Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Homecoming Day 3: Wii-Fit Wednesday a.k.a best day ever

     You guys will never guess what i did today.  No seriously.  You wont guess.  I bet you.  Have you guessed yet?  Went to school?  Well yes that's true but something better!  Had Pizza? Sadly no.  Give up?
    Let's start with my outfit.  I decided to dress up as the Wii-Fit trainer herself seeing as Jeremy said he'd be dressing as the male version!  I was so pumped up by my outfit i even played some fruit ninja when i got home!  So let's take a look-sy t these pictures first!
Jeremy and i doin some fitness on our balance boards
Female trainer (me)

Jeremy kept losing his blance so he looked a bit more like this

Bilbo wanted to do some training too

Just me!

Now, what-you ask-made this the best day ever?  Well i'm glad you inquired!  I GOT TO FENCE.  In theater we had an amazing guest who was there to teach us staged combat.  We got to use those rapiers weighing a pound each with blunted edges and unsharpened.  My partener, my good old buddy dalton, was having a blast with me.  I think he and i were the most excited except maybe Jeremy.  Dalty and i got so good, we started to try ti go as fast as possible and were actually pretty amazing.  Something about holding that sword was just utterly perfect.  I am DYING to fence and have been since i was a kid.  For a few years, we tried to find me a trainer but there were none in the area.  Today, i got to feel like a total boss and ready to take on orcs and man alike!  On Wednesday, i'll take some pictures of dalton and i fighting but here are the swords and Dalty pretending to be an assassin, using his belt loop as a sheath.  
O lordy 

Assassin Dalty

So that's it for today!  Tomorrow is a big surprise i can't wait to show you all!  Also, please vote on the polls because if i get 10 votes on EACH poll, i will do a live stream drawing a picture of something!  I'll even take suggestions on the livestream.  (this is assuming i can with what i have but otherwise, i will still draw a requested picture in my style!)  Well, that's all folks!  Night!