Monday, June 30, 2014

Much to come!

    Soooooo today, as I was cleaning up my room hardcore, I found all my character art!  That means I found my old pictures of Medi, Minori, even some of Mate, Thief, and Lea!  Those will be coming up very soon!  I'll most likely add the pictures I find to the character bios (which desperately need to be updated...)  That reminds me; I'll also be doing a Pets part 2 with even more characters I left out the first time!
      I also am planning to do a drawing livestream most likely next week!  It'll be essentially a tutorial on how I draw character's eyes and expressions.  I also have a few giveaways I want to do during the livestream!  That's right, prizes, which I will be talked about in my next Youtube video, so subscribe to my channel to see when that comes out!
      I also want to get started on my Assassin's Creed post as well as maybe make some more Clash of Heroes and Spelunky Lea Plays!  I am in the process of transfering my data from one computer to the net and getting used to my new one, so some stuff might be slower than others.  If anyone has "How to use Windows 8 to do anything" tips, I'm all ears.
      I hope this means a little something for everyone and that everyone will be excited by what's on the way!  Hope to see you guys checking in for more posts and updates!!  <3  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

X and Y Pack Opening with Jaimi

Here's a pack opening from March that I just uploaded yesterday!  Subscribe to my channel to see them before anyone else!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


O, and here's more pictures from Wednesday!  

Hufflepuff, Pirates, and All That Jazz

   And so it ends.  This week, I was exceptionally tired by the time I got home so sorry about the drought of blogs.  Let's start with the Potterluck night.

Where my snitches at?
    If you couldn't guess, I'm a Hufflepuff.  I used to play Pottermore in beta until I got bored.  I hear it's much better now, but when I played, I was sorted into Hufflepuff.  I'm not sure if the quiz has changed since then, but I chose "Care of mythical beasts" as the best class.......yaaaaaaaaaa imma puff.  So, first off I made a ton of Golden Snitches out of Ferrero Roche and printed out wings!  All the instructors made somthing. Sadly, I didn't get to try a chocolate frog from Jen or Hedgwig cookie from Noor, but I had quite a few Reese's peanut butter cup broomsticks, pretzel wands (Sofi and Susi), Kiss and cookie witch's hats (SP), and Butterbeer (Cream soda).  This is also when we sorted all the guests!  They pulled a badge out of a bag.  Sadly, a few had to be moved around because the drawing went wonky.  Elisa was especially upset that she was moved from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff but I tried to assure her it was the best house!
Myself, SP, Samira, and Jen, locked in a heated 3 v. 1 battle
     Of course we all dressed for the occasion.  During the day, Jen wore her Harry Potter Quidditch jersey, scarf, hat, etc.  Noor wore a "Hogwarts Alumni" shirt and I let her use my big hat so it looked like she was in charge She also wore a green and blue tie I brought as extra.  SP wore her Hogwarts shirt with a Ravenclaw button and one that says her favorite motto, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."  I lent Susi and Sofi (who missed the memo) my Red and Green ties to be Slytherin and Gryffindor respectively.  Then we found a TON of mini witch hats in a box of ours from Halloweeen so everyone had a hat!  (Even though the hats were waaaaaaay to tiny and barely stayed on.)  I wore a brown shirt, since Hufflepuffs are very earthy, and my authentic Hufflepuff tie!  And, I brought Hedgwig there on the table!
     After the fabulous feast, we went to Quidditch training.  I volunteered as tri---*wrong week* as the target for beater practice.  Those unfamiliar with the rules of Quidditch, allow Oliver Wood to explain.  We had a few stations set up to practice.  Chaser practice (getting the quaffle into the hoops), Make your own wand, make your own gear, and Beater practice....yaaaaa just look at the pictures.  These are my Hufflepuffs practicing!

   And then the games began.  First, Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw!  I was positioned as a goal watcher with Susi at the other end, and SP ran the scoreboard.  Sofi and her friend were the Golden (or Snitch when the time came.  Jen was the ref.  We gave each player a broomstick and a bandanna.  Ironically, we had blue and red bandannas only, so it was perfect for the first match!  After a long hard fight, Ravenclaw's seeker snatched the Snitch and won the game!  It was something like 50 to 30 I think!  Then came my crew.  Hufflepuff (Blue) vs. Slytherin (Red)!  Oh, and Jenny, a friend from last year, was my team's keeper.  Hehehehehe.

     In a fantastic turn of events, Cindy the Seeker caught the Snitch and Hufflepuff won!  For what must have been the first time in history, it was Hufflepuff (Red) vs Ravenclaw (Blue) in the finals!  In the end, Julia switched out for Cindy and caught the snitch again, launching Huflepuff in for a win!  Then, it was time for the award ceremony, where I presented the trophies to my winners!

