Tuesday, August 6, 2013

*pokes head out*

   Hiiiii there!!!!  I'm back!  I would say good morning, however, it's not.  On my early as balls flight from Anchorage to Dallas, my Ipod slipped out of my bag and is now missing and its still too early for me to put in a claim!  If you were on that flight and saw my ipod or even took it, i'm not mad....just missing it!  I'm sure you didn't know it belonged to your favorite online celebrity.  Just contact me and i can figure something out.  If you have him hostage, he knows nothing.  Just let him go.  Sooooo i see you guys also took a hiatus with me!  Hardly any new views in a while.  And....no votes/? come on you guys....I was hoping for that to be like, full of votes so i had an idea for what to write.  I'll extend it to the end of the week seeing as i understand you all just missed me too much to even have the will to vote.  But, that's all ok now because i'm back!  It is interesting to see what are the most viewed posts of the week though.  In case you didn't notice, i added the 5 most popular posts of the week (i think) right under the archive.  Interestiiiinnngggg.....
I was mostly in the Fairbanks to Anchorage region
    You all do have to understand though, that it's like i'm being released back into the wild, or in this cause, re-introduced to the zoo i suppose.  It'll take me a while to get back in the swing of things.  My posts might not be daily, but i'll try to make up for it by making them long and i have LOTS of pictures.  I have lots to write about and will try to do a day by day of what i did, however, my sleep schedule was so thrown off by the endless light in Alaska that all the days meshed together.  I'll at least try to talk chronologically.

A quick list of some cool things i got to do:
-Cuddle in a teeny tiny car with family in the middle of nowhere
-Get eaten by mosquitoes
-Chase the sun
-See caribou and bears
-White water raft
-See a glacier collapse
-See a whale eat a seagull
-See seals and sea lions and otters and lots of fuzzies and cuddlies.
-Eat dinner on Fox Island
-Skip perfect rocks
-Climb up to Exit Glacier
-Yell at my grandmother
-Be with my siiiiisssttteeeerrrrrr
-Pet a reindeer
-See the world's largest chocolate waterfall
-Go on an adventure looking for corn fritters
-Pet and watch sled dogs and adorable puppies
-Look at native art and get freaked out by it
-Sleep in a sneaky loft with my sssiiiissstttteeerrrrr in an RV
-Be in an RV

    So everyone, wakey wakey from your hibernation!  You'll all have to bear with me (ha puns...)  as i try to return to the real world.  I spent a whole week in a far away state without a computer or really much signal at all, no news, no link to really anything.  I still have to read Obasan and get ready for school, and once school does start, it's going to be hell.  I almost for sure won't be posting every day once it starts next Wednesday, but i'll see what i can do!  I'm glad to have you all back and to be back!  There will be a lot of pictures and maybe if you're suuuuuuper lucky a video or 2, so keep checking back!  I might start when i get home tonight, i might crash on my couch and go to sleep.
   That's all folks!  Get back in the swing of sharing, +1...ing, commenting, writing in, voting, and all that good stuff!  Love you guys and i missed you like crazy and i hope you missed me too!  Talk to you all later maybe...perhaps....slim chance.........in a year............................................Bye!!!!!