Saturday, November 30, 2013

Frozen, Stressed, and Pirates

    The day began with helping my mother get the Christmas decorations down.  I even had to run to walmart to buy some more bins for decorations as well as food and coffee for the family.  I also had to stop by to feed my grandmother's cat who was never really socialized.  The poor thing is the most loving cat i've ever met, but my grandparents never really played with him or even really pet him and just let him hide under the bed.  I however, make a point to lay down beside the bed and pet him everyday before they take me to school and when we pick up Bilbo from his play-date at their house after school.  My grandparents went to my cousin's for Thanksgiving and i've been caring for Domino for the past few days.  Toda, he was actually out from under the bed and i took the time to stop and coax him over to me with a treat.  After 5 minutes of sitting patiently, he came over and smothered me with love.  He stayed out with me, forcing me to pet him by headbutting my hands, until i had to go about 20 minutes later.  He followed me around the house and even meowed at me which he has never done so a war was won this day.
    Afterwards, i went to go see Frozen.  Frozn was absolutely adorable and fittingly, i went to see it with my sister!  I like to think of it as the ice version of Tangled, one of my other favorite Disney movies.  Ironically, Frozen is based on the Snow Queen which was my first ever play.  I regrettably remember that i was a snow drift -_-    The Snow Queen may have started my acting career, but i had one line.  My line was "Is this going to mess up my hair?"  Mind you, i was in my hardcore tomboy stage and hated every moment, begging for another part.  I was also a flower in a leotard a size or 2 too small.  Siiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.  However, Frozen was a beautiful movie with a lot of great songs and was so different yet similar, i didn't realize it until my sister pointed it out.  I definitely suggest you watch it and take the family!
     However, my day took a sudden plumet as i exited the theater.  I read my texts and found out my group project wasn't going so well.  I had stayed up last night working as you all know and had repeatedly sent emails and texts to my group. asking certain things to be done.  One text sent me into a spiral of anger.  I checked my email and realized NO ONE had sent me ANYTHING.  The project is due Wedns.  I nearly had a heart attack and on the day that is supposed to be one of my favorites.  Today was Nonnie's annual pre-Christmas party, where we all get our presents so on Christmas she can celebrate it at home and not have a bunch of people over.  I always get a calendar and generally one other thing and normally, i'm ecstatic, but i was sent into a rage.  I felt like curling up and crying.  However, once i was handed my first present and felt it over, i instantly lightened up.  I threw off the paper to reveal what i had asked for so vigorously
  AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I have always loved the Ology books.  I have all 3 Dragonolgies as well as both Wizardologies and Monsterology.  I also got the most beautiful Disney calendar ever and spent half the party with my sister and her fiance looking at the pictures and finding hidden characters on each page!  Now, i need to take a break, read about some Pirates, and maybe watch a little Youtube.  Thank you internet for allowing me to rant <3  Also, if i have time after "working" with my group tomorrow, i might have a pack opening to do as i got another pack for shopping today!  Night!  <3

Friday, November 29, 2013

Dante how you curse me

   Today, i have tons of homework to do.  I have a giant group project on the thieves (so perfect isn't it? it's sad to think what would happen to poor thiefy :( ) due wedns. and i have a ton to do.  One member of my group is basically out until tomorrow so i'm trying to get as much done as i can.  On sunday, i'll be filming a video of it and doing MORE work.  You'll have to excuse me as i labor away.  I hope you all have had a lovely holiday!  Later!  <3

Thursday, November 28, 2013


   Each Thanksgiving, my mom wakes me up at 7.  I drag my comforter to the couch and plop as we start to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We have bacon and Pillsbury Orange Rolls and sit and watch it together, singing along to the Broadway songs we know.  We are the only ones in our family who really like it so we have a jolly-good time.  Then, my mom went off and my dad and i watched some Agents of Shield we are behind on. Then we always have family over.    However, each year we seem to amass more and more people to come to our feast and this year i think we had....15???  OMG the dishes mountain ;-;  One funny thing was i was sitting at the "kid's table" with my dad, sister, her fiance, and 2 of her friends with my cousin sitting in her own special spot behind us.  I was making a joke about today being the day Jesus sacrificed a turkey for...some reason and she said "I know what thanksgivin' is!"  And i said "uh huh?  What is it?"  "When the pilgrims had love-ely crops."  I giggled a bit.  My sister's friend asked "and who helped the pilgrims?"  My cousin looked at us and with a mouthful of food, nodded and replied rather matter-of-fact "Jesus."  I laughed to hard and had to excuse myself before i burst.  Finally, i'm alone with my computer and lot i suppose.
   What am i thankful for?  Well, although it's cliche', everything.  I'm happy to be alive.  I have my parents and siblings and my epic friends to thank for that.  And oddly enough, i can also thank Logan and Z.  They gave me hope and purpose and a personality of my own and have helped me beyond words.  I'm thankful for the internet (woot) and not living in times where there's like, the plague and stuff.  For TV, for a good family life and an awesome family, and for Pillsbury Orange Rolls.
    All cheesyness aside, here is some more cheesyness!  This is this years Thanksgiving Special as drawn entirely on Tuesday the 26th.  I had to edit some stuff out for spoilers sake.  Leave a comment if you dare to see the un-editted stuff!!  It's nothing major but a ad bit of spoilery talk.  Also, Chris's word bubble makes no sense as he was referring to what Sebastian and John were saying.  Remember, i had no reference as i drew this in class so if these outfits aren't historically accurate.......Meh. Technically, it's all spoilers but eh.  You should be used to this by now.  I was suprised!  You guys actually want to see these!  Also, sometime next week I'll finally post the final versions of everyone's Halloween costumes....yaaaaaaaa.