   The next day, we all decided to dress up again--this time as anything we wanted!  I went for my favorite, Pirates!  I always love looking like a pirate, I blame Mate.  We played two different activities (as we always do).  The first was the human blob where we had to link arms and catch others.  At first it was just Sofi and I but we grew until only Lizzy survived!  Then, we played "Hospital tag" where once you were tagged, you had to cover whatever had been touched.  Well, it made it very hard to tag people that way!  Not to mention I think it was ana who got an unfortunate place -_-. Not all that much exciting happened as far as I remember, so let's get to the pictures!

    Next was pajama day!  I have a special love of pajama day.  However, I mostly stayed in my cozy little blanket.  That day, I only got to eat half a burrito for lunch since Sante Fe Grill messed up the order and I donated my food to the campers and SP, who donated her burrito as well.  I was in a pretty bad mood about that.  That night, I had Jaimi, the Tinker, and Grim over for some video games.  Nothing too exciting.

   Then, it was the end of all things!  The last day of YWIC as I know it.  The day itself was depressing.  From the moment I woke up, I felt bad and going to Ywic made it worse.  It wasn't the girls or the councilors because they were all so nice, but other things just made me feel like crying and I did on my way home. I eventually got home and went to my vocal lesson and felt better, but I still felt bad.  I think it was just the pressure of all 4 weeks finally hitting me along with a few other factors.  I do still have one more week of camp on the 12-19th that is way longer and more busy, so most likely if I do blog, it'll be later and shorter.  I would like to announce that I might be doing another livestream soon though so keep you eyes open for more news on that!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Potterluck Mach 2

    What a day.  Today is our event day and luckily, they chose Potterluck!  Now, if you remember, I LOVED last year's Potterluck!  It's one of my most read posts!!  Tonight, we're having the luck and Quidditch!  I want to lead Hufflepuff since it's the house I was sorted into.  I picked care of mythical creatures as my favorite class....yaaaaa.  Soooo last night I got a fancy Hufflepuff tie from Hastings, since Thinkgeek sells every other house, but not us.  I dressed in brown--an earthy color--and brought Hedwig, Wizard's Chess, and my Wizard hat!  I even brought some extra ties for the other instructors to borrow!
     The morning was alright, but the girls ate ALL the meat at lunch from my favorite place--the Mix.  It really bummed me out because it's my favorite food of the week and this time, they gave us more meat and less veggies, so I thought I would be assured some!  Nope.
     Anyway.  Yesterday I got my Lootcrate!  I opened it with Jaimi so I'll be fixing that up and posting it later this week!  I'll post some pictures later tonight!  Love you internet!  <3

Monday, June 23, 2014

Me+Free Presents: Ywic HS Week 2 2014

Today, I drew every girl in their seats as well as the instructors in my ME+FREE art style!  They seemed to love it so here it is!!


   Hehehehe.  Today was great.  I got to draw every single girl in my tick figure form up on the board!  I'll put pictures up in a little bit!

 I like this prompt
      Blog Prompt: You have a source at the CDC and she has just informed you that the government has confirmed that the Zombie Apocalypse has begun. You have 24 hours to prepare before people in your town start turning. How will you use your time to prepare for the apocalypse?

     First of all, I'd gather people who are useful to me:  People with survival skills more so than fighting.  My parents and siblings would be first for sentimental value, followed by Joellen and Jaimi and the Tinker.  My sister's fiance is very skilled and he'd be on top of the list.  Next, we'd gather other we can think of that would be helpful--people skilled with weapons, first aid and other medical problems, and people who can read maps and navigate.  Obviously, everyone would begin looting at this time.  Looting maybe just as dangerous and facing zombies, so, I would have us divide into task teams.

      One team gathers gas in tanks and storage containers and  anything else that can be found in the vicinity, such as snacks, water, first aid kits, medicines and painkillers, bug repellents in case the disease is transmitted via insect and to avoid infections, and other travel musts.  A map and compass would also be nice, in case phones and GPS are knocked out.   Someone who is capable of reading these would also be requested.  This team will be the top priority, since they will be gathering many important items.

      Another team would gather food.  Food such as energy bars and other foods that are well preserved and can last a long time while providing as much of the daily doses of the 5 food groups as possible.  Food and water would be a must.  MREs and similar things would be extremely useful if we could find any.  This team will probably also be on clothing duty.  It might sound silly, but having a pair of running shoes is important for the zombie apocalypse as well as socks and clothes for the seasons so you don't die of cold or heat stroke.
      A third party would gather and create weapons.  As an awesome song once said "anything can be a weapon if you're holding it right."  I personally would go for a long piece of wood with nails in it as suggested by MatPat in this video.  I would also get things such as matches and hairspray as well as other flammable items.  Guns, ammo, and cleaning materials are of course needed as well.  Something as simple as a bow and arrows will be useful too.  Dave's sporting goods is close and has many items we'd need. 
        After everything has been received and the teams have regrouped, we will head out of town.  Most likely, the town will be on quarantine and escaping town will be difficult.  Most likely, we will try to plow through whatever blockade is stopping us.  Some people would say to go to the missile range due to the influx of weapons, however it is hard to get in and out of.  If the zombies were to invade, escape would be more difficult.  We'd look for an area that is far from the infection (if there is any) that has a good view point to watch carefully.

