Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey guys.....after yesterday's stream....I think I need some time before I post again.  I'm going to go on a haitus from streaming and blogging and I'm not sure if I'll be doing that top 10 video I've talked about.  I'm sorry, but I need some time away from social medias.  I'm not sure when I'll be back but probably no more than a month or two.  Love you all so much <3

Thursday, June 25, 2015


  After today's horrendous stream, I think I'm done with Twitch.  Completely.  Thank you to those who came and enjoyed it while it lasted, but it's over until further notice.  Thanks.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Last Chance to Vote!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adventures with Lea #9: E3 2015 (6/16/2015)

Woops ;-;  I slept in past the Nintendo direct, so I'll watch that and then give my thoughts!

     Let's start with the intro, which was super weird.  The intro to Nintendo events is usually a skit, and it was definitely silly.  Once thy turned to the StarFox crew, it made total sense, since the games were based on the original Thunderbirds show!  The Starfox game looks absolutely beautiful.  I love everything about it, and I like that they left the silly animations when they talk that don't mtch up so it still feels like a Star Fox game!  I can't wait to try it out!

    As of the new Amiibo for Skylanders, I think it's very clever that they double as both types of figure.  I just hope they have functionality in other games because as they are now, they're cool looking but not ones I want.

    Wow.  I was...definitely not expecting a new 3DS Zelda title!  Triforce Heroes look a lot like the old Four Swords games, but without the Purple Link.  I Guess there's only 3 pieces of the Triforce and each is the color of said piece, so it makes sense.  It looks really fun but I hope that you can still get a similar experience in singleplayer because I have no friends ;-;  It is interesting that they're going with another "fashion heavy" world like in Splatoon so you can have dramatic costume changes.  Ooooh online Multiplayer...interesting.  And it does have more of a chat than Splatoon.  As of Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS, I'm a little bummed that it will have all the DLC characters and new ones that I'd have to pay extra to have on my Wii U version (which I really like) that I already own and prefer.  Maybe they will lessen the price or have some special deal when it comes out?  And what is that gold ocarina??

   Metroid Prime Federation Force is...not the Metroid game I was expecting.  It reminds me of one for the DS that I used to play at lunch at the PREP summer camp in middle school with a bunch of my guy friends.  To me, it looks more like just a mini-game pack, but if they retail it for a low price, maybe I'll pick it up.

     Fire Emblem Fates looks intense.  I have only ever played the demo for the last game, but I feel like I need to play all of them to catch up with the lore ;-;

   Um....I don't...know what that game was and it doesn't have an English title so I'll just call it FE.  Is it like...a Fire Emblem....rhythm game?!  Or a new IP?!  I seriously can't tell...

   Xenoblade Chronicals X....looks nice.

   Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer looks very cool, but I have yet to buy new Leaf, which I think looks more fun.  I do love to decorate though ;-;  I spent so much time in my mansion in Wild World so we'll see!

    Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival looks like it will be a sort of Mario Party-esque game but I can't tell if it has any sort of games in the way Mario does.  Also, if you need amiibo for every character, they cost is going to be ridiculous unless it's sold with some amiibo...

    Yoshi's Wooly World really looks amazing.  I've liked this game since I heard about it last year and loooooks it's so cute ;-;

    Yo-Kai watch looks.....kind of like Pok√©mon but also not?  I'm really not sure what to feel about this game so I'll wait for some reviews

    I'm a huge fan of both the Mario and Luigi games and the Paper Mario series, so the two put together looks so good!!!

    Super Mario Maker does seem really really fun.  I'm not very creative, but hopefully there will be a way to play other people's levels so I can learn some tricks!  I also liked seeing the original designs and you can really see the team put so much love and care into those original sketches and still do <3  Very cool that they have a practice event!

  I also liked to see them taking some new direction with some of their amiibos like the 8bit Mario and plushie yoshis!  I might get a plushie Yoshi whether or not I get wooly world just because he's so cute ;-;

   Overall, a very good presentation and they jammed a lot of stuff into just 1 hour!!



