Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bubbles, Sleeping Beauty, and Bruchetta

   Ever since i was little, i have loved having sleep overs with my Nonnie.  I would always go over and play a game, generally Aggravation or Sorry, maybe Dominos, and have fun.  Then, we would have Italian food.  My Uncle would either make it, or we would order it from Lorenzo's or a pizza place.  Then, i would have a bubble bath.  Mr. Bubble.  Afterwards, my Nonnie and i would climb into bed and watch Sleeping Beauty.
The blue dress is Nonnie's favorite
 As a kid, i think i'd really only been able to make it all the way through once.  I was generally out by the time they moved her to the cottage in the glen.  Then, in the morning, i would have a cinnamon roll or some sort of treat.  These are some of my favorite memories, picking out the little details in Sleeping beauty, from the flags to the leaves, to anything we found cool and talking abut the middle ages.
  Guess what i did today?  First of all, i took my Nonnie to see Now You See Me.  Nonnie has always been a sort of strict person.  No cussing, always on your best behavior, sit up straight and such, but show her a heist movie and she's ready to go rob a bank!  Afterwards, we visited the amazing Luna Rossa where i had a delightful dinner and now, here i am after a bubbly bath watching Sleeping Beauty for the millionth time.  We were just laughing about how she was on her nook and I on my laptop, but still following the same routine we have for years.  Now that i'm older, let's see if i can make it through!  Let's hope i last the night (bonus pints if you understand the reference).  Night everyone!