Saturday, June 29, 2013

Picture weekend, part 1

   Hey everyone!  So as promised, i have a few pictures.  I don't however, have all of them yet.  For now, have what i have!  Today, i'll be posting pictures from last week!  Tomorrow, i will post the outfits and the pictures i have from this week.  Due to issues with formatting, i will actually have 2 posts; this one and the next which is all pictures.  
    Let's start with this - a video of my bag. Sadly, in the video you cant hear the Pokemon theme song playing, or at least i can't with my volume all the way up but that's what it does.  I got closer to try to get to hear it but, hey, if you can, awesome, if you can't, its pokemon!  Now, for the stuff on it.  Ywic is the camp i attended (Young Women in Computing) and as you should know by now, Lea is my writing name.  The art is supposed to be a Pokeball with the one ring around it and on the one ring is my name, Nestariel (Nehs-tahr-ee-ell) which apparently means orange (idk if its the color or the fruit...), written in elvish.  That thing in the middle is the Lilypad that i programmed and the dangly thing is the battery!  I never really explained how Lilypad works, so basically, you take that little Lilypad, connect it to your computer, and program each thing you want stuff to do.  After that, you test it by connecting the LEDs, buttons, and speakers to the lilypad at specific points using alligator clips.  If that works, you then put it onto your bag and replace the alligator clips with conductive thread which you have to sew to connect the things.  If a positive wire touches a negative wire, the whole thing will short circuit, so you have to be careful  This was my first ever time sewing so i'm pretty proud.
   So, last but not least, check back in a few minutes for the pictures.  Also, i'll be changing the poll to see what people would like me to talk about; 1.) my daily life which will probably just short posts, maybe even only a paragraph about what i did, 2.) interesting things i do only (like going out and being a real person), 3.) myself and my stories like i did the other day, 4.) reviews of things or games or something people want to know my thoughts about, or 5.) other.  You can vote for more than one or even all of them, but if you do put other, please either post in the comments or in the contact box what sort of things!  I didn't recieve any questions or anything last night.  Don't be shy, i don't bite....much.....ok kinda....sometimes................ANYWAY I saw MU today and it was hilarious.  I definitely recommend it. Yup.......bye bye!!