Thursday, January 29, 2015

Computer Science is Death

  If anyone out there knows how the hell to do Java, you are a god among men good sir/madam.  A god(dess?). 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bad Day = Delays

   Hey guys.  I got in my first ever wreck today.  I'm too shaken up about it to even do an Adventure with Lea post.  Everyone turned out ok but I thought I should tell you guys that I am in sort of a crappy spot in life right now.  I am so far hating 2 out of 4 classes--one because it is too slow and easy and the other because the teacher explains nothing and makes no sense.  We actually had a snow day on Thursday which I intended to post about but I couldn't even do that because of how badly I'm feeling.  Life is kind of hitting me hard if you couldn't guess from some recent posts.  I have a few videos I want to upload that I'll have up by the end of the week and as of posts, I will try to get back on track, but I've recently had very little motivation to do much of anything. 
      I have also seen a huge decline in views recently and I worry that I'm not interesting or not posting enough.  I want this blog to grow and blossom and make people happy, but I haven't seen that yet, so it's adding to my anxiety.  I'll decide I want to post, make a deadline, and start to write, then lose the motivation and feel worse and worse about not writting it so I procrastinate more.  I suggest reading this post by Allie Brosh for a perfect understanding of what I'm feeling.
     But, I am still here.  I'm still making my comic, even if it's hard for me to remember to do Holiday specials since I'm in a really cool arc.  I'm still thinking of post ideas.  I'm still trying to write.  So please, bare with me a little longer until I can get my life back in order.  Thank you <3

Friday, January 23, 2015

Pokemon Tag!

I tag you, Pikachu!

Here is the full set of questions if you want to do them yourself!
1. What is your favorite Pokemon Type?
2. What is your favorite region?
3. Which Pokemon games do you own?
4. In the games, which gender do you normally play as?
5. Do you watch the anime?
6. How many seen in the PokeDex of your latest game?
7. In that game, how many owned in the PokeDex?
8. Do you even like Pokemon?
9. Do you collect the trading cards?
10. If you have the trading cards, do you play the game or just collect?
11. Do you draw Pokemon?
12. What is your favorite Pokemon?
13. What is your second favorite?
14. What is your favorite legendary?
15. What is your second favorite?
16. Do you know what number 493 in the national dex is?
17. Would you rather have a Meowth or a Growlithe?
18. Do any of your relatives play Pokemon?
19. How often do you think about Pokemon?
20. Do you hide the fact that you like Pokemon from your real life friends?
21. What pets do you have that resemble Pokemon?
22. What Pokemon do you hate the most?
23. Which Eeveelution do you like the best?
24. Which Castform forme is the best?
25. Which Deoxys forme is the best?
26. Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres?
27. Lugia or Ho-Oh?
28. Which two people will you tag?

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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Ornithologist's Guide to College

   Day 1:  After the studies conducted during the previous half of the year, I have ventured into the Aviary once again.  This time however, I'll be conducting in depth research on the mating patterns and social habits of the birds present.  As such, I will be disguising myself as one of them and attempting to integrate into their society.  Let us begin.

    I have judged that it is best to arrive extremely early in order to locate a safe spot for my transportation that will not bother the other wildlife.  Sadly, there are many obstacles and walking will be very much a fact.  I have suited myself in a similar fashion as many of the birds, however taking a dark coloration to try and blend in without being to audacious.  However, my sister has decided to join me in my expedition and is trying a more bright approach with a yellow coloration.  The experiment shall prove very interesting.
     I begin the day in a roost for the highest level of birds refereed to as the "Crimsoni scholarius" or more commonly refereed to as Topten Percentus.  These birds are generally fragile and small, but clever and able to survive in harsh conditions with the use of careful tactics.  This particular group is currently studying the natural rock formations, led by a larger bird with checkered like feathers.  I have taken a perch upon a branch close to the ground to pretend at pecking as the other birds do.  I am suddenly approached by a rather lanky brown male and an accompanying smaller slick fathered female who sits beside me!  What a discovery!  They chirp at me quite politely and make introductions then swiftly fly off after a thorough pecking of the rubble.
     After a short flight walk to the next study location, I have discovered two other researchers!  They are observing if birds are able to understand the angle of their flight.  Very important stuff.  I however am set on observing their capacity for complex equations of the upper level and have found quite a few birds in the same space.  Another male perches by me!  Two behind me tweet of a subject I am rather interested in, but I hold my tongue to attempt to stay blended.  
     At meal time I regrouped with my sister to discuss notes and then acquire the funding for the expedition.  Finally, I preform an experiment using a typewriter and the birds in the next area.  I was lucky enough to have one of the aforementioned researchers with me to observe.  Many of the birds are the ones observed last season, but there are a few new ones!  The experiment ended in success.  The birds seem highly attracted to the typewriter!  Fascinating.
     Will soon add pictures of the observed.  Scientific community awards here I come!

