Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: part 4 Comic!

 This is last years Halloween comic, un-editted due to time and stuff.  What's being said will be underneath in case it can't be read,  The brightness is down and contrast up so hopefully you can see it.  I picked last year's because it takes the least context!

A Very 'Venger's Halloween:  Loki, Tony, and Fenrir

Jaz as Nick Fury Jaz: "Avenger's Assemble!"
Myra as Bruce Banner, Basti as the Hulk, Pablo as Hawkeye, Z as Tony Stark, Meg as Black Widow, Joellen and Cody as Captain America and Agent Coulson, Paul as Thor
Lea as Loki  "Pathetic Midguardians!  You can not stop me!"  Pip as Fenrir:  "rrrr"
 Lea:"Mr. Stark, so we meet again."  Z: "Hello Loki"
Lea:  "Well now/  Since I have conquered your leader, I am in charge."
Paul:  "Brother...*sighs* fine.  What is your will?"
Lea: "To the pumpkin patch!!!"
All: Woo!!

Z:  "So let me get this straight.  We're going to stay up all night and wait for the Great Pumpkin?"
Lea:  "That's the general idea, yes."
Basti:  "My first special!"  Myra: "Hey! No breaking the 4th wall!!"
Pablo:  "Sooo I heard the ladies love a man in uniform" *smirk*  Meg: "You realize this is a real gun?"  Pablo: "Shutting up"
Lea:  "Here we are"
Paul;  "Midguardian wonders!"
Jaz:  "You guys!  Look!!!
Lea:  Holy crap...
Pumpkin:   "RAAAAAA"  All:  "GAH!!"
Z:  "What the...   Lea:  "The Hell?"
Lea:  "Is this...a pumpkin seed?!"   Z;  "M-mhm..."
*Rec*  Lea:  "Loki's log...Day 5.  We've run out of candy .  I'm afraid we'll have to eat someone"  10:30:15
"I've got my eye on Coulson over there.  He looks tasty..." 10:30:26
Z:  'We've only been in here for 10 minutes!!"  Lea:  "T-that's forever!"
Z:  "Well, obviously...."  *snag* "I need a drink" *shank*
Myra:  "'re a genius!"
Z:  "Well...duh"
Myra:  "We need to escape...we each have a special set of have to team up to escape!"  Jaz:  "Hm...."
Z;  "What are our assets?"
Myra:  "Well"   Lea+Paul:  "To Valhalla"

Jaz:  "Hawkeye, Black Widow, make some holes!"
Pablo+Meg:  Yes sir.  *PEW PEW*
Z:  "Alright!  Loki, Thor, Do you Asguardian thing!"
Paul: Ready brother?   Loki:  "Indeed"
*stab* *tink tink* *carve*
Cody:  "...Go Cap'n"  *stab.  shaky skaky*  *chink!*
Jaz:  "We're through!"
Myra:  "Time to get angry"  Basti:  "RAAA!"  *Pop!*
All:  "Have a lovely Halloween!"

    So that was last year's Avengers themed Halloween special!  This year is videogame themed!  I'm actually feeling a bit tired so the top 10 things to watch on Halloween will be posted tomorrow!  Also, fun thing to note.  That JackOLantern has appeared in every Halloween special in my comic!  In the meantime, please vote on the new Halloween themed polls and make sure you read the other 3 posts!  +1, share, and make sure to have a safe and fun Halloween!  Don't take candy from---o wait.

~Lea <3  

Happy Halloween: part 3 The Top 10 Halloween Candies!

    Everyone has favorite candies to get on Halloween.This is my top ones.  Feel free to tell me your favorites in the comments!!

10.) Popcorn Balls
         I always loved the individually packaged popcorn balls they gave me in 4th and 5th grade.  They were super yummy and sweet but i haven't had one in a few years.  They were always a treat.

9.) Caramel Apples
         When my godmom or other people would give me a big, shiny caramel apple, i know things were serious.  It was always very rare and very special to have one of these wonderful snacks.  Sadly, this year i wouldn't be able to have one with my awful braces :(

my collection
8.) Candy Cigarettes/Sugar Sticks
        One of the more rare treats was the "candy cigarettes."  I especially loved these because they generally came in a Marvel box and sometimes came with a tattoo!  I myself have a collection of the boxes i acquired last year during a school field trip.  Sadly, the Halloween sets usually only had 2 of the delicious sticks of pure corn sugar.

7.) Milk Duds
       O god i LOVE Milk Duds.  I especially loved that other people hated them.  I was able to mooch so many of these off other people in exchange for things like Whoppers it was fantastic.  Sadly, none for me this year :(  DARN YOU BRACES!!!

6.) Twix
    Twix Twix Twix. You lovely caramel crisp deliciousness.  Need i say more?

5.)  Banana Laffy Taffy
     O lordy.  O LAWD.  I LOVE banana laughy taffy.  Specifically banana.  This was also an easy grab from friends as a lot of people perfered the strawberry or other flavors.  Don't get me wrong, they're good, but they aren't banana good.   

4.) Full length candy bars
     You know that one big house with all the decorations?  The one with all the fancy gates and sound effects?  That's the one.  It could be one of 2 people; the really awesome person who gives you the biggest candy bar on the block, or the stingy guy who gives you floss.  For most people, this would be number one on their list, but i've got a bit more to go.  I have to give those guys credit though, they know how to make a kid smile on the best day of the year.  I especially love mr. goodbars, but for those guys who go all out and get the more obscure, more delicious, bars, i applaud them!

3.)  Goodie Bags!!
       What do i love the most?  Those really nice old people who never quite know what to give kids so they make little bags and let you take one.  These bags generally include a combo of candy, toys, rings, and other fun and tasty treats!  I especially love when you get there toward the end and they let you take the left overs they don't want to stay up to give out.

2.)  Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or Peaces
     I've always loved that tasty combo of peanut butter and chocolate all in one little circle.  So yummy.  So perfect.  But not number one!

1.) KITKATS!!!!
    That amazing moment when you open your bag and see that red, slender wrapper.  I LOVE KitKats.  That satisfying crunch with silky smooth chocolate in a tasty, snap-able package.  Just a few minutes ago i heard a little girl share my feeling as she looked into her bag to see the kitkat i drppped in and uttered a successful "yes!"

Happy Halloween: Part 2 Pictures!