Z:  Happy Thanksgiving Lea
Lea:  *snerk* Same to you Jeremy.  You too Pablo
Chris:  That sounds AWESOME!!
Myra:  Hush
Pip:  Prrrrrrr
Jaz+Paul:  Nom Nom Nom
Guest stars Molly and Georgia:  hehehe
Joellen:  You're adorable!
Cody:  *Sigh*

    So i'm finally done for the night.  Imma get some pjs on, get in bed with my laptop and ds, and play some glorious Pokemon.  Once i finish i swear there will be a review.  So far, i'm...6 gyms in?  Also, i realised im really dumb and should have merged the 1st and 2nd Pokemon X videos into 1...but instead cause im dumb i'm putting 2 and 3 into one!  That'll be up...eventually!  As will spelunky!  O yes...Spelunky...*horrible flashbacks*
    I hope all you Americans had a wonderful tThanksgiving and everyone else had a wonderful day ^^  Night everyone!  <3

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


   Wow am i tired.  I've just needed some time to kind of wind down and relax.  I do have a Me+Free thanksgiving special to upload tomorrow and either tomorrow or the next day, i'll talk about my family traditions!  All depends on if i get turkey-logged.  I'mma just finish relaing and doing absolutely nothing! ^^  Also, quick thoughts on the Pokemon Origins anime:  It's good.  I like it.  But, i really prefer the old Prof. Oak's voice and i though Red was a bit odd.  Also...why was cubone already wearing the skull of it's mother when it's mother was alive???  Whhhhaaaaattt???
   Anyway, night!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Stressed and busy

  Hey everyone.  Today was mainly ok but semi-stressful.  I saw Georgia today and nearly cried because of how much i miss her.  Also, the kid in my computers class is driving me insane, falling behind literally every step until i have to help him to save the teacher the stress.  Then i had to do errand and now, while trying to correct a test, i find my phone that has the pictures of the corrections is dead and the charger is at school.  I am stressed, i'm tired, and i have tons of homework :(  Hopefully, the break will help me catch up.  One day more.......

Sunday, November 24, 2013



That is all

Saturday, November 23, 2013


  Today took an interesting turn.  My mom said she'd take me at 8 to get my blood work done.  Mind you, this is the first time in my life.  I was having a pretty interesting dream about the end of the world and such when i started to wake up thinking it was time to go.  My phone was in the other room and i don't have a clock, so i assumed since my mom hadn't woken me up, it wasn't time to go yet.  I went back to sleep.  At 10:30, my mom comes in and says "Gaaallen Nelliiiieesss" which is the name of a mexican food restaurant.  I sleepily asked what to which she replied "we're going to nellie's get ready!"  I stared at her.  I hadn't eaten since 7 last night.  "You mean blood work?"  "..........."  There was silence.  "Oh ya."  With that i was practically thrown into the shower and had <5 min to get ready.
my wound
    When i did, i was hurled into the car with my father who is ALSO afraid of needles and had to go to get it all done.  I nearly had a heart attack.  It wasn't all that bad but any sort of needle makes me want to just die.  Afterward, i was sent back to the lobby to wait while my dad got his done.  While there, i overheard the other 3 people in the room talking about a guy in a town not too far away dying from getting a flue shot (which i just got 2 days ago) and just got more upset.  Eeeeehhhh.
    After that, we went to lunch.  I generally don't eat all that much but today i had 2 tacos, rice, beans, and a bean and cheese burrito, with a sopapilla and honey for dessert.  After all that, i went to the Museum of Natural History downtown with my sister, her fiance, and 2 of her friends.  We then went bowling!!!  I lov bowling.  I LOVE BOWLING.  However, i don't really have a lot of friends and the ones i do have arent exactly hanging out friends.  The last time i was at the bowling alley was a year ago for Camille's birthday.  Soooo we played 2 and a half rounds and i got 3rd i think both times and was in 2nd on the last game.  Soooooooo ignore that calendar i posted XD  I'll attempt to get at least 1 Pokemon X video up tomorrow and maybe the other the next day.
   That was my adventurous day!  Guys please vote on the poll so i know if i should put videos up on here.  Please?  Anyway, that's it!  Night night friends    

