Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pokemon Yellow

   As i said in my last Pokemon related post, Pokemon Yellow was released in America in October 1999 as the 3rd game in the 1st generation.  It was designed to follow the Anime because of it's popularity.  As i talked about last time, Crystal was my first game although this could have been.  So why didn't i start in Gen 1?  Well, i was very young so it's understandable i guess.  However, i found out about Pokemon Yellow after hearing about the fake Pokemon Yellow app on the IOS.  If you're curious, i'll add a JWittz video that briefly discusses it to the end of this posts.  I found a copy pretty cheap on Ebay between the release of Platinum and the 5th generation, and forced my father to buy it.  When i started the game, i was in love and although i don't play it as much as i wish i did, i still have it and i might play some today!  
   I will admit, i came up with this theory before i researched the beginning of the game.  I remembered there being 3 Pokeballs on the table like in any other game.  After watching a playthrough, i discovered there was only one on the table, which sort of throws off my theory slightly.  However, i'm still going to bring it up because i feel like it.  To the right is another person's playthrough of the beginning so you can see what i'm talking about.  Now, if you've watched the anime, you'd remember Ash being late and only getting his unruly Pikachu because it was the hidden 4th ball Oak had for some reason and felt totally safe giving a 10 year old a crazy Pokemon.  But hey, I could go on for hours about how weird the Pokemon world is.  The game starts with Oak catching a Pikachu and then escorting you to his lab where his grandson, your rival, is waiting for a Pokemon of his own.  Like in the Anime, Oak is unprepared and only has 1 Pokeball left, however inside that ball is a very rare Pokemon rather than a starter.  Your rival gets Eevee and you get
There can only be one
Pikachu.  There is no choice.  However, this raises the question, what was in the other 2 Pokeballs that were missing?  My original theory was just for one.  
     Originally, Pikachu was NOT going to be Ash's starter in the anime!  Between Red and Blue and the anime, there was a manga released in Japan that featured a Clefairy as Ash's companion as you can read about here.  I was unable to find the source i originally learned this from, but i heard the change was made to make his companion more like-able to men AND women.  Pikachu was chosen instead and became the mascot of the series, continuing with Ash even today.  Gary got an Eevee, however we don't see this transaction and such.  According to the game, only eevee was on the table, meaning Ash would have gotten eevee if Gary wasn't a jerk.  So what could have beem in the other 2 Pokeballs?  I like to think it was Clefairy and, as of the other Pokemon, perhaps it was another rare pokemon like eevee such as Ditto.  Have a theory of your own?  I'd love to hear it!  
     Also, why is Oak so under prepared?  He knew Ash was going to go get a Pokemon that day, so why didn't he have enough Pokeballs in the anime and the game?  Where does he catch these Pokemon seeing as
they can't be caught in tall grass in the region?  Most importantly, it's been shown that he has a vault of Pokemon,so why didn't he just go get a Pokemon for Ash that wouldn't shock him to death?  I don't know.
    Ok everyone sorry that was not as exciting as i wanted it to be i really just wanted this to be thrown out there as an idea.  I think i might record me playing some Yellow and posting it yes?  +1 if you would like to see me play some or show you what i have!  Check out the new poll on the right, comment, write-in, follow, and all that good stuff!  Tomorrow i think i'm seeing Turbo with my cousin so since i don't really have a plan for tomorrow, maybe i'll do a review.  If you have any suggestions on things you'd like me t write about, please submit them!  Love yall and i'll see you in a bit!