   This year, i dressed up as the one and only Link from the Legend of Zelda!  I'm well aware that he's a guy, but Link is more fun to dress up as than Zelda.  The tunic is one of my dad's shirts and ironically says Microsoft on the back.  The gold is simple gold fabric from Hobby Lobby.  The gloves were $5 at Walmart.  The arm gauntlet is cardboard covered in a leathery material from Hobby Lobby with pipe cleaners to hold it on my arm.  I already had the tights and the boots were $15 "graveyard boots" (meaning ones people sent back) from the company my dad works at!  The hat is a headband with some green burlap held together with glue and staples.  The burlap was about $3 at Walmart and there is plenty left over for next year!  The belt is one of my mom's i borrowed.  I ended up not making the item pouches for school but if i do it as a major cosplay, i will.
    I really do like this costume, but i have to say the most memorable one for me was one year i dressed up as the Yellow Dino-thunder Power Ranger.  I had the morpher with interchangeable dinos and a store-bought outfit and oddly enough, i remember it the most!  I wore that costume randomly for weeks if not months after.
    Also, in freshman year, i dressed up as Garaa with my hair sprayed red, tons of eye make up, the same all black outfit i used for Kaiba, and a red cloak thing i found at a thrift store with a hollowed out gourd under my arm.  The year after i think i dressed up as Mate.  Last year i was Tinker Bell and my mom was Peter Pan!
    My favorite outfits i saw today were probably one of my friends as Flynn Rider, the Lugia kid, Jeremy as Snake (although many people thought he was Chuck Norris), Joellen as Katniss, Donald as Danny Phantom, the Mario bros girls, and the Taco bell spice packet girls who had dresses and earrings of the red and orange taco bell sauce packs!
    How do you guys like the spoopy background?  I moved some stuff for the polls today!  Please vote and i'd like to post the results for the sake of the spirit of Halloween!  Stay tuned for my next post about the Top 10 candies for Halloween!!  For some really awesome Disney characters dressed up for halloween, check out this link my sister sent me  and here's the ladies!!! <3    

Happy Halloween: Part 1 of 4 or more!

    Hello hello everyone and welcome to my especially spooky blog!  Today, i'm going to talk a bit about myself, Halloween, and s'me other stuffs!  I'm actually going to have FOUR WHOLE POSTS!  This one will talk about my past, present, and hopefully future with the spookiest day of the year.  The next will be my costume and my favorite one of the past costumes along with (maybe) my Halloween comic from last year!  I'll also have 2 top 10 lists!  The first being my top 10 trick-or-treat candies and the second my top 10 non-scary things to watch for Halloween. So keep checking!

The ghost of Halloween's past:  
   First of all, as you all should know, i'm terribly afraid of almost everything involving death and all that.  I'm especially scared of ghosts, skeletons, and zombies and this day has been the most popular for all this.  As a kid, i loved Halloween for the candy and the dressing up, but as i went into middle school and even early high school, i began to realize what a scary world it became in the time leading up to Halloween.  TV wasn't safe as 90% of the content was horror movies, scary commercials for new horror movies, and ghostly encounters shows.  The internet was laden with jump scare videos and mazes which to this day make me wary of links and things people "want to show me."  Even people weren't safe as ghost stories and camp-fire tales would be whispered around me.  When i was little, i used to be scared of vampires and would be sure to have the blanket all the way up over my neck every night.
    I remember in either 4th or 5th grade, girls at one fire drill told me about bloody mary (no, not the queen of England) which to this day scares me and makes me afraid to look in the mirror.  I went to sports camp where everyone sat around telling scary stories, some of which i still remember and that haunt me.  I live in a town with a lot of old houses and a restaurant my family frequents on mother's day is haunted as well (but apparently, the ghost is rather nice as she apparently leaves people alone most of the time).  Not to mention a river where a woman supposedly(scary ahead) drowned her children and wanders the shore looking for them and will capture any kids or adults she sees and drown them too. (No more scaries)  People have never understood how scared i was and would often taunt me for it.  I had a friend who would invite me to her birthday party each year and, even though each year i asked her not to, she would either show a scary movie or tell ghost stories.  Almost every year i called my parents around midnight to come pick me up.
     I have never seen any of the "Saw" franchise, and scary cabin movies, or really any scary/horror/thriller movie.  The worst part is, just seeing the commercials or the scene from pysco and other movies give me irrational fears even though i haven't seen them!  Just last year at the choir concert, people were telling stories of hauntings and, after they refused to stop even after i asked, i had to leave before having a reaction.

The Zombie of Halloween Present:
these cuties
   How did i cope?  How did i get past it?  Well let's go step by step.  Vampires?  My sister introduced me to one of my favorite bands, Franz Ferdinand, petty early on.  She would tell me how they were vampires because of their lyrics and soon, instead of associating them with scary things that will kill me, i associated them with handsome musicians who might just want a taste.  A lot of people say this sort of thing is a problem with media today as it destroys vamps as they used to be, but with scary-sexy vamps like Spike, i don't mind.  These new vampires helped me past a fear and even helped me create characters like Z by reading the Vampire Kisses series.  But i still hate the fairies of Twilight.
   Ironically, i have become less scared of Zombies due to my dream with Slenderman saving me from them!  2 scary birds with 1 stone!  As of mummies, which you heard me talk about in this post about my dear Kaiba, died out once i saw the 3rd Mummy movie and realized it wasn't as bad as i thought.  I then watched the 1st and found out mummies hate cats and, seeing as i sleep with Pippin nearly every night, i felt safe.  For the record, on Kaiba's birthday, i watched the Yu-Gi-Oh movie all the way through.  Man was it bad XD  But i loved it!
   I have come to ignore thought of the ghost stories when i can afford to and instead fill my head with well...this blog!  My role-plays, my comic, and my fan fiction are great distractions from the scaries.  Places like Tumblr on the internet have shown me the cute side of Halloween with adorable foods costumes, and adorable versions of previously scary things.
  Commercials still have the ability to scare me into nightmares.  Often at night, when i close my eyes, i see skeletons or zombies rather in detail, even if i haven't seen a scary thing in a while.  I have been able to overcome this with setting my mind on a story.  On the worst nights, my stories become twisted so looking at a characters face shows a skull or degrading corpse and i have to wake up and try again.  I sleep with my fish-tank light on.
      As it is, i am still scared of so many things, but i have come to adore Halloween!  It's a time to be whatever i want, wear the coolest outfit in the school, and get free candy!  This is the first year i'm not going trick-or-treating but i demanded that my mum give me candy anyway.  I was actually really disappointed by the number of people who dressed up.  There were not nearly as many as the past 3 years. Those who did though, really went all out.  My friend Donald was Danny Phantom, 2 girls in the hall were Mario and Luigi, Jeremy was Snake, and one kid had a Lugia outfit!  And i, of course, was Link!
   My family has a big party each year and this has just given me a greater appreciation of the adorable snacks and fun costumes.  Everyone, including my grandparents, dress up for the party in elaborate costumes and it's so fun.  Also, every year, i go to Albertson's with my mom to get groceries and we buy some magazine with snack and decoration ideas just for fun!
   Not to mention Halloween is the biggest event in my comic.  It was the first holiday comic i did, totaling 4 pages and this year is estimated to reach around 12 pages!  I might post last years for you in one of the posts tonight!