Monday, June 15, 2015

Adventures with Lea #9: E3 2015 (6/15/2015)

       Hello hello and good morning!  I'm back with more live thoughts!  First of all, I want to say I'll most likely miss half o if not all of the EA conference due to other engagements, but I will be watching the Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony conferences today!  I update about every time something is announced so....just keep refreshing!  Also, super bummed to see that Fallout Shelter is only on iOS for now... :(

10:27 a.m.:  Pre-stream is a bit awkward...


10:34:  Halo 5, a.k.a. Nathan Fillion and the Uncanny Valley

10:40:  Maybe it's because I'm not a huge fan, but Halo 5 seems...underwhelming.  I don't now why, but it seemed like it had all been done before and I'd seen it somewhere else.  Parts looked like Mass Effect or the previous Halo games...Not to say I won't play it if someone brought it over!

10:45:  Recore definitely has my attention.  Female protagonist, cute companion, and very interesting style and environment that reminds me of White Sands!  I am really curious as to what the gameplay will be like.  So far, a really interesting IP and I'm hyped!

10:47:  I'm sold!  Backwards compatibility is so important for me!!

10:51:  Meh?

10:56:  Nice to see a little more Fallout gameplay but kind of an awkward segment since no one in the audience cheered XD  

11:05:  If this tid-bit of EA is any hint at what's to come later, I don't think I'll be missing much during the EA show.  Nothing exciting... 

11:10:  Dark Souls III looks absolutely beautiful and haunting, I love it!

11:12:  The Division--Meh.

11:18:  Some interesting stuff.  Looks like there was a Behemoth game in there!  I love Castle Crashers, so I'd love to see some more from them.  Also, ARK is pretty cool!  I loves me some dinos!

11:22:  Ashen looks beautiful and very cool!  I like the faceless characters and interesting designs of enemies!

11:25:  Cuphead looks amazing!  I absolutely adore the style based on a 1930's cartoon!  The game also looks very fun so it's one I'd love to pick up!

11:31:  Not sure how I feel about Lara's new look....she looks a lot like many of the new female characters like Ellie and ellen page's character from Beyond Two Souls.  I'm a little sad that she doesn't have some more defining characteristic...but she seems to move pretty smoothely and the game looks pretty good.

11:43:  I am extremely excited for the Rare collection, Sea of Thieves, and Fable Legends!  I can even play the Fable game on my computer!  I think the graphics of Sea of Thieves is gorgeous and the music is very fun!  And also, I never got to play Rare games like Banjo Kazooie, so having a $30 compilation is AMAZING!!

11:48:  Wow.....Wow.  When they first said holo-lens, I was thinking how dumb it was, but when they show this amazing tech, I'm absolutely mindblown.  I....WOW.  This is what I've wanted my whole life!!!

12:00 FINAL THOUGHTS:  Meh.  Gears of War is not my thing.  Overall, I'm most excited for the Holo-lens, backwards compatibility, recore, the Rare collection, and Fable Legends!


4:01:  ...Stick of Truth thanks.
         4:02:  Oh sorry, The Fractured but Whole.....yaaaaaaaaaaaa no....

4:11:  For Honor....looks...Like assassin's creed.  It really does....a lot like AC.  That and Chivalry.  But of course, this is Ubisoft, so no females I see.

4:16:  The crew.....looks nice graphically, but I prefer cart racers or games more like Blur...

4:18:  W.....what the............................what even is...................................ok

4:27:  The Division looks stressful ;-;  Everyone would kill me

4:31:  Anno?  More like...A no thanks.

4:35:  ......I am always excited for Just Dance's a little strange that it's like....smartphone connected?  Obviously xbox is dropping the Kinect...but..................  Also the presentation by Jason Derulo was......extremely weak.  He sounded so out of breath and like...just plain...bad.....that was so weird......It seemed like he was cutting off his notes and words way to fast so it was almost like he didn't know what words were next....I....weird..

