Monday, November 18, 2013

My Top 10 1st Gen Pokemon!

  Heeeyyy everyone!  I wanted to make you a special post so what better than a top 10?  Well i was going to do my top 10 of all time....but i couldn't pick yet!  I decided to dissect it by generation!  These are based not on strength or stats, but on my personal memories, designs, and how often i used them or how badly i wanted them. Soooo let's start with the 1st gen!!

10. Pikachu – 
          Pikachu was the first pokemon I clearly remember because of the tv show.  Yes, in recent years his coolness has been severely diminished, but I remember that sassy yellow mouse who would electrocute Ash on the spot that inspired me to love Pokemon and play Pokemon Yellow when I got older!

9. Aerodactyl – 
          I have always loved aerodactyl’s design.  When I played the remakes, I viewed aereo as a sort of secret fossil.  I loved omanyte and kabuto don’t get me wrong, but this guy looked BEAST!  He was always a goal for me to attain an I’m not sure if I ever did L

8. Lapras – 
         Lapras was the iconic surfing pokemon.  I LOVE it’s design and always picture it as a gentle giant and a very sweet creature and always wanted one.  The lapras in the show was also super influential to me.  For a while, if asked to have any pokemon, I might have said lapras….that is…except for the fact I live in the desert

7. Butterfree – 
         I love Butterfree.  I love it.  To this very day, I rate bug pokemon on how cool they are compared to butterfree.  So far, the best competitors are Beautifly and Vivillion but really, that beautiful Butterfree.  Also, as a kid I had the book “Bye Bye Butterfree” and would read it nightly.  I always waited for him to return in the show and was so sad when he didn't.
6. Rapidash – 
         Those who read my X and Y hopes know how badly I wanted to ride a Rapidash.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever had one!  I love horses!  I’m always surprised by the lack of equestrian pokemon, but I love rapidash no matter what.  Not only is it a fire horse, IT’S A FIRE UNICORN!!!  ‘Nuf said. 

5.  Arcanine – 
           If you can’t tell, I love fire types. Archanine was a loyal, wonderful dog type that helped every Officer Jenny and reminded me of my own dogs.  They felt closest to reality and were a really cool almost tiger dog combo I mean come on!!  Plus, James had the cutest Growlithe in the show, Growlie.  Man did I want one.  I think I even used one most if not all of White 2!


4. Ninetails – 
           Ninetails has many things going for it.  One, I think it is one of the most beautiful pokemon of all time.  It looked so soft and elegant and just plain beautiful.  Then, Brock’s Vulpix in the show was fantastic.  Brock was my inspiration to be a breeder so I always wanted to be just like him with a vulpix.  Not only that, but Ninetails was one of the first cards I ever remember getting.  If you watched my pack opening video recently, you’ll see one of my favorite new cards, the new Ninetails!  All this brings me to adore it. 

3. Charmander – 
          This was so close to being number 1.  All my life, I have loved Charmander.  I thought of putting Charizard, but it’s that adorable baby face I love most.  Charmander was not only my companion in Fire Red and Leaf green, but she (yes I haz a lady) is still my companion today alongside my froakie!  A lot of people say she’s over rated and dislike all the favoritism towards her, but I will always think of charmander when I hear Pokemon. 

2. Eevee – 
          Everyone has a favorite Eeveelution.  Mine happens to be Umbreon.  But, none of those evolutions could be possible without this absolutely ADORABLE pokemon.  Eevee has the most potential and the most adorableness ever.  I even felt jipped when Gary got the Eevee and I HAD to get Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow.  I know there are so many people who say “what if it doesn't want to be evolved” like the one in the anime?  But what if it really does?  What if that pokemon has no greater dream than to turn into a flareon, jolteon, or vaporeon?  I wish there was a way to ask.  I kind of wish pokemon amie had some feature where you could give it options and it could pick one.  Wouldn't that be the best?  But sadly, it doesn’t.  I like to think though, that it, like any other pokemon, is happy to be helping it’s trainer.  I love you eevee and I will help you become everything you want to be <3  Sadly, you're not number 1 though because of........

1. Mew+Mewtwo+Ditto? – 
          I couldn’t pick between the 3 but since Mewtwo is a clone of Mew and Dittos are thought to be failed attempts toclone mew, I think it’s ok for them all to be together.  First of all, let’s start with ditto.  Ditto is the perfect pokemon not only for breeding, but for a laugh.  Some of my favorite cards I have are the clay style ditto charmander and squirtle with the classic ditto blank face from the anime.  I adore that face and if I saw a ditto, I’d give that squishy glob of cuteness a big hug!  

  Next is Mewtwo.  First of all, the original voice of Mewtwo was AMAZING.  It was so deep and mysterious and I loved him to death in the movie.  I wanted to give the lonely guy a cookie or something to make him stop all that sadness.  He was fantastic and not only that, but a legend.  I was just dying to find him.  I even love his bad sequel.  Mewtwo even helped me meet my best friend, Georgia, which I’ll be talking about (quite sappily I must add) in my next Pokemon and me segment.

           But, my hat must go off to the wonderful, one and only Mew.  Not only is he/she the ancestor of ALL pokemon, but the cutest of them all too.  I remember in the movie my very favorite part was mew just derping about on the windmill.  It was so carefree and cute!  If i could have any Pokemon, it would be Mew.  Not to mention, i love kitties!  Mew can learn nearly any move in the games, it's card has the most amazing design, and it's truly the most adorable pokemon i can imagine!