The Vampire of Halloween's future: 
     I do not intend to stop dressing up for the rest of my life.  My family has shown a ton of love for Halloween and in fact, my sister will be married on Halloween next year!  I hope to one day have parties of my own like my sister and her friends have and to one day not be scared of the things that spook me.  I hope to amass an army of cosplay which i have already done starting with Chell, Link, Wii Fit trainer, and Kaiba is on the way!  I hope one day to watch a scary movie and just laugh other than Sharknado of course.
   What do i hope most?  That this time next year, this blog will be a big hit and people will be saying "o man Lea updated today did you read it?!"  Please help me make this a reality!!

    So I hope you guys enjoyed a bit about me!  Keep checking back all night as i post the others!!  Feel free to comment and i'll answer it in my next post!  Also, i'll be updating the Poll so vote on that too!  Because you guys were so awesome, i will be doing a livestream soon (probably over my next break) of me drawing a thing!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


    The wind outside sounds like a freakin demon "wooooooooooooooo' or a dude having a hell of a party......
     Hello hello everyone!  Those polls to the right close in 8 hours so i suggest you vote now!  Tomorrow is the spoopiest day of the year everyone!  But don't worry.  This blog is a no-scare zone.  I'll tell you a bit about my past with Halloween and hopefully a bit about myself as i go along.  I'll also maybe direct you to some not-so-scary game reviews of scary games that helped me to over come a lot of my fears of things like my slendy-kins here.  I will maybe discuss my favorite candies, my favorite costumes, and maybe some other stuff i think of.  Heck, i might do some night bloggin as i stay up to give out candy to the little ones.  Oh how i miss the days of trick-or-treating (last year).
     For today there isn't much to say except i have this weird feeling that it isn't very...festive.  Generally our school has a trunk-or-treat festival and people are generally very hyped up, but it seems this year we've lost the spirit of halloween...Maybe i can bring back some All Hallow's Eve cheer!
     See you all tomorrow!  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A guide to HTML part 1

   Hello hello!  So, i have once or twice mentioned making a little html guide for you all.  This will be extremely basic, but will help you with things like atext styles, lists, and adding lines and spaces.  Those of you who also have blogs might find this useful for things like videos because, although blogger has 4 sizes for pictures which are generally just fine, it has no options for the size of videos.  If you look back at my "Ebooks on Computers" post, you'll notice my video is huge compared to when i add little videos like those from JWittz.  This is becase i know some HTML.  Other uses include: creating a basic website or page, editing a preexisting one to your liking, showing off to your friends, telling people you are trapped in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and anything else you can imagine.
   My trek with HTML began in 6th grade at PREP, the Pre-Freshmen Engineering Program, where i was given a class on the basics.  I then used this to make pages for my Neopets of where i spent many of my younger days and learned a lot about the internet.
   "Galen" you ask, "what is HTML?"  Well random audience member that's a great question!  HTML stands for Hypertext Transfer Markup Language.  It's used in many of the ways i listed above and many others!  The first thing you'll notice is the use of these <>.  This is called a tag.  Your commands go inside of these and they are very important!  You will always start a tag as <tag> with your content here and close the tag with </tag>.  If for some reason your tag isn't working, always make sure it's written correctly and closed!
  "Galen, i don't want my page cluttered up with icky tags!"  If you do this correctly and use the HTML codes in the correct places, we won't see them!  For blogger, the HTML section is in the top left next to "Compose."  Clicking "HTML" will bring you to the code you can edit!  You can even just type there if you prefer it but it might look funky.  For making a webpage, i use the program "Notepad" or even just microsoft word to write.  

   We'll start off with something every person should know for forums, blogs, and html.  Font styles.  The 3 basic styles are bold, italics, and underlined.  Most things have a simple button you can press to change your style, but what if one day, it doesn't load?  Well, here are the codes:

  •    <strong>word</strong>  or <b>word</b> will create word or word. I prefer just using <b>, but newer versions of HTML use <strong> so be aware of that.
  •    <em>word</em> or <i>word</i> will show up as word or word.  This follows the same rule as above
  •   <u>word</u> will simply underline whatever you need.  Simple as that!
  •   <p> "will create a paragraph that is not indented, but will keep all of your content together until you put in another"</p> 
"will create a paragraph that is not indented, but will keep all of your content together until you put in another"

   Next up, Let's discuss 2 tags that are exempt from the </tag> rule!  <br> and <hr> do not have to be followed with a </br> or </hr> like the other tags

  •   <br> creates a space.  Every.  The jump in lines from the previous to here was an example.  You do not have to include this if you use <p></p> unless you want extra spaces.
  •   <hr> creates the lovely lines between the sections!  With more complex code, you can edit this to be any size you want, but the way you see it is the way it is normally.
  •    "Wow Galen, this is all great, but if i use <p></p>, it won't indent!"  This is something i did a bit of snooping on.  If you want a paragraph to be indented, use &nbsp; before your content.  For example: <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; "You don't have to put it in tags!"</p>  The more you put, the moe indention.  I usually use about 5 if not more.
  "You don't have to put it in tags!"

    You might notice my lovely bullet lists!  These are also easy to do, as are numbered lists.  For a bullet list, the code is
       <li>thing 1</li>
       <li>thing 2</li>
       <li>thing 3</li>
    Which will come out as:
  • thing 1
  • thing 2
  • thing 3
For a numbered list, simply change <ul></ul> to <ol></ol>
  1. thing 1
  2. thing 2
  3. thing 3

     That's great you say!  But what if i want to center my text or right align it?  Well, there's a code for that too!
     Code, like text itself, is generally left-aligned like you see now.  To have things centered or on the right, you use the code:

  • <p style="text-align: center;"> And then your text will be centered </p>  or
  • <p style="text-align: right;"> to have it on the right side! </p>



You can also use <center></center> for the center for older HTML which is the easiest.  You can also use (instead of p style) <div style="text-align: center;"></div>.