     Now, like the Oregon Trail, you have to have things to barter with other survivors if you do get so far.  Extra maps and items would be used to barter for goods like food and ammo along the way if the whole world is falling to bits.  Finding a cure or a person capable of doing so would be a high priority.  Finding a cure is more important than individual survival.

    Here lies the problem however.  I would die.  If the infection did suddenly break out, who's to say I wouldn't be infected and turn first or die unsuspectingly?  Also, I'm not sure I have the gall to kill, even if my life is threatened.  Zombies are also one of the things I'm most afraid of, so I might shut down in fear.  And honestly, I'm scared I'd be that weak link that gets dropped.  The scariest thing in the Zompacalypse is people.

    Anyway!!!!  Tonight, I'll upload a picture of my pictures from camp!  Hope you enjoyed this!       

Friday, June 20, 2014

Live action ME+FREE

    Soooo the last day of week 3!  Today was hectic and sort of a blur over all.  But one part that stuck out was getting ready for lunch.  Everyday, we make koolaid for the girls and today, we got some new flavors!  One of which had a very...interesting I present to you, the first ever LIVE ACTION ME+FREE COMIC STRIP!!!!
The drink was actually that re so it made it all the more funny!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Of course -_-

  And of course TODAY I suddenly see votes on my poll.  Next up will be my Assasin's Creed post which you all seem really eager about!  I'll try to have that up by the end of the month!  I hope the Atlantis post can tide you over.  <3

Atlantis: The Lost Movie--Why People Are Wrong About Disney

    So, a while back, I watched this video by cracked about how Disney has ingrained the idea that ugly is bad.  This gets Disney a lot of hate very often, but as I look closer, I noticed something interesting--this is not the case in Atlantis: The Lost Empire.  You all might remember this post of my dearest Milo Thatch's creepy face.  If you couldn't tell, I love this movie and watch it on Netflix CONSTANTLY.  I was home sick one day and decided to watch it again.  That's when I noticed something odd--Helga Sinclair and Commander Rourke are not bad to look at.  You know about my Disney Villains segment, so this won't be a study of their character, but instead, their appearance and the movie as a whole and it's connection to other Disney baddies!  Don't worry, this dastardly duo will get a Disney Villain's segment very soon, but first, disproving the theory.
     One quick rule:  I'm not including any of the animal or animalistic characters such as Scar from The Lion King or Long John Silver (plus I don't consider him the main bad guy) from Treasure Planet because they are not exactly part of the human ideal of beauty that I'll be discussing. It's sort of hard to say "man is that an ugly lion" or "what a weird lookin cat-dog cyborg."

     Let's start with Lyle Rourke.  Oddly, male villains have an exception to this rule.  Take Rourke and Clayton from Tarzan.  Both are the chiseled, "ideal" man whereas the heroes of the flicks are skinnier and more focused on brain than their brute strength.  This can be seen by Milo's...well...everything and Tarzan's invention of a spear and tendency to use speed and skill to avoid rather than attack.  However, the villains are not "unattractive" by most standards.  This also applies to the hunky Gaston of Beauty and the Beast who is "perfect, a pure paragon."  And if you ask me, Prince Adam (Beast) is uglier than Gaston when turned human!  Another grand example is Captain James Hook who has no real problems aside from the obvious hook-for-a-hand.  This could be seen as his "ugly-ness," but that would also put Luke Skywalker in the ugly category.  I could get into a huge archetype debate but I'll spare you and I'll talk more about Hook in a Disney Villains segment soon.

He is why I have trust issues
   Dr. Facilier also is not necessarily bad looking either, giving off a Gambit sort of vibe.  The most noticeable exception to the rule however, is the latest baddie, Hans.  Let's be blunt.  Hans is hot.  He can sing and dance and at first seems great, a perfect Disney prince, but he is sooo evil.   Also, looking at Ralph from Wreck-it-Ralph, a movie all about not judging a book by its cover, Ralph is a big guy!  He's bulky with giant hands and looks much less appealing than Fix-it-Felix.  Ralph is the hero though, and breaks the rule that Hunchback of Notre Dame put forth and ends up happy.  There was no girl to win so we can't debunk that part of the anger towards Hunchback, but Ralph is still loved by the end of the movie.  And let's be honest, Hunchback of Notre Dame could have ended a lot worse so don't get me started on that one. Now, these are the latest additions to the Disney family, so it's understandable that changes are being made and they came out AFTER this video.  However, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, and Atlantis were over a decade ago!

