Tuesday, April 29, 2014


   Hey everyone!  So, if you can't already tell, I have homework out the wazoo and toooooons of things going on.  I also have quite a few posts in the works.  I remember everyone voting to have my Assassin's Creed related post up first, but as I look at how much I've already written just in the intro, I'm thinking of dividing it into a series of smaller posts.  Most likely only 2 or 3.  I also spontaneously began writing a post similar to a Disney Villains segment that will be another long one.  Finally, I do have graduation on the way and so I may have some art up soon and maybe even pictures so keep your eyes peeled!
    I hope to have the 1st part of the AC post done by Saturday.  Hope everyone is excited!  Talk to you all soon and thanks for sticking with me <3

Monday, April 28, 2014

Post Prom

  What a weekend!  Saturday was full of preparing, which was annoying, but gave some ok results.  I actually felt pretty for one of the few times in my life.  I picked up the Tinker pretty early and had to take him home for picture -_-.  I don't know if he wants his face all over the blog-o-sphere soooo no pics yet XD.  Then, I got him to play some Spelunky ^^.  We got to the forest!  Then it was off to prom.  First of all, he can't read directions worth a darn sooooo we got lost for a little while.  In all fairness, it was in a really weird place--you had to go into the Pic-quick parking lot to get to the lot!  Sadly, it was hella windy, so at first we tried going inside.  However, the room was like a seizure with flashing colorful lights and intense base that made us all dizzy and kinda sick, so we decided to brave the wind and sit outside.  I was a derp and forgot a coat, but I got to wear the Tinker's instead which was very romantic ^^ (and semi-intentional).
    The outside area was kinda cool.  The prom was circus themed and they had acrobats preforming for a little while and a guy on stilts who did the cupid shuffle with us.  The sad thing is, last year they had a similar set up, with the outside room playing more pop, fan songs, and country with the inside room playing more house music.  This year, they only played 3 or 4 country songs and everything else was long, repetitive house songs.  I like some, but they played the same song THREE TIMES and refused to play the macerena when my friends and I requested it because "it's the lamest song ever and they'd hate it" even though lst year every single person danced to it and had fun.  They played the cupid shuffle twice, the wobble twice, and just random club mixes over and over, so I only got to dance 2 slow songs and I stepped on him a lot ;-;.
   However, there was a hidden perk to the outside:  the candy bar.  Hidden in a little alcove was a table with free candies--sour watermelons, skittles, brownies, jelly beans, and more!  We all ended up eating waaaaay to much candy and not dancing very much at all.  We sat in that little place and actually managed to stay out of the wind a little bit.  After that, they announced Prom Court.  I didn't win.  I didn't even get second.  I was sad...but after that we all decided to just go to Ihop.  Jaimi, her boy, and 3 of her friends went with us to Ihop where we barely ate and then finally, I dropped the Tinker off at home.  He kissed my hand so *le blush.*  As I mentioned way back when, I still haven't kissed a guy sooooo.
   Sunday was spent sleeping and then playing a TON of new board games with my sister and her fiance so that was also super fun!  ^^  Now, I'm on my way to sing at large group.  I have two big posts on the way so be prepared for some longer posts but slower updates!  Love yall!  <3  
    Might update this later with pics or something soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Wrapping up

   Woo!  Prom's only a day away!  Things to do:
(If it's YOU stop reading this right now and go back to the video game section -_-  away with you!)

  1. Get dress back from being fixed at 1:30
  2. Take down Prom Posters after school
  3. Pick up the boutineer (weird word is weird ;-; )
  4. Sing at the Hilton Garden Inn for Swing at 8:00 (might sing my solo again ^^)
  5. Sleep!
  6. Wake up on Saturday
  7. Do Calculus!
  8. Clean my car ;-;  It needs a bath, a good vacuuming, and gas!
  9. Pick up das boy (as Jaimi+I call him)
  10. Go to Prom!
  11. Dance the night away ^^
  12. Win Prom Queen?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  Maaaaaaaaaaaaan so much to do.  I'll try to get my Assassin's Creed picture up before I go sing ^^  I'm also working hard on the Ezio post, but with graduation on the way, I'm packed!  Comic, homework, prom, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Please stick with me dearest internet <3

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No. Stahp

Staaaaahp.  I know you're reading this.  Staaaaaaaaaaaaaahp

                            (you know who you are)

Prom Posters!