Friday, November 22, 2013


Bilbo on my face, pip on my legs, laptop on my stomach.  Someone help me

The conundrum of subs and MU

    You see, many people loving having a sub because they don't have to do work.  I on the other hand, like it upon occasion.  Now, i love when a sub actually knows the subjct they are subbing for and can help with the busy work your teacher generally asign.  I hate busy work.  I hate it.  It drives me crazy.  I also dislike when subs try to teach something, often a movie, and end up interupting while trying to teach people.
     What i do love though, is when you're miles ahead in a class or can catch on quickly and you get to watch a disney/pixar movie!!  Specifically, Monster University!  If you didn't catch the hint, i'm in 3rd period watching MU ^^  I love this movie <3  I can understand why a lot of kids didn't because they don't get the college stuff and what makes it so fantastic, but on my way to college it is just fantastic ^^  I'mma enjoy the movie and talk to you all later!  <3

BTW Little Randal is the cutest thing on earth

Thursday, November 21, 2013


   Tetnis is not nearly as awesome as tetris.  Today i had to get a physical and if that wasn't bad enough, i had to get a flu and tetnis shot, one on each arm.  I am upset ;-;   Not to mention i had a stressful morning and an extremely hard history test and i'm still behind in math and keep getting lost and feeling horrible.
   On the good side, i decided to make a tentative calendar of important posts!  THIS IS SOOOOO NOT PERMANENT.  If i get really busy or can't do something for whatever reason, these will change.  I do want to have my live stream sometime over christmas break, but i still don't know how to do it!!  I need your guys' help!!  Also, this is not all!  This is just stuff i have pre-planned.  You guys know i'm just a grab-bag of random and who knows what i'll post one day!  The poll about videos is still up so PLEASE vote on it!  I want to know if i should make more!!!  This really just gives you an idea of upcoming posts i have already started planning or have done!  Of course, every day will have a little update on my day so no worries!!  <3  That's it for me today as imma go get the heating pad for my arm and maybe settle down early.  Night everyone!


Normal post
Pokemon X part 2
Pokemon and me part 3
Normal post
Normal post
Break starts-something special?
Thanksgiving special
Black Friday (rant time?)
Spelunky part 1?

Why Winter is the best

Top 10 Gen 2
Pokemon and me part 3
Spelunky part 2 and 3?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's Play Pokemon X part 1 of 3 (or maybe more??)

  Here it is finally!!  This is YAAAAYYY in 1080p HD so it shouldn't look horrid hopefully.  Please give me some feedback if you'd like to see more!  I have 2 more from the same day i already filmed.  As of today, i have passed the 5th gym and have like...150 pokemon in my pokedex?  Something like that.  I might film some more if you guys like it!  Tell me what you think in the poll or the comments!

Adventures in illness

  Guess who's sick?  If you guessed me, you're right!  If you guessed yourself....well...are you?  I'm terribly sorry if you are.  Let us be home, sick in our beds, far far away from each other together <3  Anyway, i'm feeling super awful.  But i think i might try to upload those videos today as well as do homework, and maybe a bit of liveblogging over the course of the day if anything interesting pops up.
    Couple things.  1, vote on those polls before they dissapear!  2, for those of you who don't know, my mum's books are all linked right next to the share button and my profile on the right side and NOW, i've added the link to my post about getting ebooks on your computer!  These are constant links and you should really check them out.  3, if in fact people don't like to see my videos, i might make some anyway but just not post them here and instead on youtube.  If i do so, my page is here i think.  otherwise, click here then go to my page from there.  
    What's the plan for the day?  Pla some Pokemon, watch some youtube, get tons of homework done.  I'll keep you guys posted!  Bye!!!  <3  (check for updates on this post)

UPDATE 11:13:  Halfway through the day.  I got a bit of Pokemon done.  I decided my main team was getting way to over powered so i made a team of Kalos only pokemon and have been beefing them up.  I want to say a few things real quick.  1.  The money and experience system in X and Y is...flawed.  I need a lot of $ so i can buy clothes, so i fight a bunch of trainers.  I get a lot of XP for fighting a lot of trainers so my pokemon become hideously ahead.  My rival is still using only 3 pokemon all around lvl 30 where even my lowest pokemon is about level 38.  Then, i STILL don't have enough $ for the good clothes so i have to do the job minigames.  It all seems....flawed.  I've had to spam using the amulet coin and the Prize Money O-Power to make enough $ to afford pokeballs, healing stuff, and all the other features.  Flawed.
    Anyway, i'm going to try to get almost all of Dante's inferno done now so i don't have to do it later!  Off to wotk i go!  

UPDATE 11:37:   How are you supposed to work with THIS on your arm???