    Not to mention, Mole from Atlantis is not handsome by any stretch of the imagination.  He is intentionally portrayed as dirty, gross, and sleazy, and yet he is a good guy!  Vinny is also a scraggly looking guy, but good none the less (just don't let him near the dynamite).  Other supporting male characters often fall into this role, such as many of the main character's fathers (Belle, Jane, Charlotte, Prince Phillip, Jazmin, etc), who are all larger, older men.  This isn't to say that arguments like this aren't valid, but I don't see what's wrong with a bigger father figure.  Personally, Fergus from Brave and Lotte's dad from The Princess and the Frog remind me of my father.  They do not have to be ugly to be the bad guy.  So, maybe there's an exception for men in Disney?  Well, let's move on to Helga Sinclair.

"I came down the chimney.  Ho-ho-ho"
    Take a look at a picture of her but whatever you do, don't do a google search for her!  Helga has quite the following with the fans.  Helga represents the classic femme fatale--beauty mark and all.  She comes in a scandalously thin strapped dress and...floofy white coat thingy.  She is sexualized and at first, seems like a potential love interest for Milo or something.  She is, by most standards, beautiful.  Blonde, tall, long hair, skinny, and yet sassy and savvy.  But here lies the catch: she's evil.  TRUE, she does show remorse that there are people in Atlantis and states that it "changes everything," but she is equally responsible for getting Kida in the crate and heading towards the surface.  At this point, all the other main characters had sided with Milo, not Rourke.  She is past her chance at redemption.  Some could argue "well, she tries to kill Rourke with her last breathe, so she was trying to help!"  Well, as she states herself, "it's just business."  She killed him out of revenge, not out of a sudden will to do good.  The lady in the video says "Disney couldn't allow a pretty woman to commit murder" but that's exactly what she tried and very nearly succeeded in doing.  That's not to say I don't like her!  In fact, she's one of my favorite Disney characters because she is so strong and interesting!  The point?  Helga is a beautiful baddie!

    Let's take a look at the other ladies in the movie. Let's start with the lady with an attitude off the charts:  Wilhelmina Packard.  I honestly didn't know her name until I looked it up, but her character is great.  She's funny and has ridiculous radio announcements that are easy to miss but result in chuckles for the observant few.  Her Wikipedia entry describes her as "an elderly, sarcastic, chain-smoking radio operator."  One of the arguments in the video is that the Evil Queen in Snow White turns ugly and old when she commits her crimes.  Wilhelmina was old the entire movie!  They even make a joke about how you want sleep masks because she sleepwalks naked, alluding that she is not a lovely sight.  She smokes, which is frowned upon by a lot of people and perhaps even by Disney itself, but she is a period character and it fits her personality so well!  Wilhelmina also gets caught up in Rourke's plot and sides with Milo in the end.  She is not only a good gal, but she is a very interesting character!  She has so many points that make her great!  Her appearance only lends her as a character of comic relief rather than a villain.  This also applies to the male character, Cookie, who is also older and portrayed as well....just look at him.
Not my idea of "Hunkules"
    Then of course, there's Audrey.  I have to say, as I look back, Audrey is the "revolutionary character" all people complain about Disney not having.  She is a 16 year old prodigy Peurto Rican mechanic and "at the age of 18 months she could disassemble and reassemble any clock in the Ramirez household."  Her sister is a heavy weight boxing champion and she works at her father's shop, replacing the two sons he wanted instead.  I can't believe no one talks about her, because she is AMAZING!  Her character is sweet and yet spunky and has so many cool characteristics.  Yes, she is not the MAIN character, but why should she (or really any of the cast of Atlantis who make up a mixture of many ethnicity, ages, genders, and personalities) be overlooked just for being the secondary character?
      Visually, Audrey is much different than Helga.  She is younger with a much more modest outfit and less of a figure over all.  She's not as slender and sports baggier clothing.  She also has larger lips and a single tooth thing going on; but Audrey is still cute.  She looks 16, she plays an adorable character with a sweet personality, and doesn't feel the need to look like the average girl.  She doesn't wear dresses (until the end when she becomes rich) and isn't your standard character.  Not only that, but Audrey is also the first to get out of the car and go to Milo's side: before any of the male characters change their minds.  She is nothing but good!  Just because a character is not up to someone else's standards of beauty doesn't make them evil.
        On a quick note, Kida is also a forgotten princess.  Kida is smart, knowing a huge list of languages, she is eager to learn how to read her own from Milo, and she is a fierce fighter and is able to actually fight back.  She is even a sort of religious goddess in a way, since the crystal picks her as essentially a host.  YES, Kida does have to be saved by Milo, but why is that such a bad thing?  Milo is not your standard big buff hero, he is a dorky little cartographer who gets to save the day.  Kida wants what is best for her people, trying to get Milo's help to restore Atlantis to its former glory, and I personally think she will be a wonderful Queen.  It's also notable that no one ever calls him King Milo, but she is Princess and Queen Kidagakash.  
Her Queen and Princess outfits