  Here are the final posters!  I've got the dress, I've got the guy, I've got the posters, I'm ready for prom!!  I drew the Zelda one by hand, scanned it in, and used a ton of different layers to make it have some depth to it.  I downloaded the font here and did all the effects myself.  I'm really new to photoshop so pardon me.      There are some mistakes, but I'm pretty proud!  I know a lot of people wanted me to do an Assassin's Creed themed one but I couldn't think of one that was appropriate, so check back tomorrow and I'll put up a comic I drew for the release of Assassin's Creed Revelations!

Monday, April 21, 2014


   Let’s start with the bad news and then move to the good and then to the fantastic.

            First of all, English is frustrating.  My teacher suddenly assigned a “novel card” for my class: one for each of the 7 books we’ve read over the year.  You have to have quotes, ALL the characters, and a bunch of analysis.  This isn’t a problem for the newer books, since we did them really in depth in class.  However, those from LAST semester were very basic and we didn’t even do one for Kafka’s Metamorphosis.  Not to mention the shear number of characters in books like Crime and Punishment and Dante’s Inferno.  Then, some of you may know that 4/20 is generally “senior skip day” which this year was changed to the 21st since the 20th was Easter Sunday. Now, most people use it to participate in….unsavory actions.  I however, intended to use it for sleep and hanging out with my friends.  However, this teacher decided to have an in-class essay today.  So, as a good student, I grabbed my bag of pens and a simple bag and went to school for the first 2 classes.  When I got to class, I noticed he decided to move these essays to Wedn. And instead decided to discuss The Stranger, which I had left at home, not needing it.  Then, he ranted about how people were unprepared.  Have I mentioned Hypocrites?  Anyway, it was just frustrating that he lied to get people to come to class. 
            Speaking of Easter Sunday, it was a sort of bittersweet day.  Saturday, my sister’s fiancĂ© didn’t dye eggs with us, which was kind of sad.  I didn’t really have the creative juices flowing, so no eggs were…special.  Actual Easter felt weird.  We went to church, sang, the usual stuff, but my sister didn’t sleep over.  In fact, she didn’t come over until noon.  And, we ate before we hunted eggs, which was weird.  It reminded me that next year, I might be alone since my sister’s fiancĂ© might have found a job in the next state over.  Sure, it’s not as bad as my oldest sister being across the country, but it’s still sad.  The egg hunt was also frustrating because “the Easter bunny”  decided to hide eggs in MY ROOM!  We NEVER hide eggs in bed rooms, but luckily none were in…say my underwear drawer -_-.  But, one did happen to find its way into my purse for prom which now smells like eggs.  However, after the eggs, we sat my grandparents down to watch Frozen for their first time.  We were all there, bundled together and having a good time, so it really made me feel better.
            Now to the good.  After the horrible class of LIES, I went to computer class.  I had spent the entire weekend talking to the Tinker, trying to coax him into prom.  I had decided today was the day.  I’d ask him as charmingly as possible in person right on the way out the door.  But there was a catch: he was at home.  He was having a bit of a problem from his wreck.  I told him to take it easy and he called me ma’m ^^.  I was on the way out the door to B.O.B. when I offered him to tag along.  Althoooough, he was difficult and ended up not coming.  It was fine.  We went to B.O.B. which has REALLY expanded!  It’s huge now with tons more tables and more room and it’s really gorgeous—but.  I feel…a bit sad.  The place used to have a secluded, special feeling.  You’d go in, have your regular server, you had to learn their rules of paying up front at the desk before even sitting, and you could just sit and talk for…ever.  It was nice, the brick wall, the oddly arranged seating, the gorgeous mural, everything.  I understand businesses have to expand, but now, there are only 3 tables in the front and they don’t have the pay as you enter system—it’s just like any other restaurant now, but with waffles.  On the other hand, today I tried their strawberry cream special and it was HEAVEN!!!  9/10 WOULD ORDER AGAIN.
            After that, Jaimi and I went to the mall, oddly, still texting the Tinker.  We wandered, got some candy, and all that jazz.  However, suddenly I saw an opportunity.  When he said he could hang out with us today, I said maybe another time.  Maybe prom.  One thing led to another and now, I’ll have a date in a matching suit alongside me at prom (although I have to pick HIM up.  Does this mean I need to buy him a corsage? ^^)  So, essentially, I’m ecstatic!!!!!  Now, allow me to express my joy:


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boys are difficult

   Ug.  Sorry for the drought!  I'll have some exciting catching up to do tomorrow but for now, I'm focused on trying to get the Tinker to prom -_-  Also....my mother said he's read my blog......I swear to god if he's reading this.....please let him have been lying ;-; That, or he seriously hasn't piked up my signals?  Seriously?  Anyway!  More stuff tomorrow!  Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Super Smash Bros. Prom Poster

  Here's my Smash Bros themed poster!!  Please provide some constructive criticism!  I'm also doing a Zelda themed one!  Other ideas?

Silly me

   I KNEW there was another Rant Time!  Just yesterday, I went back to read all my Rants and noticed one was missing!  The Rant Time page has been updated with the one from the 4th of July.  Sorry I missed it guuuyyssss!  <3

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Regular Wednsday

    Today was...fine I guess.  English class was a talk about The Stranger, Web design was teacherless yet again, lunch was lonely (aside from Jaimi-Jim-Jams), 5th was iPhone fun times, and choir was...ok.  I had a vocal lesson with my instructor today.  In June, I'll have a recital and she wants me to sing 4 songs so I'm singing:
With a Little Bit of Luck from My Fair Lady
(except my version only uses arm of iron, help his neighbor, run amok, and the gentle sex part which I change a little bit ^^) 
Ave Maria (which I'm learning for my oldest sister's wedding because mother loves child labor)
Fever similarly to this Bette Midler adaption of Peggy Lee's classic. (Like I did for magic show)
and now,
   Also, on my way home, I saw a guy on a motorcycle behind me who looked JUST like Wolverine: grumpy
face and all.  He had the hair, the facial structure, everything except the leather jacket.  Weiiiird.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Recap, Sympathy Pains, and What Lies Ahead.

   WOOOOOOOOOOOOW It's been a while.  Hey everyone!  Sorry, I was absolutely PACKED this past week.  Let's do a quick recap of the past week!

     Discovered the Tinker and Bard have broken off their union.  Huh...

     Created the "Holy Bible of Slothstronaut"

     No school!  Placed said Bible on mom's pillow while she was at work.
     1:00-3:00p.m.:  Went to choir practice, then spent the night at Grandparent's house.  Bought mom a happy meal like a good daughter.  Grandy's for dinner (hell yes)
     Mother calls to tell me she has embraced Slothstronaut.  All praise.  Decided to ask Tinker to prom if he doesn't ask me.

      No school again!
      7:00-11:00a.m.:  Began yard sale.  Made nearly $300 the first day.  Had Grandy's cinnamon roll for breaky.  Yum.  Mother discovers a fellow prophet of Slothstronaut has been spreading the word in her classroom with pictures all over.  Blames me.
      3:45 p.m.:  Went to orthodontist.  Found out I could have braces off around October.  Went to bed.

      7:00-11:00a.m.:  Garage sale again.  Much slower.  Made $62 for myself ($20 commission+$6 tip from a customer+10%)
     1:00-3:00p.m.:  Took a nap.
     8:00-10:30p.m.:  Napped some more
     11:30p.m.-4:00a.m.:  Went to the greatest event ever.  It was an "After Prom Party" (ironically 2 weeks before our prom) where the theater hosted a huge event with free movies, smoothies, games on the big screen, raffled off iPads and giftcards, and was over all amazing.  It was put on by the Students Against Destructive Decision (S.A.D.D) and the Elk's Lodge and was amazing.  You had to sign in and out so they could call your parents to say you were on your way home and make sure you got there safely!
     My friends and I saw Captain America:  The Winter Soldier for free with smoothies!  Couldn't find the Tinker anywhere but did meet his best friend who watched with us.  We took up an entire row.  Got to see Dalty also!  Jaimi won $25 from the raffle, Joellen won a $10 Best Buy gift card, and a friend from another school won one of the iPads!  It was the greatest thing ever and I wish every school had one.