   Finally, i will cover what i consider the most useful.  Images.  To add an image, you simply put:

  • <img src="">  

What does this mean?  All it is is "image source."  This also works for things on your own computer.  To do this though, be 100% sure the picture is in the same folder as the document you are creating and what type of picture it is:  .jpg, .png, or .gif.  To find out, simply right click and click properties and it should tell you what type it is.  This picture will come out like:  

I personally like my pictures centered so:

  • <center><img src=""></center>

That's dandy, but Kaiba here is taking up a bit to much space.  To bring him down to size, i use:
  •  <center><img src="" width="50%" height="50%"></center>   
Now he's a bit more manageable.  You can put any % you want.  You could also put it in terms of pixels. 
  • <center><img src="" width=50 height=50></center> 
50 Pixels are much different than percents, so be careful of that!  Play around with them until you figure out exactly what size best suits you.

      So everyone, that was a nice, basic guide for you all!  For more, try this site. Also, +1 if you'd like me to do more!!

Now if you'll ecuse me, I have Assassinating to do!  Good night!!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Nope.  I didn't get in.  But eh.

catch up

    So, it turned out that friday was my beloved Kaiba's birthday so i wore all black and a bright silver belt with my blue eyes shinning dragon in a case around my neck.  I would have taken pictures but you'll see why i didn't in a sec.  It turns out that Kaiba actually has a picture of Mokuba in a card-like locket.  How cute is that???
    Well, i was having a fine and dandy day until i went to the orthodontist.  They decieded to give me rubber bands that go all the way from one back tooth, above my front teeth, and to my other back tooth.  I have 2 of those and then another 2 from one tooth to the back on each side.  I cried i was in so much pain.  The worst part is, i'm supposed to wear them 24/7 and i can't really talk with them on which, if you haven't guessed, i do a lot.  Plus, they seriously expected me to sing with them on until i told them it's literally impossible.
   Yesterday i got up ridiculously early and took off my bands to go take an ACT.  I was so tired and sore, that i wasn't really focusing but oddly enough, i finished the test all the way and i think i got a lot right so.  I got a 28 the first time i took it so i'm trying to get something a little higher.
   As soon as i got home, i finished making my Link costume and at 4, i had a party.  It was pretty good and i hung out with my sister and her friends.  Afterwords, we went to a 10:00 showing of Percy Jackson: the Sea of Monsters.  I liked it as a movie and it's lucky i don't remember that book as well as i did the first.  At least they made Annabeth's eyes more grey and Nathan Fillion is the best Hermes ever.
   So that's why i've been gone.  I'm too tired to take pictures but i'll probably take more pictures later.  Imma watch some tv, play some pokemon, and relax for a while.  Later guys <3

Friday, October 25, 2013


i have a post for u guys but im not feeling well enough to finish it so i'll post it tomorrow

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kaiba (Updated)

    The first shows i can remember that wasn't a kid's show like Dora the Explorer or the Teletubbies
were Pokemon (which aired in 1998), Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball (in 1998 and 2000), and Yu-Gi-Oh (2001).  I talk a lot about Pokemon and you all have met Minori, my DBZ fancharacter, but i have failed to mention my immense love of Yu-Gi-Oh.  When i look back to my earliest memories, they generally include the death of Vegeta and all the Namek stuff, Ash getting Pikachu and wrecking Misty's bike, and Seto Kaiba ripping the 4th blue-eyes white dragon and that really creepy face he made when yugi beat him.
    As a kid, i collected Yu-Gi-Oh cards alongside the Pokemon cards i still have to this day.  The funny thing is, as i look back at my cards, i still can pull out my first 5 cards.  Where and when did i get these cards?  I have no idea.  I have no memory of getting 90% of all my trading cards and so i assume most of it was from my experiences at sports camp with the guys.  Looking back at them, i also realized what a moron i was and the gigantic number of fakes i have, but shockingly, a huge number of first editions as well.  Not worth a ton, nothing too special, but a fun novelty.  I also remember watching the show and accumulating a Kaiba-esque deck.  I only have 1 blue-eyes and a Japanese Blue-eyes Ultimate dragon but there were others i used instead.  I usually just went for the prettiest art honestly.  
    Sadly, Yu-Gi-Oh lost it's luster to me sometime during the era of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.  I gave it a shot and i think i have one or 2 elemental heroes (literally i think i have...3?), but since then, i haven't bought a single pack of cards and for a while, i even lost love for Pokemon at the beginning of Gen 5 but i'm back to buying Pokemon as you all know.  So, i figured today, i'd give my good boy Kaiba a bit of love.
    As a kid hanging around with Nick and the others i used to pretend.....(siiiggghhh) i had kids with Seto Kaiba.  THERE IT'S OFF MY CHEST!!!  Looking back, it's kind of weird really.  I loved Pokemon but i had no attraction to Ash whatsoever.  I always wanted him to be with Misty.  Vegeta and Goku too were very interesting to me and i loved them both but as i got older, i loved Vegeta's sass more and let Goku have his babies and all that shenanigans, settling for a brother figure for Minori.  Now, Yugi himself was NOTHING in my eyes.  The pharaoh was always catching my heart on occasion too, but one of my first memories is some episode of the show where Kaiba got a music montage carrying a briefcase into Kaiba corps for some weird reason.  Why?  What relevance did this episode have?  I have no idea, but i remember it!  I LOVED Kaiba.  He was a jerk, he was handsome, and he loved his little brother.  I have a thing for baddies ok?  (Loki...darth maul....Gaara....Wolverine kinda....DONT JUDGE ME!)
    Last night i had some weird dream reminiscent of the Yu-Gi-Oh movie which, to this day, i have never seen in entirety.  So you all know how much i've grown, as a kid, i was too scared of the mummies -_-  Seriously.  The the yu-gi-oh movie...yaaaa pathetic right?  That movie scared me so much i left the theater as a kid and to this day, keep the promo cards that were like, evil in the movie or whatever--seperate from the rest.  The dream had to do with Yugi and Kaiba dueling and both being drained as their cards were destroyed and all that which reminded me of my love.
     When i try to watch that series now, it makes me laugh at how bad it was.  I used to think it made total sense, that people had normal voice, and all that other childish wonder.  Have you guys HEARD TRISTAN'S VOICE???  It's horrible ;-;  I will give the show credit though that nothing ever dragged out too long.  I watched the episodes again recently, and in comparison to DBZ, this thing is faster than the Flash.  Seriously.
     I hope you all enjoyed this sappy flashback to the good ol' days!  I think i'll post my Pokemon and me part 3 sometime this coming week before Halloween soooo that should be fun.  That's all i have for today!  Bye guys!!  <3

my collection in its entirety.  Not a whole lot but you can see my holo Dark Magician card and summon skull which was always some of my favorites.  I loved Yugi's wizard crew and i have the female sorcerer somewhere in there.  I also have a lot of the harpy group based on Mai.