4:52:  A lot of talk on Rainbow Six Siege.  Nice to see real gameplay but I'm probably not interested.  Maybe though!

4:58:  mkay.

5:03:  .....Oh Assassin's Creed.....I really want you to be look so good....your assassin or..."rook" is handsome....your environment is lovely.....but........I'm worried.  I know the fiasco with Unity and I just.....Please let it be good....Also, why not show off your female assassin at all?  All we see is her beside her brother in one picture?  That's....all we get of your main IP?  That's...pretty lame.  I really want to see more of AC before I decide if I want to put my faith back in the series.

5:11:  Ghost Recon seems...ok.  It looks graphically good and the options are very interesting, but...not my style

5:15 FINAL THOUGHTS:  Ok so....I was extremely underwhelmed by this conference.  I felt like the games were all very similar and lack luster and the one game I wanted to see more of, Assassin's Creed, there major IP, got kind of shafted, not even getting to be the closing presentation.  Kind of a let down....


7:00:  Ok, time to impress me.  Tell me, why should I get you instead of an XBone?

7:06:  Omg.....omg the hype

7:12:  I have never played a game like Ico, but I have heard so many things about The Last Guardian, but that gameplay and those visuals is spectacular!  I'm very happy to see this beauty come to life and even my parents watched the trailer over my shoulder because of how gorgeous it was!

7:20:  Horizon has me the most captivated any game has so far.  It looks gorgeous, the story is a fascinating take on the "post-apocalyptic" genre, but with a much more beautiful twist.  I am very VERY excited to see more of Horizon and more of the gameplay!

7:23:   ..Hitman....yaaaaaay....meh

7:25:  Street Fighter is not a series I'd buy the PS4 for alone, but I prefer it to Mortal Kombat any day.  Would have liked to have seen a little more.  What makes it new?  What makes it better?

7:31:  Very VERY nice to see live, real gameplay at E3!!  No Man's Sky looks absolutely amazing.  I'm not 100% sure what the goal is or the real core gameplay, but the destructible environments and endless exploration are definitely very cool!

7:37:  ...Fascinating.  Dreams seems..just..fascinating, but very confusing.....I'll be curious to see the extents to which you can create....very interesting

7:38:  Firewatch looks like it has a nice style and some sassy dialogue which is fun ^^

7:42:  Mehstiny

7:44:  THERE WE BLOODY GO!  That's what I wanted to see at the Ubisoft conference!  Evie looks fantastic and I like the indepth look at the weapony.  I would still like to see gameplay thouuuggghhhhh

7:48:  First of all, World of FF ooks adorable, but like an IOS game.  Also, FFVII remake...kaaaaaay.  I know it's people's favorite, but why not make a big compilation like rare of the final fantasies so we can play a bunch in one since I've never played one? That would be cooler I think...but wever.

7:53:  ...Little weird that it's promoting a kickstarter?  But mkay.

7:58:  The new Batman looks great and holy sh** Scarecrow!  Holy sh**! 

8:00:  VR seems to really be the theme this year.  To me, the Morpheus is like the Oculus Rift, but the Hololens is like the Holo-deck.  Mobius may be better for gaming uses, but the Hololens is revolutionary in general and in the long run, more fantastic.

8:03:  .....aaaaaaand there's the Cod....
        8:08:  with some nifty bug swarm weapon
        8:11:  Looks pretty fluid though....very nice.  I'm impressed

8:18:  This announcer guy is super enthusiastic.  Suuuuuper.  I'm not a giant fan of Disney Infinity, but I'm happy to see Star Wars joining in!  Yay!  ^^


8:24:  ......No Metal Gear....interesting.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the Hideo Kojima situation? 