Day 2:  A secondary study has been enacted.  I arrived early to the site and observed it carefully.  The area is a large tree which can fit a large number of birds, however it is cramped.  I had to squeeze in carefully alongside them.  I only found one bird I was familiar with.  The birds tweeting at the top were most annoying.  They act as though I do not speak bird!  I tweet better than most.  Hmpf.  The nerve.  This will surely be the hardest study to endure.  I will try to keep extensive notes on the mating rituals and interactions.  More entries to come.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

T-Rex Returns

   Hey everyone!  Sorry about the lack of updates but my big sister moved back into town and we've been prepping for school so more is to come once stuff calms down!  <3

Friday, January 9, 2015



Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Battle of Ap'rtmant Part 2: The War of Landri and Bat'ha Rome

The General and Company
      As you sit drinking a smooth ale at the tavern, a call is heard behind you and you turn swiftly.  A messenger runs to you and begs your presence at the House of Lioden, a home that you are very familiar with and even spent a long time there, and also one of great land.  The land of Ap'rtmant is well within the bounds of their power.   You gather your things, your arm cradled to your chest like a child as you march forth.  You walk is limped with your opposing leg recovering slowly from the same battle as your arm.  Upon striding in you see the General alongside the lead of house Lioden, the very Mage you fought alongside at Ap'rtmant, gesturing wild and grand.  Cautiously, you approach.  They great you with much enthusiasm and explain the task ahead--you are simply needed as a scout and a guide for the items they need for their quest for the rebuilding of Landri, a segment of their land.  Easy enough.
       You guide the duo alongside the General's Warrior bodyguard through village after village as we looked for the items to no avail.  A few things were acquired and as time passed, small progress was made.  Upon your return however, the General spots a horrid thing--a camp of orcs in a far corner of the Lioden lands, a region referred to as Bat'ha Rome, powdered with a thin layer of snow.  The General's memory evades them as they seem to forget it was they that refused to be sure that orcs would be blocked out of these lands two years ago, when the last renovations were made.  The Mage looks to you in sorrow, knowingly.  The General swivels on their heels and looks you straight in the eyes, smiles, and begins to proclaim how you shall rid the land of these orcs alongside the Mage, going on to attest to your youth and valor as prime reasons for your enlistment.  Before you can utter a word, the General is gone to "handle some other matters," leaving you, two brave comrades who had seen the battle of Ap'rtmant, and the Mage before the dangers ahead.  Slowly you mobilize and begin to fight against the small camps hidden across the blanket of grass, but it's then you realize these are more than orcs, they are Uruk-hai!  Moreover, they are territorial and refuse to leave their camps which are practically ingrained.  You glance a your wounded arm then slowly draw your sword with a lump in your throat and glance at the Mage who slowly prepares a spell of Brûssh and begins to attack.  The comrades fall early, only wounding few of the mass of bodies in their way.  Slash as you may and cast as the Mage might, hardly a dent appears in the armor of the great Uruk-Hai before you, Grèn Panktin Tà'ul.  With a halfhearted smack you are thrown across the battlefield and to the floor, landing upon your vulnerability and screeching in pain.
Grèn Panktin Tà'ul
    The Mage opens her spell book and enhances the spell from Brûssh to Bríllo Pâd and tries to attack further as you rise to your feet carefully, gathering your sword in hand.  You turn to look at the beast before you as he smirks and taunts you.  In you lunge with full thrust, a renewed rage burning in your chest to smite him upon the field.  His arm creeks and dents and slowly begins to crack, but again he is able to smack you aside and advance.  In his harsh tongue he dares you to get up and try again.  You have no chose.  Another lunge.  Failed.  Another.  Foiled.  Grèn raises his jagged sword, bored of toying with his future meal and presses his massive mountain of a foot down upon your beaten back about to strike.
    "Word from the General!"  Shouts the Mage.  "Use a potion of Nul Palish!"  The Uruk hears nothing over his own laughter and you know there is only a quick moment.  You thrust your wounded arm into your pouch and pull out a vial of clear liquid like air itself and thrusts the contents into the face of the Uruk.  For a moment he squeals and you are able to drag yourself from under his weight and lift yourself.  You turn to triumphantly watch him boil away and sizzle into the silence of night but....but no........No?!  He wipes his eyes and flicks the liquid to the ground and looks at you with renewed rage and rushes at you once more.  "STRONGER!"  you shout in response to the Mage who pales and rummages through her books.  The Uruk slashes at you and your sword clashes against his, sparking like lightning.
      You are able to keep him at bay so the Mage may make progress.  Uruks flood around then begin to run back to their huts or leave the lands.  Suddenly, a horn is heard and the General rides in majestically over the hill.  They blink and suddenly question why you have not progressed further in your cleansing.  You hastily knock over your attacker and look to the general who seems to be riding oddly.  They leap down and come over with a small sword and jab at a few uruks dramatically to little effect.  The General pauses and looks down to see a bracer starting to fall off and so they lean over carefully to adjust them when Grèn Panktin Tà'ul dips past you and slashes the General square across the back.  With a scream the General falls to their knees.  You spring into action, slashing the beast away and shouting to the Warrior and Mage that you must take the General to the infirmary.  With effort, you load your burden onto their horse and quickly ride to the infirmary base acres away.  You unload the General and handle the discussion.  They are not well but will live.