UPDATE:  Can i also add that this adorably sexy bugger loves orphans?  He wanted his theme park to
be free for orphans cause the poor sweetheart lost his parents you guys -_-  how do you honestly expect me not to want to hug this guy to death??  Look at the amount of cuteness here ---------->

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ebooks on computers!

     Soooo i made you guys a little video to explain something a few people might be wondering about!  I always prefer a visual guide to a bunch of words, so hopefully this helps.  It also covers how to follow my blog and comment in case you aren't sure!

    That's really all i have for today you guys but i should have something fun sometime son (maybe those pokemon videos???)  Please do all the things the video asks and check back in tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Misleading title to convince people to read an angsty post anyway]


Some days, you wake up feeling weird and don’t know why.  You shrug it off as just a feeling but soon realize it was a warning that the day ahead is going to be a mess.  The day begins alright.  You feel prepared.  You have all of your homework done and ready and you head for school.  It begins when you’re late for swing choir only by a few minutes not because of any fault of your own.  You feel bad.  The first class however, you feel confident.  You did your homework and you’re ready to go, that is, until you find out you did the homework due next class, not today and now you have to do the other assignment.  That’s fine though.  You did your calculus and you feel fine.  Until you realize you left your work in your book back home.  You start to feel awful which is just made infinitely worse by the extremely complex equations on the board that not even the best and brightest in class understand. 
Your confidence shattered, you head for lunch, hoping to enjoy the strange cake you got from one of your mother’s student’s presentations.  You go.  Lunch feels more awkward then normal.  Everyone is too quiet and everything funny you say feels strained-forced.  You sit (as always) along the railing of the garden planter thin while 2 friends take 2 of the many chairs at the table.  Another friend says she is going off to get food and you assume the other will be back after she finishes her lunch club so you start to eat.  Suddenly, a group of underclassmen start to take chairs one by one without saying anything.  You yell something rude along the lines of “sure you can have those, thanks for asking” until they start to take the last 2 seats you need for your friends.  You stand and rip them away saying “our friends are off campus getting food.”  The little brats skulk back to their table and talk behind you back but you are too engrossed in a game to acknowledge it.  They try again to take the chairs so you put bags in them to try and show they’re occupied. 
     You try to ignore it but you see them look at you, whisper, and laugh.  The endless stream of laughter from their table is obviously directed straight at you, the one person facing them.  Soon, one of the friends leaves, leaving just the 2 of you and 3 empty chairs.  Finally, the off-campus friend comes back and gets her bag only to tell you she’s going to eat with someone else.  One pretentious prick of a kid comes over from the table and leans on a chair, facetiously saying “so what happened to those friends of yours?”  You boil up inside and respond “they were going to eat with us but now their not so take the chair and just go.”  He drags it off laughing as your skin turns hot.  You feel stupid.  Your friends left you, not exactly by intention, to look like a friendless moron trying to look like they have friends. 
More talking.  More looking.  More laughing.  It never stops.  Their eyes, especially the trashily dressed girl across the way, are all on you until they break into a fit of laughter.  You try to ignore it.  You try to pretend that they are just dumb kids who have no respect for anything.  That’s until a tin-foil ball of who knows what flies right past your head with a tail of laughter like a comet.  What are you supposed to do?  Throw it back and be as immature and pathetic as they are?  Burst into tears for no reason?  Yell profanity and flip them off?  No.  You sit there and boil (along with some profanity, it’s true) and try not to think back to middle school.  Of course, you have no control of what your mind does.  You think back to when you were picked on every day.  When every word whispered about you was behind your back and followed with laughter.  When girls would pretend to be your friend and cause you to act foolish until everyone laughs at you.  You fall.  You shatter.  You’re no more than a glass doll people use until it breaks and buy another.
Then you try to remember the 3 years spent trying to move on:  the abuses of 9th grade where you had to learn where loyalties lie and how backstabbing truly works.  Then, you happily remember the past 2 years where you stood above it all.  You gained respect as a funny person.  Sure, the guy you liked straight up called you stupid to your face and was more condescending than anyone you could imagine.  Sure, even your friends could be condescending and rude.  Yes, you still have an arch-nemesis lurking the halls of your school.  But you learned something.  You learned not to cry until you got home.  You learned to put on a brave face. 
But suddenly, today, you can’t remember that.  The pure, boiling anger of being humiliated by people who probably can’t do Calculus BC or be years ahead in English, science, and history, people who probably can’t program a robot or make a light-up bag, people who probably have no idea what CSS means or what HTML stands for, and especially people who are probably doing it all to get a rise out of you, causes you to burst into tears just trying to talk.  You have to literally cry to mommy to make it better and just prove their pathetic point that you are whatever they were saying.  You feel progressively worse until you have to write a stream of second person consciousness onto a blog that has over 4000 views but still feels like is an empty place with no one truly listening.  How many people will actually understand you?  How many people will you lose because they don’t want to hear your ranting?  How many people are actually thinking “o wow, poor her” versus “what a crybaby moron?”  You worry over things you’ve never cared about or haven’t in years all because a few kids got in your head.  Not to mention the headphone jack on your laptop is broken.    

Hey everyone.  Sorry for all that.  If you decided not to read all that, the summary is, kids were mean at lunch and I feel pathetic.  Hormones make everything so much worse.  I thought of making this into a rant time but I couldn’t even think that hard.  This is just pouring out of my fingers.  I’ll try not to be so angsty in future posts but sometimes…no matter how hard I try I can’t hide how upset I am from you guys.  Anyway.  If you’d vote on the polls that’d be nice so I can try to learn how to livestream to make a thing for you all and maybe if you’re lucky (and I get them done in time) I’ll post my Me+Free Halloween Special for this year!  I’m pretty sure it won’t really be too spoilery so it should b ok.   Other things you guys could do is comment, write-in, +1, and for the love of all that is good, someone please tell me how to use and my video camera!!!  Bye everybody.              

4:50;  hello everyone this post was written around 1 today so i thought i'd give you an update.  i feel much better now that i've had some time to just relax and calm down and we learned some cool songs in choir.  Now, i'm kicked back with some Pokemon and no homework so i'm going to enjoy it!  Later guys!!

