Monday, August 26, 2013

Xiaolin Chronicles?

     Back in the day....oooo 2003ish....did anyone watch the  show Xiaolin Showdown?  The weird one about the artifacts and the martial arts and all that?  I'll admit, i loved that show as a kid.  I actually started thinking about that show back a few months ago!  It was when i really started watching Yu-Gi-Oh and the other 4Kids! shows.  Well, today, after coming home from a boring day, a swim, and shopping, i sat down to do my homework and turned on the TV to see this.
    After watching the 3 episode preview, i recognized the baddies, the tools, and the characters and felt overwhelming nostalgia.  Apparently, this show is back with a new season!  A few voice actors changed however, a few, including Tara Strong (one of the many voices of my childhood) who voices Omi, stayed.  There is also a cute new character and although it's cheesy, i think it's still a cute show and better than most stuff left on Disney channel.  I am having kind of a nerd-spasm over here about this dorky show.  I will say though, the 3D they are trying for the showdowns is HORRIBLE.  The rest of the art looks exactly like my memory but just.....eeehhhhhhhhhh.  

        Sooooo nerding aside!!  Hi everyone!  I'm going to tell you all my current schedule to help you understand why my posts are so late.  Mondays and Fridays i go swimming with my mom and sister until 4:30.  Tuesdays and Thursdays i tutor at the school till 4:30ish.  Wednesdays my mom goes to Nonnie's to write their books and i go along.  Also, this Thursday i might not post at all or if i do it'll be really late due to school stuff.  You also have to include homework and stuff.  So, i hope that all makes sense.  I am really exhausted and have a lot to do so i've got to end this blog tonight.  Vote, share, comment, all that good stuff!! it wrong i'm attracted to the bad guy?