Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My return to the internet

  Today is a bit of a lazy day.  I slept in later than i ever have before and only woke up because my mom called me.  Today is essentially laundry-and-getting-used-to-being-home day.  I'm doing all the laundry from our Great Alaskan Adventure as it has come to be called and watching a Gravity Falls marathon, maybe a disney movie, and working on Obasan.  In case i never mentioned it, i LOVE Gravity Falls.  It's seriously one of my favorite shows and that season finale was a doozy!  I was expecting it though, but satisfying none the less.  Soooo today's a bit boring but maybe tomorrow i'll try to upload some pictures from our trip and get em posted.  Please be patient with me everyone.  This transition back is a bit difficult.  So i'll talk to you all soon and see you guys later!!!!!