8:34 FINAL THOUGHTS:  I really think that Sony won over Microsoft tonight in terms of library.  The games look amazing, a lot of in depth actual gameplay was shown, and a very interesting show overall.  My favorite game they presented has to be Horizon!  Can't wait to see what becomes off all this and what Nintendo has in store tomorrow!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Adventures with Lea #9: E3 2015 (6/14/15)

  Hey guys, this post will be updating constantly with my live thoughts as I watch E3 Live for the first time!  Let's get right to it!!

6/14/15 8:18 p.m.: Doom, while not my kind of game, looks gorgeous.  I'm impressed by the graphics and the presentations and I think it looks pretty cool.  The lighting is beautiful and the sounds are horrific and twisted.  Not a game I personally will pick up, but those of you who like Mortal Kombat levels of gore and shooting will enjoy it!  

8:25p.m.; Snapmap seems interesting, and I'm wondering how expansive it will be.  It's kind of like the Mario level creators on steroids huh?  Could lead to some interesting things I think!

8:34p.m.; Battlecry seems...ok, not super interesting and the announcer was a little bland and didn't super sell it to me.  Audience seemed a little meh too.

8:40p.m.;  I didn't play the first Dishonored but this trailer looks gorgeous!  The color looks very vibrant but still daunting and pretty.  I enjoy the female lead and it looks like this game could have easily fallen into the uncanny valley, but the slightly stylized art makes the people look better than games that try to hard to look hyper-realistic!  I would like to play this game!

8:46:  Elder Scrolls+Cards+Free=YES!

8:57: Welp, 1000 of the most popular names, mine sure won't be in there.  How did you survive 200 years?  Why are you the only survivor?  What happened to your family? ROBO BUDDY!!!  I love the color!!!!

9:05: I reeeeeally like the idea of the actual pip-boy+app.  That is suuuuuuuuuper cool!  (Was kind of mean to say 2 screens is a gimmick)  I just hoe the pip-boy accessory isn't too expensive....  Also, the Fallout Shelter game looks super fun!  Whether or not I get the full Fallout game, I will get Fallout Shelter!  ESPECIALLY since it's free and doesn't need internet!!!


9:14:  ....Welp....looks like I'm going to buy Fallout 4 for the shop and house building ;-; My favorite part of any game.  I will have a mansion!  I shall rebuild this world!!

9:27 FINAL THOUGHTS:  I really enjoyed this conference.  It really seems like the people behind these games really care about their work.  I enjoyed the amount of color and light in these games, hopefully leading us out of the brown-era or games.  Those figures are adorable and I'm jealous of all those people there.  I have not played any fallout game besides the beginning of New Vegas, but I might just have to get a next gen console to get Fallout 4 because it looks fabulous!  I'll need some of the other presenters to add up to a library before I'm sold on another console.  Overall, a great presentation! 

Friday, June 12, 2015


Come join me!  I will be playing on Minecraft Multiplayer server and everyone is welcome to join in!!!  Feel free to come ask me questions or just hang out!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Due to technical difficulties with my laptop, today's minecraft stream will be postponed to this afternoon or evening.  Follow me on Twitter to know whrn!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Adventures with Lea #8: Happiness

     Hey guys, so this is a weird one...I just wanted to kind of explain something, so here we go.  As you all know, I struggle with depression and anxiety constantly and it's always been a problem for me.  My therapist once asked me if I had ever really been unconditionally happy and I honestly couldn't remember a time when I was, especially not since school happened.  Middle school and High school were absolute torture and every year felt worse and worse.  I even contemplated some bad things for a long time in my early high school years.  My family always told me that once I was 18, they'd put me on medicine like the rest of them that should make me feel better.  They also suggested therapy.
      At the beginning of the semester, I began going to individual therapy and I honestly didn't think it was making an impact on me.  However, I noticed something slowly.  Aside from being stressed, I was happy.  People looked up to me for study groups and help on assignments, my grades were higher than they needed to be so I actually had no reason to worry, no one was bullying me, and aside from a horrific lack of money, I was overall happy.  I was then prescribed Zoloft by my doctor and since then I've come to realize that for the first time in my life, I'm actually truly and honestly happy.
      I've always been stressed about one thing or another--this year the main cause of stress was my financial position.  I do have a scholarship, but driving to school alone takes half of that and books another quarter, so there's not much wiggle room.  This summer, I wouldn't be working at YWIC so I needed to find another job.  I've applied multiple places and freaked out over and over about how I'll have no money for anything at all until, suddenly, something clicked.  I went through the 5 stages of grief about my money situation:

Denial- Last semester I thought the money I was given by my grandparents and my scholarship was plenty and so I wasted tons on things I didn't even need or use.
Anger- I then became mad after realizing how much I spent, not just at myself but at everyone because I didn't want to accept that I was wrong and so I was in a constant state of frustration and throwing fits over everything.
Bargaining- I tried to get other people to help me and lend me money or buy things for me so I wouldn't have to face it myself.
Depression- I began to blame myself and then spiral into uncontrollable depression.  I felt bad because I had no money and I couldn't get a job to make money, and I didn't have time in the school year to work to get money, but I wanted to buy games and have fun but I had no money, and I felt like a horrible excuse for a daughter because of the way I acted at home and slowly everything piled up and a single thing would set me off and cause an avalance of all these emotions.
Acceptance-  Suddenly, just a few days ago when contemplating purchasing Splatoon, I realized the gae wouldn't go down in price over the next year and to wait would just make myself miserable because I would feel sad about not having it.  At first, I felt guilty for even thinking of buying it and then I just...suddenly snapped.  I accepted that it was alright for me to treat myself and not blame myself and literally hate myself for everything like I normally do.  I feel happy that I'm livestreaming and making Youtube Videos and becoming internet popular.  I feel HAPPY.  And perhaps part of this was realizing that people read this blog and watch my streams and like me.  Thank you Sydney for showing me that.

    So in conclusion, I am actually smiling more than I think I have in years, and even though I had an anxiety attack last night and I know my anxiety is still there, I think I can at least carry on.  So yes, I'll be slow with my blog posts, but I will be streaming and I will be here behind the scene to answer questions from you guys and write about all kinds of things!  I love you all and I hope you all learned something or just enjoyed seeing me ramble!  *smooch!* 
Lea's Tips:
  1. Don't blame others but don't blame yourself
    1. Occupying your thoughts with who is to blame is just a waste of your time.  The important thing is just understanding if you need to improve .
  2. Responsibility and Beating up on yourself are NOT THE SAME THING
    1. I realize that I constantly and harshely beat up on myself because I feel guilty about everything and anything.
    2. The important thing is knowing that I'm responsible, but instead of hurting myself over it, I need to fix it and move on and up.
  3. Words don't help at first...
    1. Me telling you all this might not help at first, but maybe having these words in your head will help someone else understand themselves and their own struggles.  And yes, I only talked about one very specific instance of my stress and anxiety, but there are hundreds of other instances.
  4. Better doesn't mean fixed
    1. Like I said, I ha an anxiety attack last night and I know I still am terrified of the thought of death and so many other things, but I do admit to seeing myself become better and able to function and smile.
    2. It's not something that will fix overnight, but I'm always here for you my lovelies!
  5. I wanna go play Splatoon
    1. Imma go play Splatoon.
Bye!!!!  Remember to follow me on twitter @Alias_ Lea to know when I stream at and when I do other stuff like post videos on youtube!  You can also donate here to help aliviate some of my money woes and help me survive in the world of adult hood!  Have a good day!  <3

Wednesday, June 3, 2015!!!!!

   Hey guys, I just got done with an awesome livestream of that all of you can watch here if you missed it!  (I didn't have sound for a while but...skip ahead)  I hope to see you all at the same place for the Minecraft livestream starting around 11 a.m. MST!

P.S. Shout out to Skylaaaaar!