    In the end, it bothers me that people look over this movie so easily.  Yes. there is a lot wrong with Disney and its portrayals of characters and people, and yes, this is only a very VERY small cut of the Disney villain cake, but it's a slice none the less.  When people say EVERY Disney movie is the same, they have not seen Atlantis.  Disney was started in a different time and YES Disney was racist and had some messed up morals, but they are slowly trying to amend their flaws and it is taking time.  They are integrating characters--male and female--of all body types and ethnicity to their movies like they did in Frozen.
     Let's be honest: there will always be people who hate Disney.  People hate Frozen, people hate Tangled, people hate Fantasia and Cinderella and all the good oldies.  I'll admit I personally hate Snow White because of her voice and because it scared me as a kid and I haven't watched it since.  But I love Disney.  I was raised watching Disney movies and I've heard people say doing so makes girls have "unrealistic ideas of how men are and how they will get a man" but I call bull.  I watched Sleeping Beauty everyday I went to my Nonnie's house, but never once did I think "huh, if I go to sleep maybe some hot guy will come in and kiss me and we'll get married!"  I watched it because it was a beautiful movie with good music and I just like it.
    Disney is not perfect and they have made a million mistakes, but Atlantis was not one of them.  It breaks my heart that this movie is over looked by those searching for a strong female character or an adorably dorky male lead or just an over all diverse and interesting cast in a fantastic movie.  I'm by no means saying it can counter every point made by those with really valid points about Disney's past faults, but I wish they could at least enjoy this one movie as a little break from the fray.  

    And that, dear readers, is why Atlantis is the movie Disney and its audience forgot.  (Probably because of the fact that about 200 people die pretty gruesome deaths....yaaaa i'll talk about that another day)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Plague

Today was another day!  Well, it's not over yet, so I can't be sure...but so far, not bad.  One thing, however, that irked me, was today's prompt.  Blog Prompt: If you could travel anywhere and anytime (past, present, or future) where would you go? Why?  Now, this raises some questions in me.
  1. Would we be impervious to any diseases such as the Plague that are present in the current era?
  2. Would we be able to speak the language of said place in said era?  Languages have changed so much since the beginning of time and will continue to change for centuries!!
  3. Will we be given clothes to fit in?
    1. This also brings up if we will be seen.  Will they be able to see us or will we be merely invisible observers?
    2. Will we be allowed to interact with the people and places?
      1. Will doing so interrupt the time space continuum?  
  4. In general, could I survive and be immune to any problems and leave whenever I please? 
    Now, if I COULD survive and all that jazz, then I'd like to visit Rennassance Italy, maybe meet Leonardo da Vinci, and maybe see if Ezio was a real bro!  I'd like to see the art, the buildings, and all the cool shenanigans that went on!  However,  I'd also like to see Feudal Era Japan.  I have a special affinity for the architecture and clothing and would love to get my hands on old weaponry!  I personally would rather not go to the future because I have a particular fear of divination. and seeing the future would lead me to want to create something similar or, if the future was a wreck, try to fix it, which, in turn, could result in said future.
    Ya, I hate time-space.  Anyway, I also would like to see areas like Africa before human intervention to see how forests used to be and how creatures have evolved and changed since the beginning of time.  Plus, I wanna ride a T-Rex.  Is that too much to ask?  That would be assuming I wouldn't, ya eaten. 
   Anyway!  Tonight I think I'm going to dinner and a movie (hopefully How to Train Your Dragon 2), so I decided to blog earlier!  Tada!  See you all tomorrow!!!!! <3

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Soooo today I decided to be Wolverine!!  I knew the twins were going to dress up as Batgirl and Raven,  and last week, everyone picked DC characters and I wore my Logan hoodie, so today I came full out--muscle shirt, jeans, boots, a chain so it looks like dog-tags and all!  I even tried to do my hair buuuutttt...ya that's didn't work out.  Those claws are made of NXT kit pieces!  I also have my Wolverine coat but I'm too lazy to put it on.  The prompt was somethin about what I'd build to save the world buuuutttt I'm again, lazy.  Tonight, we're watching Tangled!!!!!!!!  Jazmin (who loves it as much as I do) is coming with me!  I have to run home to get some jammies on and stuff so, talk to you all tomorrow!  Enjoy these close ups!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 3: Begin! HTML Guide Part 2