Monday, October 21, 2013


    It went eh.  My solo was pretty bad seeing as i got lost with the piano but, surprisingly, the song i thought i'd do the worst on was the best.  As of sight was eh.  I got to go home afterwards and watch some old Pokemon episodes and play X for a bit but now i have calculus homework to do -_-.  Darn you U-Substitution, ruiner of a fine day!!!!  Emotionally, i'm still pretty perky actually.  I'm gonna do my work like a good girl then play me some pokemanz!  G'night everyone! <3


   There are many props to being ridiculously ahead in a class and having a sub.  One of which is the ability to
blog without fear of falling behind.  So, at 1:00 today, i have my Allstate audition for choir.  Allstate is this giant choir comprised of students from around the state who have been selected through the auditioning process.  The audition consists of 3 segments.  1.) your 2 minute solo (the same as for solo and ensemble)  2.) a segment of a pre-selected song, in this case, "i am in need of music" by David L. Brunner and finally, 3.) a segment of sight reading.  Sight reading is where you are given a minute to look at 8 measure of music and a scale, arpeggio, and starting note, and then you have to sing it at a tempo you establish.  This sounds easy, but can be a real hassle.  Not to mention, today i also had the big group presentation i alluded to here.
    The group project actually went great.  We made perfect time and i think we really covered all the bases we needed to.  We had a 3 page handout with all our quotes (created by moi), a really nice powerpoint (created by moi), and questions with candy prizes provided by one of the group members!  Our teacher seemed really happy about it so yay.
    As of allstate, i'm getting nervous.  I was staying focused on my presentation this morning, but now that it's over, i'm getting jittery.  You, your accompanist, and the judge are in a small room and you have to just sing your heart out to them and hope they like you.  Unlike solo and ensemble, there is no scale of 5- to 1+ that anyone can get: it's a competition.  A cut-throat battle.  This is actually my first year auditioning and wouldn't you know it, i'm horribly sick -_-  doesn't nature have the best timing?
    So, i'll probably have a second post today telling you how it went and all that good stuff so for now, wish me luck!  <3    

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Video censorship

   As i stumbled onto youtube to watch my normal subscriptions, i flipped over to the amazing bigirpall, creators of i broke star trek and other great videos.  I noticed they had like a video so i decided to check it out and i think you guys should as well.
  I haven't actually watched a lot if any of totalbiscuit, but i really have to agree that that was a horribly low blow by the company.  To watch bigirpall's hilarious video about how horrible this game is,'s right here!  Please go to youtube and like totalbiscuits video and spread the word everyone!

Halloween Prep

   So, my day was spent shopping for link things and preparing for all state (which is tomorrow).  I even got myself a little pack of cards.  I wanted to buy the new Red Genesect pack of Pokemon cards but it was $20 so i instead went for just a normal little pack.  I thought of showing you my outfit so far but i'm close to done so i'll just show you my work station, belt, and boots.
my hat fabric

my item pouched, belt, boots, fabric, gloves, sword, and faux leather to make a sheath and arm thingies. 

     My family's halloween party is this coming Saturday so i might post my pictures then.  We'll see!  Bye for now guys!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm so boring

   Sorry for the lack of content recently.  This week has been beyond hectic and i'm trying to just play some pokemon and wind down but of course i'm stuck XD.  I guess i'll give you some more thoughts.
   First of all, if you don't already know about the Lumiose city glitch, don't save in the streets of Lumiose city because it causes a game breaking glitch, causing you to restart.  IF you have this glitch, i've seen one person say to press the home button until it works and try to load it again.  Seeing the Lumiose is like...the main hub city representing Paris, this is a pretty big glitch and it's kind of disappointing.  I'm just glad i found that out before i made the mistake myself.  Next, i have to say i kind of feel overwhelmed by the Pokedex.  I heard people saying it's the largest yet and i was really hoping to have an attainable goal this time.  I love seeing a lot of the old pokemon, but i really wish there had been more than the 70 or so Pokemon they've introduced.  I also would really like more explination on new featurs like O-Power and the PSS system.  Maybe i just need to put more time into the game, but i seem at a loss.  Also, i understand that it's supposed to be Frnace, but doesn't everything have to be SO EXPENSIVE!?!?  It seems like there is just not enough money for potions, pokeballs, the daycare, furfrou styling, AND character customization!  I wish there was a sort of bank feature or something that could help save money or something.  I've basically spent the day grinding, going against every trainer to get as much money as i can.  This is super dissapointing to me.  The whole game feels like i'm missing something, like it's lacking context.  I don't know, maybe it's just me.
     Finally, im a bit confused.  So many pokemon have overworld sprites, especially furfrou, but your pokemon can't follow you?  I have a few theories as to why.  1.) hardware limitations (unlikely)  2.) pokemon size differences such as flabebe only being 4 inches in height  3.) camera issues.  At times, the camera follows you weirdly, especially in Lumiose.  The nice thing is, you can hold a direction on the d-pad to adjust the camera.  I'm hoping that's why and not just because they didn't think about it.
     Anyway, that's it for today guys!  Tomorrow, i'll be working on my costume for Halloween i think so maybe i'll post pictures as i go.  Vote on the polls and all that good stuff!  Bye!  <3  

Friday, October 18, 2013


  Eh.  eh eh eh ehhhhh.  That's the word and feel for the day.  I don't really have much to say for the day soooo let's say tomorrow i'll try to upload those pokemon x videos.  If yall want, i can talk some about things i like so far a bit more.  I haven't had a whole lot of time to play but i'll talk about what i can.  In fact, I'm gonna go play some right now to "research."  I do just want to say, if Fennekin's final ev had looked something more like these, i would totally have picked it instead.  (If anyone knows the source f the second, plz tell me)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Working hard and not hardly working :( (Updated)

   This week, although yesterday was fun, is extremely stressful.  Lots of HW, lots of prep for my allstate audition on monday, lots of tension in general.  I am so busy, i don't have much time to talk today.  This weekend, i'll try my hardest to get those Pokemon  videos up and those Spelunky ones maybe?  We'll see.  For now, ttyl and i hope you have a lovely day!  <3

UPDATE:  Also, shout out to the epic people at Naughty Dog!!!  Good job you guy i've never been so proud of gaming people for a game i haven't even played.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ha Ha Underclassmen

Plus, that hoodie i got from the cap and gown thing today
   Today, while the little ones had to take standardized tests as well as going to seminars and presentations, seniors were allowed to just go to talk to the people for caps and gowns and then go to "early lunch."  We didn't have to be at school until 11 which was just before the people left and lunch ended late at 12:45.  So after my friends and i turned in our things at the normal school time, we went to Bite of Belgium!!  All 5 of us got waffles of some sort and once we were done, we went to the mall!  It was a really weird feeling because it felt like ditching but was totally permitted and super awesome.  We played in Barnes and Noble for a long time, looking at little kids books until i bought Moo, Ba, La La La (one of my favorite books as a kid) and a book about relaxing for my mother.  Then, we wandered around, stopping a few places until we reached Hot Topic where they had an epic Buy 1 Get 1 free offer where i got a free Dalek key chain and these nice gloves!  When we returned to school, everyone else was miserable while we were glowing.  Not to mention all of our classes were short.  It was amazing.  Anyway, the poll has been extended so check that out!  See you guys later!!!!! <3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Group aren't Great