        A day later news comes from the General in their infirmary bed that the war is to wage on.  And so it does.  And so it does.  And so it does.  A year lapses and your arms have grown weary.  The Mage has grown tied.  The Warrior has turned slow.  Even the masterful Alchemist who has come to your aid (the other lead of the House of Lioden) grows impatient with the progress.  But soon, a breakthrough!  You charge in with sword blazing and slash down Grèn Panktin Tà'ul in one fell slash, his head rolling into the diminishing ranks of Uruks.  They pause and look to you as you slowly wipe the searing blood from your blade and look to them with a look of daring.
      They flee.
      Finally, after 3 years, you look to the Mage and help her with the spell of Sealing so that no more like Panktin can seep in.  You begin to be merry and joyous, breaking out ales and foods to feast and celebrate, until you realize something.  Something terrible.

 You still have to rebuild Landri.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Update on Youtube!

  Go check out my youtube page for a quick update about what's up!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pokemon ORAS Rant

   As much as I'm loving Alpha Sapphire, I just walked into Mauville city and honestly, I'm disappointed.  I always had a fondness for the small city, as the daycare was right next to the town and the game corner was right there.  I used to spend hours there playing the slots, but the game corner has been closed down due to restrictions on gambling in games.  The games always had a sort of game corner up until that point and I LOVED the Mauville one.  It is one of my favorite features of Emerald alongside the also removed battle tents where you used Pokemon other than yours.

    Not to mention that Mauville has expanded and is now difficult to navigate which I've noticed is a growing trend in the recent games.  I understand that yes, there has been a lawsuit about Pokemon creating a gambling addiction etc etc but it's a game with no real money or consequences and this is a remake, not the newest generation.  I know it might sound petty and a silly thing to be sad about, but I've honestly been glancing over at my Advanced SP thinking about just running around in Emerald instead.  Emerald is most likely my favorite Pokemon game and one of my favorite games ever and I'm just sad to see little tweaks that were made because of how times have changed.

     Another nitpick I have is with the aforementioned battle tent things being replaced with pokemon contests.  Pokemon contests were my #1 favorite feature of Emerald and I do agree that having them in more towns is more like the Anime, but I loved the Battle Tents too.  It is true that in Sapphire and Ruby they were contest halls, but I prefer the Battle Tents I grew up with in Emerald.  Plus, the best part of contests was making the blocks with that awesome minigame which has been removed for streamlining.  Also, I find Lisia INSUFFERABLE.  I'd like to know if other people agree with me or if there's anything that has you upset too.

    On a good note, the 3D models of characters like Steven and Brandon make them look hot soooooooo that's a step up at least.  I also discovered Brandon has brown hair with a hat not white hair.....mind blown.

Sorry for the random rant out of know where.  I posted this to facebook and figured I'd like to know your thoughts on it too, so tell me whatcha think!  This is by no means a full review of this game and I'm still very VERY early in, so I will hopefully have more cheer to spread about this game soon.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking Back and Moving Forward

      2014 was a very...strange year.  It was by no means the worst year of my life, but there is a lot of irreparable damage that I'll have to clean up and rebuild this year.  I want to begin by looking back on some of the major things from 2014 and then discussing what is ahead.  So, month by month, here we are.








  • I realized that things are changing...
  • Christmas happened!
    • I got Alpha Sapphire and a burst of nostalgia
    • I got tons of new clothes and a physical copy of the Hyrule Historia and a book about Marvel.
    • Oh, and a new Phone ^^

     Now is when I have to look forward and realize that a lot is going to change.  In one year, I've made a huge transition, lost a few friends, and had to change quite a bit.  I have been increasingly struggling with my anxieties, causing more stress and tension.  Soon, more will change.  My pool of friends is going to shrink even further, however this time not due to fights but differing life paths--which just makes it harder to swallow.  My big sister is moving back into town, but my middle sister is also losing her best friend due to her career taking her from town, so big sister has to be both of our crutch as our lives change.  
       All of us have noticed something odd--a lot of people from many years ago are back.  Seth, my big sister, my sister's half-brother whom I played with as a kid and now play D&D with every week, etc.  So, as we are saying, It's simply Act 3, where the people from Act 1 reenter and those from Act 2 go backstage.  Will they return?  Probably, but not until Act 4...till then...the show must go on.  

"All the world’s a stage,/And all the men and women merely players;/They have their exits and their entrances,/And one man in his time plays many parts,"
-William Shakespeare, As You Like It Act II, Scene VII

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Start the year off right...with a delay!

   Due to the events soon to be discussed in my latest rant time, today's post and others will be  postponed for a day or 2.  Sorry ;-;