Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rant time: Thwarted plans

    Early in the morning you begin to ready for today's epic questing.  You must travel all across the kingdom to many locations to acquire each item needed by your bard.  You set out, sword in hand, along with a small box that will come in handy much later, and a small coin purse to purchase the items.  First, your quest shall lead you to the home of your kin to care for her pets while she herself is questing in a far off land.  You arrive upon you companion and complete this first part of the quest, taking a bit of time to relax-no adventurer can resist the mighty powers of a kitten-then set off.  Next your path leads you to the apothecary of Greens.
Here you search for large crystals for enchanting items at home, specifically of the size "C."  You fill your arms will the required crystals, purchase them, and head off for the next realm.  Your path finds you at the Market of Wa'l.  Here, you set off to gather many items-precious soaps for your clothes, meal and sand for your own kittens, and mystical pieces of a strange, squishy substance to place inside your battle boots to increase the comfort as you kick in orc faces.  All items acquired, you yourself are in need of a meal and travel not far to the tavern Ydnew to purchase a mug of frozen flavored milk and other small delicacies.  Here, you pull out the small box and begin to use a tactic you have many a time before.  Ye olde tactic of "avoid-the-unsavory-conversation-at-the-stop-for-games".  You say a spell to activate the power of the box that searches for the same magic from the stop of games and smile proudly, admiring your knowledge of their tricks.
      What's this?!?  No magic found?!?!  You must...venture forth....and use the magic THERE??  O dear lord
no...You sigh and finish your food reluctantly then put on your war face and walk to the stop.  In you walk, trying to seem inconspicuous.  You gently pull the box out, hiding behind a stand, and begin to connect to the magic.  At last!  The connection is formed and the prize is achieved.  A rare and beautiful one it is!!  You glance at the wares to seem as if you had more purpose than just this, but after a thorough look, you discover nothing of interest and promptly leave.  You look at your list aaanndddd.....o...o dear......what's this?  You must.....again venture to the land of Sa'm???  You companion's stomach grumbles and you sigh, accepting your fate.  You saddle up and traverse the lands, dreading what awaits ahead.  Finally, you come up to the land and discover something quite grand!!  Open space!!  You breeze into the open area and begin to gather the food when a fine young lad approaches and offers to clean your companion as a complimentary act of chivalry!!  You happily agree and go about your business.  He then inquires as to your plans for the following days and you simply reply "a bit of adventuring" to which he asks where.  You again, nonchalantly reply "the rim of the Sky" to which he laughs and retorts "i fancy thee already!  Good day."  and he is off his own way.
          Soon you find yourself safely home, all items in hand.  The bard approaches, grabs the squishy shoe somethings, and drags you to her companion and you are whisked off, this time onto an adventure you do
so impractical.
not enjoy-that of shoe shopping.  The bard assures you that they key to a long, healthy life of adventuring is all in the footwear but you ignore it in a huff and are finally dragged into the market place.  The bard happily shows you pair after pair but as you see the coin count on the tag you cringe and turn away.  You glance at a few pairs of boots-perhaps not the MOST practical but surely they add something to your charm or intimidation techniques.  The bard quickly catches on and requests them in your size but ALAS!!  You're feet are just larger than average and just smaller than the next, leaving you without the single pairs you requested.  You instead must settle upon a few on sale that do nothing stat wise.  Much walking is done from stall to stall, searching for a shoe worthy of an adventurer's foot but sigh, none are so.  You decide upon comfort and trudge out, purchasing a mix of blended fruits and returning home.  Here the warrior waits and greets you.  You smirk and challenge him to a duel, but not of the regular sort.  Instead, you challenge him to a new art you have begun to teach yourself, that of the blurring.  Many a game you win, many a game he losses, many a curse is said and many a control is thrown.
      Finally, the night begins to arrive as you head to dinner at the house of your kin and enjoy the night, feasting, laughing, and indulging in the company of others.  At last, you return home.  You log your day into your book for all to see and begin to take up the controller to again blur.  Sometimes, a rant is not always needed but let us say, the moral for the day is.....a quest is a quest, no matter what.

    Hi!  I hope you all enjoyed that!  Rant time's do take more effort and time so they will be later but i felt like we hand't had one in a while  The others are here, here, and here in order.  I'll try to do more of these but there's not always something to be upset about sooooo......anyway, enjoy ^^  I hope you guys understand it all.  If you ever have a question post it in the comment!  Also, please vote on that poll guys.  Pleeeaaasseeee. Well, imma play blur now.  Night!!!