   So, i don't just want to talk about Pokemon because that'll get boring fast.  So, instead, let's talk about how much i hate group projects.  Any of you who have ever had to participate in one of these monstrosities knows exactly what i'm going to discuss.
   The problem with group projects are although you make plans, have equal work loads for everyone, and are prepared, it will inevitably fall apart.  For example.  I made a schedule around others.  I agreed to do not only my part, but make the powerpoint and handouts.  Suddenly, 3 of the 5 of us canceled a meeting we had planned 2 weeks ago.  Plus, the work i need to work on the powerpoint and handout not to mention some people haven't reallut done the work they should.  I don't want to rant do group projects suck.  Too sum up...

Monday, October 14, 2013

I am died

    Sorry no time for posting!  Must play Pokemon!  Must do homework!  Must Multi-task!!!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quick X and Y thoughts

   This isnt a review but just a few points i'd like to discuss.  I take back what i said about the 3D.  Although i still think some pokemon look really weird, it is pretty cool.  The character customization is off the hook guys, it's fantastic, albeit expensive.  Also, it's kind of nice to see a lot of the old pokemon but i'd have liked there to be more new ones.  Next up, DAT FRICKIN MUSIC!!!!  As of Pokemon amie, it's fun but fickle.  You have to hold the ds just right to do the making faces feature.  Also, there's a lot of love for Pikachu seeing as he always says basically his name and i just thought it was cute and funny.  I do feel though that the routes are shorter and i've only run into one fairy type, flabebe, so far.  Maybe it'll get better as i go.  I just wanted you guys to know i am in fact alive.  That's all for today!  Night!  <3


     I have to say, the music at meeting prof. sycamore is i think some of the greatest music i've heard in a while.  I'm loving it guys.  (and the prof. himself isn't to bad on the eyes either)

UPDATE:  Here it is!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

R.I.P. Bicycle

You shall not b missed

Pokemon X!!!

   Hello everyone!!  I just got Pokemon X and i'm going to maybe try to livestream on if i can.  I'll update this post if i get it to work.  I'm gonna start in about...20 or 30 minutes if i can get it set up.  My account is Leanasta and i'll post the link here!  Keep checking back constantly!!  Worst case scenario, i record it and post that to youtube or photobucket.  Here we go guys im so excited!!!!

UPDATE:  it's here!  still working on video!!! with username Leanasta

UPDATE:  Sorry everyone, the livestream is just not going to work  i'll try straight up recording it instead.  sorry :(

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pokemon X and Y hopes

    As the months have dwindled into weeks and the weeks finally into days, we are rapidly approaching the release of Pokemon's 6th generation games, X and Y.  I have a LOT to talk about with all this new information being released each  and every day and yes,this is all technically spoilers.  If you would like to avoid the SPOILERS i have already posted on this blog, then please avoid this post.  As of the LEAKED information, i will not be posting any pictures or going to in depth.  If i discussed a piece of leaked information, i will only have a link rather than the picture so i can save your little eyes.  NOTE:  None of the leaked information is confirmed!!!!!!!!
   Let's starts with game play mechanics then move onto story and pokemon.  NOTE:  I will not be recapping what i have discussed.  To learn about what i am referring to, read my other posts here, here, here, here, here, and finally, here.  This post will be exclusively for things that i have not seen confirmed that i would like to see in game.  I will be giving a lot of backstory and information on a lot of my points but i will BOLD where i get to the point (except on small entries which you can just read).

Walking Pokemon:
     This game is going to be the first Pokemon game on the 3DS system and in the new 3D art style.  As i
have discussed previously, it is not my favorite but i do like some of the amazing graphics such as character customization.  One thing i have not seen in the trailers that is extremely disappointing is the return of pokemon that can follow you.  In generation one, Pokemon Yellow, the game had your Pikachu following you the entire game.  In generation 4, a park was introduced in which your Pokemon could walk behind you and find items as a way to increase happiness.  Also, the DS remakes of Gold and Silver allowed your Pokemon to follow you the entire game!  Knowing that the DS had the capability, i had high hopes that Black and White would put in the feature but was sorely dissapointed.  The game had made all the over world sprites, the game looked like it totally could have, but so far, the only instance allowing a Pokemon to follow you is taking some lady's Mienshao for a walk.  So far, in the trailers, i have not seen Pokemon following the trainer and that makes me super sad.  I understand, the 3DS is a new platform and there is so much new stuff going on, including riding Pokemon, but this was one of my favorite features and i really hope it will return at least in part.
Pokeballs and Apricorns:    
     Having been raised on Gen II, i have a certain fondness for Apricorns and creating Pokeballs.  Although (as the JWittz has explicitly stated in this video) many of the balls were awful, they were so much fun to find and create!  The satisfaction of getting an apricorn, searching through my guide to see what it would be, and running to Kurt's only to have to wait for about a day to get the long awaited ball was a huge selling point for these games.  I hope that at the very least, we get to see some new Pokeballs and that they are pretty available.
Contests, Musicals, Movies, etc.
    One thing that made Gen III my favorite was the amazingness of the competitions.  I loved the idea of showing off my moves and getting ribbons for it.  I also LOVED making pokeblocks out of my berries i In Gen IV, it changed to include a dress up section and a button-mashing dance contest.  I LOVED this.  The ability to play with my friends without a link cable or adapter and see who had the prettier Pokemon was.  Around the same time, in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the Pokeathlon was introduced.  This was a collection of mini games that i didn't play as much as i should have.  I always had trouble finding the arena so i would forget in time, but in general, it was really fun.  I am hoping the Mega Training proposed in Gen VI will be similar.  Finally, in Gen V we were given...Musicals.  The musicals used the same dress-up mechanic as Gen IV, but discarding all the move related aspects and including a simple press-button-to-dazzle-crowd thing that you get ONCE in the musical.  It was a total disappointment.  Luckily, in Black and White 2, we got the movies and man those were fun!  I wasted WAAAYYY to much time on those.  To get to the point, i want to see the return of the contests i so loved in Gen III and IV, the movies from Gen V, and i hope the training is similar to the Pokeathlon.
wasn't using to increase the Pokemon's skill.  This was SO MUCH FUN.  
Personalized sprites for moves like Fly, Surf, Cut, Etc.
    One thing about the previous games is no matter what pokemon you swim on, it looks like a tiny whale or something.  Fly is a generic bird even if you're riding a dragon.  This is a pretty common one, but i simply hope we get to see some special sprites so i'm really riding a lapras vs. a wailord.
Pokemon Amie and new evolution?
    One thing we were promised is a new form of evolution as used by Sylveon.  I really would like to see Pokemon-amie becomes either important to this or is at the very least a fun way to play with my Pokemon.
Riding Multiple Pokemon:
    It's already been confirmed that gogoat and it's pre-evolution are ridable.  This is super exciting.  One thing though.  Are pokemon like Rapidash and Girafarig and maybe even Keldo and Zebstrika rideable?  Will it be a new HM or an innate move or just a special thing like a bike?  I really hope older pokemon will also be rideable and i hope it wont take up a move slot.
The return of the VS seeker:
     One thing i liked in Gen 3 was the ability to go through an area and voluntarily re-battle people.  I hope this mechanic makes a return along with some other items i don't feel like listing.
Join Avenue:
      I really liked the Join Avenue feature implemented in B+W 2 and would really like to see it return but bigger and with more types of shops and perks etc.
A correct season system???:
   In B+W 2, the seasons are there but waaaay off.  Sometimes, when it was actually spring, it was spring in game.  Other times, it'd for some reason be winter.  I want one that is actually accurate or has a clear cut time in game.  Especially if you make season exclusive Pokemon.