     What a weekend.  Thursday, right after camp, I went out to dinner with the Tinker at Luna Rossa and then played games all night.  Friday, I finally relaxed.  Saturday Jaimi and I went swimming and played games into the night.  Sunday, Grim, the Tinker, and yams all came over to game and then I had dinner with the family.  I've been so tired lately, I haven't really worked on any of my big posts.  Please vote on the poll so I know which one to work on!
      It's been an interesting day already.  High schoolers are so much more savvy than middle schoolers and are making it way easier to be an assistant.  One thing the girls are learning is HTML.  Ironically, earlier in the year i made this post here which is a basic HTML guide!  If you're one of the campers, or just interested in HTML, check it out!  HTML can be used to format blogs (like this one), webpages, and other various things online.  In fact....let's start a part 2!  Read part 1 first!

   "Galen!  Your blog never told me how to do pretty stuff like font colors and backgrounds!!!"  Well, dear reader, you're right!  So, let's begin with backgrounds!
  • To give a background a solid color, <body bgcolor="#FF33FF">
  • To give an image background, you can either use a url or a picture saved in the same file as your notepad page.  
    • <body background="wolverine.jpeg" width="2000" height="2000">
      • This is one saved in the same folder as the html document.  For example, the desktop or a file on it is a great place to save your pictures and documents for easy use.  
    • <body background="">
      • This is the same picture, but using the online url instead.  This can be found by 
        • clicking "View Image" on Google  and copying and pasting the url from the top of the page.  OR
        • Right clicking, selecting "Properties" and copying the url from there.  
        • Then, paste into code.  
        • To edit the size, it is the same as the images in the last tutorial!

    "Gaaaalllleeeeennn, I already have a pretty fancy background now.  But black words look really bad against dark colors!!"  Well, then you need to change the color!  Here's how!
  • <font color="red">This is some text!</font>
    • This is some text!
  • This can also be done with hex codes like the background!
  • <font color="#FF33FF">This is some text!</font>
    • This is some text!

"But the text is too small!!!"  Well well,
  • <font size="6">This is some text!</font>
    • This is some text!
  • You can also use header tags like <h1>Hello</h1>  There are generally 6 different sizes as demonstrated here.
    • h1

    • h2

    • h3

    • h4

    • h5
    • h6

"Well....but....I want a different font!  That one is dumb!"  Well little grasshopper

"But Gaaaaaalen that's so much cooodddeeee!  Can't I make it shorter?"  Why yes you can!  Many attributes such as alignment, size, and color, can all be in one big ol' tag!

  • <font color="#FF33FF" size="5" face="fantasy">potato</font>
    • potato

There you have it!  Another installment of my HTML tutorial!  Hope this helps!  Have a lovely day!  <3

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Blog Prompt: What is something you would like to do to change the world?
     I would put way more money into education.  As it is, education is lacking: teachers make hardly any money, kids aren't learning what they need to be, and over all, it's a mess.  Simple stuff like typing, spelling and general writing skills, computer skills, basic math like finding tax and diving up money, and home education classes are especially needed.  For one example, I saw a girl typing with one finger.  Now, I type with two fingers, but I type extremely fast for doing so because I never took a proper keyboarding class  This girl got through a word in a few minutes rather than seconds and it really shocked us all.  Plus, none of them knew the shortcuts like ctrl+c and ctrl+v or the other varants.  I really wish some other classes were geared a bit more towards real life issues like money, interacting with other people, how to write a good resume and interview well, and how to use technology other than iPhones in the growing technological world. 
    For example, my mother makes her students dress in "interview clothes" to present in her english class to make sure they have something suitable to wear to an interview.  Funny story:  one of her students applied to McDonald's in one of the suits he used for a presentation in her class and got the job because, according to the person who hired him, he made an impression as the only person wearing a suit.  She also teaches them how the books they are taught in class, which seem to be related to nothing, effected thing that they watch, read now, or even listen to in their music to make them interested.
    More educated people=more innovators creating new industries and finding answers to issues like hunger, poverty, and pollution.  All the birds with one stone!

   Moving on!  Last night was better than before, but I was still in a funk when it began.  Luckily, I was cheered up pretty quickly by SP and the other instructors who brought make up.  Yesterday was the camp Hunger Games, where the girls and their families were divided into districts, ate food based on each district's export, "trained," and then all of them (including family members) got to go at it with pool noodles, ping pong balls in socks with string, and nerf guns if they were lucky.  I got all dolled up since the instructors and camp assistants were the Capitol people.  Now, last year, I didn't participate since I'm not a real Hunger Games fan and didn't feel like going.  However, I really regret it now.  It was really fun, even just to make the games!  I got to be the Tracker Jackers (confetti poppers) and SP and I had to do a run to the dollar store to try to find face paint while dressed as Capitol people.
    Now, imagine yourself as a nice lady working at the Dollar Store or a nice guy at Joann's fabrics and in runs THIS running into your store asking for face paint.  Ya, not a pretty site.  Here's some more pictures of us though!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Hard Day's Night

   Yeesh....what a day.  I actually answered the prompt here today so let's talk a bit about my day instead.  The morning, and the day as a whole, was sort of hard for me.