UPDATE 12:53:  Hey guys, finally remembered i was going to try uploading my X Let's play!  I'm working on getting that up right now so we'll see how well it works today.  Also, about to start studying for my History test tomorrow....

UPDATE 2:25:  Eeeehhhhh i got through the crossword and i'll do the notecards later.  I'm just dying for that thanksgiving break.  For now, it's time for some Beauty and the Beast!    

UPDATE 6:46:  So i finished Beauty and the Beast and played some pokemon but my ds somehow turned off so all the progress i made like evolving 3 pokemon dissapeared so i was super bummed.  Luckily 2 were by stones so i was able to redo those quickly but noooowww i'm doing a bunch of homework.  This is probably the last update of the night but you never know.  BTW don't forget to vote on the pooolllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

UPDATE 8:05:  One hour left till the Pokemon video is up!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dante and Chess

   Soooo i hope you guys have been enjoying the recent slew of actual content.  I also added a new
poll!  Today though, let's just talk huh?  How yall doin?  Good?  You're lookin fine.  Been workin out?
   Pleasantries aside, let's talk about my day!  Well, i caught up on 85.77 ish % of the homework i'm behind on and discovered there were 2 typos on my math test so my score went up a bit!  Yaaayyy.  That aside, i have officially joined my school's chess club and i think i check-mated someone for the first time in my life woooo (sorry Joe...).  Next week i'm talking my Wizard chess set!  I only wish it actually worked...although i think i know how i would get it to do so!  Buuut that's a secret ;)
     Now i'm in study hall trying to get some Dante's Inferno done.  Ironically, i have a friend named my mom's class...learning Dante.  Weird no?  Anyway, i have to say, Alighieri was....precise.  He just lathers symbolism and all that.  I actually am really enjoying the combo of Catholic and Greek mythology.  I have always been one for all mythology, especially Greek, Norse, and Egyptian.  I'm basically the go to person and i'm not even sure how i know as much as i do.  Ironically, i've only ever read like...the first few sections of the Bible and the rest i've sort of picked up through life so that part's kind of hard for me.  Good thing i have my mom as an expert on that sort of thing.  Plus it's REALLY making me wanna watch i think i will if i get my homework done!
     So anyway, i'm really not all that interesting today i guess.  I'm going to try to make a new posting schedule for you guys but you know me.  I get busy or lazy and well....  I AM almost done with the Pokemon and Me part 3 and then i'll start to work on my top 10 gen 2 pokemon.  I'm still trying to get the Spelunky and Pokemon let's plays up but i think i know how i can sooo i'll try again this weekend.  Btw, people liked this background better.  I'll try out some more later.  So, here's the new poll!  It has 6 days left!   The one on top about my comic only has 2 DAYS LEFT so please vote on that!  You can answer either in the comments, email me, or ya on the actual poll.  Also!  I'd like some feedback on how this looks on mobile devices!  How is it?  Please comment!

Do you like seeing my videos?
None at all
The pack openings
Let's Plays
Informative things (ebooks post)
Need to see more to be sure
You may select multiple answers. 

That's it for me!  Later guys! <3

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Top 10 1st Gen Pokemon!

  Heeeyyy everyone!  I wanted to make you a special post so what better than a top 10?  Well i was going to do my top 10 of all time....but i couldn't pick yet!  I decided to dissect it by generation!  These are based not on strength or stats, but on my personal memories, designs, and how often i used them or how badly i wanted them. Soooo let's start with the 1st gen!!

10. Pikachu – 
          Pikachu was the first pokemon I clearly remember because of the tv show.  Yes, in recent years his coolness has been severely diminished, but I remember that sassy yellow mouse who would electrocute Ash on the spot that inspired me to love Pokemon and play Pokemon Yellow when I got older!

9. Aerodactyl – 
          I have always loved aerodactyl’s design.  When I played the remakes, I viewed aereo as a sort of secret fossil.  I loved omanyte and kabuto don’t get me wrong, but this guy looked BEAST!  He was always a goal for me to attain an I’m not sure if I ever did L

8. Lapras – 
         Lapras was the iconic surfing pokemon.  I LOVE it’s design and always picture it as a gentle giant and a very sweet creature and always wanted one.  The lapras in the show was also super influential to me.  For a while, if asked to have any pokemon, I might have said lapras….that is…except for the fact I live in the desert

7. Butterfree – 
         I love Butterfree.  I love it.  To this very day, I rate bug pokemon on how cool they are compared to butterfree.  So far, the best competitors are Beautifly and Vivillion but really, that beautiful Butterfree.  Also, as a kid I had the book “Bye Bye Butterfree” and would read it nightly.  I always waited for him to return in the show and was so sad when he didn't.
6. Rapidash – 
         Those who read my X and Y hopes know how badly I wanted to ride a Rapidash.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever had one!  I love horses!  I’m always surprised by the lack of equestrian pokemon, but I love rapidash no matter what.  Not only is it a fire horse, IT’S A FIRE UNICORN!!!  ‘Nuf said. 