Companions, Professor Sycamore, and your Mom:
    Pokemon always starts in your hometown where you have either a rival, a friend, or both.  This game has a total of...4?  5?  Geez i can't even remember. This makes me sincerely hope that either these characters serve a purpose and each has a clear personality that actually adds to the story.  I like Hugh in his search for his sister's Purrleion and Cheren and Bianca played a great role as a link from Black and White to their sequels.  As of the Prof, we know for sure he'll battle you which is cool, but i hope he will have a bit of a backstory?  One weird thing is i feel like the Professors re never really...explained.  Where do they live?  Do they have Pokemon of their own?  We know Oak had a grandson but what happened to his wife and kids?  Not just the prof either, but what about you?  Will we finally have a father?  Gen III introduced the idea of your father being a gym leader!  I haven't discussed it yet, but at some point i'll discuss my ideal Pokemon Game.  I would like to see a father or heck, maybe a single father?  That'd be a twist!!         
 Please let the LEAKS be fake:
    As you all know, i was semi-enthusiatic about the Pokemon as they were being revealed.  I thought a lot of designs were cute...however....i sincerely hope all these leaks are fake including those of the final evolutions.  If they are not...i am sorely disappointed.  I wont go in depth but i think i'll be taking Froakie and charmander rather than the Fenniken i love so much.  Sigh  
Well sized Pokedex:
    I'd like a Pokedex i can actually complete and that continues with the habitat feature it had in Black and White 2.  Hope with me children.
Gender differences:
   'Nuf said.
A fairy type gym:  
    I hope the fairy type is implemented well and won't disturb much of the gameplay and most of all, if they're going to include it, they should include a fairy type gym.  An interesting thing about the anime vs. the game is that there are multiple cities that have gyms so there aren't specific badges needec.  It'd be cool if you could pick and choose.  It'd also be cool to have some double battle gyms!  (i'm not a huge fan of triple or rotation battles.)
Capturing pokemon in double battle:
    One thing that's peeved me is the fact that in double grass, you for some reason can't aim at a single Pokemon even though ash was seen throwing multiple Pokeballs in the anime!!!  I really hope this is fixed and good lord the horde encounters.....
Team Flare:
    My original link between them and Team Rocket was shot down so that does make me sad although i like their angle seeing as they are in fact in France.  I simply hope that it has a good story line and is able to rival the amazingness that was team Plasma.  
A love interest!?!?!?!
     As i was talking about the ideal Pokemon game, one thing i've always wanted was the ability to fall in love.  I felt like it may have been very close to possible with N and i'd really like that to be possible.  With the Xtrasever, you could call people up and that's another thing!  I hope the Xtrasever has more options so people aren't saying the SAME thing over and over and over!!!!
  A more accessible daycare with a more clear breeding program:
     I've discussed before my feelings about Pokemon breeding and how i think it's really confusing.  I want a daycare that is not at the end of the game (i'm looking at you Black and White 2) and that makes it clear what Pokemon would breed well together.  Also, if there was some way to keep track of your progress at the daycare through some sort of app in the game on your whatever gear they give you, that would be sweet.  Maybe you could even call up the daycare people to check on them?
Actual weather conditions:
    When a pokemon uses rainy day or sunny day or hail or sandstorm, i'd like to actually see rain or sunshine or the storm.  In gen 3, when introduced, they showed it between each turn which was ok but then in B+W 2, it was only shown at the bottom!?  It'd be cool if it was actually going on the whole time.  Please?
Cool mythology and a tie in with other regions:
    One thing i love about Pokemon is the mythos of it all!  The legendaries tell a story of some past time and i sincerely hope that is continued in this story.  For me...Kyuurem made 0 sense. Reshiram? Sure got it!  Zekrom?  Cool!  Kyurem is somehow their shell or just a shell or.....wwwhhaaatttt?  I also kind of don't like the fact that it feels inconsistent so often.  So...Arceus is a Pokemon God...but all Pokemon came from Mew...and Mewtwo is a clone of Mew but for some reason higher on the Pokedex...and where exactly do the horses fall in??  They generally make sense in thier own regions, but as a whole just seem...seperated.  This might be an allusion to real myths and how they change and differ from place to place but i'd like a solid story!  Also, can we please have some acknowledgment that other regions exist??
Pokemon Z:
     After the strange departure from the normal set of two games and a 3rd to tie it up, Gamefreak has literally handed us a set begging for a 3rd.  With Xernius and Yvetal, there must be a Z Pokemon.  If you looked at the leaked page above you'd have seen what people are claiming to be the Z legendary and if that's the case i'm furious.  I think it looks just hideous especially in comparison to the beauty of Xernius and the coolness of Yvetal.  I also hope that that game won't just be straight out.  I felt like there was hardly any time between gens 5 and 6 so forgive me if im skeptical of quality...

   So, that's all i can think of off the top of my head and if i remember anything else, i'll be sure to add it!  Any suggestions or hopes of your own?!?  Put them in the comments!!  See you guys tomorrow!!  Maybe if i can get it to work i'll live stream me playing X?!?