*Hey guys, the stuff below is about to get heavy.  You don't have to read it if you don't want to.  Fair warning, it's a bit of a rant.  And not the fun Rant Time kind either.  Sorry.*

     Last night I had a bit of a fight with my hypocritical mother about this weekend, which she told me was free but turns out to be busy: so, I may not be able to go to the birthday party I planned for my friend -_-.  Also, she essentially tells me to hang out with my friends more, and after I had them over this weekend, she was angry that I hung out with them too much, and then a few moments later asked me when they were going to come over again because I need to hang out more.
      I live in a town where the only options for social occasions are to swim (which costs money since none of us have a pool), bowl (which costs a ton and gets boring quickly), parks (which get hot in the over 100 degree weather we are having, even at night), going to movies (which mostly everyone has seen and again, costs a lot of money), or hanging out at someone's house.  My house has the most space, largest TV, and I don't have any younger siblings to worry about, so it's the best option.  Plus, when I tried to rant about this to someone, I had some tension with them because of how poorly I was feeling, which sequentially made me feel worse.  Not to mention, yesterday the girls really badgered me a few times and wore me out.  Nothing bad, but weird stuff like tugging my hair and getting in my face which just made me exhausted, so I was sort of grumpy.
    I've felt kind of odd and empty inside, almost like I'm sick or something.  I've been feeling just plain weird all day.  I think I'm still a bit sad about my livestream and the thing with my parents and friends, so maybe I'm just a bit bummed.  I've had some strange, dark dreams and just...weird ones.  I hate to be a downer, but after a day of having to put on a smile for 36 girls, you need someone to listen to you and know that maybe, you're not alone.  The worst part is, as I keep doing this blog, I see less and less feedback.  The livestream was a flop, my poll hasn't been voted on, and in general, I have only ever had a few comments from my real life friends.  I feel like I'm talking to nothing but air.  If there is someone out there reading this, give me a sign.  A single vote on the poll, a comment, heck even just a +1 or a share.  Thank you internet, for being there when I feel lost.  <3 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Camp 2, Day 1

   So Sisyphus begins his ascent again.  Hello everyone!  After a long weekend with Jaimi staying over every night, a failed 3 hour Livestream with no viewers, and a lot of videogaming, I return to work!  We have a few new girls but mostly the same ones as last week.  Here's the new prompt.

Blog Prompt: Tell us about your favorite hobby. What is it? Why do you like it? Explain!

      My favorite hobby is definitely roleplaying with Jazmin as Mate and Thief, along with others.  I like to do this because it lets me create a story and be anyone and anything I want to be.  It let's me take out my frustrations from a hard day and turns it into a story that makes me really happy to be a part of.  Sadly, my hobby is coming to an end since Jaz is going into the Navy...I have to hope that Austin's (my half-sisters' half-brother's) D&D club will fill this void.

   It's been a hard day, with some of the girl's rides not coming till 4 when we ended at 3, being depressed about no one watching my livestream yesterday, and just general exhaustion so I need some Youtube relaxin time.  Night.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Livestream in 30 MINUTES!

   Here we go guys!!   Watch the countdown and be prepared with questions!  <3

Saturday, June 7, 2014


    Yaaaaaay!!!  We just did a cute little test livestream on my Youtube channel and it worked  So we have a time and date
Tomorrow at 10 a.m. MST 
9:00 a.m. PST
11:00 a.m. CST
12:00 p.m. EST

   Join us for the fun times!!!!  The Tinker, Jaimi, and I will all be here talking, commenting, and I'll be drawing!  You guys can ask anything:  from what we like to how we got the comic started and all that jazz!  Jaimi and Tinker will be the main speakers so you can ask them stuff too!!!!!!  See you all bright and early!!     

Friday, June 6, 2014

1 Week Down!

   And 4 more to go...  So today was a much better day than yesterday.  Yesterday some weird stuff came up and when I got home I found out my grandparents had to put down their dog (he was getting old and couldn't breath and had a ton of problems for a long time) so my day was...bummed.  Luckily, Jaimi randomly appeared at my house so we played Nintendo Land for a few hours to cheer me up.
   The thing is, I have delayed reactions to things like that.  I won't realize Frag is gone until I go over and don't see him come to great me or when they come over and there's no annoying yapping at the door to let him in.  It's the same with my dog, Pliget, who passed away while we were in El Paso.  That one was much more painful since I was the one who found her.  I'm scared I'll randomly burst into tears one day at camp in front of the girls or somewhere that I'm really vulnerable because that seems to happen to me often.  And I'm a horrible cryer.  I'm loud, and once I start it's hard for me to stop.