    Began work on Zelda themed Prom Posters  Tinker wasn't in class:  I got concerned.

Tuesday (Today!)--
    Found out Tinker had crashed his motorcycle on the way to the party.  Instantly wanted to hug him and make him feel better but to shy ;-; He's ok though thank slothstronaut.  Speaking of, mom believes the other prophet to be a freshman.  Jaimi's brother perhaps?!
    Lunch--Helped Jaimi film her Dante's Inferno project and had tater tots for lunch.
    Choir--Got upset again because show choir kids keep stealing my folder and moving it!!
    Now--Finally getting to blog!  It's about to get real cray cray up in here with finals, AP Exams, and so much more.  I do have that Assassin's Creed post in the works.  It's very long so it's taking me a while to collect my thoughts to explain as best I can what my point is.  I hope this long list will keep you distracted until then though!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Prom Queen?

    Hey everyone!  So, prom is on the way!  Of course, I'll be going with Jaimi and Joellen ^^.  Last year, for junior prom, I ran for prom princess with this poster.  I actually nearly won!  I like to go in as the sort of "totally ironic" candidate who no one would expect to run for court.  This year, I'm wondering what to do for my posters!  I was thinking of maybe drawing myself as Zelda with something to the effect of "help a princess turn to a queen" but Zelda being a princess is sort of a problem.  I can't think of any good queens in games!  I am also in a very Assassin's Creed mood and thought of doing something with an assassin's creed motif.  Maybe Chell from portal?  Last year, my original intention was to post a picture of me with all the nerdiest stuff I could find in my chell cosplay.  What do you guys think?!?  Any ideas are VERY welcome!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Jig is Up

     In an explosion of hilarity, my mother finally discovered the 5 slothstronauts in the hall way.  It was absolutely fabulous.  She was not happy.  Also, Bilbo is better than ever.  For the past week, he was extremely down, but the moment he got back home yesterday (with his adorable cone of shame) he's been back to his bouncy, adoring self.  He's not all the way back to normal, but it's so good to see him so happy again and purring.  Maybe I'll get a little mini video of his adorableness later XD.  
     In other news, I've been taking on mountains of homework so sorry it's been quiet here.  Please vote on the poll to the right so I know what to do next!  Pick your top 3 favs please!  In general, nothing to interesting for right now.  See you guys soon though <3

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bilbo will be ok.

    So, we just had a giant scare here.  We got home a bit later than normal, around 5 or 6.  I got on the computer and was messing around, adding the 3rd sloth to the picture.  Mom walked in and said calmly "Galen, I need you to get the number for the vet.  Bilbo's opened up."  An exact week ago, we had Bilbo neutered.  He had a very intense operation since his...bits were still inside him and in a weird position, so it was more akin to spaying.  He hadn't recovered well at all, hardly eating, having to be give water ad kitten formula from an eye dropper, and hardly walking around:  a huge converse to his normally energetic and ridiculously playful self.  We rushed to the emergency center and he'll be staying there overnight.  The operation, just to have him check out and stitched back up (not including if anything is wrong beyond that which I have a feeling there is) will cost over $1000.00.  Today has been stressful to say the least.  Watching the Tinker and Bard kissing in the hallway, getting extremely sick halfway through the day, and then all this craziness.  Thank you internet for listening to all my troubles.  <3

Rant Time: Trust Part 3

A direct, unexpected continuation of Rant Time Trust Part 2.