5.  Arcanine – 
           If you can’t tell, I love fire types. Archanine was a loyal, wonderful dog type that helped every Officer Jenny and reminded me of my own dogs.  They felt closest to reality and were a really cool almost tiger dog combo I mean come on!!  Plus, James had the cutest Growlithe in the show, Growlie.  Man did I want one.  I think I even used one most if not all of White 2!


4. Ninetails – 
           Ninetails has many things going for it.  One, I think it is one of the most beautiful pokemon of all time.  It looked so soft and elegant and just plain beautiful.  Then, Brock’s Vulpix in the show was fantastic.  Brock was my inspiration to be a breeder so I always wanted to be just like him with a vulpix.  Not only that, but Ninetails was one of the first cards I ever remember getting.  If you watched my pack opening video recently, you’ll see one of my favorite new cards, the new Ninetails!  All this brings me to adore it. 

3. Charmander – 
          This was so close to being number 1.  All my life, I have loved Charmander.  I thought of putting Charizard, but it’s that adorable baby face I love most.  Charmander was not only my companion in Fire Red and Leaf green, but she (yes I haz a lady) is still my companion today alongside my froakie!  A lot of people say she’s over rated and dislike all the favoritism towards her, but I will always think of charmander when I hear Pokemon. 

2. Eevee – 
          Everyone has a favorite Eeveelution.  Mine happens to be Umbreon.  But, none of those evolutions could be possible without this absolutely ADORABLE pokemon.  Eevee has the most potential and the most adorableness ever.  I even felt jipped when Gary got the Eevee and I HAD to get Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow.  I know there are so many people who say “what if it doesn't want to be evolved” like the one in the anime?  But what if it really does?  What if that pokemon has no greater dream than to turn into a flareon, jolteon, or vaporeon?  I wish there was a way to ask.  I kind of wish pokemon amie had some feature where you could give it options and it could pick one.  Wouldn't that be the best?  But sadly, it doesn’t.  I like to think though, that it, like any other pokemon, is happy to be helping it’s trainer.  I love you eevee and I will help you become everything you want to be <3  Sadly, you're not number 1 though because of........

1. Mew+Mewtwo+Ditto? – 
          I couldn’t pick between the 3 but since Mewtwo is a clone of Mew and Dittos are thought to be failed attempts toclone mew, I think it’s ok for them all to be together.  First of all, let’s start with ditto.  Ditto is the perfect pokemon not only for breeding, but for a laugh.  Some of my favorite cards I have are the clay style ditto charmander and squirtle with the classic ditto blank face from the anime.  I adore that face and if I saw a ditto, I’d give that squishy glob of cuteness a big hug!  

  Next is Mewtwo.  First of all, the original voice of Mewtwo was AMAZING.  It was so deep and mysterious and I loved him to death in the movie.  I wanted to give the lonely guy a cookie or something to make him stop all that sadness.  He was fantastic and not only that, but a legend.  I was just dying to find him.  I even love his bad sequel.  Mewtwo even helped me meet my best friend, Georgia, which I’ll be talking about (quite sappily I must add) in my next Pokemon and me segment.

           But, my hat must go off to the wonderful, one and only Mew.  Not only is he/she the ancestor of ALL pokemon, but the cutest of them all too.  I remember in the movie my very favorite part was mew just derping about on the windmill.  It was so carefree and cute!  If i could have any Pokemon, it would be Mew.  Not to mention, i love kitties!  Mew can learn nearly any move in the games, it's card has the most amazing design, and it's truly the most adorable pokemon i can imagine!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Opening a 3rd Legendary Treasures pack

So i couldn't get the Pokemon X video up, but have a pack opening instead!  I also have something special for tomorrow!  <3

Friday, November 15, 2013


I need a little breaky break to play some assassin's for the first time in a week or 2 soooooo byeeeeeeeee. The top poll only lasts until midnight tonight so please vote!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Opening 2 Legendary Treasures

Here we go!  A little ol' video of opening my 2 new packs!  Want some more Pokemon?  First, read this and this and follow some links!  I have various Pokemon content all over my blog so check it out!  Tada here we go!

Hehehe i'm a winner UPDATED

  Guess who is the trickiest girl in the world?  Guess who convinced her mom to give her $10?  Guess who's using that $10 to buy 2 of the new packs of Pokemon cards???