   Anyway, let's move on huh?  Sorry for that deepness...Anyway, today the girls presented their projects I was so proud of them ^^  Especially Maryam and Simran who I helped out a lot and were very quiet up until the end.  I was so proud of how well they were able to project and explain and so much squee ^^  That aside, I think Jams might be coming over today too.  And tomorrow is my choir recital....oof.
  Well, I'm a bit worn out so thanks for stopping by!  <3

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a day...

   Wow...a real doozy.  In fact, I'm so exhausted I think I'll just answer the prompt aye?
Blog Prompt: List 10 of your favorite things! 
  • Favorite Candy
  • Favorite Musician/Band
  • Favorite Flower
  • Favorite Restaurant 
  • Favorite Snack
  • Favorite Drink
  • Favorite Color
  • And 3 more you would like to add!
  • Cotton Candy Rock Candy
  • Franz Ferdinand (or Kojo Kondo, composer for The Legend of Zelda)
  • Orchids
  • Luna Rossa 
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Blue Coconut+Vanilla Coca Cola from Sonic
  • Red
  • Favorite Game:  Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  • Favorite (recent) TV Show:  Gravity Falls or Sherlock (BBC)
  • Favorite (real?) Animal:  Grey Wolf
However, I would like to send a shout out to whichever camper said I was their favorite part of the day <3  Thank you!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kitties, Dracula, and Gaming with the Boys

    Hello my darling dears!  Another day down!  Today, I actually answered the prompt on the Ywic blog!  Look at me so nice.  Here ya go.  As it says, It's national hug you cat day so I present to you, Kitties!!!!
Hugging Pippin is very dangerous, but so rewardingly soft
Hugging Merry is easy except for the flurry of fur
he emits on contact
Hugging Bilbo is just too darn cute!!!
    So, kitties aside, what did I do today?  Well, first we started in Scratch which is a nifty game/video program that's not too hard.  I'm making a Dracula+Vampire Castlevania sort of game in my spare time!  PencilCode was also really short and simple and cute.  However, there's Greenfoot.  Greenfoot to me at least, is a very hard programming language basically using Java.  I wasn't in the room while SP was teaching it sooooo I'm totally lost.  I also had to leave early to get my braces checked.  I've been bad about wearing my rubber bands so 2 more months...  Anyway!  
   In about an hour the Tinker is bringing his friend Grim over to play some videogames!  I hope they bring something that's good multiplayer since I don't have a whole lot.  Anyway, that's it for me today everyone!  See you all tomorrow!

OH WAIT!  How does this Sunday sound for the livestream?  This time, I'll try it over Youtube instead!  Answer in the comments!  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ywic MS Camp Day 2-Turtle Treasures!

The prompt: 

Blog Prompt: What quality or talent is most likely to make you famous one day? It’s okay to brag!

The answer:  
"i hope my being funny and interesting will help me become famous.  I hope my ability to act and sing might make me a Broadway or movie star and that i can make some money and stuff.  Any questions?  Please leave them in the comments!!  :)   Also, check out my poll on the side  Be the first to vote!!!!" 

      O little me of little faith.  Now, I believe this blog and my Youtube channel will make me famous!  I hope my comedy and my devoted fans (the twins) will keep me afloat in a world of fame.  I hope that my other abilities do come into play, but I just hope I can be lazy while doing them!

      Today, we did a "Turtle Treasure Hunt" where we used PencilCode directions to find the treasure!  Here's a cute little picture.  Now, tonight we'll be having a movie night!  We're watching Frozen...which is good....but overdone.  I'm takin good Ol' Jazmin though!  Imma get some Keva Juice before we come though cause...I can?  yes.  Sooo, incase you guys haven't noticed, I do have a new poll up.  Please vote on it guys :p  That's all I can say for today so peace out my lovelies!!    

Monday, June 2, 2014

Back to the Beginning

   Wow guys, being back where it all began is trippy.  So, YWIC begins anew!  This time, I've got some power and the campers are middle schoolers.  First impressions:  not as bad as I thought.  Problem: No AC in over 100 degree heat....  It was so hot and there were so many girls I didn't really get to try out any of the stuff they did so meh.  It was really nice to see all the teachers again and the twins!  It feels weird to be able to say I'm starting college in the summer.  Sadly, it's too hot to even function though ;-;  I'll keep it short and simple today.

So It Begins.