character, it'll cost roughly $15.  That is absolutely crazy.  I can't even be sure if any have special abilities, which I highly doubt they do.  Not to mention, rings don't give you extra lives, since you essentially have infinite lives (thankfully, because I hate the 5 lives and wait 30 min feature of Candy Crush).  I don't understand why they couldn't just use the normal golden rings to purchase characters like Temple Run 2, which even unlocks abilities with the redemption of each character!!!
    That brings me to microtransactions.  I understand that this game was a free download, which is great!  But the number and pushy-ness of in-ap purchases is ridiculous.  You can spend a few dollars to get Red Rings or Continues.  Once you are hit by an obstacle, you have two choices:  watch a video to get 1 free continue per game, or use a revive coin.  If you aren't connected to the internet, you can't watch a video or redeem your free item spin of the day.  Revive coins can be earned, but very rarely.  More often than not, you won't have them.  There is a $1 or $2 purchase that gives you 1 free continue on each round which seems worth it, but why is that necessary?!  I would rather have to pay a few bucks for the game off the bat than have to play short, 1 hit rounds that can seriously hurt the flow.  The purchases are EVERYWHERE, from spinning the prize wheel to getting characters, to get golden rings and revives!  Global challenges do give off some of these prizes, but seriously?!

    That also brings up a weird thing I've noticed.  When playing this game, the iPhone heats up like the desert in July.  The thing feel so hot, it's worrying.  I take off the case to it and try to cool it down but iPhones don't exactly have an exhaust!  I feel like it's going to burst into flames at any moment.  I have been playing Temple Run 2 to compare it and I have begun to notice this for it as well, however not until a long time of continuous play: not after about five minutes.  More than that, besides the maybe loading screens I mentioned under Visuals, Sonic Dash also has a very long loading screen when starting up and before and after runs.  This just smacks the flow in the face.  Temple Run 2 let's you start practically immediately and get right back up after you die.
     Also, a friend brought up how his is very glitchy, and after big jumps, sonic will fall through the world!  I am fortunate enough to not have to deal with the glitches.
Overall:  2

Final Verdict:
      Sonic Dash is a great game to hand to your kids or younger cousins to mess around with for a while because of the bright, beautiful atmosphere.  However, the in-ap purchases, load screens, and semi-repetitive gameplay will really drag you down.  When I first got it, I downloaded it and Temple Run 2 in case either had Candy Crush's limited plays so I had something else to play; at first, I preferred Sonic Dash.  However, I've really seen myself gravitating towards Temple Run instead.  Die hard Sonic fans, go ahead and get it.  The game is a free download and a fine thing to play around with.  People who don't really enjoy Sonic and already have Temple Run on your phone, no need to take up more space. For a free download, it's a pretty solid game

Overall:  7/10  (mathematically 6.92)   
   So that's all I have to say!  This one was a bit of a doosy!  Finally, things are starting to chill out (though there's huge drama at school).  Next on my plate is getting those Vlogs up!  The first one is 90% ready (having issues finding free music) and the second progress.  The Rant itself is ready which is really the hard part.  I hope to get the first video ready and uploaded this weekend!  Thanks everyone for checking in!  If we're lucky, I might even have a bonus post for you all tonight!!!  <3
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Monday, March 10, 2014


   So it's finally done!  No more Chip!  After tomorrow, things should slowly calm down for me, at least until April.  I have both vlogs to finish and upload and a game review 95% finished that will probably be done tomorrow or Wedn!  Thank you guys for sticking with me through this artistic drought!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


  Practices from 4-9:30 really take the time from under your feet.  I do have a video game review on the way and at the very least, the 1st of 2 vlogs from the MESA day trip.  The Rant Time has been written but needs the video to be finished.  My Top 20 Gen 2 Pokemon is 50% finished (without pictures and formatting so really more like 25%) and I still have the Clash of Heroes Lea Plays needing to be uploaded.  My web design class is finally getting busy and 6th period (as well as 5th now that I've dropped theater from all the bullying) are full of making up Homework I can't do at practice or things I've missed recently.
   On the happy side, the boy I like stayed in my mom's classroom with my friends and I this morning and I got to tell him about Spelunky and made him laugh a lot soooo that was fun!  I now need to get some sleep.  Night lovelies.  <3

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lea Plays Spelunky-Part 2: Just a Flesh Wound

Hope you enjoyed it!!  Subscribe for more.  Check the description on youtube for more links!  Also, the Mesa Day vlog is in 2 parts.  The 1st is done and might be uploaded tomorrow and the second might be sometime this week.  It will be inside the Rant Time!!!