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Guess who might also do a pack opening video for funzies?  Still me!  Check back tonight!  What am i hoping for?  I really am liking the full art Mew EX card so far!
come to me my precious

UPDATE 6:25 P.M. MST:   Hey guys!  I did it i made the video!  It's uploading now and i'll be posting it in about an hour.  It'll be here when done or just right here on the blog!  You get to hear my lovely awful voice!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I wish i was less boring

   Heeeeyyyy....yall might have noticed that post earlier today.  That was random stuff my Web teacher said that i just couldn't resist putting up.  Pardon my weird.  Now, my day was exceptionally unexcetional.  I am sloooowly working on the Pokemon and me part 3 and at some point, i'll try to put up those Pokemon X and Y vids i did to see what you guys think of them.  If anyone has tips on how to do so, i need some.  It said something about it being unable to convert the format or something.  Eeeeeehhhhhhhh.  Anyway, that's it for today.  Bye!!

Tag of the day/stuff my web teacher said


This is my candy pony, Bubbles. ----->

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bad day

   Hey guys.  Today i wok up feeling poorly and i could tell it would b a bad day.  It was.  I'm really tired and don't feel like explaining it all, so night for now and ttyl.  <3

Monday, November 11, 2013


I like my Justice served with abs.
  Today is Veterans day.  I got up early to go sing at our town's gathering thing and then got catered
food from a restaurant near by.  Then, i came home and decided to watch some Captain America ^^  Can i just say i love the way the Marvel universe ties together?  It's all so neat and clean and wonderful rather than the general "batman meets superman and they must either fight or save the world oooo."  I do like bats, but supes.....hes to op!  At first, i hated Cap'n too because i felt he was the same, but this movie really gives him a humanity and a likability that i really enjoy.  Now, i'm going to finish this movie up and do some HW, so nothing too interesting today.  Later guys!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thor 2 no spoilers and yesterday's news!

   I...i can't even talk about this without spoiling anything.  It's too amazing!  I will say i absolutely loved it and really liked the combonation of Star Wars aspects with Old Norse mythology and LotR like scenes and moments.  Plus Loki.  Gotta love Loki.  Oh and Thor's shirtless scene.  Yeeeessss shirtless is good.  Now, i might do a review in a week or two once people have had some time to see it.

   Now, if you read yesterday's post, you'll know bout my adventures with MESA.  Weeellll.  The competition consisted of 2 parts: the prepared design/the thing we made ahead of time and the on-site challenge.  The on-site consisted of a test and designing a water-conserving house.  Well, we had extra time before the on-site while the others ate lunch (we ate earlier) and so i designed it ahead of time and designed the stuff for my friends.  While they took the test, i began the drawings for the house.  We also thought we did really well on the prepared design which i had no part in designing but did help do stuff at the competition.
The 1st place trophy (really small this year...)
   What happened?  We won 1st for the on site challenge!  The weird thing is, i could have sworn we did better than one group.  The prepared design was supposed calculated by how heavy your device was, how fast it went, and if it got the required weights to each city.  Another team we wanted was 2 KG heavier, took 30sec less, but didn't get the required weight to the biggest city.  I was sure we'd get 4th or 3rd.  Somehow, we got 5th (which didn't get a trophy this year) and that team got 3rd.  I'm so confused.  But hey, 1st and 5th is great!  This was also just the rally, or basically the practice test so we have time to fix it up before we go to state.  Sadly, unlike a year or 2 ago when we all got medals, this year we got a trophy that has to go to the school that doesn't even have our names on it and is kinda tiny in comparison to the previous ones and sports ones....


   Imma see Thor 2!  Expect a spoiler free (if i can resist) collection of thoughts and maybe a review of i'm up to it!  I'm taking plushie Thor with me and dressing appropriately
I am horrible at selfies, don't hate me. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Z!

Valentine's special 2012
    Before the night ends, a happy birthday to my wonderful boy, Z.  Although he isn't real, he has helped me find myself and find an outlet for all my thoughts.  Z is perfect in his imperfections and i will love him always <3
    "Thank you Jeremy "Z" Marlow for being my co-star in comic and being a wonderful sport with all the awful torments i've put you through in it. Happy 8th birthday
                 -Your Eponine, Your Christine,
                  Your Lea"

(lol that makes you think doesn't it??  You'll have to read the comic to understand!  Don't forget to vote on that poll if you want to know more about the amazing Z and my comic!)  Also, check back tomorrow for info on how today went!  TTYL!  <3


    Hello and good early morning all!  Today, i'm about to set out to my 4th "rally" for Mesa Day.  Mesa is (apparently) "math science engineering achievement" and in short, is a club where you do robots and make mouse trap cars and yada yada yada.  I've been in it all my high school life, but because i didn't have any room in my schedule for a science class, i'm not even getting credit for this year.  Each year, by participating in events, you earn points which translate to money for a scholarship.  In total, it can reach up to $1000.  I need that $1000.  But nope.  Not to mention, my team has gone to state each year.  My freshman year we got to state and got something low i can't even remember.  But, the next 2 years i went to state, my team placed in the top 10 or higher (i can't really remember).  This year, i am not really participating because what's the point, but my team still needs me, thus i am there.
    My bus leaves at 8 a.m. and i needed to wake up a bit so i thought i's say hi guys!  This is also in case i get busy with something tonight and don't post.  I did put up 2 new posts and a new background!  How do you like it?  The first poll is

