Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Whackin' cat girls and takin' names

     Hello everyone.  I'm home from a rather boring day.  Starting today, i began "swing choir" at my school at 7:30 a.m. until the bell rung and didn't get home till just now, so i spent WAY too much time at school.  However, Myranda brought a game to lunch called  Whack-a-Catgirl that was hilariously fun.  I can't remember but i think i won.  I definitely recommend the game to people who like to laugh and are over 13 or 14.  There are some cards and humor that aren't exactly child appropriate.  Also, this game will really mostly be funny to people who read manga, watch anime, or at least know what a Neko is.  Anyway, i also had a terribly mean sub in History so that was upsetting but eh.  Life goes on.  Or does it?  Hmmmm........
      I really don't have all that much to say except i DID draw a picture yesterday i thought i could share.  You all should remember my character, Mate.  Currently, in the role-play, we are in a parallel world in which succubus (succubi?  succibuses?  succa---....succeese?  skeese?....succubi.) have essentially taken over the world and matey here is a rare blend of succubus (or rather, incubus) and siren to keep with her mastery over water AND fire.  I decided to draw a picture for the occasion and forgot to upload it yesterday.  I tried to model it mainly on Jezebeth from Clash of Heores (who can be seen here).  No arm thingies though and i MIGHT include some if i ever re-draw her.  I spent a bit of time working on the hair.  At first it was going to be up much the same way as Jez, however my friends and i agreed down but still a fire-esque look (or as much of one as i could pull off) was better.  Also, in case you didn't know, i HATE coloring my own art.  I'm always terrified i'll ruin it so here you can see the process i went through to pick colors although the colors are a bit off due to the scanner buuuutttt close enough aye?  Hope you guys like it!
Tried to go for a bit more modest than Jezebeth......what do you all think??

   That's all for today folks!  I'm going to do some homework and maybe if i finish, play some Portal.  Vote on that poll guys, please!  Also, comment, +1, share, all that fun stuff.  Ever want to see me horrible attempt at drawing something?  Comment or write in and i'll see what i can do!  Maybe if you're lucky and i have no life (o wait....i don't......) i might even record myself drawing it.  MAAAAYYYBBEEEEEEE.  Bye now!!  <3