     The chapel bells ring in the city at your back.  You continue your ride through the rocky mountains until you have a clear spot to look back at your village.  The town is alive with the sounds of bells and songs sung on sweet air that pierces the mundane musk.  The bride's "something blue" is visible even from your vantage point as they exit the chapel to the carriage, led by an iron-clad horse.  Orange blossoms sparkle like stars against the normally bleak colors of the village.  Your smithy and scholar have gone on separate side quests, returning soon.  You continue your path towards anywhere, needing to escape people's mock sympathy.  Your glimmer of hope via the "grapevine" that the union would never be true and perhaps you were on way for your own, has been smashed.
     The fight had severed the last shreds of hope you had:  The Bard assured you they were friends, accused you of being the destroyer of your "perfect" relationship together.  A hypocrite at it's finest.  The Tinker had told another person along the vine that the Bard was but a traveling companion, and told you not to worry.  Your eyes had sparkled with a hope that the Tinker's words forewarned of something greater.  But the Smithy and Scholar can see past the ruse.  The Smithy looked at you, with deep sadness in her dark eyes and handed you a scroll from the grand post of Fa'S Buch.  When you opened it, you gathered all you needed and left town: the union announcement crumbled at the bottom of your bag.
    For now, you just have to follow the sun...find the next quest...and not concern yourself on the trivial, and focus instead on the adventure.  Perhaps, if you follow the sweet sunlight, you'll find a place to rest.  A place to settle.  But not yet.  For now, you keep wandering.  You keep adventuring.  No dragon nor goblin, nor giant nor troll eats your heart away from under the sleek metal like the simple sheet of parchment.  Though the scar on your heart, the knot in your stomach, and your back burns along the thin slice, you realize something greater--you are invincible.  No creature or bandit can pose more of a threat than your own accomplices, so what have you to fear?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The worst and the best

    Horrible day at school will be prompting Rant Time Part 3 (tomorrow) and such, but then got some Keva Juice with 2 shots of stress relief yaaaay and then got home.  Found this.  This right here is why Hugh Jackman is the best man on earth.

Mesa Day Vlog Master Post

   Hey guys.  Some of you might be the MESA people I directed to my blog so, just for you, and  for those of you who might want to view both of my Mesa Day Vlogs in quick concession, here they are!  I suggest clicking them and following them to youtube so you can watch them in HD!

You can also view the second one in context to Rant Time: Trust Part 2 which I highly suggest!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


     So....my mom had this statue of Michelangelo's David from her mom right?  Well, she hates it because his bits are uncovered.  A few years ago, one of the shepherds of our Christmas nativity broke and i made David stand in.  Mom hated it.  She's had it hidden from me for a while until I suddenly found him again a few days ago and started hiding him all over the house in places she'd be: on her coffee maker, her dresser, on her nook, by the pizza, around the cupcakes I made, etc etc.  Well, after I left him right on the counter with a note saying "Welcome Home <3" she hid him from me and wont give him back.  We-he-hell, I am getting my revenge.  One by one, I'm changing all the pictures in the house to this.  Hehehe.  It's already begun!!  I'll add one more each day until she notices and then do them all in one explosion of Slothstronaut!

   Also, yesterday, Google had a great challenge of looking all over Google maps to find 150 Pokemon, some from each generation!  I caught all 150.....eeeexxxccceeepppttt 151-Mew.  Mew moved all over the map and I just couldn't catch him ;-; But here's proof I got 150!  And of course, my favorite, Umbreon!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's!

   Hello everyone!  Ah, April Fool's day: the day of dumb pranks that get people hurt.  Well, even I fell into pranking last year and made this comic!  Sadly, it has too many spoilers to show you all, so i edited out the 2 that would spoil everything.  Of course, the stuff that isn't censored is 100% not what happens (I hope).  
Narrator Lea:  Hey everyone, I have an announcement to make about Me+Free.  I'm officially running out of ideas and time.  The comic has been running on nothing but my crazy mind for over 2 years and now, I'm just too busy to be focused on Me+Free.  With no time and no inspiration, I have to stop the comic.  I'm sorry to my loyal readers, but it would happen sooner or later.
In the end:  
Lea and Z parted ways due to Z's *CENSORED*
Lea lived the rest of her life like anyone else.  She married another man, took a mundane job as a store manager, and calmed with age.
Joellen and Cody married, had 5 children, and became successful engineers.
Jaz and Paul married, got rich, and lived a life of luxury.
The others had normal lives, extraordinary tales, and lived until they died.
Narrator Lea:  Thank you for reading and I'm sorry it had to end so abruptly.  Goodbye from me and the cast.  I love you guys.  So long.
Lea+Z:  April Fools!
Narator Lea:  Hey everyone!  April Fool!  Happy Easter, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick's Day!  Keep tuning in!