How do you like the new Background:
Worse than the last pink one
Better than the last pink one
Other/don't care

and the second (which you can select multiple answers on) is

Would you like to see more comic on here?  
On occassion
Specials only
Concept art/character sketches
More info about it
What comic?
Other (please write in)

   So that's it!  Wish me luck at this regional rally so i can go to state again!  Remember, i posted twice yesterday so make sure you read both! Bye! <3

Friday, November 8, 2013

Rant time: Rivalries

       Noble knights fight for their kingdoms to the death.  Each peasant, each nobleman, each king is a guard to kingdom and country.  However, for each guard, there is an enemy.  Whether it be orc, uruk-hai, or merely a rival man, there lurks a demon ready to destroy at each turn.  Sometimes, it is man who is the most cruel.
      You ready your weaponry and all your scrolls: today you shall return to the inner city--the castle.  You have become a patron of the castle, a loyal guardian.  You spend each weekday there and save the weekends for adventuring.  You saddle up, your Bard in tow, and ride your noble companion into the inner sanctum.  You lie far away from the kingdom, so far some say your land is that of another country.  But nay, you are loyal to your own!  You travel farther than any other knight to the inner city, all for sake of loyalty.  Your bard is even a member of the royal court!
       After passing through the smaller village and into the surrounding city, you pass the great bridge.  Alas, you are unawares of the tragedy that has shaken the royalty.  As you approach the stables, you notice a mark upon the walls.  "Odd," you think, "that was not there last morn!"  As you enter further, you see it: massive damage to the entrance!  You bard seems most distraught but you, brave adventurer, know exactly what this each.  Each year, your nation and your nearest rival, the Athenians, have an annual battle on a field far away.  You know this was all in mockery and nothing more than a petty rivalry.  You have traveled to their land and made many a good friend (including a falconer you once flirted with upon occasion.)
     You quickly enter the castle to discover with relief that the inside remains unharmed.  You ask around and all is well.  An architect gathers her crew and begins to try to combat the damage.  What's this?  You see a clue in the damage.  A small sign you know to mean it was in retaliation.  You discover a few rouges of your castle laid segue to the Athenian palace, where inside lay a statue of their holy deity.  The rogues had defaced the statue but caused no harm to the rest of the land and the kingdom cleaned their statue with ease.  Your kingdom however, must labor with the rebuilding of the walls and windows.
    As an adventurer, loyal more to the land than to the king, you are simply disappointed in both parties.  You wish to set off, far away yet again for an adventure far from a petty war.  You hear it is to reach a point tonight and rather than supporting your so called kingdom, you set off to serve land an all men rather than a false army filled with hubris and lies.


For those of you who didn't catch that, my school was tagged by our rival school with a ton of really vulgar graffiti with spray paint in retaliation for some kids from our school splashing their mascots statue with washible paint of our school colors.  One of the teachers rallied some students to paint over it but now our walls look like this.  I hate the rivalry and find it petty and dangerous as a lot of cars get keyed, people get beat up, and it's just in general dumb.  

Spirit week day 4 and 5: Jerk day and school pride day

    So yesterday was a day i hate in particular  You are supposed to dress as a beaten up kid from the other school in their colors.  I have always hated this day, as a lot of students took it to extremes and say and do really mean things.  I instead, wore my choir shirt that says "peace, love, and choir."  I was amused to see a few of my friends had the same idea! Then, today, instead of wearing school colors i just wore my comfy senior sweats with the motto "all for one and 1 4 all" seeing as i graduate in 2014.  Yesterday, i also took little Bilbo to the Vet to get a shot.  He was not happy.  I have another post coming out tonight about what i saw today when pulling up to the school and my thoughts and it'll be everyone's favorite segment: Rant time!!  I also might put up a new poll...Eh.  See you in a little bit everyone <3  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spirit week day 2 and 3: Tired Tuesday and Ugly Sweater Weather Wednesday (maybe comic spoilers?)

   Yesterday as Tired Tuesday, and man did it live up to it's name.  I got to go to school in
ignore my derpy face, i'm bad at selfies
my PJs and a robe and was soooo comfy.  After school, i went to see Percy Jackson again with my Godmom (my mom was sick) and then went to Red Lobster for Coconut Shrimp (and of course cheese biscuits).  Today was "Ugly Sweater Weather Wednesday" and luckily, my grandmother has never made me an "ugly sweater."  I instead found this and wore it around instead so eh.  Today was overall, not too interesting as most of my days have been.  I ate lunch alone again except for Jeremy again until he decided to peace out with about 20 minutes left.  I spent the lunch playing some Pokemon X.  

