Saturday, August 17, 2013

Musings on Skyward Sword

    Although i love the Legend of Zelda, in all actuality, the only games i've played to completion are Minish Cap for the Gameboy Advanced and Phantpm Hourglass for the DS.  I love the Zelda music, story, and i'm totally thrilled by our handsome protagonist and princess.  In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, i almost always play as Princess Zelda because she has one of my favorite skill sets.  In reality, i have Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time 3D, i had Phantom Hourglass until i traded it back in due to lack of end game content (which i now regret deeply), and Skyward Sword.  I never had a SNES or N64 as a kid or if i did, i was too young to play or enjoy it, so i missed out on a lot of the fun, plus i never had a Gamecube until i got the Wii.  In another post soon i'll talk about my adventures through Twilight Princess (my favorite of the games) with my friend, Seth.  For now, i want to talk just briefly about Skyward Sword and may do a full review later.
     Upon first getting the Wii, i played practically daily all my games including the sports and fitness games until i got better ones.  It's still my favorite system for when friends come over to hang out or anything like that, however the days of the Wii were numbered.  After going online and watching Tobuscus/Toby Games play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, i asked for an X-box 360 for Christmas and got it (with much urging from my sister who also really wanted it).  The X-Box introduced me to games with amazing graphics and more depth and i forgot about my beloved Wii.  I think the last game i bought for the Wii was in fact Skyward Sword.  I played it without having beaten Twilight Princess and trucked along pretty well.  However, at some point, i got stuck.  The game was placed back into it's case and not seen again for a long time.
     Then, suddenly, just a while back i had a link related dream  that gave me a sudden urge to look at the game.  I popped open the case and popped the game in and made some progress for the first time in a year or more.  If you notice, the very next post was about the music.  I HAD NEVER LISTENED TO THE CD.  I had purchased the special addition knowing it was in there, knowing it was going to be good, but for some reason, never took it out.  However, that Golden Wii remote became the only one i used and it's right beside me right now.  After this sudden exposure back to the game as well as having purchased OoT (only to be stuck in the water temple lord help me), i began a new era.  I watched hundreds of youtube videos about the lore, the reviews, the theories, and became re-obssessed.   Heck, i even requested a Zelda theme necklace as my perk from this kickstarter.  Now, here i am, in the final stretches of this game.  So far, the game has efectively made me cry almost as much as Mass Effect 3 (which i cant finish...i just...i cant) and has really gotten me thinking about what Zelda has meant to me.
   No, i'm not a hardcore fan.  No, i haven't played all the games.  No, i haven't even finished my two favorites in the series.  But here i am.  It doesn't matter if you're hardcore, casual, new, or old.  Zelda is there when you think to yourself "what should i play today?"  That's what i asked myself and for some reason, i said Skyward Sword.  I was thinking of doing a review but that's not fair until i beat the game.  So this weekend, my goal is to beat the game and sometime soon get you guys a nice, quality review of the game.  You d have to remember, some things are vague to me seeing as i haven't played in a while, but this game is so ice to be sucked back into, it's not a major loss.
    So everyone, check back soon!  I'm off to try and beat this bugger.   Like my reviews?  I'll put a list of ones you can read below!  Send me your prayers that i will beat this amazing game and that i will have the time to write a quality review for you all.  Share, +1, vote, and comment!       

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