     Now, seeing as it's not too interesting, I thought i'd show you my concept art for this year's Halloween comic!  This might technically be spoilers i guess so...ya.  This is not the final pictures (which i think i'll post on friday) but just me designing the characters for their appearance in this year's Halloween Special.  Unlike last year, the whole comic will be in full color!  I'm not nearly done with it but--whereas last year's was about 6 pages--i anticipate this year's to be around 12!  That does include 2 pages of just intro that i'll post on Friday.  
     Real quick, let's be clear about something.  Joellen, Myra, Jaz, and my cat, Pippin, are all based off my friends/cat IRL.  All the other characters are purely fiction.  Also, at one point i planned to draw EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in full anime form.  Lol.  Yaaa that didn't happen.  With that out of the way, here we are with my concept art!


We have Lea as Link, Z as Princess Zelda, Joellen as Clank with Cody as Ratchet, and Myranda as Ada Wong and our latest character, Chris the zombie, as the Resi 4 merchant.  
Next we have my quick sketch of the character Joel from the last of us with Jaz as Ellie and a clicker thing.  Then, we have Paul the dragonborn.  Pippin is a Remlit and Pablo is my Loftwing!  You can also see my tiny skecth of Dr. nefarious for Joe+Cody and a hat plus all the characters and test colors
Here we have the characters you might not know.  We have Z's father, Johnathan Marlow as Mario with his good buddy Sebastian as Luigi.  Then, we have SPOILER ALERT?  MAYBE?  Z's mother, Marie/the Mistress with her hair down as Peach!  Then we have the lovely miss Caterina as Princess Daisy.  This is also a bit of an attempt at a height scale but it's still in the works and not official
Here's the concept art for what was going to be the full body image of Marie.  I might actually finish this one for funzies.

And finally, the first image i drew:  me.  This was actually for helping me aquire the stuff for my costume and on the back, it had a list of all the things i needed.  I hope you all enjoyed this and i'll ost the finalized pics on Friday for you all!  

  Hope you enjoyed that!  I gotta say i'm super excited to reaching nearly 5000 views!  Soon, i'll do a livestream of me drawing a something (maybe a comic?) that you guys suggest.  If any of you know how to get to work with streaming through a canon camera, please tell me in the comments or email me here!  That's it for me everyone goodnight!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Spirit week day 1: Multiplicity moday

Joellen, Myra, and Me!
     Yet again, my school is celebrating a dress up spirit week!  Today was "Multiplicity Monday" where you were supposed to have twins.  At the very last minute i texted my friends "i'm wearing purple!" and this was the result.  Not too bad except my friend took the picture while i was making a derpy face.  Tomorrow though, is the best of all days: Tired Tuesday A.K.A. Pajama day!
    I really don't have much interesting to say today and i have a button of homework, so vote on those polls before i change them out and i'll talk to you all later tomorrow!  I'll be seeing Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters again with Nonnie and Mom.  So, talk to you all then!  Bye!  <3

Art at its finest

    So i get to school early and start up this laptop and glance over at one of my mother's paintings.

     Now, aside from the rampant "excited" men, there was one thing that caught my eye

What on earth.....

That face......


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tea and Bacon

    Yesterday, after watching a bit of the livestream having missed the beginning cause i woke up early, my sister called to invite me to a tea party. I hopped up and got ready and drove right over.  We have 4 courses, each with a different tea starting with salad, then sandwiches, then bacon, and finally ginger scones.  Yum. ^^    Today, i'll be either Assassinating it up in here or going to the Renaissance Fair like i do ever year with the same person who i saw James and the Giant Peach with and had tea with yesterday ^^  
    So i'm off to do what i just sai.  Be sure to vote on the new polls and have a nice day ^^  <3

Friday, November 1, 2013

James and the giant.....o my

   Hello everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the plethora of spooky posts yesterday (4 in total).  Today was interesting to say the least.  I got to go to Chile's with my family for dinner and then to see James and the Giant Peach.  Ironically, one of my friends who once played King Arthur in a play with me as his bird, Cully, was playing Aunt Spiker.  Another of my acting friends was the centipede and the awesome lady who taught me to use swords was the cricket!  My sister's best friend came with me whereas my sister had to chaperon her schools dance.  The play started with jokes about a guy with snakes in his pants and from their, the friend and i found waaaayyy to many inappropriate innuendos in the play and had a jolly good time.  I had never seen the movie or read the book, but it was actually a really great production and i'm so glad i got to see it!
    After, we went to get some Sweet Cici's with the 10% off coupons we got with our programs for the show!  I got cake batter with white chocolate chips, coconut, and pink sprinkles cause i mean...who doesn't love pink sprinkles??
    Tomorrow, i'll be watching Eggbuster's livestream all day so feel free to join me and donate to his cause!  I'm off to relax so goodnight everyone!